Staying at the WORST REVIEWED HOTEL in my City... **THEN THIS HAPPENED**

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
    Today I decided to stay at the worst reviewed hotel in my city, and you guys won't believe what we found.. It was DISGUSTING!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  3 months ago +15527

    That was SCARY & GROSS! Let me know if you guys want another worst reviewed video... DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE

    • Zach Digilio
      Zach Digilio 9 hours ago

      Call and report them rug

    • Alani hernandez
      Alani hernandez 11 days ago

      You the best I have been watching you for 3 years

    • Xavier Brown
      Xavier Brown 26 days ago

      That wasn’t a blood stain on the bed and bedbugs move pretty damn fast bro future reference😊

    • Miguel Pascual
      Miguel Pascual Month ago

      It was jizz 💦

  • Cheerleader 1116
    Cheerleader 1116 Hour ago

    Eww I looked this up and its at E-Z 8 motel oof

  • uppest 123
    uppest 123 8 hours ago

    u know that hotel is very popular for prostitutes right?

  • Zach Digilio
    Zach Digilio 9 hours ago

    Rug bro no bullshit if u see this please contact me im a big fan man and would love to meet you an your family an would love to see the beautiful state California please get ahold of me 7123146364 and pin this comment so i know u seen it id appreciate it bri

  • LCMactive 2301
    LCMactive 2301 11 hours ago

    You should fly on the worst reviewed airline

  • Rapota R.
    Rapota R. 15 hours ago

    I wouldn't stay here not even for 10000000000000000 dollars

  • Rapota R.
    Rapota R. 15 hours ago

    And I thought my apartment was bad 😱😱😱😱 now I think I'm in 3rd class

  • Alexis Whitt
    Alexis Whitt 16 hours ago

    I so leave to

  • karina jacobo
    karina jacobo 17 hours ago +1

    Ell that pee on the toilet

  • Grace Barber
    Grace Barber 18 hours ago

    The blood was probably a girl on her period

  • Grace Barber
    Grace Barber 18 hours ago

    The blood was probably a girl on her period

  • tay
    tay 19 hours ago

    Ez8 motel in olds town

  • ProMcGamer none
    ProMcGamer none 21 hour ago

    worst reviewed chirocaptor

  • Leah Villegas
    Leah Villegas 21 hour ago

    HELL NO!!

  • ICYxjgil8
    ICYxjgil8 22 hours ago

    The phone we’re you hear that noise they set that up

  • Liam Large
    Liam Large 22 hours ago +1


  • Little Llama
    Little Llama 23 hours ago +1

    Holy hell!! Call the cops! Bro they need to be shut down!

  • Myles Madison
    Myles Madison Day ago

    That’s the same hotel infinite lists went to lol

  • AranPUBG KurdGamer

    Please Brian would you make a video by going to the best barber in the world, if you like it.

  • Flower Potato
    Flower Potato Day ago

    if it shows up with the blacklight its blood, urine, or semen

  • Izzy Playz
    Izzy Playz Day ago +1

    I don’t think I should have watched this at night 😖😖😣😖😣😫😣😳

  • Tanya Raiter
    Tanya Raiter Day ago

    16:48 turn on captions there is music

  • Mariah Oneill
    Mariah Oneill Day ago

    8:55 I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road I'm gonna ride till I can't more

  • zoey waltz
    zoey waltz Day ago

    sorry im like soooooooo late but you should make dis a series or sum

  • Svrarax
    Svrarax Day ago

    I bet you got skid marks on your pants after😂

  • Glenn Wright
    Glenn Wright Day ago

    That place needs to close and you need to call the cops

  • lil Kripz
    lil Kripz Day ago

    Ima kid and it’s light outside and I hate scary shit and somehow this dumbass shit was scary😂😂

  • KaycieMichelleBC Loves Dogs!

    I’m freaking out. That’s not even funny. Who was knocking? I’m so grossed out. Yuck. I’m so scared.

