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What if You Stop Eating?

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    What would happen if you stopped eating? What happens to your body when you completely stop?
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Comments • 2 403

  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Month ago +328

    Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat? 🤔🍕🥐🥗

    • PowAndWow
      PowAndWow Day ago

      eat to live.

    • Luton Town goals and highlights
      Luton Town goals and highlights 5 days ago

      The Infographics Show eat to live and I have spent over 2 weeks without food as I was kneel by mouth to help with my IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) at the very start and that was just last month.

    • Shake hir
      Shake hir 5 days ago

      everyone in this section acting as though they are in shape lmao...
      i do both by the way. love to eat. and eat because its a necessity

    • pewchuᅳ
      pewchuᅳ 5 days ago


    • Chris Watson
      Chris Watson 7 days ago

      The Infographics Show I only eat once a day. Sometimes not at all.

    INDIAN GUY 2 hours ago

    Legend of bhagat singh 💐

  • אסף שטלמן
    אסף שטלמן 7 hours ago

    I did full fasts for 4 days a few times
    After a day they feel light
    After two days the hunger is a bit annoying but a huge cup of tea without sugar calms the hunger
    After three days sometimes I feel a little depressed
    After 4 days if I eat a regular meal I run to the bathroom immediately.
    It's very healthy
    It is important to drink plenty of water because hunger is confused with thirst

  • Avriel Gregorio
    Avriel Gregorio 8 hours ago


  • Ravenkiko
    Ravenkiko 21 hour ago

    I don't have hunger pangs. I found this out because I just forget to eat for days then find myself dizzy or tired. not sure why this is. I have to have a food schedule which I still forget to follow.

  • TheCompton1963
    TheCompton1963 Day ago

    0:36 wow.

  • dakota
    dakota 2 days ago

    *pro ana’s have joined the chat

  • Julo Rio
    Julo Rio 2 days ago

    3:50 i guess this channel is based on america only coz africans survive more than a year without eating

  • PanicSAnimations
    PanicSAnimations 2 days ago

    Me, who once ate only 6 times over the course of a week: *nervous laughter*

  • Mackenzie Fiona
    Mackenzie Fiona 2 days ago

    You can go 40 days without food? *no wonder eugeina cooney is still alive*

  • Kyle Pitzer
    Kyle Pitzer 2 days ago

    49 days? Naw doubt it

  • caiti
    caiti 2 days ago

    you die

  • Esther Sneath
    Esther Sneath 3 days ago

    I went a week of only eating apples

  • michael night123
    michael night123 3 days ago

    please do a video with somebody with 100lb over weight.

  • Alix Ace
    Alix Ace 4 days ago

    did he just say buttwipes

  • Jennifer Nowlin
    Jennifer Nowlin 4 days ago

    I went for a mouth with out it eating thou when I get depressed I don't eat. So it did nothing to me I was still drinking water. But I didn't feel any thing

  • I wanna be tracer
    I wanna be tracer 4 days ago

    Longest I've went without food was 2 days. I drank a lot of water though.

  • Sunday BG
    Sunday BG 6 days ago

    I haven’t eaten in 9 days and I feel fine

  • washthebrain
    washthebrain 6 days ago

    This is incorrect, after 2-4 days your body enters ketosis and from then until your body runs out of stored fat, will continue to burn fat NOT muscle.

  • Petra Morris
    Petra Morris 6 days ago

    Honestly going seven days is easy I've done it several times in my life.

  • Julia Garriott
    Julia Garriott 6 days ago

    I’m low on money right now but, I have my coffee, muffins, and burritos. I’m vegetarian but, I enjoy food. I once only ate Breakfast for a day & that was tough like I felt depressed.

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson 7 days ago

    I love feeling hungry. It makes me want to work harder.

  • BlondieLocks
    BlondieLocks 7 days ago

    I never eat breakfast or lunch and don’t go over 250 calories at dinner but I STILL don’t drop weight fast enough

  • nqi87
    nqi87 7 days ago

    Just do the mastercleanse for 10 days and it's just like that

  • niknatural
    niknatural 7 days ago +1

    *What if you fast but also plan to workout in the meantime? Is that unhealthy? I'm assuming it would be very difficult to do but I don't know for sure*

  • T baz
    T baz 7 days ago

    How is it that people are fasting for 7 days or longer without any problems? I've fasted for 3 days and I felt fine. I'm going to start a 7 day fast this week.

