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Lil Uzi Vert - The Way Life Goes Remix (Feat. Nicki Minaj) [Official Music Video]


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  • Thee Tank
    Thee Tank 11 minutes ago


  • Samy 93
    Samy 93 Hour ago

    Bruh speed 1.25 lit af ❗️

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz 2 hours ago

    best song

  • Bianca Milton
    Bianca Milton 5 hours ago

    Anybody else see how white that girl tongue was when she licked uzi 😕😂😂😕

  • S a Y Y S ! M O N 3 !!!


  • Kylie Williams
    Kylie Williams 7 hours ago


  • Kylie Williams
    Kylie Williams 7 hours ago

    Luv u nikki❤❤

  • Ashley Braylock
    Ashley Braylock 7 hours ago

    2018 🔥🔥

  • monique walker
    monique walker 8 hours ago

    2017 or 2018

  • XChainSwagX
    XChainSwagX 8 hours ago

    cringe 0:07-0:31

  • Dylan VanTuinen
    Dylan VanTuinen 9 hours ago

    lil uzi and nicki minaj is a great collage of a song

  • Keith Antione
    Keith Antione 9 hours ago

    Keep It Going, Uzi Vert

  • Raelyn Johnson
    Raelyn Johnson 10 hours ago +1

    i love you nicki minaj i love your music in my life you too lil uzi thank very much nicki minaj for all the music for us

  • Vlady Villot
    Vlady Villot 10 hours ago

    Sad sorry for lol Uzi

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 12 hours ago

    Liked it better without Nicki

    ANELE MGABA 14 hours ago

    i ddnt think song was this good. on repeat.

  • muhammad ibad
    muhammad ibad 16 hours ago

    4:03-4:11 The Soothing Part 😍

  • big poppa
    big poppa 20 hours ago

    if you ever been in a real serious relationship with someone this shit hits you to the soul

  • Ameria Young
    Ameria Young 20 hours ago

    fav song

  • Joe Kale
    Joe Kale Day ago +1


  • Caleb Bowling
    Caleb Bowling Day ago

    I love this song

  • Mike Allen
    Mike Allen Day ago

    Nice rep nicke

  • ICP4Life
    ICP4Life Day ago +1

    Lil Uzi Vert=Lucifer if said fast

  • Brandon Robinson


  • Lil Ore
    Lil Ore Day ago

    Love it but Nicki Minaj messed up the song

  • Austine Bryson
    Austine Bryson Day ago

    That dog has a big dick

  • Ali Humble
    Ali Humble Day ago +1

    song starts at 1:17
    And ends at 3:48

  • Antionette Turner

    why are you in the woods ?

  • Antionette Turner

    Why are you tide to a tree?

  • Skate Kid
    Skate Kid Day ago


  • DaiDai
    DaiDai Day ago

    His ass is fine as fuck

  • MaKhia Mackey
    MaKhia Mackey Day ago

    I like this song

  • Alex Cortez
    Alex Cortez Day ago

    Ull get over it

  • Tevinj Williams
    Tevinj Williams 2 days ago

    Niki outta wak
    Give her a base ball bat and i'd rather to be killed by freddy and jason than she!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Tevinj Williams
    Tevinj Williams 2 days ago

    Song Awesome anyways

  • Tevinj Williams
    Tevinj Williams 2 days ago

    Niki already is creepy with the ways she can flexx WTF is she doing with a freaking knife the size of ma head?

  • Love god
    Love god 2 days ago


  • Julian Tadeo
    Julian Tadeo 2 days ago


  • Valicia Ramirez
    Valicia Ramirez 2 days ago

    My friend said not to look at the music video and I went to TVclip and looked it up real quick😂😂

  • Shaz Marie’
    Shaz Marie’ 2 days ago

    Nicki looks gorgeous in this!

  • Ekagra Kumar
    Ekagra Kumar 2 days ago

    Hypnotized by the music!

  • Abhishek Dere
    Abhishek Dere 2 days ago


  • Count IV
    Count IV 2 days ago

    You'll get over it.

  • Nyasia Foreva
    Nyasia Foreva 2 days ago

    Know I’m not a rat, but I’m all about my cheddar 😋

  • Shanequia Mcrunels
    Shanequia Mcrunels 2 days ago

    I love this song 😍😍

  • Nasir Williams
    Nasir Williams 2 days ago

    anybody see his earrings upside down

  • Hazel Baby
    Hazel Baby 2 days ago +1

    Good song

  • Kaboom
    Kaboom 2 days ago

    After twenty years also this will be my no:-1 song for me❤️❤️ love ya urzi

  • subscribe plz
    subscribe plz 2 days ago

    0:45 my turn

  • Kaye Kaye
    Kaye Kaye 2 days ago

    Fav song omg the lyrics Uzi and Nick 😍😫😢

    AUDIOPHILE 2 days ago

    uzi's genuine reaction when he heard nicki's gonna remix the way life goes

  • DesignByAbby
    DesignByAbby 3 days ago

    Uzi’s vocals😻😻

  • Dxy Edwin
    Dxy Edwin 3 days ago


  • 5 k
    5 k 3 days ago

    all the hate on uzi about gay or the devil stuff and the upside cross earrings i really feel him on this song

