Chris Hemsworth Reveals Where He Keeps His Hammer

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Chris talks about wrapping Avengers, keeping Thor's hammer in a special place, shares a video of his son climbing the refrigerator to get candy and he reveals what happened when his son jumped out of a golf cart.
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    Chris Hemsworth Reveals Where He Keeps His Hammer
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Comments • 576

  • Jayne Skye
    Jayne Skye Day ago +1

    this is my dreammmm man but he alrsy takennn luckyyyyy wife

  • BoingTarash1960s

    Sounds like he has a very intimate relationship with this Hammer 😉

  • Chiqui Dela Cruz
    Chiqui Dela Cruz 2 days ago

    Subscribed. Saved the hamster 🤣

  • Shirokröte
    Shirokröte 2 days ago

    I want him to break me

  • Gabby Anich
    Gabby Anich 2 days ago

    the twins are literally Thor and Loki!! one climbs to get the lollies and the other is not so athletically inclined and thinks it out.

  • Abdul Jaradat
    Abdul Jaradat 2 days ago

    This guy kinda looks like Thor wtf

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 days ago

    omg that watch of his is pinching at his hairy arm!! poor thing has to keep moving it

  • Beatriz Pereira
    Beatriz Pereira 3 days ago +2

    He is the prettiest human I have ever seen

  • Michelle Angelica
    Michelle Angelica 3 days ago

    Is this the last time you're gonna see the hulk again? - I see where you're going jimmy

  • Michael Malone
    Michael Malone 3 days ago

    Hey i know that guy, its adward kenway

  • Surigen 12
    Surigen 12 3 days ago

    Will you take that damn watch off already?!

  • Nitya Sharma
    Nitya Sharma 3 days ago

    Amazing host Jimmy Kimmel

  • Alyssa Perez
    Alyssa Perez 3 days ago

    Smoke spend conclude hint justify intensity ready membership angle sink

  • pablo gonzalez
    pablo gonzalez 3 days ago

    That hamster thing is when the hamster dies while your holding it up for ransom so now you got to just show it in there like your hamsters gone now I’ll hold up the essence of your hamster next 🐹

  • Joe X
    Joe X 3 days ago

    Made my day!!!

  • Chillinlikeavillain
    Chillinlikeavillain 3 days ago

    I'm 18 and that little kid already scares the crap outta me xd

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 3 days ago +1


  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 3 days ago

    This was a fast click

  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 4 days ago

    The title is a "That's what she Said" Joke.

  • Daltira
    Daltira 4 days ago

    Spoilers: in his bathroom

  • ChocoGamin3
    ChocoGamin3 4 days ago


  • DTRShow
    DTRShow 4 days ago

    Thor still looks weird with short hair

    • DTRShow
      DTRShow 3 days ago

      Hemsworth is a stud and always looks cool.

    • READ Comics
      READ Comics 4 days ago +1

      DTRShow he looks cool with short hair

  • Nos Neon
    Nos Neon 4 days ago +1

    Does anyone else get bothered by his hair?😂

  • Acid
    Acid 4 days ago

    This guy’s son is a beast

  • Precious Lis
    Precious Lis 4 days ago


  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 4 days ago +1

    *His name is Thor, where do you think he keeps his "hammer".*

  • BlackWhite96
    BlackWhite96 4 days ago

    Thor! Oden's son! Protector of mankind!
    Oops sorry,wrong Thor

    ANUSH AJITH 4 days ago

    I don't want the hamster to die

  • death stroke
    death stroke 4 days ago +1

    Noooo I don't want the avengers to end 😭

  • READ Comics
    READ Comics 5 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth is a legend

  • evrem5
    evrem5 5 days ago

    God, he’s so hot.

  • Billy Heaning
    Billy Heaning 5 days ago

    At first, I thought these segments were mean-spirited. But, then, the more I watched, the more I realized the average American is literally that dumb. Even in a left-leaning state and city (Hollywood, California -- calm down, I'm a liberal progressive), the majority of those people had no clue what they were talking about. But they were willing to B.S. Man. Sad state of affairs, these days.

