What if You Stop Eating?

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    What would happen if you stopped eating? What happens to your body when you completely stop?
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Comments • 1 882

  • Oh yea yea
    Oh yea yea 2 hours ago +1

    _I think you die or respawn in your bed_

  • Party
    Party 9 hours ago

    My mom had cancer and it basically killed any form of digesting foods. She lasted maybe a month before she died and she was she couldn't even walk a few feet without falling. It was a slow deteriorating process

  • Filthy casual699
    Filthy casual699 11 hours ago

    Longest i went was two and a half days

  • BroadwayAlto
    BroadwayAlto 13 hours ago

    Just imagine the pro ana people who take it out of context-

  • nightcat 1215
    nightcat 1215 14 hours ago

    You die.............

  • Christmas-nuts
    Christmas-nuts 15 hours ago

    You would die.

  • RandomRoyal E
    RandomRoyal E 18 hours ago

    easy we die

  • AkwesiTV
    AkwesiTV Day ago

    I only went 20 hours without food, it’s no fun lol

  • Jill MG
    Jill MG Day ago

    One time I didn't eat for 7 days so this is very interesting.

  • Amaura katy
    Amaura katy Day ago

    Before video: nothing too extreme will happen. Everything will be ok.
    After video: *never stops eating food* I’m not dying today!

  • Cluckingtons Adventures


  • Phatastic Meemo
    Phatastic Meemo Day ago

    Longest time without food for me? 11 hours, because that’s how long I slept last Saturday night 😬

  • Amana Ch
    Amana Ch Day ago +1

    i skipped all three meals today and come to youtube to find this first thing in recommendation

  • The Red Feather
    The Red Feather Day ago +1

    I would die CAPTIN OBVIOUSE 😒

  • Rin
    Rin 2 days ago

    6 days is the longest I've gone without food! Planning to do another fast :)

  • CoolGuyDamian1 Vlogs
    CoolGuyDamian1 Vlogs 2 days ago +1

    If you stopped eating food

    You would die

    The end

  • Zai
    Zai 2 days ago +1

    I’m doing water fasting it’s my 10th day, I have more 10 days to go. My goal is to fast for 20 days straight.

  • Savannah Rose Aguilar
    Savannah Rose Aguilar 2 days ago +2

    You can survive 3 days without water and 21 days without food.....
    Thats what I heard.

    • Savannah Rose Aguilar
      Savannah Rose Aguilar 2 days ago

      +Zai really? What is it? Because I know you can survive longer without food than water

    • Zai
      Zai 2 days ago


  • A Queefyo
    A Queefyo 2 days ago

    Actually your stored glycogen doesnt deplete for another few days, the hunger pangs are just your blood sugar dropping after a spike, or grelin signaling your body that it's time to eat based on when you're used to eating on a 24 hr cycle

  • Cyber Maniac
    Cyber Maniac 2 days ago

    For me it doesn't matter if I eat or not

  • Fahad Sheikh
    Fahad Sheikh 2 days ago

    What if you stop playing Runescape?

  • liljared711
    liljared711 2 days ago

    I eat ass so I couldn’t go without eating 😤

  • Vinegar Stroke
    Vinegar Stroke 3 days ago

    So if you fast for 48 hours you wont lose muscle?

  • LeahPlays
    LeahPlays 3 days ago

    i’ve gone a day , im starving myslef, 🤠

  • Exploding bomb
    Exploding bomb 3 days ago +1

    if the body ran out of gas, it would stop farting

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 3 days ago

    Bhagat Singh was imprisoned for throwing harmless gas bomb in Indian assembly run by britishers , He was a great Indian Freedom fighter ,...
    He is Worshipped as a God here ,,, so plz Infographic show don't always do same type of mistakes of showing wrong facts about India .

  • LayLay Waffles
    LayLay Waffles 3 days ago

    I would die.

  • HazmatGrater
    HazmatGrater 3 days ago

    I've gone anywhere between 9-12 days multiple times for years as a kid

  • It'sRolan Productions

    You mean 1 week😎

  • IAmJalex
    IAmJalex 3 days ago

    Weve starved before simply from not having money to eat. Ive gone about 2 weeks at longest without eating a single thing. I didnt get very sick but i didnt lose any weight either.

  • Nia White
    Nia White 4 days ago

    I don't eat for days on a regular basis, it's normal.

