What if You Stop Eating?

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    What would happen if you stopped eating? What happens to your body when you completely stop?
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Comments • 1 317

  • No Name
    No Name Hour ago

    3 days. I fasted for a medical test to see if I have hypocalcemia.

  • Panzerkampfwagen
    Panzerkampfwagen 13 hours ago

    Communism intensifies

  • A z Y
    A z Y 23 hours ago

    What if u take minerals and ATPs with water. I mean it's not eating

  • NoscopesOnly
    NoscopesOnly 23 hours ago

    you die

    MY UNICORN Day ago

    During Parushan Parv of Jainism, some people fast for nearly 25-30, not eating anything. This is called Masskhaman.

  • RobotCyborg Camilleri

    By the thumbnail when you stop eating you become whiter

  • JeB
    JeB Day ago

    You'll just feel hungry

  • Kylie Staley
    Kylie Staley Day ago

    half the time my stomach feels like it's eating itself after two hours of not eating ugh

  • john eric santiago

    Man can stay like i think 4-6 days without food only water
    Man cannot live without water by only 3 days.
    I am doing prayer and fasting twice a year 3 days. And im doing right even im working but yeah. I lose some stregnth but its worth. Cause many toxic and fats that you eat will be dissolve and it will clean your body system

  • The True Dark Soul

    5:30 wrong. Metabolism is actually directly linked to how often you eat. Fasting will only slow it down. Eating every 3-4 hours improves metabolic rate AND metabolism, promotes muscle building, and leads to you feeling fuller so long as you don’t eat the wrong stuff.
    You people are always full of misinformative GARBAGE.

  • NandiB.
    NandiB. Day ago

    I went 9 days without eating and very little to drink. Very painful experience.

  • Levina S
    Levina S 2 days ago

    I wonder how you girls can be at 2000 cals for maintenance. My BMR is only 1k. I have to eat under 1k to lose weight. Can’t be at 1k bcs it’ll be toooo long

  • ScoregamerHD
    ScoregamerHD 2 days ago

    So you can lose weight just by waiting like 3 days.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 2 days ago

    Water fasting is amazing for weight loss and resetting food addictions. I fasted for 5 days and lost 10 pounds and lost all my bad cravings

  • Victoria Avila
    Victoria Avila 2 days ago

    If I don't eat in a period of 5 hours I literally can't stand up for a minute without falling lol.
    *Cries in insulin resistance.*

  • godel18
    godel18 3 days ago

    You would die

  • Ayrod
    Ayrod 3 days ago


  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 3 days ago +1

    If you don't eat 1 Month
    You will look like old man

  • Accio Lams
    Accio Lams 3 days ago

    *Laughs while drinking 0 cal tea*

  • Wolf MSP
    Wolf MSP 4 days ago

    To clear this up, you can fast without food for more than 3 days. “I’m done” -jUnGkOoK. Voice

  • Steve Stev
    Steve Stev 4 days ago

    I survived 25 hours max

  • Master Aodhan
    Master Aodhan 4 days ago

    Bobby sands ,hunger striker from Ireland lasted 66 days.

  • FlagshipAmbition
    FlagshipAmbition 4 days ago

    Ive gone 5 years since 6th grade not eating during the school day. My mental clairty is great and I have no problems?

  • Stimulants i like
    Stimulants i like 5 days ago


  • IsntMeLol
    IsntMeLol 5 days ago

    One time someone fat shamed me to the point I hadn't eaten in 2 days. Those days brought a week of pain in my nose, major headaches, feeling very cold all the time, sweating, lack of energy, stayed in bed and couldn't sleep but when I did and woke up I struggled to get up and felt powerless to the point I couldn't move. Of course I'm still alive, I started eating again but it took a couple weeks after those 2 days to get better again.

    • IsntMeLol
      IsntMeLol 5 days ago

      Also those days I looked much paler and much thinner.

  • Lilly C
    Lilly C 5 days ago

    I love hwo so many ''gurus'' on youtube say it's tootally fiiine to water fast for a week but no bruh, it ain't

  • TheFarmerfitz
    TheFarmerfitz 5 days ago

    lol... Google some pow pics...

  • Emma Alsafi
    Emma Alsafi 5 days ago

    I go 24 hours eating nothing everyday

  • Elizabeth Mendonca
    Elizabeth Mendonca 6 days ago

    my friend has to fast for 30 days...

  • Naioma Lopes De Sa
    Naioma Lopes De Sa 6 days ago

    The longest I’ve gone without food is probably 6 hrs

  • shookful
    shookful 6 days ago

    ive gone around 8-10 hours without foodv

  • Tabbi Alloi
    Tabbi Alloi 6 days ago

    I went 3 weeks without food.