  • Christian Hinz
    Christian Hinz 5 days ago

    Some one adjust this man's watch

  • Justin Garrett
    Justin Garrett 5 days ago

    Should've put it ON the toilet so no one could open it

  • Marija Manolev
    Marija Manolev 5 days ago

    Didn't know the hemsworth brothers are Australian until now.

    • READ Comics
      READ Comics 5 days ago

      Marija Manolev what planet have you been living on?

  • Poseidon's Fury
    Poseidon's Fury 5 days ago

    Does he ever call his kids by their names?

  • Murvil Studyos
    Murvil Studyos 5 days ago

    he looks a bit like thor

  • Kerstin Hood
    Kerstin Hood 5 days ago

    Why are his twins like Loki and Thor ... that's what I want to know

  • Ankita Dhakad
    Ankita Dhakad 5 days ago

    i want to babysit his kids

  • Music Max
    Music Max 5 days ago

    Then does this mean thor will die or everyone will die,or the marvel series will be rebooted

  • Mena Al-Chawishly
    Mena Al-Chawishly 6 days ago +1

    All of that beauty and he cooks dinner as well!! Your wife is the luckiest woman ever...

  • ¡don't
    ¡don't 6 days ago

    God, I would be so happy to have kids with him lol

  • Nora G
    Nora G 6 days ago

    Lol here in Australia we do looking for sharks to swim with, they’re just there.

  • Lucille
    Lucille 6 days ago +4

    I wish that invisible hamster would die already.

  • eureka0521
    eureka0521 6 days ago

    Cool interview the avengers cast seems so much more genuine when they're not together

  • Spidey Xbox One X 2.0

    Chris want Thor to meet up Wolverine Hugh Jackman, it will be cool Wolverine and Thor team up

    OH EMJAY! 6 days ago

    He sounds like a really cool and great dad! God bless him and his family especially since Hollywood is full of divorces.

    • READ Comics
      READ Comics 5 days ago

      OH EMJAY! But he is Australian so it's different

  • daniamz
    daniamz 7 days ago

    Look, I’m not three and I definitely believe Chis Hemsworth chucked a shark out to sea.

  • Deepak Kumar Swain
    Deepak Kumar Swain 7 days ago

    Love Chris...

  • 나는 운이 좋다
    나는 운이 좋다 7 days ago +1

    Chris is so hot! Most handsome guy on the planet!

  • Coffee
    Coffee 7 days ago

    you can't stop a dad talking about his little kids

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii 7 days ago

    chris hemsworth is secretly a golden retriever

  • Ilias Mourdi
    Ilias Mourdi 7 days ago

    That watch really bothers him

  • ruby dragon
    ruby dragon 7 days ago +1

    chris is so beautiful

  • Charles Rathbun
    Charles Rathbun 7 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel's laugh is so annoying in this video!

  • 卌Storm卌
    卌Storm卌 7 days ago

    im not crying

  • Justin Ramroop
    Justin Ramroop 7 days ago

    Australians always try to downplay how badass they are...

  • "Memelord" Murphy
    "Memelord" Murphy 7 days ago

    Thor reveals where he keeps his fleshlights

  • ConchitaHM
    ConchitaHM 7 days ago

    I love that his son calls him “papa.” It’s adorable

  • LesbianWednesdays
    LesbianWednesdays 7 days ago

    spoiler: he keeps the hammer up my lady bits
    until I wake up from my dreams.

  • Liliana Isabel
    Liliana Isabel 7 days ago

    that tan tho....yummm ;)

  • Lucy Allins
    Lucy Allins 7 days ago

    He needs a smaller watch

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth 7 days ago

    I love the entire Hemsworth family! All of the stories are hilarious. From the ones when Chris was young like when Liam chucked a knife at his head to all the stories of Chris’s kids. It’s great!