  • JkJQU
    JkJQU 8 days ago

    What about EID?

  • Marshall M
    Marshall M 9 days ago

    My girlfriend need to see this

  • shiva prasad
    shiva prasad 9 days ago

    He is bhagat singh

  • BAMBAM Coolio
    BAMBAM Coolio 9 days ago

    I lost 20 lbs over a 3 month period when I came off the streets to live with my ex's friends. They said I was waiting too much when I was mostly eating Graham crackers. They kicked me out when I was in too much pain to do housework and I walked to the hospital. All of the shelters were closed and I was feeling suicidal. So, they took my weight and everything and put me in the hospital for a few days. They released me and I didn't really have anywhere to go so I went back to where I was staying for one night.
    I don't remember what happened after that... I think I went back to my mom's house and then was institutionalized. It was hard dealing with chronic pain, losing my job, sleep and appetite, dealing with family violence, and recovery from being an incest survivor.
    I'm doing better now. I'm just glad that I have friends, most of my health and a great therapist :)

  • Ahmad Zgoul
    Ahmad Zgoul 10 days ago

    18 million people are starving in Yemen because of a massacre done by Saudi Arabia and the USA

  • Luca C.
    Luca C. 10 days ago

    diets are silly, keto, paleo, fasting.. you cannot sustain a diet and eventually you'll gain all the lost weight back, people should learn how to eat in moderation and exercise 3-4 times per week, you'd be much healthier and happier that way. End of the story.

  • Bright Sun Moon Midnight Rider

    Fucken stupid campers

  • Bright Sun Moon Midnight Rider

    You'll just be fine well past 7 days I went 8 days strong.just drink water

  • Danya Wang
    Danya Wang 11 days ago

    Just wanna say if you wanna lose weight or fat, don't do that. It's gonna make you regretted.

  • Sai Tokekar
    Sai Tokekar 11 days ago +2

    Wrestlers where y’all at??

  • Master Bluspark
    Master Bluspark 11 days ago

    The guy on the right in the video thumbnail reminded me of the techquickie guy...😆😅

  • Mat Broadcast
    Mat Broadcast 12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure if you stopped eating by day 7 you wouldn’t be smiling

    • Ironic Zomblin
      Ironic Zomblin 10 days ago

      I've gone 7 days without eating (with water and vitamin supplements).
      I felt fine. After about 72 hours you're not even that hungry anymore. Though be careful when you start reintroducing food. I screwed that up by eating too much of the wrong things and had terrible diarhrea for about 2 days.

  • Lemon Lime
    Lemon Lime 12 days ago +1


    You die

  • Kaori Tsukishima
    Kaori Tsukishima 13 days ago

    *wheezes in anorexia*

  • It's just M3
    It's just M3 13 days ago

    Shouls I gain weight first or should I gain weight and workout??

  • Darragh Gregory
    Darragh Gregory 14 days ago

    I wanna try this even though I'm eating watching this

  • Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

    Why am I watching this? I LOVE FOOD

  • Jazzdog5
    Jazzdog5 16 days ago

    I eat about 1750 calories a day

  • Phat Cat
    Phat Cat 16 days ago

    in a world of eating disorders, you end with possible benefits to not eating?!

  • E L I S T R U X I S
    E L I S T R U X I S 16 days ago

    Y’all out here tryna scare people w/ eating disorders

    Only one way to see how I last.

  • badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

    Without food - 48 hours, in a holding facility. Even after I was let out, still couldn’t eat much. I was so scared.

    YUNIOR GAMER 18 days ago

    Tumbnail day 7 reminds me of tfue

  • Xana Garcao
    Xana Garcao 18 days ago

    It's classified yo

  • Use Your Twenty Øne Glutes

    Who is here knowing that you are broke and wondering what's going to happen to your body if you don't eat for days ?

