GAME MASTER APPLE WATCH from REBECCA ZAMOLO Twin! (Unlocking new hidden mysterious package)

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
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    When Matt and Rebecca discovered GAME MASTER has a REBECCA ZAMOLO Twin Disguise! (New Hidden Camera Face Reveal in My House) and went Searching for UNDERWATER TREASURE Box & Escaping Drone He released an announcement video of Phase 3 full of Black Box Ninja Spy Gadgets and the Spy Squad helped solve the clues. After reuniting, Rebecca and Matt her husband (not brother) went home and saw the front door was open. They thought it might be another TVclipr like Stephen Sharer or Chad Wild Clay so they set up a hidden camera for surveillance footage and hid inside the kitchen. The GM spy came out and ran upstairs on the roof where Rebecca had done a 24 hour challenge. Matt chased the mystery spy but they disappeared. After exploring Rebecca’s room they found a mysterious note in the mirror box located where she had seen a real ghost. They immediately looked at the footage and saw the spy not wearing a mask but their face was hidden. It looked like a Rebecca Zamolo twin with a blonde wig disguise. Could someone be framing Rebecca? When she finally opened her silver box an Apple Watch was inside. I’m not sure if there’s a tracking device inside but the ninja gadget immediately became activated. Matt received the same watch and they found out that both are keys. They later went to the beach through a tunnel and dug up the box which was buried. What is inside the black box and why do they both have apple watches? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca  5 months ago +2922

    What do you think is in the Black Box?

    • Jamila Staten
      Jamila Staten 20 days ago

      Hey zamfam

    • Anthonio Singh
      Anthonio Singh Month ago

      Flash is one of it.

    • Jessica Dykstra
      Jessica Dykstra Month ago

      We are project zorgo we will continue the hack TVcliprs

    • Aleyda Jaclyn
      Aleyda Jaclyn Month ago


    • taylor goff
      taylor goff 2 months ago

      I saw a comment down far in the comment section and I said that some one was behind the red bush I think around 6:06

  • Ariana Kolitz
    Ariana Kolitz 15 hours ago

    and I want one of the price but my name is Arianna I want to win one of the giveaway prizes if you get any cuz I never won any giveaway prizeswell if you have a iPad and winning a giveaway if you have any giveaways you want to do can I get a iPad cuz I really like the iPad cuz I don't have any iPads

  • Kyla Flores
    Kyla Flores 2 days ago +1

    I'm your biggest fan....

  • Abina Smoorthy
    Abina Smoorthy 2 days ago

    My dog is a spy

  • Denisse Rios
    Denisse Rios 9 days ago

    It’s down right down left up

  • RMS West Wing
    RMS West Wing 9 days ago

    Rebecca can i have the phone watch

  • carly cowan
    carly cowan 9 days ago +1

    love you guys

  • carly cowan
    carly cowan 9 days ago +1

    the directions are down right down left up

  • Mohammad Ebrahim
    Mohammad Ebrahim 10 days ago +1

    That's the RZ twin RZ twin works for the redhood and the kwadreds

  • Aliya Buist
    Aliya Buist 10 days ago

    I t hingk it it rz twine I can recanis her haer

  • Chris Kesner
    Chris Kesner 10 days ago +2

    Down right down left up was the directions

  • Reggi Rubio
    Reggi Rubio 11 days ago

    The morse code was an SOS

  • Jeannette Gibbs
    Jeannette Gibbs 15 days ago

    The Rz twin broke into your house it looks like rebacca

  • Aditi Gill
    Aditi Gill 16 days ago

    Her name is RZ Twin

  • Nickson Ongom
    Nickson Ongom 16 days ago

    Rz tinwn

  • Jayda Valies
    Jayda Valies 17 days ago +1

    Guys I think you need to hurry

  • Bentley West
    Bentley West 17 days ago

    RZ Twin

  • Ruth August
    Ruth August 19 days ago

    Down , right, Down, left, up is dit for de dyreksin lock.

