Giant Lincoln Portrait Made of Pennies

  • Published on Nov 17, 2016
  • We took 14,833 pennies and made a larger-than-life portrait of a larger-than-life man.

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    The Penny Portrait includes a poster template that guides you in creating a strikingly accurate portrait using only four shades of pennies. Simply gather $8.46 worth of pennies and glue them to the included poster to create a unique and sparkling tribute to The Great Emancipator.
    The set includes detailed instructions, a 12-page booklet of Lincoln trivia, and a genuine 1943 steel penny (produced for only one year to conserve copper during WWII). The completed Lincoln Penny Portrait is 18" x 24".
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Comments • 7 789

  • MX Phantom
    MX Phantom 2 days ago

    That’s 150 dollars worth of pennies....

  • Fishy Warrior
    Fishy Warrior 3 days ago +1

    I get that everybody is saying that they spent $148.33 dollars, and I obviously can see why, but didn't they buy 15,000 pennies? So then the price would be $150.00? I think they probably just couldn't use some pennies, lost some pennies, and/or didn't need some pennies meaning that they subtracted a few (67 to be exact) from the final number.

  • khalidou Toure
    khalidou Toure 4 days ago

    Make the biggest gummy tv

  • Grace Sun
    Grace Sun 4 days ago +3

    Every penny has a portrait of Lincoln on it, but not every portrait of Lincoln has a penny on it

  • Code Bri
    Code Bri 5 days ago

    All of this costs 148$ huh
    Imma come buy it 🤑

  • CDW Gamers
    CDW Gamers 5 days ago


  • Wolf Trap16
    Wolf Trap16 5 days ago

    If i we're there, i will destroy the master piece to get 14,833 dollars

  • jaz
    jaz 5 days ago

    Abraham Lincoin .......

  • Melanie Guzman
    Melanie Guzman 6 days ago


  • Crush the Pizza!
    Crush the Pizza! 7 days ago


  • Anthony Umana-Paniagua

    Lincoln would be proud

  • zsofia gacha wolf
    zsofia gacha wolf 8 days ago

    Before this lincon was on the pennies. Now the pennies are *on him*

  • Arna Dis Kristinsdottir

    This doesn't work I live in Iceland and we have silver coins and only one type so

  • Kassam mustafa
    Kassam mustafa 9 days ago

    Where can I find the plans to this giant one

  • Tom Bankson
    Tom Bankson 11 days ago


  • WookiesrPpl LOL
    WookiesrPpl LOL 11 days ago

    me: *realises that i only have 3 penny's left...*

  • Griefer King
    Griefer King 11 days ago

    This the office but awesomer

  • Ameen M. Salim
    Ameen M. Salim 11 days ago +1

    Great job

  • Shine
    Shine 11 days ago

    I smell pennies >:D

  • xXWhiteFireWolf Xx
    xXWhiteFireWolf Xx 12 days ago +1

    “It’s inexpensive to make”
    he has to be KIDDING!🤯

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson 12 days ago

    I smell pennys

  • Arshia K
    Arshia K 12 days ago

    U guys should make a penny gummy

  • Soly Reacts
    Soly Reacts 13 days ago


  • Helmi Maria
    Helmi Maria 13 days ago

    Seems like scrooge the duck is coming for a visit

  • ww2 history boii
    ww2 history boii 13 days ago

    Cleans coins coin collector REEEEEEEE

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox 13 days ago

    The salt has to have direct contact with the penny for the solution to work the best

  • KaylaGoodie
    KaylaGoodie 13 days ago +1

    So... you’re telling me that a nine foot tall portrait of Abraham Lincoln will only cost ~$150? Awesome.

