Chris Hemsworth Reveals Where He Keeps His Hammer

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Chris talks about wrapping Avengers, keeping Thor's hammer in a special place, shares a video of his son climbing the refrigerator to get candy and he reveals what happened when his son jumped out of a golf cart.
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    Chris Hemsworth Reveals Where He Keeps His Hammer
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  • azza A
    azza A 6 hours ago


  • katherine wong
    katherine wong Day ago

    He is Awesome in El Royale!!!!

  • Venice 1987
    Venice 1987 Day ago

    I sort of want to be famous because i want my kid to dress up like a character im playing or a character related to a thing i acted in, and then i pop up in costume and freak people out

  • cloudisy
    cloudisy 3 days ago

    everyone says he has his own thor and loki, but the maximoff twins?? screw the gender part about it who needs that anyway??

  • Supreme Leader Nugget

    When Kimmel said lollies it didn’t sound right hahaha
    Just say candy, man

  • JackRPG
    JackRPG 3 days ago

    In his pants

  • Tatiana Peralta
    Tatiana Peralta 3 days ago

    When I see him I want to kiss him like like if you want to kiss him

  • William Wall
    William Wall 5 days ago

    Chris Yumsworth

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 7 days ago

    Chris hemsworth is better looking than me

  • Microman 318
    Microman 318 7 days ago


  • Sonic The Irish Neko Demon

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Loreyna saint surin
    Loreyna saint surin 10 days ago

    In his pants...... jk

  • Nishika Taneja
    Nishika Taneja 12 days ago

    The sound effects that he gives are so cool😂😂😂

  • Will Th
    Will Th 16 days ago

    Wow, Bad Luck Brian's doin well

  • Moiff E
    Moiff E 16 days ago

    Scummy jimmy

  • Rebecca Semple
    Rebecca Semple 17 days ago

    its great to be aussie

  • Arpit Sen Shrivastava
    Arpit Sen Shrivastava 18 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth has another hammer in his pants... which only he can lift.. if you know what I mean... :-D
    P.S.- Watch the video and whenever he says his hammer... you know what he is referring to...

  • Boi
    Boi 21 day ago

    Listen to chris speak
    Then thor.
    Big difference

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 22 days ago

    I was like that as a kid. And still same. It's not that I don't learn, like what some adults might say as I do seemingly silly things, as in "she never learns" and I keep doing the things regardless. It's that, I'm gonna win at the things. Because I want to. So It's just a thing, no matter what it is. In his son's case, even in some things get broken. Lol but hey, eventual perfect landing ;) :p CHECK IT OUT!!! Lol. :')

  • David Nobre
    David Nobre 28 days ago

    that's a Hemsworth kid alright

  • travis bindon
    travis bindon 28 days ago

    So his sons are litarly zach and cody lol

  • Captain Ghost
    Captain Ghost 28 days ago

    He first dissed Mjölnir now hes taking it home! he grew to love it

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer 29 days ago

    I wanna go In the Marines and i don’t know why but I feel like I will lose my right arm and I will get it replaced with a strong robotic arm

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago

    I love when Chris Hemsworth yells "NO!" It's kind of satisfactory

  • Isa Belle
    Isa Belle Month ago +1

    So his kids are basically Thor and Loki hehe

  • Adriana De La Garza


  • torgor
    torgor Month ago

    I keep my lolis above the fridge too, cool

  • TheHamburglar V.G
    TheHamburglar V.G Month ago

    That "no" at 5:16 sounds exactly like the no Thor made when thanos snapped his fingers😂😂😂

  • Taz Taaz
    Taz Taaz Month ago

    ets foin es not even croying

  • Hunter Byrns
    Hunter Byrns Month ago

    For the hamster

  • Azathoth
    Azathoth Month ago +2

    In his pants.🔨😎

  • UrAvrgAshen1
    UrAvrgAshen1 Month ago

    wait Chris is Odin and his son is Loki the smart ass and Thor the athletic ahole

  • Barrett Buck
    Barrett Buck Month ago

    I'm going to predict that someday Chris Hemsworth's son's are going to play Thor and Loki

  • Kate Arroyo
    Kate Arroyo Month ago

    Gotta love that improvised sound effect @ 5:19

  • bamboozle3000
    bamboozle3000 Month ago +1

    Anyone notice he said avengers 3 and 4? So he spoiled it before anyone knew LOL

  • Adnan Kabir
    Adnan Kabir Month ago

    Parenting with Thor.

