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Lil Uzi Vert - The Way Life Goes Remix (Feat. Nicki Minaj) [Official Music Video]

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  • nila jk
    nila jk Hour ago

    Love the song but really upside cross bru😒

  • Puré De papa
    Puré De papa 2 hours ago IT’s the sale beat

  • Puré De papa
    Puré De papa 2 hours ago +1

    This song remembers me a Jimmy Neutron episode, the one with a giant chiken

  • Just simply Nevaeh
    Just simply Nevaeh 6 hours ago +1

    Listen to it in 2x audio playback

  • clayton cripe
    clayton cripe 6 hours ago

    nicki and lil uzi should date and marrie

  • Brianna Tomlinson
    Brianna Tomlinson 6 hours ago +1

    2:57 uzi new her breath stunk 😭 I listen to this 24/7 💙😭🦋 luv u uzi

  • Froogle
    Froogle 7 hours ago

    oh wonder

  • ButterySpaghetti AND SlipperyNoodles

    He worships the devil

  • Tianalis Pacheco
    Tianalis Pacheco 7 hours ago

    this is the same beat as landslide by oh wonder

  • Evil Gamer1216
    Evil Gamer1216 8 hours ago +1

    Hey bro I did get your message

    DYMOND THOMAS 8 hours ago +1

    Uzi's been thru so much he's mumbling the lyrics

  • kenya
    kenya 8 hours ago

    I love you to

  • Jacqueline Bell
    Jacqueline Bell 8 hours ago

    I think he’s woke 👁

  • Samirah Bowman
    Samirah Bowman 9 hours ago

    What the police

  • Leilani Mills
    Leilani Mills 9 hours ago

    love it

  • Godnkesni
    Godnkesni 9 hours ago

    I was hoping there was going to be a happy ending like Uzi will escape or someone rescues him rip

  • Lil Kay
    Lil Kay 11 hours ago

    i know it hurtss sometimes but you'll get over ittt 🔥

    SUP3RLULZ 12 hours ago

    Will I really get over it?

  • connor bennett
    connor bennett 12 hours ago +1


  • Jason Butler
    Jason Butler 13 hours ago

    *Anyone else here after Tekkerz kid video?*

  • Kameleon PL
    Kameleon PL 13 hours ago

    Lil Uzi Vert know da wae

  • omar hussein
    omar hussein 14 hours ago

    why your music about depressing things

  • Jose Alcala
    Jose Alcala 15 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • Makaylah Gonzalez
    Makaylah Gonzalez 16 hours ago

    When you get rejected or friend zoned and you actually like her/him
    Comment her/him if and what you got + like the song and my comment

  • La Bound
    La Bound 16 hours ago

    Dis hoe 🔥🔥🔥

  • Albert Vera
    Albert Vera 16 hours ago

    I think I'm the only one who skips nickys verse

  • Chris Hudson
    Chris Hudson 18 hours ago

    " i know your sad and tired, you got nothing left to give, you'll find another life to live, I know you'll get over it'' ...... the singing and writing got me today for sure, ... art for my ears :)

  • That Old Bitch From Life Alert

    That some demon shit she wrote or drew @ 0:37

  • Zexter Dexter
    Zexter Dexter 19 hours ago

    Is it ok if I cry when I listen to song? Please tell me like if you cry too

  • Johnrey Sabillo
    Johnrey Sabillo 19 hours ago

    We all love Josephine and Anthony. ❤

  • Duda Martins
    Duda Martins 19 hours ago

    nicki looks so gorgeous

  • David Green
    David Green 21 hour ago

    I just came here for Nicki yo.

  • Ace King
    Ace King 22 hours ago

    Why you gotta worship Satan smh. I wanted to like this song

  • Tony Wang
    Tony Wang Day ago

    honestly she is more beautiful than Cardi B xD

    TNT GAMER Day ago

    Lol dat face

  • Dante Gaines
    Dante Gaines Day ago

    Get paid doing what you normally do on a daily basis.

  • Fox Lightning
    Fox Lightning Day ago

    Original is betta

  • SudenYoiku
    SudenYoiku Day ago

    Oh Wonder - Landslide, Check it out!

  • Kong Tom
    Kong Tom Day ago +1

    "I like that girl too much, I wish I never met her" that line goes straight to the heart | TS

  • BlaXEя
    BlaXEя Day ago

    Damn Uzi xanned outta his mind lol

  • Basically Danielle17

    This song is everything🎟

  • Doggo da Best
    Doggo da Best Day ago

    nicki could be a good pornstar.... I don't like her verse either.

  • kelly Flynn
    kelly Flynn Day ago

    I love this song makes my day

  • Camilla Johnson
    Camilla Johnson Day ago

    I. Love. It

  • GHOSTX 0204
    GHOSTX 0204 Day ago

    00:19 that is disrespectful to god and Jesus that shows he is a devil worshiper I said that because the upside down crosses pause it at that time

  • Dat one Boi
    Dat one Boi Day ago +1

    Lmao is this the body Logan found I. The forest

  • Aniska Butterfield

    Am I the only one who wish Nicki was the one to Barry him

  • Heather Philip
    Heather Philip Day ago

    I love luv

  • Dj Hurie
    Dj Hurie Day ago +3

    She’s still the Queen....

