12 Smart Psychological Tips You'd Better Learn

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • How to make people like you? Bright Side is sharing 12 tips that will work every time and can help you out in any situation and help you win another person's trust.

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Comments • 2 644

    BRIGHT SIDE  3 months ago +17

    Hey guys! Have you ever tried that yawning trick? 3:58
    Btw, these tricks are also cool! tvclip.biz/video/l4tWdTmYZoM/video.html&

  • Abhishek Rajput
    Abhishek Rajput Day ago +1

    I just yawned 😕

  • Utsav Puri
    Utsav Puri Day ago

    I mostly use the staring one


    Yawn at dawn

  • ian gutierrez
    ian gutierrez Day ago

    So.. snack man effect... Is the reason about eating popcorn on fb quarrels

  • Durgesh wakle
    Durgesh wakle Day ago

    Yes I just yawn while watching!

  • beulah T.
    beulah T. Day ago

    Really BRIGHT😂😂😂😂

  • wish1990master
    wish1990master Day ago

    I am 28. All my life i did all of this by instinct. Never had the chance till now if they are right or wrong.

  • Ahmad Abdullahi
    Ahmad Abdullahi 2 days ago

    God this yaaawnning thingie got me too 😂

  • Sandip Vadde
    Sandip Vadde 2 days ago

    2nd one i tried once and and turned out a great time 😀

  • Tim Galloway
    Tim Galloway 2 days ago

    This is drivel.

  • DeathClaw1880
    DeathClaw1880 2 days ago

    The smiling gets them all lol

  • shovanlal jana
    shovanlal jana 2 days ago

    The background music is annoying

  • PEI HU
    PEI HU 2 days ago +2

    This video was so useful THANKS!

  • Charon Christ
    Charon Christ 2 days ago

    If you consciously do any of these? You might be a sociopath lol

  • Thirunavukarasu S
    Thirunavukarasu S 3 days ago

    Yes i yawned on that particular point

  • Jonathan Ramallosa
    Jonathan Ramallosa 3 days ago +3

    The best thing to pass the job interview is to always smile and eye contact.

  • Prajwal Tripathi
    Prajwal Tripathi 3 days ago

    Wow i really yawned !

  • Neel Patel
    Neel Patel 3 days ago +2

    I've tried the trick of asking small favors. It actually works..👍🏻👌🏻

  • Muhamad Casil
    Muhamad Casil 3 days ago

    3:23 if you're in the office just turn off your computer screen, it works like mirror

  • Jomy George
    Jomy George 4 days ago +4

    Yawning and 6:22 both works ...I have been fooled too many times...😅

  • vivek Kumar
    vivek Kumar 4 days ago +2

    Background music is not necessary😤😤

  • Christian Bucal
    Christian Bucal 4 days ago

    I think the chewing thing is also responsible for stress eating.

  • Diana Yanglem
    Diana Yanglem 5 days ago

    Yes I'm yawning... I hate this😆😆

  • Namratha kris balram
    Namratha kris balram 5 days ago +3

    Who is hosting the video???
    That guy is really good in keeping people watch the video till the end

  • Krenz Dave Mallorca
    Krenz Dave Mallorca 5 days ago

    I'm excited to yawn in public. 😂😂😂

  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh 5 days ago

    Chiewing in anxiety was best

  • Anwar King ali
    Anwar King ali 6 days ago

    #wow thank you very much #best channel ever

  • david knapp
    david knapp 11 days ago

    The illustrations in this video are super duper!

  • Jak Tut
    Jak Tut 13 days ago

    If everyone knows, it's not a trick

    KOUSHIK DEY 14 days ago

    Unless they are (at least a few )are inaccurate....
    They are pretty Lethal...

  • bilal niaz
    bilal niaz 23 days ago


  • Selam Haile
    Selam Haile Month ago

    I was yawn when i was i was wasing

  • blue smurf21
    blue smurf21 Month ago

    I stared at my gf to see if she was actually cheating on me after a moment she confessed thank you for the help 😢😢

  • Academy for M.A English

    Great experience listening yr video. Thank you very much.

  • Nisha Jadhav
    Nisha Jadhav Month ago

    Hey! Why don't you show your face ?? Your voice so good

  • Raffro Singh
    Raffro Singh Month ago

    That favor one was also in mentalist season 6

  • Dwayne Oosterkamp
    Dwayne Oosterkamp Month ago

    I’m already using that staring tip tho it works

  • jwcfree Tv
    jwcfree Tv Month ago

    I still yawn until the video ends

  • angie20de06
    angie20de06 2 months ago

    The "keep staring at the person" always works, people can't handle silence these days

  • sudee creation
    sudee creation 2 months ago

    Why are you putting so much advertising...????