  • dr troy turner
    dr troy turner Month ago

    Lengthy Spelling Trick.
    Remove 5 to 22 cards. I will remove 7 every time for easier memorization. In the 7th Spot, put any card that you want to Force. I will put King of Hearts there to go a long with a story that I will tell. At the beginning
    I will say Everybody knows Don Juan was from Spain, Both Casanova and Rudolph Valentino were from Italy and Billy Dee Williams was from New York City. Most know that Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Heartthrob twins of Thor fame, are from down under Australia. Set up? King of Diamond in 7th position and King of Heart in second from bottom position with the Jokers plus 7 random cards missing. Remember your secret move of first card silently under, then do the down under moves which will result in the Twin cards being last in hand. Just remember to restate it a couple times like once while doing the ACE through NINE cards to the bottom of deck count and again when doing the T,E,N through K,I,N,G spell count to table which will be the actual cards in use for the trick's finale.

  • MIchael Perez
    MIchael Perez Month ago

    I didn’t know he had kids

  • Melissa Bentley
    Melissa Bentley Month ago

    im so bloody glad he hasn't lost in Aussie accent

  • Kevin Ozturk
    Kevin Ozturk Month ago

    Is nobody gonna address the fact that Chris Hemsworth's kids is like Odin's children?
    The Tough one but not that smart = Thor
    The smart fragile one = Loki
    The sister = Hela

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago +1

    we all know where he keeps it...

  • milan j
    milan j Month ago

    OnE bOy Is LoKi AnD tHe OtHeR iS tHoR

  • 1rickopotamus
    1rickopotamus Month ago

    mammal goals

  • The PUBG GamerZ
    The PUBG GamerZ Month ago

    Are the powers real😂

  • Pauline Billones
    Pauline Billones Month ago

    i think chris' twins are representations of thor and loki in real life

  • Jack E. Cheal
    Jack E. Cheal Month ago

    Chris don't let your kids play with the toilet hammer after your mates have been in the toilet 'a bit longer...' ... sitting on Thor's hammer.

  • Jacob Tunney
    Jacob Tunney Month ago

    His watch is driving me nuts...

  • Nellie.L
    Nellie.L Month ago

    I love his aussie accent... I love the way he says "smarter" lol

  • Alien Vlog
    Alien Vlog Month ago

    “If you doing hit subscribe, this invisible hamster will die”😂😂😂

  • DonoTheGamer
    DonoTheGamer Month ago

    Mjölnir’s got to be a plunger somewhere 😂😂😂

  • Darragh Maher
    Darragh Maher Month ago

    Which one is the evil twin?

  • Potato !
    Potato ! Month ago

    5:17 sounds like the scream before the snap

  • Nick Slayr Music
    Nick Slayr Music Month ago

    *Did Someone Say Lolies?* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Solomon Rodriguez
    Solomon Rodriguez Month ago

    5:17 is the same no from when Thanos snaps his fingers in avengers infinity war

    • Nawi
      Nawi Month ago

      Lol was gonna comment that too.

  • Mohadeseh Shahoseini
    Mohadeseh Shahoseini Month ago +1

    An Aussie treasure 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Sally Reese
    Sally Reese Month ago


  • Ashley S. MacKenzie
    Ashley S. MacKenzie 2 months ago +1

    From what Jennifer Lawrence said about the Hemsworth brothers, his boy makes sense that he'd more upset about not sticking the landing lol

  • XxDarKnightxX 07
    XxDarKnightxX 07 2 months ago +1

    In his anus

  • WoahItsNicole
    WoahItsNicole 2 months ago

    did anyone else hear the cat whistle in the beginning with the starting applause?

  • Nicole Bennett
    Nicole Bennett 2 months ago

    😂🤣😂yep aussies are awesome, had me in tears, im also aussie, gotta love chris

  • Rj Correa
    Rj Correa 2 months ago

    Why does he keep messing with his watch? Its so distracting, it looks to big on him lol. He needs to get it adjusted

  • jc6594
    jc6594 2 months ago

    Happy 35th Birthday Chris Hemsworth

  • Pich Choco
    Pich Choco 2 months ago

    Actually haft of his speech about the shark is a fact... we can’t out swim a shark so you have to punch them in the nose...

  • RSLewis
    RSLewis 2 months ago

    OMG... tighten your EFFING watch...

  • Chvce
    Chvce 2 months ago

    That watch needs to be tightened

  • LFCFifaLuke
    LFCFifaLuke 2 months ago +3

    "Look, my leg's better!" *jumps*
    That's going to be the story of how I die.

