Tracy McGrady's 13 points in 33 seconds deserves a deep rewind

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • It’s December 9th, 2004, in Houston, Texas. Less than a third of the way through the regular season, the surging 16-4 Spurs are taking on the middling 8-11 Rockets. San Antonio is inbounding the ball up 2 points with 11.2 seconds left. But just a half-minute ago the Spurs were in full control up eight points.
    We’re used to this Spurs team. Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan continue to show why this team is a favorite to win their second championship in three years. Their opponents on the other hand verge on unrecognizable. A new arena, new jerseys, and a new look roster haven’t hidden the blemishes of this Rockets team. But with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, if nothing else, they’ve been very exciting and are looking to add themselves to the list of threats in the conference.
    So how did we get to this point so quickly: a team known for their stingy defense squandered an overwhelming lead? We’re about to reach the peak of a moment that’s regarded as one of the greatest individual comebacks in NBA History, but to get there and the moments leading up to the climb let’s rewind.
    Written and produced by Joe Ali
    Directed and edited by Alex Hawley
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  • 49erfaithful
    49erfaithful 9 hours ago +1

    yao ming is amazing and is one of the only people that make shaq look small and all those other tall centers in that all star picture

  • 49erfaithful
    49erfaithful 13 hours ago +1

    George kittle's record-breaking season deserves a deep rewind

  • unbornmetal
    unbornmetal Day ago

    The scores was so low back then

  • James Park
    James Park 2 days ago

    0:50 yeah if you're 12 years old

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante 4 days ago


  • Duane
    Duane 5 days ago

    I love these breakdowns! Keep em’ coming!

  • Tommy Veee
    Tommy Veee 9 days ago

    I can only imagine how livid pops was at Brown for fumbling the ball at such a key moment. LOL!! Pops must've been just screaming like there's no tomorrow HAHA

  • Ryan Ho
    Ryan Ho 9 days ago

    this guy turned a 33 second clip into a 15 minute video

  • Abel Mendez
    Abel Mendez 10 days ago

    New guy sucks

  • Jamal Armstrong
    Jamal Armstrong 10 days ago

    Damn you yapped half the damn video geesh

  • Drug Enforcement Administration

    Turns 33 seconds into 15 min

  • Ariel Lopez
    Ariel Lopez 10 days ago

    My favorite player in the 2K's... Then injury took him down at the end of the decade.
    I've seen those 13 pts in 33 secs more than any other replay ever...

  • murkish
    murkish 11 days ago

    Loved this one!

  • Drew James
    Drew James 11 days ago

    Rockets won the game, but Spurs moved on to win the Finals against Pistons.

  • John Patrick Henry Ong

    How about Ron Artest's putback game winner against Phoenix in the WCF in 2010 for the Lakers? That might be good rewinder material 😁

  • Leroy Rodgers
    Leroy Rodgers 12 days ago

    My past decisions need a deep rewind lol.

  • UnoriginalName
    UnoriginalName 12 days ago

    I’m a Spurs fan. This is still one of the coolest moments that I’ve seen in basketball history.

  • Flightless Bird
    Flightless Bird 12 days ago

    Imagine if Orlando kept its stars they would have had prime shaq prime penny hardaway prime grant hill and prime t-mac

  • kj8491
    kj8491 12 days ago

    Imagine being on the game where historic comeback happend and leaving it 1 minute earlier ...

  • Jeremiah Narcisse
    Jeremiah Narcisse 13 days ago +1

    Not tryna belittle tmac's performance but people tend to forget paul millsap's 11 points in 28 seconds which was just as impressive

  • Manual Jackson
    Manual Jackson 13 days ago

    Hall of fame McGRADy

  • Andreas Hongkiriwang
    Andreas Hongkiriwang 14 days ago

    Rewind Clevland come back 3-1 on warriors

  • Benny Howard
    Benny Howard 16 days ago

    15mins for 33 sec clip no thanks

  • akvalues
    akvalues 16 days ago


  • Jonathan Poss
    Jonathan Poss 16 days ago

    whats the music playing at like 14:11?

  • stevo
    stevo 17 days ago

    I watched that game. It was amazing.

  • Kenny Reid
    Kenny Reid 17 days ago

    Absolutely unreal job on this, well done sir

  • That smrt Guy
    That smrt Guy 17 days ago

    rewind Reggie miller

  • Ozamataz Buckshank
    Ozamataz Buckshank 17 days ago +1

    Spurs fan here. We enjoy success and greatness during big 3 era but also some heartbreaks i.e tmac 13 in 33. Obviously y'all remember ray allen 2013, but don't forget dirk's and 1 in 2006 game 7, and fish 0.4 shot. We were a stingy defense team but damn! Those squandered leads were unforgettable

  • Leo Ferwer
    Leo Ferwer 18 days ago

    Spurs had two of the greatest game collapses of all time. 2013 finals and this one could damage their legacy...

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 18 days ago +2

    I dont like how this dude narrates

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 18 days ago

    I prefer the early 90s jerseys over the other two nd the current ones

  • Taysowavy
    Taysowavy 20 days ago

    Remember watching this game live ... couldn’t believe it

  • King Samuels II
    King Samuels II 20 days ago

    Real Rockets fans are still mad that Cato got too much money 🙄😒😂😂😂😂

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 20 days ago

    And while you're at it PLEASE do away with "feeling himself"....

