Black Panther - Teaser Trailer Review

  • Published on Jun 10, 2017
  • The first trailer to Marvel's BLACK PANTHER is here! Let's talk about it!
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  • Darrion Wilds
    Darrion Wilds Year ago

    Zendya tigerus suit

  • Chris Emiya
    Chris Emiya Year ago

    I was expecting an Origins movie
    I was literally expecting how that he Black Panther became the king of his country you know like the death of his father and and him trying to become the Black Panther that he is now without any of the futuristic stuff.
    But nope apparently that's not what people want to see.

  • Duarte Costa
    Duarte Costa Year ago

    I recognized the uncharted reference

  • Bruno Williams
    Bruno Williams Year ago

    So black people do know you can’t buy a movie ticket with food stamps right? So this movie will make no money

    • Charles Baylor
      Charles Baylor 8 months ago

      Bruno Williams This movie made over a Billion dollars. You couldn't have been more wrong *dipshit* Lol

  • Ryan Harner
    Ryan Harner Year ago

    Erik killmonger

  • Lamashtar
    Lamashtar Year ago +1

    Starting to get hyped for Black Panther by going through all the trailer analysis videos! Its kind of sad how much pressure this movie is under because of race stuff, much like Wonder Woman couldn't just be a superhero movie.
    We know critics won't like it "because superheroes" anyway..XP

  • Mike Kanto
    Mike Kanto Year ago

    Typical Marvel movie, something happens to a man in he's prime that rocks he's world. Finds a super power, has moments of clumsiness while adapting to the power; saves the world while having a love interested in the back ground.

  • DoMo CaN
    DoMo CaN Year ago

    Soon the world will only be filled with the conquered and the conquers.

  • Mitha4
    Mitha4 Year ago

    Gonna review the latest trailer? :D

  • Miguel Rocha
    Miguel Rocha Year ago

    Do one of the new one

  • Keith Murray
    Keith Murray Year ago

    Loving this ! The only movie I'm really looking forward to seeing !

  • Milmiskew
    Milmiskew Year ago +34

    *Giving second chances to Human Torch actors since 2011*

  • Byron Smith
    Byron Smith Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns!!! I have been a subscriber of yours for a long time, and now that my team and I have a trailer out I would love for you to check it out and give us your feed back!! We will be releasing it soon on TVclip so you can see the full 33min episode !

  • chris berg
    chris berg Year ago

    Well I'm assuming Ultron heard his arm up bc ya know he can shoot lasers and shit from this fingers so maybe he overclocked it and in the process of slicing through Claws arm it cauterized it???

  • Pablo Segura
    Pablo Segura Year ago +1

    1:36-1:38 when you're king things get more complicated
    Like your brother getting jealous that you're king and kills you by tossing you into a stampede of wildebeest's after mocking you.

  • A Obanya
    A Obanya Year ago

    Again with the looping of 50 plus countries in the term 'African culture'. Remember that sentence has as much merit as European culture. It's not even described as West or East African culture which is acceptable to distinguish a specific region in the continent. It feels like African geography was NEVER taught in ANY schools. Also doesn't help that the media perpetuates the notion that it's a HUGE jungle with people who live with wild animals and speak 'African'. Needed to rant (*triggered Nigerian*}

  • Billydutch1
    Billydutch1 Year ago

    Il give it a miss... Yeah because he's black, yeah because I'm sick of the black propaganda fuck being pushed down our throats.

  • jmb72390
    jmb72390 Year ago

    Ultron seared his hand off he heated up his hand and cut Andy Serkis hand off that's why there's a lack of blood it cauterize itself

  • Viện Lê
    Viện Lê Year ago

    Uncharted: Drake's fortune refrence 0:55

  • Jeremiah Trotter
    Jeremiah Trotter Year ago

    Ultron super-heated his hand when he cut off the arm so it cauterized it as well, like a light saber.

  • Kbholla
    Kbholla Year ago

    The only racists are the ones who think 'black person' when they hear 'man-ape.' Fuck off losers

  • White Void
    White Void Year ago

    "Unique situation" - he is basically Aquaman.

  • Lyle .G
    Lyle .G Year ago

    Does anyone think the white haired lady who always escorts Black Panther around is a wink to Storm?

  • Spider-Venom
    Spider-Venom Year ago

    The movie better be set in the jungle, that would be awesome and it would really help to make it feel more like a Black Panther movie.

  • SnakeEater866
    SnakeEater866 Year ago

    Gotta review Spectacular Spiderman dude, you just have to.

  • The Marvel/DC Fan

    Loved the trailer, but the music...ehhhh...just dont use that in the movie

  • TheTarantuRoach
    TheTarantuRoach Year ago

    This moron is reviewing a teaser trailer, and he has 1.3 M subs, fucking kill me

  • BoomBang
    BoomBang Year ago

    how come everyone knows play panther?

  • Veronica Angeles
    Veronica Angeles Year ago

    please do the AA trailer review next

  • Vortex
    Vortex Year ago

    Thor is also leader of a country, but he never governs for some reason

  • Angela Harkins
    Angela Harkins Year ago

    I know it's not gonna happen, but Storm and Black Panther getting together in the movies would be ultimate.