  • oreokookiesseu
    oreokookiesseu 2 months ago

    *Pringles is a weapon of peace???? wHat*

  • Rayyan AbuAlia
    Rayyan AbuAlia 2 months ago

    What a little satan you are 😈😈

  • Mika's So Random
    Mika's So Random 2 months ago

    So glad I watched this!! I start my new job Monday, these tips will come in handy!

  • kane slq
    kane slq 2 months ago

    I need to smile more often.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 months ago

    If i put a mirror on my desk at work they'd probably call me a vain git.

  • pantsuck11
    pantsuck11 2 months ago

    All wrong

  • MeroTheDoper
    MeroTheDoper 3 months ago

    Only the smart people would have realized the story about the 'snackman' effect is fake and actually a pringle's commercial... and people think they're smart for using adblock :')))))

  • Mauree Davis
    Mauree Davis 3 months ago


  • Thomas Ng
    Thomas Ng 3 months ago


  • Muhammad Sarfraz
    Muhammad Sarfraz 3 months ago


  • Lori Mendenhall
    Lori Mendenhall 4 months ago

    Careful scammers no send money

  • Bini jebasingh
    Bini jebasingh 4 months ago

    always when I used to watch Bright side it really has a very big introduction 😤😤

  • Lex the 1st
    Lex the 1st 4 months ago +1

    12.) When a group of people are laughing, each individual looks at the person they like the most
    11.) Chew on something (gum etc.) when you’re nervous since no one eats when in danger
    10.) Staring can give you any answer you need; the silence can be so unbearable they’ll tell you anything
    9.) imagine that your future employer is an old BestF and they’re just as nervous as you
    8.) if you have to work with people a lot, put a mirror behind you since no one likes to see themselves angry or annoyed
    7.) if you think someone’s looking at you, yawn
    6.) to break up a fight, get something to eat and stand between them since eating is associated with relaxation
    5.) if you want to rid of something, just hand it to them while talking to them (while they’re talking, their brain switches to autopilot)
    4.) to become friends with someone, ask them for a favor
    3.) Schedule important meetings for the BEGINNING or END of the day; try to be the first or last interview candidate
    2.) pay attention to direction of the feet while talking to you; if their body is facing you but their feet are facing outwards they’re likely trying to get away ASAP
    1.) repeating someone’s facial expression or gestures, can help them trust you since they’ll be like you

  • Hani Hani
    Hani Hani 5 months ago

    Why are you making the same video again n again

  • Stevie Darling
    Stevie Darling 5 months ago

    4:43 it won’t help if a psychopath is watching you. They aren’t affected by contagious yawning because they don’t have empathy.

  • Mystic ARTS
    Mystic ARTS 5 months ago

    Funny content

  • Mystic ARTS
    Mystic ARTS 5 months ago

    I didnt yawn

  • pallomakkara
    pallomakkara 5 months ago

    I wonder if relaxation is the subconscious reason why people chew on their fingernails.

  • Jo Seb
    Jo Seb 5 months ago

    Umm this video starts @ 0:43

  • Mamta Raghuwanshi
    Mamta Raghuwanshi 5 months ago

    But now since you know that chewing releases anxiety you will start feeling more anxious when you chew 😂

    • Ro v
      Ro v 5 months ago


  • Suhas Prasad
    Suhas Prasad 5 months ago

    11. Chewing reduces anxiety.
    9. Pretend your interviewer is an old friend. Remember he is under pressure as well.

  • It’s ya boy
    It’s ya boy 5 months ago

    I yawned after you yawned

  • Fazel Raw
    Fazel Raw 5 months ago

    i literally yawned at 4:34

  • The T.I.G
    The T.I.G 5 months ago

    What if you eat gum whenever you're nervous? does that train your brain to think to do that even if your in a real dangerous life situation?

  • The T.I.G
    The T.I.G 5 months ago

    His voice is scary

  • Mr. Z.L.
    Mr. Z.L. 5 months ago

    Easy! Just become a manipulative psychopath and leave these snotty kid party magician tricks for everybody else. You'll thank me later, or maybe not, depending if you became one or not.

  • Brandon Kellogg
    Brandon Kellogg 5 months ago

    I was born at 2:08 pm but was still two weeks late so I guess that doesn't apply to me. #Rebel

  • 5*Senthil kumar 00919095662181

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Mike Slone
    Mike Slone 5 months ago

    USE what's going on in other people's heads to your advantage. WIN another person's trust. GET somebody's approval. Hey hey here's how to manipulate people - don't worry it's sure to make you happy.

