I GET ROASTED through Insulting ART!? - *SAVAGE*


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  • MR_ Slurps
    MR_ Slurps 9 hours ago

    You thought I would waste my time jk you guys are awesome for watching jazzas vid

  • Vanessa M
    Vanessa M 12 hours ago

    I only have 1 extra chin when I pull my head back

  • Gingie
    Gingie 16 hours ago

    I just realized Jazza looks like Jeremy Renner 😂

  • Sorta Pop
    Sorta Pop 16 hours ago

    4:48 and that my friends, is the call of a wild jazza.

  • David Krumer
    David Krumer 17 hours ago

    One of the pics featured 5 more chins than you have

  • Woof Time
    Woof Time 19 hours ago

    8:11 uhhhh ;-;

  • savage boy
    savage boy Day ago

    You don't dip people off when you are family friendly

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G Day ago

    Your hair looks like the top of my sweater...

  • Stephanie Maglio

    Oh Jazza, we love you

  • Exo ninja
    Exo ninja Day ago

    I love koalas which means I also love jazza

  • Anthony Alcantara


  • Jazz Is Toast
    Jazz Is Toast Day ago

    “ You have more chins than subscribers! “. One word................... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Eti Hajderi
    Eti Hajderi 2 days ago

    Fock jazza he lies about swearing so focking much.hes an ashole

  • Mildos Zaidimai
    Mildos Zaidimai 2 days ago

    2:44 oh well I wasn't expecting that🤤🤤

  • Addison Lambert
    Addison Lambert 2 days ago

    Lol I blink like that too.

  • Julia Zaras
    Julia Zaras 2 days ago

    “We are family friendly at least we don’t swear”

    *puts middle fingers up*

  • mEmE 2000
    mEmE 2000 3 days ago

    Poor Josiah

  • Neon Donuts
    Neon Donuts 3 days ago

    7:00 jazza getting drunk

  • PG Phenix
    PG Phenix 3 days ago

    How did they get that picture 7:45

  • Lauren
    Lauren 3 days ago

    This is perfect absolutely bloody perfect

  • Karl White
    Karl White 4 days ago

    jazza is drunk 8:45

  • Vixi Arts
    Vixi Arts 4 days ago

    Get a nose job.

  • Matt
    Matt 4 days ago

    watching this video made me cry

  • A R T I A I S】【의미얼음 의미

    That's right, we can drink anytime. :3 It's good to be Australian,

  • Llamaboy 11
    Llamaboy 11 4 days ago

    “This is a koala...”
    Me “That’s not a koala, that’s a- I have no idea...”

  • Cats Run The World
    Cats Run The World 4 days ago


  • Oliver Postma
    Oliver Postma 5 days ago

    You can have a baby with three people scientists found out how.

  • Nathan Bacall
    Nathan Bacall 5 days ago

    You are SHIT JAZZA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Keira VERCOE
    Keira VERCOE 5 days ago


    Read more

  • Shea Crimmins
    Shea Crimmins 5 days ago

    I am so sorry jazza

  • Pand anto
    Pand anto 5 days ago +1

    I love Jazza because he shows the world we all are weird in our own way. That "Fitting the glass in my mouth", loved it. ❤️

  • Gum Trumpet
    Gum Trumpet 5 days ago

    The reason people do that to you jazza, is because you try to fit your mouth around glasses of alcohol...

  • Rose is a Door
    Rose is a Door 5 days ago

    Pause at 8:20 .

  • my dixie rekt
    my dixie rekt 6 days ago

    i laughed so hard i wheezed when i saw the cup snap

  • One Clasher
    One Clasher 6 days ago

    Middle finger is 1 2 seconds after 8:09

  • One Clasher
    One Clasher 6 days ago

    He showed middle finger 08:9

  • Prissil Presentia
    Prissil Presentia 6 days ago

    i'll try roasting u, pls don't take it personal alright?

    u r so fat that when simon says touch your chin, you said which one? lol

  • heaven hymes
    heaven hymes 6 days ago


  • Joe Berridge
    Joe Berridge 6 days ago

    I actually thought he was crying 4 A sec

  • isabel saavedra
    isabel saavedra 6 days ago

    You flipped us off

  • dude in the background
    dude in the background 6 days ago +1

    7:57 is someone stalking you?

  • dude in the background

    I only have *3* chins

  • Kelsy Vargas
    Kelsy Vargas 6 days ago

    5:20 I found the difference!!! The drawing doesn’t have enough chins (only 5)

    CYNTHIAPAM 6 days ago

    7:51 how

  • Rylee Burgett
    Rylee Burgett 6 days ago

    R.I.P Jazza

  • Osana Najimi
    Osana Najimi 7 days ago

    but... I don't want to get flipped off...

  • Aaron Bunting
    Aaron Bunting 7 days ago

    I cracked my screen

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 7 days ago

    At the end I think the wine got to him

  • Ryan Vickers
    Ryan Vickers 7 days ago

    7:59 WTF how did that picture from this video end up in the video it's from

  • Gold Nepomuceno
    Gold Nepomuceno 7 days ago +2

    My OCD Will Kill Me Beacause Of Your Unsemetrical Blink Rate

  • Nikki And Kimi
    Nikki And Kimi 7 days ago

    4:07 Jazza looks like the bully from baldi basics!

