Deadpool 2 (Meet Cable) Trailer Review

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • We have a new trailer for Deadpool 2, where we meet Cable! Let's talk about it!
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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  Year ago +270

    I guess there were a couple of Thanos references in the trailer, and now you know I know that.

    • Apostle9590
      Apostle9590 Year ago

      Indeed, a lot of references being made this year that is sure to pay off hopefully.😉

    • Keiji Johnson
      Keiji Johnson Year ago

      There’s also a Toy Story reference too, which was to be expected considering the acquisition and all that.

    • LegoWarFilms
      LegoWarFilms Year ago

      Jeremy Jahns that does put a smile on my face

    • Garthur0
      Garthur0 Year ago

      Yeah he does say "I got the stones to help you"

    • Lamashtar
      Lamashtar Year ago


  • jamesmallone
    jamesmallone 9 months ago +1

    So in case Jeremy never realized this, or noone ever told him, I assumed Wade was calling "lazy writing" not because Cable used "fuck" as a noun, but because he's a TIME traveler and he said "Time's up". It was a pun, which, as Krusty the Clown once said, is lazy writing.
    Of course, I too come from the future, and it turns out in the final film Wade was referring to how Cable's time machine works.

  • AdrianTresk
    AdrianTresk 11 months ago

    Ahhh ... I finally woke up from my diabetic enduced coma from trying your icing-only cake idea ... So worth it though ... Didn't have diabetes before ... Certainly do now

  • Gerald Berry
    Gerald Berry Year ago

    "its at my MOM'S house" lmao!

  • SS Starscream
    SS Starscream Year ago

    I guess I'm pretty much the only person in the world who hated DP1 and will not watch DP2. I love this universe, but this character is too annoying for me. I get that they're trying to portray this character different than most serious heros, but honestly he just sounds like an unfunny jackass who's trying too hard. I just can't do it.

  • kins
    kins Year ago

    Deadpool said "fine I'll do it myself" just like Thanos said in the post credit scene in avengers 2

  • AMVDBZgamer
    AMVDBZgamer Year ago

    It was a toy story reference lol

  • FucKaleb
    FucKaleb Year ago

    Slick slick slick slick slick thought that was John cena. Like dead ass. Fr tho I think it is.

  • Kipruto Festo
    Kipruto Festo Year ago

    "It's not like we are trying to remove a mustache...." this one got me

  • Daniel Villalobos

    The new Deadpool movie (and its marketing campaign) looks great insofar as it seems to follow this basic formula from the first movie:
    Deadpool: "All the crazy shit Fox will let us put in a Deadpool movie."
    DP2: "All the crazy shit we couldn't put in the first movie."

  • Lude Crestfallen
    Lude Crestfallen Year ago

    Xforce confirmed. Domino, Deadpool, Shatterstar, Bedlam, & Zeitgiest

  • Olaf Trettevik
    Olaf Trettevik Year ago

    I seen it and yeah I think it's going to be a good time

  • SuperSaiyanJohnCenaTrappedInADeathStarPokeball

    Jeremy Jahns i keep going on Christ Stuckapenisinhisbuttmann's channel and letting him know hes not u

  • Sherbert Studios
    Sherbert Studios Year ago

    i want a pure icing cake

  • Bers Brown
    Bers Brown Year ago

    Mindhunter season 1 review? :)

  • TF2Fan101
    TF2Fan101 Year ago

    Seriously, though, that last line in the trailer needs to become a meme.

  • Diego M-A
    Diego M-A Year ago


  • Dragon Landlord
    Dragon Landlord Year ago

    he better call him Priscilla at least once!

  • Jet Girl
    Jet Girl Year ago

    Why did you have to watch 50 shades?! You poor man.

  • Malack Shahata
    Malack Shahata Year ago

    Really hope Deadpool bangs the teddy to piss Cable off...

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd Year ago

    Really excited to see this film. But the mustache joke is funny if we're still in 2017.

  • darqlyte
    darqlyte Year ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a couple musical cues that sound a lot like something from BvS?

  • GoobyPls
    GoobyPls Year ago

    Geez jeremy youre bitching hard about trailers lately

  • Person
    Person Year ago

    Another mind fuck Thanos fucks the Scarlett Witch in the western adaption of old boy :)

  • Walter white
    Walter white Year ago

    Deadpool does make a reference to how Josh Brolin played Thanos when he's talking about the CGI arm he says f*** it I'll do it myself like how thanos said I'll do it myself in Avengers Age of Ultron post credit scene

  • Jude Gorman
    Jude Gorman Year ago

    The rocker in me couldn’t decide whether to finish the intro with
    “and I got myself a beer” or
    “With a wine glass in my hand”

  • HerrenGamingNews
    HerrenGamingNews Year ago

    I got a raging boner

  • Rodolfo de la Torre

    He talks so fucking fast I have to replay it

  • KING G
    KING G Year ago +1

    Where are all your black panther videos? No trailer reviews or movie review from you big question mark

  • Rocko Balboa
    Rocko Balboa Year ago

    Lazy trailer review.