  • king Gate
    king Gate Day ago

    Nicki Minaj miss the whole thing up she can not rap she's trash😂😂

  • Lil Savage
    Lil Savage Day ago


  • nicholas rogers
    nicholas rogers Day ago


  • bad barbie
    bad barbie Day ago

    1:17 and 2:17 is my favorite part

  • FilthyFrankVEVO
    FilthyFrankVEVO Day ago

    Face it they fucked I bet

  • Dragon Karshtain


  • Lambda
    Lambda Day ago

    This song makes me wanna replay the song

  • Aidain Sampson
    Aidain Sampson Day ago +1


  • Dakota James
    Dakota James Day ago


  • Davie Seitz
    Davie Seitz Day ago


  • Lavadriene Dabull

    i luv u nicki

  • Zyniah Butler
    Zyniah Butler Day ago

    i feel bad for you

  • Zyniah Butler
    Zyniah Butler Day ago

    i feel bad for you

  • Gymnastics queen Davis

    Niki manajah is lit

  • Good Grief
    Good Grief Day ago

    Why are people so obsessed with being in love like just beat ur meat🍆👌😳. but in all seriousness, love really is just the urge to fuck and please someone

  • Fermin Rodriguez


  • s.ameetje
    s.ameetje Day ago +1

    i ain't goin' back to juvie like this if you love that part 2

  • Hazel Olivas
    Hazel Olivas Day ago

    Why are all of his videos so weird

  • Slogify Zakariya

    this shit is fucked up to uzi

  • Korlex
    Korlex Day ago

    00:46 pause and click nice frame

  • 奥村武夫
    奥村武夫 Day ago

    Authority of LOVE.
    He saw the substance of LOVE.
    LOVE consist of various coarse and nobility things.

  • Victor Kigen
    Victor Kigen Day ago

    Wearing a hoodie written Friends and gets buried,its true all your friends are dead? haha

  • 1337 BigStar 420

    nicky fuks up all fuk that girl

  • Lisa Blessing
    Lisa Blessing Day ago


  • Lisa Blessing
    Lisa Blessing Day ago

    But Lil Uzi is REALLY CUTE

  • Lisa Blessing
    Lisa Blessing Day ago

    Just the video makes me sad :[

  • DaXre DeXvil
    DaXre DeXvil Day ago

    The dog got a boner

  • IamKingBenny SSDD Mesia

    this shit is whack as fuck

  • Trevon Shuman
    Trevon Shuman Day ago

    But I like that girl to much I wish I never met her🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yung Taro
    Yung Taro Day ago

    Nicki didn’t get the memo of the song

  • Yung Taro
    Yung Taro Day ago

    Nicki, your pussy that taste like sushi doesn’t cure lil uzi’s depression

  • Tiago Carapusa
    Tiago Carapusa Day ago

    I love this song

  • J X
    J X Day ago

    Nicki be looking fucking delicious😍

  • vincent leiyan
    vincent leiyan Day ago

    whose here in 2018

  • Briana Jones
    Briana Jones 2 days ago +3

    His earrings...poor thing :(

  • meme lord23
    meme lord23 2 days ago

    Niki ruined the song...

  • live die
    live die 2 days ago

    I love this song

  • Joel O'steen Stephenz
    Joel O'steen Stephenz 2 days ago +1

    Who else listens to this song more than 10 times a day

  • Flexingaming
    Flexingaming 2 days ago

    that pit tho🦍

  • EtherealRayne7
    EtherealRayne7 2 days ago

    Thinks about her to much I mean

  • EtherealRayne7
    EtherealRayne7 2 days ago

    I wish I never met her I think means he thinks about her

  • Johnnie Simmons
    Johnnie Simmons 2 days ago

    Damn he so confident.

  • HumbleBeast150 _
    HumbleBeast150 _ 2 days ago

    😍😍😍🤤🤤I wanna smell her hand lookin aahhh nigga

  • Rami Noail
    Rami Noail 2 days ago

    This season no is so so so so good

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez 2 days ago

    Iltssfm (I love this song so frickin much)

  • Shantique Simon
    Shantique Simon 2 days ago

    Make more 😂🤣🤗

  • Shantique Simon
    Shantique Simon 2 days ago

    Like 😙😗😍🤗😀😂

  • Sabby Wabby
    Sabby Wabby 2 days ago


  • Linda Foster
    Linda Foster 2 days ago

    I love this song so much who else do

  • Kruz Tuapawa
    Kruz Tuapawa 2 days ago

    im from 2080 the world will end in the year 2081

    • wass up
      wass up 2 days ago

      Kruz Tuapawa stop lying

  • Alejo Dancer
    Alejo Dancer 2 days ago