  • Fleur Pétillante Phoenix

    I go days without food constantly cause I’m too lazy to make anything

  • GachaTube
    GachaTube 6 days ago


  • Immortal Jelly
    Immortal Jelly 6 days ago

    fasting in month of Ramadan is best for health. It also boosts metabolism and one can lose fats.

  • Dost
    Dost 6 days ago

    Paid studies would object to fasting because food industries would lose enormous amounts of money if people didn't buy as much.

  • Celine .K
    Celine .K 6 days ago

    how you go from 6 hrs to 72 hrs. what happens in between??

  • ItzEmberTheWolf Tv
    ItzEmberTheWolf Tv 6 days ago

    i went 3 mins it was horrible there was no ramen for my anime session

  • Mike T
    Mike T 7 days ago

    *Americans need to stop eating*

  • Matthew Towell
    Matthew Towell 7 days ago

    I struggle to go without food for 2 hours. Metabolism is honestly on coke😂🙄

  • Emma Shadowlord
    Emma Shadowlord 7 days ago

    Ramadan is quaking

  • Kym Lysaght
    Kym Lysaght 7 days ago

    I like don’t eat as it is... I’ve lost a fair bit of weight I’m doing fine, you don’t have to eat all the time.

  • One Greasy Boy
    One Greasy Boy 7 days ago

    1:03 Really?! How many calories do I need to consume as a transfluid demi-queer?

  • Amelia Lmao
    Amelia Lmao 7 days ago

    When I was 7 I pretty much starved myself.. it worked pretty well so I’m gonna do it again

  • Bmore Queen
    Bmore Queen 7 days ago

    For those who are unfamiliar with the way the body works, FASTING IS NOT A GOOD THING as portrayed in this video... it's one thing to fast for a day, but if it is on a more regular basis that you are fasting for extended periods of time your body goes into survival mode to where it will only burn off minimal fat deposits. Your body then turns off every non-vital function. Takes less than a week, roughly 2 days actually, for your body to learn a new habit including fasting. So yes you will lose dramatic amount of weight at first, but then whatever food you do eat, your body goes into a storage mode because it knows that you're going to do it again so it's going to store everything it needs to . fasting is never healthy, don't do it. I lost 140 lbs over a couple years, and to make it even better I've kept it off for over 10 years... and if you are going to experiment with fasting, make sure that you have a multivitamin that you're taking because once you start getting into the territory of starving your body of what it needs, it gets extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health as a whole

  • Bts Dragneel
    Bts Dragneel 7 days ago +1

    Hmm a week without food? IVE DONE THAT! Not on purpose though (I did not have a good home growing up) well technically I ate some bread.

  • Joven Palada
    Joven Palada 7 days ago

    Due to some circumstances in life right now i may not be able to eat for a few days in 1 month good thing i saw this video i wont worry anymore not eating for a few days. Hahaizt being poor is really bad. While other people throw away food some are starving. So guys you must not waste food.

  • CrashStudios
    CrashStudios 7 days ago +1

    In Minecraft, you can die of hunger so fast

  • MarioS BaiRAKTARIS
    MarioS BaiRAKTARIS 8 days ago

    I normally eat when that hunger pain kick in
    AND! The longest time i have gone without food is 2-3 days... It was 2014 or 2013 and i Just drank lots of Water... I was a Kid and so at the Last Day my parrents forced me to eat becuse they said it was not good so i ate...

  • jojo n n n n n n n n n n n

    What if we vibrate from birth to death?

  • Me Underwears
    Me Underwears 8 days ago

    I didn't eat for three weeks and the first body change were my teeth. they started getting loosen and i started to eat just because of that.

  • Shubham Kaushik
    Shubham Kaushik 8 days ago

    Its title should be how much will u last after stop eating ?? Waste of time video.

  • Sam 88
    Sam 88 8 days ago

    I pretty sure the body can last on fat stores for longer than 7 days for a perfectly healthy person.

  • Jacob Rubin
    Jacob Rubin 8 days ago

    I thought the title said what if you stopped eating sugar...

  • M A
    M A 11 days ago

    Get to the point, ma talkative boi

  • Shauniya Bostic
    Shauniya Bostic 11 days ago

    Lmfao I eat too much food 😂

  • Alexandre Man
    Alexandre Man 11 days ago +1

    You die.

  • Nemo
    Nemo 11 days ago

    Im putting this to the test , 25hours so far , 143h to go

  • Ella Hytönen
    Ella Hytönen 12 days ago

    I been a day without food because i palyed video games

  • Ali Abbas Real Estate Group

    This video is misleading, you can last a long time without food

  • burymedeep 2093
    burymedeep 2093 12 days ago

    I cant stop eating for an hour

  • This Isn't Even My Final Form

    I only eat once a day, best fasting ever.