  • L GN
    L GN Day ago +1

    Oh hey welcome to the comment section you’re 100% safe here. Here’s some food to keep you occupied or safe
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    Order anything but everything’s a $1 so ya
    Have a great day!! ❤️💛💜

  • KatPlayz
    KatPlayz Day ago


  • Miniplays453
    Miniplays453 Day ago

    Next time come with a geiger counter. ;)

  • Dragon _Slayer
    Dragon _Slayer Day ago

    7:24 put caption on haha

  • Alexander paulino tochmani

    Rug is dried-up blood is because I'm in Mexico I was bleeding in the night then it was dried up so it is dried-up blood

  • Anna-Grace Elizabeth


  • Leøzøldø Vløgz And Gamēz

    Please do the best reviewed HOTEL!

  • Shawnna Lewis
    Shawnna Lewis 2 days ago +1

    I would've hauled ass when the phone started ringing.

  • Omar Pena
    Omar Pena 2 days ago +1

    Turn on captions at 15:18 , It says “ subscribe to pew die pie “

  • Susan Henry
    Susan Henry 2 days ago

    Y'all r pussies

  • Greg Yaghdjian
    Greg Yaghdjian 2 days ago

    That takes a lot of shit in ur pants to do that. Props to u

  • Deku is daddy
    Deku is daddy 2 days ago

    My Naruto Hoody is better than your Gucci Hoody

  • Łęthåł Røšę
    Łęthåł Røšę 2 days ago

    Room? Gross.
    FaZe Rug? Daring.
    Joke? Old.
    Me? Not funny.
    *Hotel? **_TrAvAgO_*

  • LPS Lovely Flower
    LPS Lovely Flower 2 days ago

    I’m speechless....

  • Hype_PinkkingYT
    Hype_PinkkingYT 2 days ago

    Was it Drake and Josh

  • Łęthåł Røšę
    Łęthåł Røšę 2 days ago +1

    Are we we ignoring the fact that he got a Gucci hoodie!?

  • Scrub Crew!
    Scrub Crew! 2 days ago

    You copied Jrizzy JEREMY

  • Mark Flowers
    Mark Flowers 2 days ago


  • book reader
    book reader 2 days ago

    I was gauging the whole entire video

  • shay dellinger
    shay dellinger 2 days ago

    It is called ez 8 old town road

  • elmercastillo72
    elmercastillo72 2 days ago

    My girl friend said your cute

    BRENE TM 3 days ago

    6 Ak47's n' im stayin

  • Aurora
    Aurora 3 days ago

    blood at 11:00 is blood but not from long ago i know that cuz i was bleeding from my nose in my bed and i had blood on my bed. 1 or 2 Days later the blood was just like that. You are really lucky Rug

  • Ya7ya Muthafer
    Ya7ya Muthafer 3 days ago

    One time i went to the SAME AXACT HOTEL but not the same one your in faze but i peaked thorugh the window to your hotel and a saw a dude doing drugs and he coghed blood on the bed the same blood and he fell.....and i ran...

  • Jose Benitez
    Jose Benitez 3 days ago



  • The Darkness
    The Darkness 3 days ago

    Burn it with fire.

    BANG YT TUBE SHOOT 3 days ago

    we want more plss

    BANG YT TUBE SHOOT 3 days ago

    that was scary it's just like in the movie there's a killer in a motel and need ti escape.

  • Alana Banghart
    Alana Banghart 3 days ago +1

    This scarred me for life 😭🤮

  • Servando Carillo
    Servando Carillo 3 days ago

    I think there was someone who dead in there or killed in there

  • not mystic
    not mystic 3 days ago

    scared af

  • not mystic
    not mystic 3 days ago

    rug the music does not help!!!!!! its Fucking 4am don't do this shit

  • Gacha Tube
    Gacha Tube 3 days ago

    I don't even know how I got here 💀

  • Spicy Chili pepper
    Spicy Chili pepper 3 days ago +1

    The mask is upside down

  • Kristi Hughes
    Kristi Hughes 3 days ago

    It could be a ketchup stane

  • Marvin van der Heiden

    Good video man can u make a part 2 that would-be AWESWOME!!!