  • a random frog
    a random frog Year ago

    Im crossing my fingers; hoping they wont fuck i t up.
    Here's to no fuck-ups.

  • Javier Belmer
    Javier Belmer Year ago

    I hope that, since every film tends to adapt a genre and incorporate the superhero element, such as a heist film, adventure, space opera, I hope this becomes a political action film. It has so much potential and it has many layers that can attract new audience into the MCU fanbase.

  • Matt Kayser
    Matt Kayser Year ago

    I thought the line about a good man being king was his father (which would obviously be a flashback), but I'm just guessing, LOL.

  • Brian Ward
    Brian Ward Year ago

    SO good!

  • Bishop BMW
    Bishop BMW Year ago

    There isn't blood because introns hand was heated and burned the cut shut while it cut. It's called something...cattrisized...? I don't know.

  • Felix Weinlinger
    Felix Weinlinger Year ago

    ultron used a one of he's repolzers to cut claws arm of

  • Ronald Kapaun
    Ronald Kapaun Year ago

    I will wait for the 'blue light shooting into 'space'... then I will know this a Marvel movie.

  • erakus
    erakus Year ago

    first scene- different view on Bilbo Vs. Smeagol.

  • lew mack
    lew mack Year ago

    jermey racist he wont review the 2pac movie!!!

  • Wesker12349
    Wesker12349 Year ago

    I loved the uncharted reference.

  • Spartan003
    Spartan003 Year ago

    wonder if winter soldier will be in this.

  • lamont946
    lamont946 Year ago

    Have a feeling its gonna cause a lot of controversy. You have a BLACK superhero, who is a king of a country, and in a comic book universe where its dominantly caucasian, I feel like this movie will cause a lot of heat. But I will say this movie is making me proud for our people.

  • Misternobody
    Misternobody Year ago

    I'd like to see Ulysses Klaw get his sonic gun-hand.

  • Teksen Akbulut
    Teksen Akbulut Year ago

    Star Wars battlefront trailer review ❤️

  • Janeen Curay
    Janeen Curay Year ago

    You should review Arrow Supergirl and Gotham this season finales....its so cool and i cant wait for the next season since every comic tv show is renewed. please?

  • Zefram Cochrane
    Zefram Cochrane Year ago

    Is Jeremy aware yet that he's a meme?

  • Clyde Cooper
    Clyde Cooper Year ago

    good review

  • MrNetrizhul
    MrNetrizhul Year ago +1

    As asian myself I'm curious what would be happen if they changed race of one the side characters of black panther to white? Just like they did to Heimdall or Hogun. I bet all hypocrite blacks will freak out (ofc non-hypocrite company excepted)

    • November Man
      November Man Year ago

      MrNetrizhul Maybe because Wakanda is an African country so that wouldn't make sense? Just a thought.

  • tommy karatzikos
    tommy karatzikos Year ago

    I'm interested in this movie but this trailer did nothing for me. it looked bland and nothing really popped out. oh sure it's colorful. the scene with him getting shot at looked horribly cut. looking forward to a better trailer.

  • The Repugnant Profit

    I find it repetitive that whenever Jeremy reviews a trailer for a new movie, he basically recites everything from the trailer. A big example is when Jeremy talked about the Spiderman Homecoming trailer.

  • Nerd With Me
    Nerd With Me Year ago

    Marvel just keeps doing it big. DC's like we got Woman Woman and it's actually good. Marvel comes in like that impervious superstar/older brother like "Guess what? I got this ace!!"

  • A Mish
    A Mish Year ago

    doom tShirt Likeee

  • Hugo Danner
    Hugo Danner Year ago

    Loved BP since I was a boy when he first appeared in the FF. Yes I'm ancient and loved the Falcon and Luke Cage Hero for Hire aka Powerman. When they first hits the stands in Capt.A and Cage in his first issue. Everyone needs to seriously lighten up and also be able to once again laugh at themselves and each other. Without taking everything too seriously. I still think Man-Ape sounds cool to me. The costume of the original character was always pretty bizarre though. I'm sure Roy Thomas & John Buscema never meant anything racist back in 1970/71 when they created him.

  • darrell best-wadley

    Jeremy. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! review All eyes on me this weekend. I enjoyed your straight outta Compton review and I'm curious to see your thoughts on Tupac's movie.

  • Spider Verse
    Spider Verse Year ago

  • riverw007
    riverw007 Year ago

    Nobody explorer that goes in ever comes back alive. Baltimore.

  • Sad Hamill
    Sad Hamill Year ago

    Sorry I ruined your black panther party

    DRGIZMO29 Year ago

    the trailer was great but the poster kinda reminds me of 'gods of egypt'

  • Ryan StoleSomeBurgers

    Aye Klaw didn't bleed cuz Ultron's hand cauterized the wound

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee Year ago

    2:09 Jeremy cracked me up with the man ape jokes!