  • ppvsonicspy
    ppvsonicspy 2 months ago

    Crazy how I broke my leg when I was 3 as well, in three spots the doctor said. And the doctor only found out after the xray, because he was moving my leg around I didn’t even flinch.

  • Putin you down
    Putin you down 2 months ago +1

    Do they address themselves by 'son of thor'

  • Kurohi Uchiha
    Kurohi Uchiha 2 months ago

    5:16 "you should've gone for the head "

  • Cervantes
    Cervantes 2 months ago

    his climb is very unique to you.

  • Cervantes
    Cervantes 2 months ago

    I can see you in your son's movements

  • Cervantes
    Cervantes 2 months ago

    you have my full respect.

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer 2 months ago

    In his pants

  • wig lifted
    wig lifted 2 months ago


  • Diego Davila
    Diego Davila 2 months ago

    You should have gone for the head 5:17 *SNAP*

  • Mobster Monkey
    Mobster Monkey 2 months ago

    you can't tell me that a 3 year old that climbed a fridge isn't thor's kid

  • John50 Beach
    John50 Beach 2 months ago

    Yeah I was one of those kids. Believed showing pain was for pussies lmao. Still do

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J 2 months ago

    Chris talks with his hands

  • Dead Pixel
    Dead Pixel 2 months ago

    Just realized Chris Hemsworth has a Odin family with 2 sons 1 daughter and his sons are complete opposites 😂😂

  • 2 months ago

    Just tighten your god damn watch Chris :p

  • Camryn Prenger
    Camryn Prenger 2 months ago

    Honestly, this kid reminds me so much of myself when I was around that age. I actually once burned my right pointer, middle, and index fingers while trying to do something stupid (I can't remember what exactly it was, all I know is that a treadmill was involved) and my parents say I didn't cry or anything, they just bandaged me up and set up a doctor's appointment to get a professional opinion (which was that, first and foremost, I shouldn't have been playing with the treadmill in the first place)

  • daejah wright
    daejah wright 2 months ago

    he’s talking about the twins and I have no idea which one he’s talking about because he wasn’t saying their names :/

  • littledestiel_ rhiannon

    Chris' twins are like loki and thor, ones smart and ones athletic

  • Janine Meier
    Janine Meier 2 months ago

    when i was 9 i think i broke my wrist by falling in an amusement park and everyone told me it's not broken so i ignored the pain AND EVEN WENT DOING CARTWHEELS AGAINST MY FRIEND TO SEE WHO COULD DO MORE (I won... luckily)
    well, we went to the hospital the next day, had an x-ray done and sure enough i had a really weird and complicated fracture that required moving my bones to ensure them growing back together properly.
    It was a fun summer vacation

  • Josh Mccartie
    Josh Mccartie 2 months ago

    5:18 just before thanos snaps

  • Ermin 7
    Ermin 7 2 months ago

    Rip invisble hamster

  • Maths or dare
    Maths or dare 2 months ago

    6:55 auuuww i dont want thw rat to die

  • Maths or dare
    Maths or dare 2 months ago

    So his sons all call him papa thats cool😀😀😀

  • Nyla W
    Nyla W 2 months ago

    “That son”

  • Blue Llobrera
    Blue Llobrera 2 months ago

    His sound effects though lmao

  • Poly Prost
    Poly Prost 2 months ago

    His son was trying to do the Kiki challenge

  • Vincent Speranza
    Vincent Speranza 2 months ago

    The way he said no at the end of the video sounded like how he said it in infinity war

  • AstroPictures
    AstroPictures 2 months ago

    Just look at the thumbnail then the title

  • ermonski
    ermonski 3 months ago

    Sasha and Tristan Hemsworthson

  • Cpapa18
    Cpapa18 3 months ago

    I spent more time looking at Thor fixing his watch than I did listening to the interview

  • Natalie Macy
    Natalie Macy 3 months ago

    I counted how many times Chris Hemsworth moved his watch(I didn't count when he just touched it) and he moved it 20 times!

  • SacredYinZekrom
    SacredYinZekrom 3 months ago

    Nice to know Chris likes his lolis

  • Czarovnica
    Czarovnica 3 months ago

    Just like Magni, Modi and Thrud 😂 It's confirmed, guys - Chris Hemsworth is the real Thor, God of Thunder 😂😂

  • Citrus Lump
    Citrus Lump 3 months ago

    They probably think Thor is biographical of their father right now.