  • Ivan Čulina
    Ivan Čulina 18 days ago


  • cat
    cat 18 days ago

    Woah that Ad segway was so sudden not gonna lie

  • pawan singh
    pawan singh 18 days ago

    Some facts on the great Indian revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh :-
    1. He didn't murder any civilians, but bombed the parliament of the then British regime, and killed a police officer(British) in retaliation against the death of Shaheed Lala Rajpat Rai, another Indian revolutionary leader, who was killed during a peaceful silent protest against the Simon commission.
    2. The bombs used in the parliament were mere smoke bombs.
    2. He was a political prisoner
    3. He demanded for the same laws to be applied on him and his counterparts, in the prison, as to be rightly practiced by a political prisoner e.g he demanded newspapers, diaries, pen etc.
    4. He was hanged by the British, and his body was burnt off and thrown off into a river so as to avoid public anger and riots.

  • Jenna Czech
    Jenna Czech 18 days ago

    I have gone 1 day without food, it wasn't really hard. I don't eat much anyway

  • TheRainian
    TheRainian 19 days ago

    A week, but it wasent 100% I hade a pack of chips and 20 cups of tea, was horrible.

  • r o c k s
    r o c k s 19 days ago

    *laughs in eating disorder*

  • Emma Jose
    Emma Jose 19 days ago

    i have a question, how do people survive water fasting?

  • Rosie Sparks On and off 28

    I'm immune to this.

  • Robert McNuggets
    Robert McNuggets 19 days ago +1

    What if you stop eating?
    Me: you die lol

  • Angelica Andżel
    Angelica Andżel 19 days ago

    *i'll just drink water and thats it..*

  • Sherine elmasry
    Sherine elmasry 19 days ago

    Don’t know why but I think the 40 yrs old lady killed her husband

  • Your average piece of Bread

    Honey no. Not after 7 days. The thumbnail I mean. Your body will get smaller but not by much and your face won’t be really effected until you’re without food for a while. I’m speaking as someone who had gone quite a while eating a small meal once every 9 days or so. Your body won’t be affected that much after only 7. And you’ll still be able to function. Like jeez.

  • Sydney_Dancer.13
    Sydney_Dancer.13 19 days ago

    *laughs in anorexia*

  • Steem Trane
    Steem Trane 19 days ago

    Him: What if the body runs out of gas?
    Me: The world wouldn’t stink like crap

    RKELLYSCOCO 20 days ago

    This isn’t really true and the fact that they didn’t mention you feel amazing after 3 days of no food plus you start internally healing -apathy

      RKELLYSCOCO 10 days ago

      Ironic Zomblin lol you didn’t even spell it right yourself

    • Ironic Zomblin
      Ironic Zomblin 10 days ago

      Lol. Apathy is something quite different.

  • Isthat_tescosbleach
    Isthat_tescosbleach 20 days ago +1

    The answers simple

    *You die.*

  • beeef patties
    beeef patties 20 days ago

    i went two weeks without food and i didnt do well bc i was already under weight but i thought i was fat so i didnt eat for 2 weeks then was sent to the hospital

  • idontcare74
    idontcare74 20 days ago

    To think I used to do this to myself when I was younger..

  • Michael Mex
    Michael Mex 20 days ago +1

    Use the metric system not the retarded System.

    FAMOUS CULTURE TV 20 days ago

    0:36 ofc a African kid😭😂

  • Maniachook 4099
    Maniachook 4099 21 day ago

    What would happen if you stopped eating?
    You would die

  • nick nick
    nick nick 21 day ago

    You die.

    MAJOR MAHADEV 21 day ago

    If my friends body runs out of gas it is good because I don't want to put clip on my nose

  • Geo Football/Fortnite

    This guy eases the ads into the videos

  • The girl Named Steve

    I know it is terrible but I have always wanted to go belemic but am never able to because my parents will say something so I have stopped eating breakfast and I have only bean eating a small amount of lunch so my friends won’t worry about me I am starving to eat less and less of lunch

  • The somewhat youtuber
    The somewhat youtuber 21 day ago +1

    Answer: You would die

  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara 22 days ago

    How do you explain fat black women? The more they eat, the fatter they get (logical). Then they *stop eating* and start getting some exercise... And they just get FATTER. Can someone explain this???