  • Red Tango
    Red Tango Year ago +1

    I hope they won't overdue the 4th wall breaking, like GOTG 2 where it was just joke after joke.

  • Zorak Mantis
    Zorak Mantis Year ago

    They should have gotten someone different to play Cable. Josh Brolin is already Thanos.

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming Year ago

    Is there going to be an official trailer?

  • Kimani Harris
    Kimani Harris Year ago

    I love the shot at justice league lmao

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard Year ago

    Oh no! Sheriff Deadpool!

  • Fury Rage
    Fury Rage Year ago

    Classic movies reviews maybe?

  • charcoasian
    charcoasian Year ago

    Love your reviews jeremy but I have a bone to pick with you about sequels, in trilogies the second one is arguably often better than the first, eg. Godfather 2, blade 2, the empire strikes back, x men 2, lotr the two towers, so lets hold out hope for deadpool 2.... and 3 :)

  • paranidherc
    paranidherc Year ago

    Deadpool 2 has Nutella-Domino, so it's gonna be hard to see it as anything but another movie ruined by hollywood PC-bullshit. Domino was a gorgeous, hot albino, not some afro-afro

  • Wyatt Pitt
    Wyatt Pitt Year ago

    That toy scene when he is recreating a scene from the movie, that's a play on Toy Story. Hes Woody, the Sheriff and guess who is Buzz Lightyear. XD

  • Eating Stuff
    Eating Stuff Year ago

    Who is Seymour

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Year ago

    I thought Deadpool 1 was like whatever but this one looks like it’s going to have more action

  • Spermario64
    Spermario64 Year ago

    Deadpool did refrence Thanos, he said he has the stones

  • golden brigain
    golden brigain Year ago

    I think I'll love deadpool 2 just as much, I didn't go into it with the history others did, so I might like this even more in fact.

  • Alex Hartley
    Alex Hartley Year ago

    There was a reference to Thanos. When Deadpool was bitching about Cables unfinished arm, he said "I'll do it myself". Which is what Thanos (Josh Brolin) says when he puts the infinity gauntlet on at the end of Age Of Ultron

  • Anthony Martin_AM

    Deadpool is my spirit animal... lol having this teaser makes the Solo and Venom debacles tolerale... because like who cares that Alden doesnt speak (purposefully) and who cares that the Venom teaser had next to zero Venom shit? we got Deadpool 2 to be excited about!!

  • Steve Rondinelli
    Steve Rondinelli Year ago

    I couldn't be more excited! Something has 2 take the sting of The Last Jedi away. Great review as always Jeremy. 5🌟

  • Tekkenbd26fan
    Tekkenbd26fan Year ago

    The trailer was very cool. However, the non-Neena Thurman Domino appearance wise has me worried about her character in the movie. The aesthetic of Domino in the comics how can they get Deadpool right and domino appearance wise so wrong. I will be seething this movie but im highly bugged about the domino thing i know Zazie Beetz will do an amazing job as domino but the aesthetic of how Domino is Supposed to look is like an irritating that you cant reach.

  • grownuptrunks
    grownuptrunks Year ago

    I hope the toy scene is in it.

  • Chris Dixon
    Chris Dixon Year ago

    You missed out the blatant reference to Disney when he dressed up the Deadpool figure as Woody, especially as Disney bought out Fox, I guess there might be a couple of references to that in the film maybe?

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider Year ago

    Cable’s hair should be messier.

  • Shaun Barclay
    Shaun Barclay Year ago

    Idk i think DP2 will be better. Mainly cause the story to DP1 was weak

  • SteKeo1990
    SteKeo1990 Year ago

    I had the exact same idea of the thanos reference

  • Reviews by Rhys
    Reviews by Rhys Year ago

    I wanna see a goonies reference of him being tied to a chair with exercise equipment while they pop his tires.

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion Year ago

    Tj miller, Kevin spacey & Weinstein walks into a bar...

  • Seyoiph
    Seyoiph Year ago

    I have one word for you: Cable

  • BellowD Gaming
    BellowD Gaming Year ago

    Hope Deadpool also references that he is also in love with Death and Thanos is his love triangle, but that's for another MOVIE!
    I'd go ape shit

  • thomas lao
    thomas lao Year ago

    with Cable in deadpool 2, I wonder if Mister Sinister will be featured in a future x men film or even deadpool 3. it would be funny and interesting to connect the messed up timeline of Fox's x men with deadpool 2 considering Cable's sole purpose in life was to time travel back and kill Apocalypse, but since Apocalypse is dead... he's just left stranded. oops :p.

  • Superkede
    Superkede Year ago

    Jermey did you seriously not get that the trailer was going for a toy story reference. It was marking how the first movie starts. Dead pool doll is even wearing Woody’s outfit and hat.

  • jflores85
    jflores85 Year ago

    the lootcrate deadpool tacos shirt!

  • Alexandra Craig
    Alexandra Craig Year ago

    You are rambling