  • Chad Burns
    Chad Burns 4 days ago

    Death boom

  • Teaching Lessons VT
    Teaching Lessons VT 4 days ago

    Si cardo di na kailangan nyan di naman mamamatay yun eh

  • Test
    Test 4 days ago

    *That thumbnail scares me...*

  • Santos Troncoso
    Santos Troncoso 4 days ago

    When i got my heart broken i was 280 pounds and i wasnt eating properly(usually a apple a day ) for 4 months i hardly ate ..food was tasteless and i was a guy who ate alot due to lifting weights... i lost 30 pounds due to not eating.... RN im 244 and trying to loose more but in a healthier much better way

  • Femme Fetale
    Femme Fetale 4 days ago

    You become Eugenia cooney

  • Pink Jamnik
    Pink Jamnik 4 days ago

    1:00 That is such a sexist statement! I reported this video, im sure it will get demonetized

  • Matilda :]
    Matilda :] 4 days ago

    I dont eat that often prob 1-2 times aday

  • Arshad Marzuq
    Arshad Marzuq 4 days ago

    Could i do it without water and food for one week?

  • Selina Riccelli
    Selina Riccelli 4 days ago

    Longest I've gone without food is 7 days. I was at a very stressful point in my life and everytime I'd try to eat I would throw up. Wasn't fun.

  • Cry Babyxoxoxo
    Cry Babyxoxoxo 4 days ago

    I learned nothing your content has failed. Lol

  • Chupei Sucks At Everything

    our car needs fuel to keep it running but if it stops moving of course it doesn’t cost anything but for us we need food no matter what, even if we’re not moving 0:00

  • Fox birb
    Fox birb 5 days ago

    I got a panic attack when I watch this

  • uliver666
    uliver666 5 days ago

    A calori is the amount of energy require to heat 1 kg of water by 1 Celsius
    They burn a piece of food till it's completly burn out and they check how much the temperature has increase
    That was the old way of doing it, now they just use a chart. Here is the chart :
    1g protein = 4 calories
    1g fat = 9 calories
    1g carbohydrate = 4 calories

    So actually when you get information on calorie, it give you more information as of how many gram of each of these element is in your food.

    Also this calorie thing, is base on the idea that all that you are eating, your body is going to burn it to produce energy. Wich if the body had the choice of what he can burn to produce energy, he would primarly use simple sugar. It's the easiest thing to produce energy and it's the material that produce the lest toxic waste.

    Your body will use fat for many things, like building itself. All the membrane of your cell are made of fat

    It can't use protein, it need to digest it into amino acid and it will use those amino acid to create cell, create enzyme and much more.

    Yes your body can burn amino acide, yes it can burn fat, but it prefer to burn glucose as it's primary matter for creating energy.

    • uliver666
      uliver666 3 days ago

      ​+Francis Thompson When it doesn't have glucose, it can use glycogen. If glucose is not use, it will be transform into glycogen.

    • Francis Thompson
      Francis Thompson 4 days ago

      Yeah, but when it doesn't have glucose left, the body has no choice. And glucose is transform in fat pretty fast if it isn't use.

  • Always Save
    Always Save 5 days ago

    What if I'm starving and all I have is a shaving kit?

  • Primesubme *
    Primesubme * 5 days ago

    You die

    OMGSTFU 5 days ago

    I only went 48hrs without food this is accurate.

    -ILUMINAT- 5 days ago

    im kid im eating 5 000 calories and im not fat

  • Booga Games
    Booga Games 5 days ago

    If a human dies it will respawn after the god dang kill cam

  • Booga Games
    Booga Games 5 days ago

    When i was young and in class i did not have food (forgot to get it) after 1 hour i felt dizzy and rly hungry so i said I WANT FOOOOOOOD then i've got an bannana:P

  • Kim Chennie
    Kim Chennie 5 days ago

    I stopped eating for 3 months for real I was really hungry and I got skinny-er and then I threw up.

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man

    Lol anyone else with an eating disorder watching this ?

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson


  • iceberg lettuce
    iceberg lettuce 5 days ago +1

    This was filled with a lot of wrong info, autophagy will start before your body eats healthy muscle

  • Pwnstar
    Pwnstar 5 days ago


  • Relaxing Bunny
    Relaxing Bunny 6 days ago

    Teens with bulimic watching this.
    *I Should Starve Myself Instead*

  • CJ Neppey
    CJ Neppey 6 days ago

    Shit imma try this

  • 10NobodyElse
    10NobodyElse 6 days ago

    I fasted for 14 days once and it was amazing honestly. Especially after it, the food tasted amazing!

  • Arvil
    Arvil 6 days ago

    4:22 *smiles while talking about how his dad died and mom almost died*

  • Toby Massingale
    Toby Massingale 6 days ago

    7 or 8 days.probably done it for 3 + or more years,every month.I lose between 12 and 15 pounds.i have more energy,less depression,Im happier,that im not very hungry,except maybe 3 or 4 times a month,I eat like a beast,but my desire to lift,goes up! and,I get things done more,feel way more passion and disire,because I have more energy and I sleep more soundly,that's not to bad of a trade off, since it's effortless for me,and ultimately has permanantly altered my habits for excersizing,I hardly ever smoke anymore.All of these things combined,allows me more time,and the extra funds,arn't to shabby either..