  • Beau Ford
    Beau Ford 19 days ago

    The person in you house.
    Is rz twin.
    Give this a like if agree 👍

    • Benny Cabigas
      Benny Cabigas 17 days ago

      Benny cabigas I was thinking of you all day long as I can remember when you are almost done with my work and I have been working with the people that have been working with the the game master not joking around ok

  • Timothy Neal
    Timothy Neal 19 days ago


  • Meaningful Television
    Meaningful Television 20 days ago

    i love mw

  • Meaningful Television
    Meaningful Television 20 days ago


  • Jamila Staten
    Jamila Staten 20 days ago

    Only previous video the game the RG twin was behind Matt

  • Jamila Staten
    Jamila Staten 20 days ago +1


  • libby taylor
    libby taylor 21 day ago

    she is called RZ twin

  • Joanna Briones
    Joanna Briones 21 day ago

    It might be a twin of Rebecca because the dogs would bark with somebody unknown or with somebody not Rebecca oe Matt

  • Joanna Briones
    Joanna Briones 21 day ago

    What if that person is rebecas twin. That is working for the "dark or bad side"

  • Andy Rosa
    Andy Rosa 23 days ago +1

    the words were down,right,down,left,up as you guys saw in her last video

  • Cecilia Martinez
    Cecilia Martinez 26 days ago +1

    Down right down left up
    The code the lock box

  • Cecilia Martinez
    Cecilia Martinez 26 days ago

    Feberary 23rd event to stop the event find the black box press it to stop the event clone of youtube to replace them i,m help you to stop every thing that,s haping subscrib trun on the🔔 insigram and coment down below on istigram and every channle

  • Hajar Ourahou
    Hajar Ourahou 27 days ago +1

    Down Up Left Right ! Correct

  • pham redondo
    pham redondo Month ago +1

    the person in your huose is rz twins rebecca clone/ im sam

  • Hope Mini
    Hope Mini Month ago

    The event is cold e2

  • Mz. Walls
    Mz. Walls Month ago


  • Mz. Walls
    Mz. Walls Month ago


  • Mz. Walls
    Mz. Walls Month ago


  • Mz. Walls
    Mz. Walls Month ago


  • Sama Ali
    Sama Ali Month ago +2

    The Event is at 23 February

  • Donovan Moodley
    Donovan Moodley Month ago


  • Ilyas Ali
    Ilyas Ali Month ago


  • Annmarie Delaney
    Annmarie Delaney Month ago

    Are you ok

  • Erin Crosthwaite
    Erin Crosthwaite Month ago

    matt and rebecca it was the rebecca zamolo twin

  • Amenda P
    Amenda P Month ago


  • Amenda P
    Amenda P Month ago

    Zxz Can you start this please

  • Tzippy Calm
    Tzippy Calm Month ago

    Rz tmin

  • Betty Teddy
    Betty Teddy Month ago

    It's the rz twin

  • Amarianna Simmons
    Amarianna Simmons Month ago +1

    Rz tiwn

  • kevin hodgson
    kevin hodgson Month ago +1

    I am going to vin con

  • Iman Issa
    Iman Issa Month ago +1

    The GAMEMASTER said the gm they are going to stop the qutden

  • Dorota Demmin
    Dorota Demmin Month ago +5

    Who else is watching this in 2019?!

  • jo king
    jo king Month ago +3

    rz twin was the person in your house


    Down right down left up

  • james carranza
    james carranza Month ago

    Think pink

  • Samia Rahman
    Samia Rahman Month ago

    Rebecca seems suspicious

  • Summer Sutcliffe
    Summer Sutcliffe Month ago +4

    The 5 letter word is flash

  • Echa Imoet
    Echa Imoet Month ago

    That is rz twin

  • Mariam Hussain
    Mariam Hussain Month ago

    Another Apple Watch

  • Dellena Prentice
    Dellena Prentice Month ago +5

    All the people you now have are RZ twin like Rebecca

  • Ignacio Andrade
    Ignacio Andrade Month ago +1

    progjit zodo si wowhing

  • Grace Cunningham
    Grace Cunningham Month ago

    A button

  • Karen Burt
    Karen Burt Month ago +4


  • Angelique Robinson
    Angelique Robinson Month ago

    do Rebecca have a twin???😍😍

  • jin zhang
    jin zhang Month ago

    A lock box!