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 22 days ago

    I support the liquid diet!

  • Aesthetic - Guillianne Ponferrrada

    *Muscle tissue has left the chat*

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 22 days ago +2

    This is the best way to loose weight! Thank you!

  • Percabethforever 12
    Percabethforever 12 22 days ago

    Welp time to go try the Jimin diet

  • Burden kiana
    Burden kiana 22 days ago

    Will your body only start to eat the muscles after consuming fat? Or in some cases it will skip the fat and use the muscles instead ?

  • Burden kiana
    Burden kiana 22 days ago

    What about when we sleep for 8/9 hours ?

  • slushpuppie19
    slushpuppie19 22 days ago

    "For the first 6 hours without food, everything is perfectly normal"
    Hahahaha yeah no if I haven't eaten for 6 hours I've probably just screamed in someones's face

  • Emmey Hudson
    Emmey Hudson 22 days ago

    Ive gone 5 days without food before I collapsed but I am also underweight..

  • Lovely_layla _asmr
    Lovely_layla _asmr 22 days ago

    The pole is funny

  • Alex Conway
    Alex Conway 22 days ago


  • Zoltán Hüse
    Zoltán Hüse 22 days ago +1

    When i was on meth i didnt eat for 8 days and had no problems

    • Side Email 2
      Side Email 2 15 days ago

      Zoltán Hüse that entire sentence is the problem

  • Panda
    Panda 23 days ago +1

    Nope I am anorexic..

  • Rozealinda Schultz
    Rozealinda Schultz 23 days ago +41

    I was told to watch this by my counseller because I’m anorexic. Honestly nothing has changed.

  • hopeless heathen
    hopeless heathen 23 days ago

    Well if i die then thats great lets do it

  • Destin Pagan
    Destin Pagan 23 days ago

    I can go many days only eating one or two times a day

  • excUse me
    excUse me 23 days ago

    *laughs in eastern asian*

  • Colorful Codes
    Colorful Codes 23 days ago

    I eat every other day.

  • Wojciech Gomoła
    Wojciech Gomoła 24 days ago

    What about Angus Barbieri who didn't eat anything but vitamins for 382 days? I personally was able to do not eat anything for 96 hours. I was able to train every day (weighted trainings in home) once I even went jogging at this state but it was bad idea

    • Wojciech Gomoła
      Wojciech Gomoła 23 days ago

      +Andrzej Sobański Weight-resistant training prevents muscle loss I have also eat a little bit for next 72 hours (1700kcal/day) and then start fast again. I lost 7-9kg of fat and 2-3 kg of water and glycogene after 4 cycles. My strength improved also, but it was related to the fact that I had never been doing intensive weight-resistant traing before. It works and it is effective, but it is extremely hard and there are side effects.

    • Andrzej Sobański
      Andrzej Sobański 23 days ago

      One guy told me He didn't eat for 3 weeks, wich caused...nothing! for first 3 or 4 days you feel more hungry and your body will start burning muscles, but if you are not cheating, body will start eat mostly fat, ( when fat will be consumed, it will again, just like on the beggining start eating muscle) One rule - a lot of water, and no cheating - He said that He did that multiple times but without any hard workouts or anything like that. But Don't Use It For Losing Weight ! Guy was a prepper, He was doing that, for apocalypse, when food will be hard to find, and He simply wanted to knows his limits. Not eating, is one of the worst ways to lossing weight or fat, because your body will start to preparing for hunger, and as we all know, the best way to do that is keeping fat in body.

  • Dark Sensation
    Dark Sensation 24 days ago

    Who else just got done eating and saw this and now wants to eat more so they want die?

  • Kamryn Flores
    Kamryn Flores 24 days ago

    When I’m sick I don’t eat until I feel better because I’m just not hungry lol

  • Hannah McMillan
    Hannah McMillan 24 days ago

    Well first of all you will lose your iron in your body.

  • Jenny Hanson
    Jenny Hanson 24 days ago


  • samkillboss/skb
    samkillboss/skb 25 days ago +1