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  • Lurdes silveria
    Lurdes silveria 5 months ago

    vc vende 6ovos deSé galo

  • aslan msp
    aslan msp 2 years ago

    satılık mı

  • Juan Medrano
    Juan Medrano 2 years ago

    Cuanto una falina

  • بو صقر المسحمي العازمي

    ماشاءالله انتاج طيب ، نتمنى نحصل الانتاج هذا في الكويت

  • Gideon Costa
    Gideon Costa 4 years ago

    Já encontrei! gostei do galo, tem videos de algum se apresentando?

  • Gideon Costa
    Gideon Costa 4 years ago

    Tu tem ovos a venda no mercado livre né? qual o anuncio?

  • pichaphothirat
    pichaphothirat 4 years ago

    I want hatching eggs.

  • أبو فراس
    أبو فراس 5 years ago

    ماشاء الله

    ANTONIO CORAZON 5 years ago

    Mas parece malayo que shamo amigo.

  • tahitoe jimmy
    tahitoe jimmy 5 years ago

    c'est le plus beau SHAMO brésilien que j'ai vue sur tout les autres tu as de beau coq comparée au Américains

    salutation a toi !! ----> ARIIPAE

  • tieteense
    tieteense 5 years ago


  • Vitinho o
    Vitinho o 6 years ago

    carlho shsmo foda iodo quero 1 desse pra min

  • Alef Pereira
    Alef Pereira 6 years ago

    gmy es br my gallos soys tds de brasil , tu gallos es nub so my gallos q es pro brasil os meloresss! viva

  • OxygenMcgee
    OxygenMcgee 6 years ago

    If you press 6 over and over he kinda reminds of Quagmire from Family Guy....

  • juan cortes
    juan cortes 6 years ago

    holy shit that is fucking uglyyyy

  • Artur Beckembauer
    Artur Beckembauer 6 years ago

    ASSECE :

  • Hamza Razaq
    Hamza Razaq 6 years ago


  • 37persian
    37persian 6 years ago

    beautifull bired . where about in brizil is this bired from ????

  • harish s
    harish s 6 years ago

    Amazing breed. very clear fighting structure.

  • Vue Xiong
    Vue Xiong 7 years ago

    would you sale any of these rooster

    AXJNSL 7 years ago

    can u upload chicken fight from brazil

  • Орхан Набиев

    За это петуха готов 30.000 отдавать...

  • taiwan69
    taiwan69 7 years ago

    Stunning bird!!

  • fjoron
    fjoron 7 years ago

    ahhahah que hijo de puta gallo mas feo

  • Shamo Bob
    Shamo Bob 7 years ago

    super cock !

    RUN DMC MUAS 7 years ago

    Not too clear, but from the stance, it's a nice size!! Please post updated pictures and videos of your stag at mygamebirds . com. It's a place strictly for gamebird breeders like us to share, sell, buy, trade, swap, and show off your best looking stag or performance.

  • Velasca
    Velasca 8 years ago

    My light sussex cock have nightmare about this kind of cock scaling the fence for him hahaha po lang no

  • okan mazlum
    okan mazlum 10 years ago