60FPS | 4K UHD KNK (크나큰) - 'SUNSET' MV

  • Published on Oct 26, 2019
  • 60FPS | 4K UHD KNK (크나큰) - 'SUNSET' MV
    Check out the original MV here: rshrt.com/gqeXQca

    •This is solely for entertainment purposes ONLY! For you to enjoy smoother K-Pop videos at 60FPS!
    •There will be inevitable bugs throughout the video because of the rendering process.

    ‹ No copyright infringement intended.
    ‹ This song does not belong to me.
    ‹ I do NOT earn any money from this video !!!
    All rights belong to YNB Entertainment
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    Q: How do you make your videos?
    A: I use Optical Flow using Adobe Premiere Pro
    Q: Can I request any video?
    A: YES!, as long as it's a K-pop video. You can request here: rshrt.com/kErVCy
    Q: How long does it take for my request to be uploaded?
    A: Unfortunately, there is an indefinite time for it because of the large volume of requests.
    Q: How do you not get copyrighted?
    A: I get copyright notices but as long as I follow the policies, my videos won't get blocked by TVclip.
    Q: How much do you earn from making videos?
    A: I do not earn a single penny from making these videos. Your entertainment and happiness motivates me to make more videos.
    Q: Where are you from?
    A: I have some hints in the intros of some of my videos 😉

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    Jopping pleasee

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      Please read description if you want to request

  • K-POP 60FPS
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    「For the best experience, turn the video quality to the highest setting,ENJOY! 」