  • Light Warrior 503 MSP
    Light Warrior 503 MSP 12 days ago

    i was sick one time, i only had water for 2 weeks, nothing happened

  • Kevvvin
    Kevvvin 12 days ago

    Why did I think of Shane Dawson when he said dollar shave club 😂

  • Keemstar 2.0 chode
    Keemstar 2.0 chode 12 days ago

    You would obviously just die until you eat again :>

  • Ross McAllister
    Ross McAllister 12 days ago

    Scottish man, Angus Barbieri, went 382 days without eating...He ate no food at all, and lost 125 kilograms (19.7 stone).

  • Denise Richardson
    Denise Richardson 12 days ago +1

    *you starve*

  • Frank V
    Frank V 12 days ago

    What if I stop fapping for a week?

  • Abigail Peña
    Abigail Peña 12 days ago

    I went 30 days with no food because of a stomach issue and i lost over 30lbs from it, I was 180lbs now I'm 150lbs and more scarier is that I'm still losing weight and I don't know why

  • Trevor C.
    Trevor C. 12 days ago

    Once I went an hour without food.

  • King Wah
    King Wah 12 days ago

    So some old guy at my work said he fasted for 39 days on only water. I'm not sure if i believe it cuz that's crazy

  • brainey001
    brainey001 12 days ago

    So the body will burn muscles first before fat ? That sucks

  • Sabrina Soistman
    Sabrina Soistman 12 days ago

    *tags Eugenia cooney *

  • Seagull Meme/Nudes Dealer

    I went 18 hours. Cause i was sleeping ofc

  • Fandora Playz
    Fandora Playz 13 days ago

    Then you die

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 13 days ago

    I didn’t eat for 10 days. Got nasty green diarrhea and lost 12 lbs

  • Priceless Bangtan
    Priceless Bangtan 13 days ago +2

    Jimin used to eat 1 meal every 10 days😭

  • Gaston DeBiedma
    Gaston DeBiedma 13 days ago

    No need to watch this video. Just follow Eugenia Cooney to follow a real-time example of this progression, leading up to the answer to this question.

  • Hooper_ _Original
    Hooper_ _Original 13 days ago

    Why the starving brown child at the beginning🤨

  • Caoimhe Smyth
    Caoimhe Smyth 13 days ago

    I've went 2 weeks without eating because my appendix burst and I was disgusted by food and even if I thought of it I'd feel sick....i wasn't even hungry lmao

  • Flameable
    Flameable 13 days ago

    Then you die...

  • Salim Muya
    Salim Muya 13 days ago

    I got a chug jug

  • Heather Lynn
    Heather Lynn 13 days ago

    **Eugenia has left the chat**

  • PugLover88692
    PugLover88692 13 days ago

    But my bff (my grandma's doggo) never eats very sad. She eats sometimes.

  • Sniff Heinkel
    Sniff Heinkel 13 days ago

    What are Carcomymrates?

  • Liliana
    Liliana 13 days ago +2

    Eating disorders be like...me

  • Robert ORourke
    Robert ORourke 13 days ago

    It depends on how good the meth is...

  • Bigmiquimby
    Bigmiquimby 14 days ago

    Holy shit. 2000 calories a day for the average woman is too much. Around 2200 is my maintenance as a 6' Male with regular high intensity training.

    SKYLAR HART 14 days ago


  • Squid thekid
    Squid thekid 14 days ago

    Infographic: what if the body runs out of gas?
    Me: yea can i get $20 regular please?

  • Brendon Tumi
    Brendon Tumi 15 days ago

    Lies Lies...I can fast for 2 weeks and not go through this

  • - -
    - - 15 days ago +1

    This video is an exact copy as the one asap science put out about not eating...

  • Deadpool_4_ Real
    Deadpool_4_ Real 15 days ago

    Your body will use ur fat for energy then it'll eat ur muscles

  • M. H. Afifi
    M. H. Afifi 15 days ago

    there are people who have done longer hunger strike. Palestinian prisoners made it up to 92 days in Israeli prisons

  • ♡ Reagan
    ♡ Reagan 15 days ago

    I drink orange juice AFTER I brush my teeth

  • Wolf Igmc4
    Wolf Igmc4 16 days ago

    Please this in kilograms

  • Usman Sajid
    Usman Sajid 16 days ago

    i went for 15 days

  • E A G L E
    E A G L E 16 days ago

    She gave me toto

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago

    This was on my recommended and I was thinking about stop eating...
    *iS TVclip SPYING ON ME??1?*

  • Kammie Elaine Johnson
    Kammie Elaine Johnson 17 days ago

    Your body will never use muscle storage until fat reserves are completely used up, don’t just tell people that when they don’t eat, their muscle mass gets consumed, that ain’t the tea sis...