  • Anita Smith
    Anita Smith 3 days ago +1

    Pay this snog all bay

  • MattThe1 Army Lyfe
    MattThe1 Army Lyfe 3 days ago

    I really wish Nikki had some different lyrics honestly, just doesn’t seem to fit the song. Just pictured this song differently in my mind? Nah just me

  • Eionna Raynor
    Eionna Raynor 3 days ago

    Are you ok😟😔😯

  • Lora Jackson
    Lora Jackson 3 days ago

    Nicky has. A. Ass😀😀

  • Isaac Ring
    Isaac Ring 3 days ago

    I never thought I’d say I like a LIl uzi song

  • Queen Bae
    Queen Bae 3 days ago


  • Apex Pancake
    Apex Pancake 3 days ago

    say his name fast it sounds like lucifer

  • brwtny46
    brwtny46 3 days ago

    So he shud do a nut Jr sogs

  • Myaeja Mitchell
    Myaeja Mitchell 3 days ago

    Lil Uzi my name is Moses I love dis like so much. I listen to it all the time. I hope u find happiness on your path

  • Verbaytim YT
    Verbaytim YT 3 days ago

    The nicki verse is so out of place lol

  • Lexi Candy
    Lexi Candy 3 days ago +20

    The beat dropped harder than my grades!!! I don't believe youngsters who thinks he is using *AUTHENTIC* *VIEWS* *DOT* *COM* this is lit

  • Goor Guipi
    Goor Guipi 3 days ago


  • Goor Guipi
    Goor Guipi 3 days ago


  • Jahmal Omosanya
    Jahmal Omosanya 3 days ago

    i know it hurt it times but you'll get over it

  • mohamed omar
    mohamed omar 3 days ago

    Lil nicki Vert

  • Nkosikhona Kumalo
    Nkosikhona Kumalo 3 days ago

    Like the original better

  • Depressed Nibba
    Depressed Nibba 3 days ago

    *L U V*

  • Edgar Morra
    Edgar Morra 3 days ago

    Niki is HOT 😻

  • Ahmed Wertani
    Ahmed Wertani 3 days ago

    Samee 😢😢😓

  • Ash4life gameing And vlogs

    Was I the only one who heard lil boat in the background

  • Yousif Sulaiman
    Yousif Sulaiman 3 days ago

    My favorite song from uzi LITTTT as fuck.

  • Aidan Pierce
    Aidan Pierce 3 days ago

    First 30 seconds are fuego

  • Jsimmons06 Sumo
    Jsimmons06 Sumo 4 days ago

    Omg nick lit😝😝😝😝

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 4 days ago

    2018 anyone??

  • Christina Darrett
    Christina Darrett 4 days ago

    Uzi is hot 😍❤❤💘

  • Ronald Abraham
    Ronald Abraham 4 days ago

    Who still listening?

  • keke A Boss
    keke A Boss 4 days ago

    How much more direct does it have to be than to wear upside down crosses??

  • Anita Smith
    Anita Smith 4 days ago +1

    It is cute 😄😄

  • Meg Lopez
    Meg Lopez 4 days ago

    I tied up my RAF you strapped up your Rick
    Diamonds on your neck, ice all on my wrist
    Complement my style
    She don't want me I'm running wild
    You know I respect her on that level
    She don't want me then I'ma let her
    Go over there with that broke fella
    Walk off my Saint Laurent, that leather
    My new chick I swear that she better
    Want me back, never (ooh)

  • Ceezus Films
    Ceezus Films 4 days ago

    so no one's going to address the fact that Lil Uzi vert is made to look like Lucifer in the beginning of the Song 0:02

  • suitedbuzzxrd56
    suitedbuzzxrd56 4 days ago +1

    2027? anyone

  • Rena Lynema
    Rena Lynema 4 days ago


  • Hazel this is a good video i love it Higgs

    Nice rap my Favorite singer in the world go Nikki

  • Angelique Bernier
    Angelique Bernier 4 days ago

    what app can i find this song on ? it’s not on soundcloud

  • ac
    ac 4 days ago

    Nipsey Hustle Rosé Clique vibes

  • Sigh Canada
    Sigh Canada 4 days ago

    This dude is like sad rap.

  • Falling SKY
    Falling SKY 4 days ago +1

    Congrats 🎉 for 4M subscriber

  • Riley G.
    Riley G. 5 days ago

    The dog balls tho😂😂😂😂
    No... I didn't have a better comment

  • CC Britannia
    CC Britannia 5 days ago one is asking the key question....why did she have to kill him?

  • Vembz_Napkin
    Vembz_Napkin 5 days ago

    Why does Nicki always gotta ruin good ass songs

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 days ago

    Who still listening to this

  • trubarbey
    trubarbey 5 days ago

    Onika's part as me out of breath whew!😅

  • karson 420
    karson 420 5 days ago

    Dimonds on your neck ice all on my wrist but I got dimonds on my neck and ice on my wrist

  • TBUnlimited
    TBUnlimited 5 days ago

    That dog has large testicles

  • K O T Y 1.0
    K O T Y 1.0 5 days ago