Minecraft | POOPING OUT NAILS?! | Would You Rather

  • Published on Jun 30, 2016
  • Minecraft | POOPING OUT NAILS?! | Would You Rather
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    Today we are back playing another Minecraft Custom Map and this time it is a recreation of the ever popular game WOULD YOU RATHER?! You must choose between two crazy situations, even if they are both terrible, but who chose the most?!
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Comments • 19 971

  • Andrew Bryan
    Andrew Bryan 3 hours ago +1

    How dare you insult drumming. 😱

  • Benas Mockus
    Benas Mockus 6 hours ago

    You could just barely touch The lego

  • minecraft master Lambirth

    If you could freeze time and someone is about to punch you could move out of the way

  • Lily the dragon
    Lily the dragon Day ago +1

    I want my head. The size of a lollipop

    P.S. I don't have life

  • Oliver Ozenich
    Oliver Ozenich Day ago +1

    But being slippery would be very dangerous. If you were sticky you could climb on walls and ceilings. Perfect for sneaking into certain places.

  • RED scout 13
    RED scout 13 2 days ago

    If you pooped out nails what would happen? Maybe you would die, probably

  • farook alkassab
    farook alkassab 3 days ago +1

    Red white and blue

  • Jeena Pillay - Hewson PS (1488)

    You can play with Jemma!💙💜

  • Stephanie Weisman
    Stephanie Weisman 5 days ago

    I will be your friend,I really feel bad that you don't have any Friends 😗💕

  • Samuel Edwards
    Samuel Edwards 6 days ago

    dan: i choose ghost
    dan : sorry ghosts arent cool any more

  • Asha •
    Asha • 6 days ago

    Id rater 👟

  • melanie cuthbertson
    melanie cuthbertson 6 days ago +1

    If some stranger chose what I wore it wouldn't matter

    Cause I look good in everything

  • Desi FoxAy
    Desi FoxAy 6 days ago

    I have arachnophobia (Fear of spiders) So I freak out about even baby spiders. Also, a spiderweb implies that there is a spider on it because it'd be a cobweb without a spider. And I step on legos ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME!

  • Eric gaming
    Eric gaming 6 days ago

    But the thing is on the slippery one if you picked up your phone it would just slip out of your hands

    • Block Buster
      Block Buster 6 days ago

      And with sticky you can climb up walls

  • blood fox draws
    blood fox draws 8 days ago

    I would have wind and earth coz I could strangle my enemies with roots of a tree!!!

  • Collin Eccleston
    Collin Eccleston 8 days ago +1

    I will be your friend

  • kylie maynard
    kylie maynard 8 days ago

    dan i will be your friend

  • liam agarao
    liam agarao 8 days ago

    maybe they ment pooping finger nails

  • emma fuller
    emma fuller 8 days ago

    On question 7 if you farted every 30 seconds you can tell people that you have a medical condition

  • Stick-Master7
    Stick-Master7 8 days ago

    The Lego can have a flat top and be round

  • Catlover 4280
    Catlover 4280 8 days ago

    10:55 he said let’s eat this he said that cause of the steak

    TITANICINGER17 8 days ago

    3:40 you picked ghosts and you mocked them lol
    3:06 but that would mean they would be more smart with a bighead lol

  • Donna Simpson
    Donna Simpson 9 days ago

    My girlfriend is named darcy

  • Zyla The Bunny
    Zyla The Bunny 9 days ago +1

    DanTDM: I have no friends..

  • Hadyn Dollery
    Hadyn Dollery 9 days ago

    Too bad only geniuses think outside the box, those other people are stupid

  • lisa craig
    lisa craig 9 days ago

    Step on a Lego because it doesn't spitfire case how long

  • lisa craig
    lisa craig 9 days ago

    Yeah I'm your friend dan 😎

  • Mega emerald Diamond YouTube

    Stepping on a lego doesn’t hurt ☹️ to me (edited part) i will do it right now but I will step on four lego’s

  • Plainrock 125
    Plainrock 125 10 days ago +1

    We're your friends Dan and probably some of us live in the UK but I dont

  • Jimi Johnstone
    Jimi Johnstone 11 days ago +1

    16:23 you could just stand on one piece of lego

  • GamerBrotherLi 62
    GamerBrotherLi 62 11 days ago

    Honestly, I’d rather have poo-flavoured chocolate. Though, I would NOT EAT IT.

  • Suhayde Benitez
    Suhayde Benitez 12 days ago

    dan is the besttttttttttt

  • Turbo Sand
    Turbo Sand 13 days ago +2

    13:55 30 CM tall partner cuz that'll be dudududududududu ba.. I mean antmann!