  • Kittycakes With Cat
    Kittycakes With Cat 6 days ago +1

    Should I eat dinner every night, but every other day I don't eat anything but dinner, and on the days that I eat other things and dinner I eat very little, but very healthy things?

  • Sathya narayanan
    Sathya narayanan 6 days ago +1

    It's aucshwitz here,

  • Johnathon Herbert
    Johnathon Herbert 6 days ago

    6:27...... About 3 hours 🍲 😋

  • C-KILL Plays
    C-KILL Plays 6 days ago

    I'v been without food for 12 days, IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS I'LL TELL YOU

  • Helbert Gascon
    Helbert Gascon 6 days ago

    If body rans out of gas then you can't fart.

  • Boot lace
    Boot lace 6 days ago

    Give me shelter and water, and I can survive for a year in an apocalypse

  • PeculiarSquare
    PeculiarSquare 6 days ago

    What the hec is dollar shave club

  • Riz Riz
    Riz Riz 6 days ago

    Where my ED buddies at

  • Demonwicked
    Demonwicked 6 days ago

    Again another video you know nothing about.

  • Dalton Maynard
    Dalton Maynard 6 days ago

    The “ THANKS FOR WATCHING” , was replaced by “ you need this stuff to have a good shave, and to wipe your ass.”
    But then again, I’m all for those suggestions!

  • Viridian
    Viridian 7 days ago

    just came off a 48 hour fast

  • Bookie
    Bookie 7 days ago +2

    If you stop eating


  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes 7 days ago

    look at a picture of a african.thats how a person looks for not eating


    I gave up meat for Lemt, does that count?

  • ayyachris
    ayyachris 7 days ago

    Well, I eat one plate per day, because I eat bunch of steam rice, beef or pork, pepper, and noodles.

  • JustAFriendlyWeeb
    JustAFriendlyWeeb 7 days ago

    Once I got really sick and didn’t eat for four days and it was very painful

  • Ono I dropped my Baguette

    The background music sounded like crash bandicoot lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • TulRid
    TulRid 7 days ago

    0:34 you won't fart

  • Nikki M. Solis
    Nikki M. Solis 7 days ago

    The hungry high is a free buzz.

  • Iphone 7
    Iphone 7 7 days ago

    Bobbys sands survived 66 days where’s his mention

  • OzonGames :D
    OzonGames :D 7 days ago

    I really dont understand 1 thing

    Why is the body burning muscle, when it has fat left, muscle is needed to get food, fat isnt

    • Francis Thompson
      Francis Thompson 4 days ago

      It does both, but starts with fat, and won't use protein to much(unless you basically about to die).

  • GamingAndroid
    GamingAndroid 7 days ago

    Im 15 and i have 90 kilos

    Id survive 60 days without food

  • Infectious Sheep
    Infectious Sheep 7 days ago

    *Tumblr wants to know your location*

  • Andre Rivaldo
    Andre Rivaldo 7 days ago

    the music is not fitting

  • Z06M6B613
    Z06M6B613 7 days ago

    Over a week.

  • s.0nam
    s.0nam 7 days ago

    So if I stop eating for 7 days, I turn white?

  • Eric Schuster
    Eric Schuster 8 days ago

    What happens when you stop eating YOU GET HANGRY.

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 8 days ago

    Good way to lose 30 pounds!

  • Bupton
    Bupton 8 days ago

    What if food wasn't kill

  • joey joestar
    joey joestar 8 days ago

    According to this i should weigh in the negatives. I havent eaten 2500 calories in 5+ years.

  • I want some tea
    I want some tea 8 days ago

    I once went 4 days without food

  • Crazy kappa
    Crazy kappa 8 days ago

    Ketosis (pronounced kee-toe-sis not katosis

  • YeetEm
    YeetEm 8 days ago +1

    You die

    End of the Video

  • jake pauler
    jake pauler 8 days ago

    I eat 879 calories a day

    • Land Owner
      Land Owner 8 days ago

      You're probably like 5 and anorexic

  • Elvin 4890127
    Elvin 4890127 8 days ago

    I did that and almost died because the first thing I ate after this was Pizza, I had so much pain never felt anything like that. It's actually not that hard just start with soups after those days are over 😂

  • Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate Cake 9 days ago

    This video made me hungry

  • Jose Antunez
    Jose Antunez 9 days ago

    PEPOLE don’t just eat gas they make gas lolll

  • Go away Justin y
    Go away Justin y 9 days ago

    *you die*

  • Mary Kazumi
    Mary Kazumi 9 days ago +2

    *Tell this to Eugenia Cooney*