  • Asinate Mafuahingano
    Asinate Mafuahingano 5 months ago

    8:57 looks like joker without makeup

  • Esther Bonney
    Esther Bonney 5 months ago

    5:21 ... me

  • LILITH Goddesses 93369
    LILITH Goddesses 93369 5 months ago


  • Znek
    Znek 5 months ago

    Oh look if it ain't the biggest algorithm abusers

  • Nightingale99
    Nightingale99 5 months ago

    if you ask me for 20 bucks, i will hand you a job application at the nearest burger king.

  • Recon Jim
    Recon Jim 5 months ago

    Imagine your new interviewer is your best friend...so yeah, I just called a lady Darren when her name is Deborah...she didn’t give me the job because she thought I was implying she had man features.

  • Henryk Zaleski
    Henryk Zaleski 5 months ago

    Very good, I enjoyed them all and I found that smiling is the best way to get the door open.

  • jesseabel garcia
    jesseabel garcia 5 months ago

    Did anyone else catch this at 8:12

  • KitCat777
    KitCat777 5 months ago

    I heard that the Snackman thing doesn't work at ALL. Someone posted a reply about it on another site and said not only did he end up getting punched but one of the 2 gents stole his Doritos. Idk if it's true but I don't think I'll be trying it any time...ever. Ha!

  • RATEDRsensei
    RATEDRsensei 5 months ago

    I yawned

  • Danny Lim Ming Hui
    Danny Lim Ming Hui 5 months ago

    smiles wins everything! hah

  • Rpratheep R
    Rpratheep R 5 months ago

    No. 5 is very true. Try giving something while is busy talking over phone. They will most probably grab it without even thinking.

  • JJKH Miami
    JJKH Miami 5 months ago

    Turn Down that annoying music...🤨😜😡

  • 2023Vinicius W046
    2023Vinicius W046 5 months ago

    Staring and smiling

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 5 months ago

    Also a sociopath will not YAWN BACK

  • EJ Ioane
    EJ Ioane 5 months ago

    I tried staring at a female but all I got was a slap

  • kulot gentibano
    kulot gentibano 5 months ago

    "Use common sense"

  • T
    T 5 months ago

    I've been told--never yawn. Bad manners.

  • T
    T 5 months ago

    Chewing gum is a NO NO. Not for a lady, at all.

  • Squid
    Squid 5 months ago

    some of these are too manipulative, honestly. Like the "talking someone into carrying something for me" one

  • T1 Jaappy
    T1 Jaappy 5 months ago

    Who else yawned at 4:15?

  • Larry & Lakesha Moore
    Larry & Lakesha Moore 5 months ago

    Thanks a lot but u have the wrong people! Good luck hunny keep up the good work! It's a blessing that you are helping others that really need this help! #,Mr. & Mrs. Moore # Blessed

  • Alicia Bad
    Alicia Bad 5 months ago +1

    Staring at people quietly and it works on people

  • nikki :D
    nikki :D 5 months ago

    Feminazis would find this trigggering

  • Miss Y
    Miss Y 5 months ago

    i yawned.

  • Gia
    Gia 5 months ago

    How to appear less like a psychopath

  • Android gaming india
    Android gaming india 5 months ago +1


  • Nelord Job Baliao
    Nelord Job Baliao 5 months ago

    Good thoughts results good decision and actions. I love Philippines,in my hometown if you staring at them they just say hello how are you,

  • Siennas Universe
    Siennas Universe 5 months ago

    The music is to loud and disturbing

  • Micha Vlijmen, van
    Micha Vlijmen, van 5 months ago

    12 during laughing u look at the person u like most, want aproval from her
    11 chewing makes stress less, no one eats in danger
    10 by keep staring they cant handle silence and give info u want. Purpose is persuasion.
    9 imagine he is a good friend you havnt seen in ages, makes u calmer. Imagine intervieuwer also nervous. Come in with a smile
    8 work with people a lot, hang a mirror behind u. They will be nicer bcos no one likes to see himself angry.
    7 if u think a person looks at u, just jawn, they will also jawn if so.
    6 break up a fight by standing between with some food. Eating is socialising and calm
    5 get rid of someone and give it while u ask them a question
    4 bcome friends by asking a favour, they think they like u bcos she does a favour to u
    3 important meetings in the end or beginning of the day.
    2 direction of feet who u like, intetested, feet in different directions means want to leave
    1 copy body language, smile sincere good news, frown by bad news