  • Jinitza Rivera
    Jinitza Rivera 13 days ago +1

    3:53 You could be famous for being rich though :)

  • Inky Lulu
    Inky Lulu 14 days ago +3

    11:54 But with the wind powers you can make yourself fly ;-;

  • Aiden Miller
    Aiden Miller 14 days ago

    I drool constantly

  • Phoenix theFireBird
    Phoenix theFireBird 15 days ago

    My name is Trinity Smith

  • carina polcarpio
    carina polcarpio 15 days ago

    The diamond minecart music

  • Khary Bridgewater
    Khary Bridgewater 15 days ago

    There are lollipops the size of your head in some places here in America

  • Cary Dyke
    Cary Dyke 16 days ago

    I'd rather step on a lego

  • Stars And Moons
    Stars And Moons 18 days ago

    Stepping on legos doesn't hurt that bad! Trust me, I have stepped on one.

  • Sianna Renfrew
    Sianna Renfrew 18 days ago

    5:03 i rather go back in time to see dinosaurs

  • Saif Uppal
    Saif Uppal 19 days ago

    I am your best friends

  • 「·《【—• 死亡之龙 •—】》·」 ___

    The future and past one was a war between dinosaurs and WiFi for me.

  • wolfygirl 116
    wolfygirl 116 20 days ago +1

    Me:*reads the title*
    Also me: ...why am I alive again?

  • Caden Cheng
    Caden Cheng 22 days ago

    0:39 I know who your friend is, it is darkness

  • puffy marshmallow gaming pranks and more

    Dan in the new background I saw a guitar in fnaf vr when u were repairing bonnie u said u play guitar I do too u r not alone!!!!!!!

  • Joe Magoncia
    Joe Magoncia 22 days ago

    Pooping bricks would hurt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jaylynn Swain
    Jaylynn Swain 22 days ago


  • Susan Davis
    Susan Davis 23 days ago +2

    Awww, you have me as a friend (and miilins more) and Go Team TDM

  • Kirsty MacLennan
    Kirsty MacLennan 24 days ago

    What if they told you to wear nothing ( *-*)

  • Virginia Adams
    Virginia Adams 25 days ago

    Lago don’t hurt

  • Crowned Copper
    Crowned Copper 27 days ago


  • katelyn paulsen
    katelyn paulsen 29 days ago

    And... if you can retreat the wind, you can blow your phone to yourself

  • katelyn paulsen
    katelyn paulsen 29 days ago

    But if you can blow things then you can blow bees or any others bugs away

  • Joseph Stoner
    Joseph Stoner 29 days ago

    3:55 if you’re famous then you’re rich... THINK PEOPLE THINK!!!!

  • MinecraftPro5271
    MinecraftPro5271 Month ago

    I have a massive head!

  • offroadjunkie85
    offroadjunkie85 Month ago

    shape shift into animals, i am a wolf

  • offroadjunkie85
    offroadjunkie85 Month ago

    id bathe in x in coffee

  • Sandra Pineda
    Sandra Pineda Month ago

    DanTDM: Wait ghost aren’t cool anymore
    Also DanTDM: Picks ghost

  • Kid To
    Kid To Month ago

    The 7th one is Time Machine from geometry dash

  • Septron
    Septron Month ago

    Awwww the dog is so cute DanTDM

  • Rock boi
    Rock boi Month ago +1

    Dan: *that was close, soo closee!*
    me: *66% vs 34%*

    • gHoSt Chester
      gHoSt Chester 9 days ago +1


    • Rock boi
      Rock boi Month ago

      and also, on the last would u rather, it says *17 vs 89%*

    • Rock boi
      Rock boi Month ago

      maths error there too, it said 66% and 44% (in vid)

  • Rock boi
    Rock boi Month ago

    If you had the hearing of a wax mole, then you wouldn't need ur eyes as u can hear nerely everything!

  • Little Killer
    Little Killer Month ago

    11:50 fir and wotr

  • Little Killer
    Little Killer Month ago

    11:18 coffy mapolserup wod mak me favt to cot my her

  • Kiannah Maragh
    Kiannah Maragh Month ago

    I once passed out of dehydration because i had a virus and didnt wanna drink or eat nothing 4:40 i would be hungry

  • Isabella Patrene
    Isabella Patrene Month ago +3

    Dan: What who would want to step on a lego. *starts freaking out*

    Me:Dan it didn't say if you can have a shoe on or not.

    Dan: *stops freaking out and stays silent*

  • Stick-Master7
    Stick-Master7 Month ago

    But you can't stop for a car

  • Skull Face
    Skull Face Month ago

    Just saying that the ground powers are better because they can block ur fire and water and the wind powers can blow out ur fire and move the water out of the way