  • KingDubz 247
    KingDubz 247 13 days ago

    Except for that one black dude In the toe of satan challage

  • KingDubz 247
    KingDubz 247 13 days ago

    Have you noticed that vat 19 is just allll whit peeple

  • Little Timmy Little Timmy

    melt the pennies and sell them for more

  • Woods
    Woods 14 days ago

    It cost’s exactly $148.33

  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    I like how you call it inexpensive when you spent 14000 dollars

  • Mr.Wander-man
    Mr.Wander-man 16 days ago

    Lincolns ghost would like to know your location

  • Jazzy Cocos Channel
    Jazzy Cocos Channel 16 days ago

    you richhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • 〜 Coral Gacha 〜
    〜 Coral Gacha 〜 17 days ago

    *i smell peNNiEsSsSSs*

  • Song Covers
    Song Covers 17 days ago +1

    Use ketchup that is the best cleaning “solution” for any coin like penny, dime and etc

  • angy cat
    angy cat 17 days ago +2

    Challenge accepted! Bring out the Toms!
    Edit: and the Romans! Jesus' time! And the Egyptian times!

  • imgay jay
    imgay jay 17 days ago

    Lincoln Willl be happy seeing this from heaven!

  • Altrex 3000
    Altrex 3000 18 days ago

    They aren't pennies those are cents.

  • Team Extreme sports
    Team Extreme sports 18 days ago +2

    Legend has it there hands still smell like copper

  • Daily Dire
    Daily Dire 19 days ago

    How much money is that ?

  • MinecraftDude 777
    MinecraftDude 777 19 days ago

    i SmELL pEnNiEs

  • Lucas Mak
    Lucas Mak 20 days ago

    I smell pennies

  • Jennifer Bunny
    Jennifer Bunny 20 days ago

    15,000 / 100 = 150
    They spent $150 spent on this project

  • Donna Martin
    Donna Martin 20 days ago +2

    Did you make Lincoln?
    Vat19: yes
    What did it cost?
    Vat19: 15,000 pennies

  • FlutterGacha :P
    FlutterGacha :P 20 days ago

    This is was basically just an advertisement...

  • Mika Nillas
    Mika Nillas 22 days ago

    мr ĸraвѕ нaѕ joιned тнe cнaт

  • It's Lula
    It's Lula 22 days ago +2

    That's only $150
    That's a lot
    Not enough for all the work

  • Logan Lockwood
    Logan Lockwood 23 days ago

    Wonder how many wheat cents you wasted

  • Chocolate Noob
    Chocolate Noob 24 days ago

    You can sell that giant penny portrait for $.148 and c.33

  • Doodle
    Doodle 24 days ago

    This all makes sense now that I know where your studio is located.

  • Snorlax Hoffy
    Snorlax Hoffy 24 days ago +1

    At the beginning I thought you bought the big portrait already assembled not the unassembled tiny one.

  • Valentino Ilalio
    Valentino Ilalio 25 days ago

    Lincoln: I don't care if I'm on a coin
    Jamie: How about one thousand?

  • Thia P
    Thia P 26 days ago

    Imagine the smell 🤢

  • meach Patel
    meach Patel 26 days ago


  • Gurnaaz Cheema
    Gurnaaz Cheema 27 days ago +2

    What's wrong with Canadian pennies!?!?!🇨🇦🇨🇦😦😒
    👇like if ur Canadian!!!!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    • Gurnaaz Cheema
      Gurnaaz Cheema 18 days ago

      @Team Extreme sports yeah but it's pretty common to find Canadian pennies in Canada I find them often

    • Team Extreme sports
      Team Extreme sports 18 days ago

      It's actually rare they found a Canadian penny since since we stoped making pennies 8 years ago

  • Kipper The man
    Kipper The man 27 days ago

    Welp that’s 8.33

  • A Fortnite Noob
    A Fortnite Noob 27 days ago


  • estoniahuman
    estoniahuman 27 days ago

    Who else thought the title said: Giant lincoln portrait made of penises

  • Morgan Denz
    Morgan Denz 28 days ago +1

    Imagine going to a store for a robot for £100 and giving you that