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 20 days ago

    Im sure 35 is old to a millennial...but for GODS sake drop saying"old head". It's not nearly as cool as you think it is

  • Jeffrey Awesome
    Jeffrey Awesome 20 days ago

    Fav show on the channel

  • cool shit corra
    cool shit corra 22 days ago

    imagine being a rockets fan at this game and you leave early because their down in the fourth and you miss this. wow that would be the worst decision you ever would make in your life..

  • Quinn Parson
    Quinn Parson 23 days ago

    The day I was born 🔥

  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell 28 days ago

    Painfully drawn out for an abrupt ending

  • Bryana Cougar
    Bryana Cougar Month ago

    That was a DEEP rewind

  • Real Gonzales
    Real Gonzales Month ago +1

    Do Spurs vs Miami... Finals 1 and 2 ... classic a wild comeback from the best Spurs

  • Michael T. Mathews
    Michael T. Mathews Month ago

    You can make your point without disrespecting other human beings who worked hard to get where they're at. No one in the NBA is a "bum". They're still the best in the world at what they do even if they aren't the best on the team.

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee Month ago

    go spurs

  • Chad Bolton
    Chad Bolton Month ago

    Why because your Masonic esoteric occult gets a hard on for the numbers of 13 & 33, which is the ONLY reason you still talk about this.

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    Holy heck it's a black guy!! Go Brother!!

  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy Month ago

    This dude starts taking about the scoring at 10:55 damn

  • Travel Man
    Travel Man Month ago

    lol @ this idiot calling ANYONE who plays in the nba a "bum"...what a joke.

  • Justin Cordray
    Justin Cordray Month ago

    7:30 ...except he left Toronto as a free agent, not a trade.

  • Fiero Saint Paul
    Fiero Saint Paul Month ago

    No offense but y does fckn 10 minutes to start the actual play of the video?

    The07DIPLOMATIC Month ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 nostalgia

  • Henry 717
    Henry 717 Month ago

    “Whipping up *Magic* “
    Ey I see what you did there

  • Felonious Bobcat
    Felonious Bobcat Month ago

    2:38 you know you're getting old when you know all of the names of these players.

  • Fortnite Day and Nite

    I like how you take something that could easily be a two minute long video and then add 13 minutes to it just because

  • Danny Eric Benavidez
    Danny Eric Benavidez Month ago +1

    Sean Elliot game 2 1999 w.c.f. memorial day miracle shot..

  • Mason Galima
    Mason Galima Month ago

    bro you talk so damn much just get to the point

  • TbirdSpur2010
    TbirdSpur2010 Month ago

    One of the few dark spots in the magical Spurs run of the mid-00's, and I'm not even mad about it. That performance was legendary. Thanks for rewinding just how beastly Timmy D. was during that stretch. #OldManRiverwalk #GoSpursGo Wish we could have gotten T-Mac a ring when he joined SA in 2013, but......that's probably a topic for another (painful) Rewind episode haha.

  • Legit Boss
    Legit Boss Month ago

    I wish McGrady did this when he was on the Raptors.

  • George Law
    George Law Month ago

    I remember this game, T-Mac invoked the spirit of Reggie Miller.

  • Ketchup Ash
    Ketchup Ash Month ago


  • Gabor Benkovics
    Gabor Benkovics Month ago

    Go rockets

  • Barry Swigart
    Barry Swigart 2 months ago

    I mean. Gotta be The Claws game winner this year.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 months ago +1

    "The man who looks like he's fresh off the grill at your cousin's barbecue."
    Dear God SBNation bring this man back for the next season of Deep Rewind. The guy is hilarious. Favorite Rewind episode yet!

  • joits
    joits 2 months ago

    please bring back Seth for this basketball videos...

  • Aust0n Matthews
    Aust0n Matthews 2 months ago

    Kawhi Leonard’s game 7 buzzer beater against Philadelphia to send the Raptors to the Eastern Finals. (1st in NBA history)

  • Pop G
    Pop G 2 months ago

    That is disgusting that Charles Barkley kissed a donkeys butt

  • Thomas Palermo
    Thomas Palermo 2 months ago

    I saw this live on tnt... You should have showed tim duncans face in shock after that final shot

  • Apes 2520
    Apes 2520 2 months ago

    Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds is more impressive he was on pass for 2560 points in a game

  • Clinton Rendado
    Clinton Rendado 2 months ago

    A very stupid guy cannot direct to the point

  • Darryl Mata
    Darryl Mata 2 months ago +1

    Will never forget Devin brown's face of disbelief.

  • Matthew Keller
    Matthew Keller 2 months ago

    video starts at 10:50

  • nick morris
    nick morris 2 months ago

    I like the other guy better. This guy sounds like hes reading off a paper but the other guys sound like they are telling a story

  • MickyAvStickyHands
    MickyAvStickyHands 2 months ago

    The twist is that Spurs went on to win the championship that season.

  • Gorjaun Tarawallie
    Gorjaun Tarawallie 2 months ago +1

    why are his arms so short

  • Positive Mentality
    Positive Mentality 2 months ago

    It's not one of the... Its The best comeback