  • Brenno20
    Brenno20 7 days ago

    Anyone else see the bumps/lumps on Chris's fore head?

  • Anika
    Anika 7 days ago

    You know who he looks like? Thor!

  • InMaTeofDeath
    InMaTeofDeath 8 days ago +1

    All this talk about his Hammer and kids is ripe for some amazing Unnecessary censorship.

  • Bryan Carillo
    Bryan Carillo 8 days ago

    He keeps his hammer in his pants. Saved you 7 minutes.

  • Jacob Giblin
    Jacob Giblin 8 days ago

    A good family man, what hollywood needs tbh with all the sleazesbags finally getting gutted

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 8 days ago

    Probably in his pants.. 😍
    *k bye I'll drag my drunk self off youtube now*

  • aburningpromise
    aburningpromise 8 days ago

    hint: no sweets in the house

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein 8 days ago

    Easy question... His pants

  • Miniko M
    Miniko M 8 days ago

    „Chris Hemsworth reveals where he keeps his hammer“ - in his pants, duh

  • P. U. S. H.
    P. U. S. H. 8 days ago

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  • HornyTrolllololololool

    Twins? He must have very healthy balls 😆

  • Cara Wilhelm
    Cara Wilhelm 8 days ago +8

    His twin boys are legitimately real-life Thor and Loki. Brawn and brains, lol!

  • Benny Sim
    Benny Sim 8 days ago

    man I hope i got a papa like him lel

  • _aidaaa22
    _aidaaa22 8 days ago

    lucky wife

  • Joy Thoren
    Joy Thoren 8 days ago


  • issi moonla
    issi moonla 8 days ago

    I´m a hero for few more years XD

  • comic girlie
    comic girlie 8 days ago

    The 126 dislikes are just people who are jelly of Chris Hemsworth's looks

  • jslasher1
    jslasher1 8 days ago

    Chris is a 'dinkum' Aussie.

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 8 days ago

    Comic books are for kids. Children are the audience, not adults.

  • Ic3 Cxld
    Ic3 Cxld 8 days ago

    There should be a new movie called Thor reborn twin hammer

  • betterdays when
    betterdays when 8 days ago

    So many sheep ba ba.

  • Debbie Gross
    Debbie Gross 8 days ago

    I love his short sleeve jacket!

  • Uzma Farmaya
    Uzma Farmaya 8 days ago

    funny cats 2018 video -

  • allwaysloves
    allwaysloves 8 days ago

    Wow Chris Handsome 😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Candelaria Santanta
    Candelaria Santanta 8 days ago


  • Najma Ismail
    Najma Ismail 8 days ago

    Dont talk like is over! Don't you dare hurt me like that! Let a girl dream hemsworth

  • Miss Abril O'neil
    Miss Abril O'neil 8 days ago

    He's insanely HOT!

  • geekista
    geekista 8 days ago

    I'm gonna marry this man someday.
    (Shut up, let me dream! )

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 8 days ago

    I wouldn't say no.

  • GeoNeo Hill
    GeoNeo Hill 8 days ago

    Cant help but have a man crush on this guy. Him and his brother must have cleaned up when they were single!

  • yp z
    yp z 8 days ago

    leishen xihuan diu luogay

  • roger scott
    roger scott 8 days ago

    He keeps it in your wife piss cuckold Kimmel. Kimmel like watching his wife bang other men while he watches, ugly fam

  • me sayed
    me sayed 8 days ago +1

    Chris: "I dont know where it came from"
    Jimmy: "Sure you dont"

  • Hage Matt
    Hage Matt 8 days ago


  • Hage Matt
    Hage Matt 8 days ago

    " his brother is much smarter." hahahaha

  • School of the Pig
    School of the Pig 8 days ago

    Kimmel is a petty, gullible bandwagoner who deserves a crowbar to the face.

  • Stacy Sankar
    Stacy Sankar 8 days ago

    He’s beautiful and funny. What a man 😍