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 7 days ago

    Your nose is bigger then a 1foot hotdog. Ps no afens I love ❤️ your vides

  • Mangle20607
    Mangle20607 7 days ago

    “Family friendly”
    *holds up middle finger(s)*

    CHARLEYS LLAMAS 8 days ago


  • jazzy jade
    jazzy jade 8 days ago

    Ahhhhh hahahhahahaha

  • ? ?
    ? ? 8 days ago

    *points middle finger*

  • Unfuntastic Games
    Unfuntastic Games 8 days ago

    Jazza,you are a high workaholic hotdog koala and you should be called big nose rather than big foot

    PS,I'm not apologizing because you said so BIG NOSE

  • M E
    M E 8 days ago

    How did they do that?!? 7:55

  • Joyce Burwell
    Joyce Burwell 8 days ago

    8:12 HoW DaRR U jAzZA!1!1!1

  • Mythic Mharie
    Mythic Mharie 8 days ago

    If you say so.

  • pink kangaroo
    pink kangaroo 8 days ago

    I am a 🐨 too 😋 🐨 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨

  • Lillian Steele
    Lillian Steele 9 days ago

    '' Please hurt me, please please hurt me,'' BEST QUOTE EVER

  • Potatoe Cheip
    Potatoe Cheip 9 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 like

    I'm not begging for likes just being honest

  • Yasmine Ackall
    Yasmine Ackall 9 days ago

    6:58 “This is why mom doesn’t love you!!!”
    Try fitting your hand next time. Also, kids, pay attention. This is why you don’t drink

  • CrabbyStork
    CrabbyStork 9 days ago

    What did I do to you?!

  • dragonslayer
    dragonslayer 9 days ago +1

    Proof 4:02 - 4:05 he blinks in a different rate

  • Lps Dianna
    Lps Dianna 10 days ago

    6:54 why ?? Jazza why??😂

  • Bad Boy Blue
    Bad Boy Blue 10 days ago

    That nose tho at the end. XDDD

  • ThunDeserious Gaming/Animations

    at 7:44 that drawing is awesome wow

  • Chimp
    Chimp 10 days ago

    Jazza should try and fit his nose around the universe

  • Eryn Robinson
    Eryn Robinson 10 days ago

    Why was that so cute and sad?

  • Mammasbaby
    Mammasbaby 10 days ago +1

    8:20 dick jazz omfg

  • Tommy and friends
    Tommy and friends 10 days ago

    Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I mean you do have 7 chins ........YOUR NOT

  • PiperTheBoxFox
    PiperTheBoxFox 11 days ago

    Your nose is bigger than your channel :D

  • The Current Change
    The Current Change 11 days ago

    Jazza the hutt

  • {ケーキ}Cake
    {ケーキ}Cake 11 days ago

    I dunno man, I kinda like the Avatar at the end than the current, it's more realistic.

  • Jacob Craftz
    Jacob Craftz 11 days ago


  • Animation Person
    Animation Person 11 days ago

    Pause and go here 8:12

  • Animation Person
    Animation Person 11 days ago

    Wow jazza no need to use.....that

  • Emily Stewart1000
    Emily Stewart1000 11 days ago +1

    Spot the difference: you are real... Not the art and a picture is an IT not a HIM not a JAZZA 😑😑😑😑

  • Emily Stewart1000
    Emily Stewart1000 11 days ago +1

    This is you: 👽 This is me:😓 uhhhh ok..???

  • Levi Kimi
    Levi Kimi 11 days ago

    I freeze framed at 1:00 and it looks like your a zombie

  • Samantha Pain
    Samantha Pain 11 days ago

    I just cant stop replaying 5:43 - 5:45 lol

  • Toasty Joe
    Toasty Joe 11 days ago

    Basket case! That is the lump on the ground... I’m sure of it.

  • Laxlu fan
    Laxlu fan 12 days ago

    6:57 wtf is he doing idk but i love it

  • Julia Podgorska
    Julia Podgorska 12 days ago

    sorry at 8:19 LOL

  • Julia Podgorska
    Julia Podgorska 12 days ago

    watch 8:67

  • Julia Podgorska
    Julia Podgorska 12 days ago


  • Julia Podgorska
    Julia Podgorska 12 days ago

    wait for that face with the eyes sticking out and stuff at 8:67

  • Julia Podgorska
    Julia Podgorska 12 days ago


  • Mia Bekkelund
    Mia Bekkelund 12 days ago


  • Shaheer Alam
    Shaheer Alam 13 days ago

    The double chins one killed me

  • zamora family
    zamora family 13 days ago +1

    If i had a dollar for each wrinkle you have on your chin i would have enough money to afford the abortion your mom always wanted

  • hello 123
    hello 123 14 days ago

    7:51 wait

  • Loai Ahmd
    Loai Ahmd 14 days ago

    Your hair looks nothing like your hair in real life #iloveyoujazza

  • Exotic Butters Animations


  • Benjamin Yt
    Benjamin Yt 15 days ago

    6:52 the following sentence indicates he's drunk

  • Psyduck
    Psyduck 15 days ago +1

    6:58 i genuinely respect you more as a person now

  • Kathleen gamer
    Kathleen gamer 15 days ago

    I think jazza got that name "Jazza" from a word "jazz" and "pizza"
    No offence😂

  • Bozo Get Away From Me
    Bozo Get Away From Me 15 days ago

    Jazza: hurt me daddy!