  • jin zhang
    jin zhang Month ago


  • Amelia Chrzan
    Amelia Chrzan Month ago

    Rz twin or quadrent broke in to your house

  • Kaylahi Atkinson
    Kaylahi Atkinson Month ago


  • Kaylahi Atkinson
    Kaylahi Atkinson Month ago

    Rz twin

  • Kaylahi Atkinson
    Kaylahi Atkinson Month ago

    Can you do a mistry 3am box

  • Pierre Azar
    Pierre Azar Month ago

    Rs twin min rebecca twin

  • Ashly Santiago
    Ashly Santiago Month ago

    It said get out

  • luisa dungca
    luisa dungca Month ago +1

    The Quadrent is a guy thet s wearing a gold mask and thet game master is you re twin and thet is rz twin

  • Adrianna DeMaranville
    Adrianna DeMaranville 2 months ago

    i know who the GM is

  • Michael Saundry
    Michael Saundry 2 months ago +3

    it was Rebecca twin who broke in

  • Ladrera Cousins
    Ladrera Cousins 2 months ago

    Rebecca,RZ Twin can teleport cause she maybe is a robot

  • Kenna Sinninghe
    Kenna Sinninghe 2 months ago

    the paper code saI'd down right down left up

  • Rhonda Keeler
    Rhonda Keeler 2 months ago

    I think in the black box there is something that can stop the event

  • Bethany Hale
    Bethany Hale 2 months ago

    Down right down left up

  • Madison Bolding
    Madison Bolding 2 months ago +1

    The quad Erin members are coles if you guys and some atouthor

  • Danielle Mack
    Danielle Mack 2 months ago


  • Shanique Swan
    Shanique Swan 2 months ago

    In the black box is a apple watch

  • olivia devet
    olivia devet 2 months ago

    On the pes of paper it said down Right down up

  • Maria Guerrero
    Maria Guerrero 2 months ago

    It is the Rz twin

  • Sienna Wright
    Sienna Wright 2 months ago

    Down down left up

  • Leah Bailey
    Leah Bailey 2 months ago

    a spy gadget is what I heard

  • Crystal Perez
    Crystal Perez 2 months ago

    Matt. ThaeT. Wiz. The. RzTttwin😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • Taz Sha
    Taz Sha 2 months ago

    The helicopters were actually grown and that’s 100 and trying to get the black box from you because they want that spy gadget but all the codes you need to find out your self

  • Julissa Gradilla
    Julissa Gradilla 2 months ago

    The code was all downs

  • Julia Piwonska
    Julia Piwonska 2 months ago

    Someone broke into my house to

  • 佳 佳
    佳 佳 2 months ago

    The apple watch is from the game master

  • Nathalie Gael Paje Sabio

    I think that the Quandrant is rebecca,matt,stephen and grace’s evil twins

  • Tallulah Strange
    Tallulah Strange 2 months ago

    Is the game master real?

  • shanonjansen1
    shanonjansen1 2 months ago +42

    on your last video the person who broke in was named RZ twin AKA Rebecca zamolos twin sister but dont go near her because she is workingfor the Quodrent and they are bad gys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like this if you agree

    • Zerocrash Murilo
      Zerocrash Murilo 15 days ago

      not really? after e2 it was confirmed rz twin was on gm's side till she got captured by the red hood

    • Machaela Destiney
      Machaela Destiney 18 days ago

      Thats so true i

  • Victoria Summers
    Victoria Summers 2 months ago


  • Raja Sangha
    Raja Sangha 2 months ago +1


  • John Crosby
    John Crosby 2 months ago

    That sound was from the roof Love Rylynn!

  • Lakska Kelly
    Lakska Kelly 2 months ago

    It was RZ twin Rebecca

  • Lynnyell Alexander
    Lynnyell Alexander 2 months ago

    it is down,right,down,left,up

  • Jazlyn Flowers
    Jazlyn Flowers 2 months ago

    Best video ever !!!

  • Megan Valenzuela
    Megan Valenzuela 3 months ago

    It's the Rz twin

  • Kelliann Pitman
    Kelliann Pitman 3 months ago +1

    rebecca zamolo your my favourite youtuber