  • shadow xxx
    shadow xxx 3 days ago +1


  • هتاللال نةاالىى

    I would stay

  • Cryp_Tius
    Cryp_Tius 3 days ago

    U forgotten something bring pictures of middle fingers too

  • Christopher Barrera
    Christopher Barrera 3 days ago

    Thanks for posting two days after my birthday.

  • CristixHyper
    CristixHyper 3 days ago +1

    The hotel is called EZ 8 Motel Old Town, SO YOU KNOW WHERE NOT TO GO TO.

  • Seif Soliman
    Seif Soliman 4 days ago

    Go to five stars hotel and check if there is bed bugs and the same as this hotel

  • sixshot 21
    sixshot 21 4 days ago

    I would have brought a weapon

  • Niamh Cheney Kirsch
    Niamh Cheney Kirsch 4 days ago

    Not worth a life for a VIDIO

  • Katrina Butler
    Katrina Butler 4 days ago

    This scared me by the knocking and the phone ringing

  • chungus humugus
    chungus humugus 4 days ago


  • chungus humugus
    chungus humugus 4 days ago

    No rug its better if you go full russian and wear body armour and just shoot every staff member with an m60 lmg

  • william maiser
    william maiser 4 days ago

    The white thing in the curtain and in the table near the beds are jizz

  • Lynda Animate
    Lynda Animate 4 days ago

    I am scared as heck now!

  • Easy Cam
    Easy Cam 4 days ago

    You should do the wrist review Hamburgers in your city

  • Jonathan Liu
    Jonathan Liu 4 days ago +1

    You know the blood you found in the bed sheets it might be girls period mostly bc my sister she had a period it it looks like that and it stains

  • Aãron Wõlfiè
    Aãron Wõlfiè 4 days ago

    10:56 small chance thats blood i have blood on my bed and it's wayy more coloured but it could off been an attempt too wash it off. (Blood from period)

  • Tessa King Studios
    Tessa King Studios 4 days ago

    What’s the difference between a motel and a hotel

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 4 days ago

    I suited myself oof

  • Sarah Afari
    Sarah Afari 4 days ago


  • Sarah Afari
    Sarah Afari 4 days ago


  • Elite_ Heat07
    Elite_ Heat07 5 days ago

    The person calling could’ve been a killer

  • Sesilia Fisiilose
    Sesilia Fisiilose 5 days ago

    do WORST REVIEWED NAIL SALON even though you are not a girl

  • Diwo Wow
    Diwo Wow 5 days ago

    Um your bed has beg bugs everyone has beg bugs

  • Andre galeon
    Andre galeon 5 days ago +1

    U sould bring a gun so u could blend in ya know

  • ツLewiZz
    ツLewiZz 5 days ago +1

    To be honest it was a good choice you left the place you could be dead or stabbed

  • I Watch Spongebob
    I Watch Spongebob 5 days ago +2

    *Walks into worst rated hotel with Gucci*
    People in Hotel: *???*

  • Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez 5 days ago

    I was just scered by the music

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 5 days ago

    I would only stay there if I had 100 layers of bubble wrap around me and a fun for self defence

  • Chase Douglas
    Chase Douglas 5 days ago

    1like = 10 subs

  • cai davis
    cai davis 5 days ago

    Morgan went there

  • Rosa Mendoza
    Rosa Mendoza 5 days ago

    me when it came out:Ew blood
    me rewatching today:period blood eh girl problems

  • Gavin and gacha_chu Acosta

    The blood stain can also be if a girl was on her period cuz my mom said that her blood came out and it string the bed

  • Smity Smith
    Smity Smith 6 days ago

    Morgz did it

  • Hira Faisal
    Hira Faisal 6 days ago

    Morgz also did it

  • LecTriXx Official
    LecTriXx Official 6 days ago +1

    Disclaimer: This is not a likebait, I swear!
    50 likes, I'll change every text in this comment to the name of the hotel they stayed in.

    • tay
      tay 18 hours ago

      Ez 8

  • jasmine stone
    jasmine stone 6 days ago

    Who's looking around their room right now