  • Phased Films
    Phased Films Year ago

    I couldn't be more excited to see this movie. It's easily going to have the best soundtrack of all the Marvel films. The soundtrack in Creed was amazing and I expect Ryan Coogler to knock it out of the park again.

  • Cal Coffey
    Cal Coffey Year ago

    @JeremyJahns did you know that captain phasma is played by brienne of tarth

  • FloppyFlapjak
    FloppyFlapjak Year ago

    I'm hoping to see Black Panther with his cape and/or his mask materializing over his face like in the comics

  • john marquardt
    john marquardt Year ago

    you should do the flash season 3

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Year ago

    Can you review American Psycho Please

  • Quantum Surge
    Quantum Surge Year ago

    I'm really hoping that Black Panther feels like an organic movie compared to the more technological MCU films of late (not counting Dr. Strange and GOTG 2).

  • XCyclonusX
    XCyclonusX Year ago

    Oh Jeremy, I respect you so much but you really let me down on this trailer.
    1. Ultron used his laser hand to cut Claw's arm off so no blood. Just like no blood when Darth Vader cut Luke's hand off. Instant cauterization.
    2. Read any of the comics and you'd have known that Wakanda is far more technologically advanced than any city in the world. And like El Dorado it is kept hidden from the world.
    3. Man-Ape is a ridiculous and dated name?? The only response I have to that is Reverse Flash.

  • Zokki
    Zokki Year ago

    fight scenes in the dark+black suit= i can't see anything

  • w3ghe
    w3ghe Year ago

    can you please do a review of the series Luther
    it's with Idris Elba

  • Lincoln Liking
    Lincoln Liking Year ago

    I'm still waiting for Seymour to show up...

  • Tony Connolly
    Tony Connolly Year ago


  • Jeff Moise
    Jeff Moise Year ago


  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Year ago


  • Random Skywalker
    Random Skywalker Year ago

    When will you talk about flash season 3

  • Siddharth Selvarajan

    Ultron chopped off his arm by burning it. Blood flow is restricted thus. ☺️

  • Waleed Syed
    Waleed Syed Year ago

    That Uncharted reference tho

  • Eryz
    Eryz Year ago

    Jeremy can you please do a Westworld review

  • canvas11xD
    canvas11xD Year ago

    Probably gonna show us what Africa could have been if it wasn't colonized by the Europeans

  • Logan Rayment
    Logan Rayment Year ago

    do a series wherr you live stream yourself watcning movies and we can watch them at the same time and do one big twitch review

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux Year ago

    battlefront 2 dlc us free!!! looks awesome

  • Leonardo Braynen
    Leonardo Braynen Year ago

    is storm in this movie? see 1:53 in the full trailer then tell me.

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl Year ago +1

    Your review sucks, no true analytical skills, just blah blah blah

  • Guse Falito
    Guse Falito Year ago

    Loved the Uncharted reference, Jeremy. Well played.

  • Ammar Affan
    Ammar Affan Year ago

    There wasn't blood when Luke lost his hand too.

  • Charlie_Willie
    Charlie_Willie Year ago

    If people are ok with the Black Panther as a character name, the Man-Ape name shouldn't be too much of a stretch to sell lol

  • Lucas Dantas
    Lucas Dantas Year ago +1

    Am I the only person that got the uncharted reference?

  • mantra4ia
    mantra4ia Year ago

    My question, unless I'm super behind the times and therefore have to give up my nerd credentials, is what does Black Panther's throne say on the poster? Can a sweaty fill me in?

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 Year ago

    Im more of a batman person n dont care of the rest of superheroes.. but Im super excited for this! this isn't typicall marvel with their jokes n usual marvelness.. its different with different culture of African race! fucking tired of all these white heroes saving the world n by world its basically America.. black panther will be big HIT! spiderman n thor looks lame n just another hero movie..

  • Evan Cook
    Evan Cook Year ago

    you should review it comes at night please

  • Maestro Gradius
    Maestro Gradius Year ago

    looks like more racial stereotypes of africa and africans

  • Leonardo Oliveira

    I loved the Uncharted Drake's Fortune refference in the middle of the video. It's just brilliant you didn't say " Uncharted". You just make the refference and people will get it

  • Mimi C
    Mimi C Year ago

    I'm pretty sure Ultron superheated his arm. The same way limbs lost by lightsaber don't bleed.

  • Devin Howard
    Devin Howard Year ago

    I wish you reply...

  • Schuky9
    Schuky9 Year ago

    Blacks have low standards as usual...

  • Alex Frutos
    Alex Frutos Year ago

    So I guess that flash s3 review ain't happinin

  • Hayden Luna
    Hayden Luna Year ago

    You should review the Game of Thrones teaser.

  • Rafi Rafi
    Rafi Rafi Year ago

    watch american gods stick it out it gets so good

  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon Year ago

    Nice Uncharted reference, that's the thing I thought about when Claw was talking about Eldorado.

  • Andrew Odette
    Andrew Odette Year ago

    How did he not mention bilbo and gollum ??