FPX vs FNC Game 4 - Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals Day 1 - FunPlus Phoenix vs Fnatic G4

  • Published on Oct 26, 2019
  • FunPlus Phoenix vs Fnatic Game 4 - World Championship 2019: Quarterfinals D1 - FPX vs FNC G4
    Picks & Bans: 00:01 Game Start: 5:55
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Comments • 30

  • Diskence
    Diskence Month ago +1

    So if Doinb is the worst mid at worlds, what does that make Nemesis?

  • Ian Wong
    Ian Wong 2 months ago


  • Smitty Games
    Smitty Games 2 months ago +4

    This world's is massive for Doinb. Dude is killing it in games, does great in interviews, has the great storyline with his wife leading the cheers before games, and seems to be an all around good guy.

  • ShawnBlaque
    ShawnBlaque 2 months ago +1

    Theshy absolutely smashed Griffin with Kayle, and now Bwipo goes 0/8....

  • Pat Lee
    Pat Lee 2 months ago

    Caster: hyli’s confidence allistar play
    Me: you mean the ones where he get caught out game 2

  • Luke Is a Pinsir
    Luke Is a Pinsir 2 months ago

    Ryze at Worlds

  • Kobe
    Kobe 2 months ago +7

    Fnactic will ban Ryze in game 5 dont worry

  • angelo viktor
    angelo viktor 2 months ago +4

    Don’t worry Eu fans,Spy are going home tomorrow

  • Tony R
    Tony R 2 months ago +2

    Let's see how NA do.
    O wait.
    Lmfao so free na

  • lost9744
    lost9744 2 months ago +5

    Rekkles is trash. Hylissang is trash. Just get rid of them FNC...

  • ShengSiang Lin
    ShengSiang Lin 2 months ago +15

    I don't understand why FNC did not ban Ryze since FPX's mid almost 1 vs 5 and killed them all last game.... It looks like their minds are still in the group stage, not quarterfinals.....Garen-Yumi combo? Did SKT beat you not enough? TF? Are you try to prove something or what? Cas? You're not fighting RNG's Ryze!(who only got 2.2k damage in the whole game). I feel like everyone in FNC wants to be the one to carry the game but none of them can do that. Anyway, nice game, FPX!

    • Shoujo Fanboy
      Shoujo Fanboy 2 months ago

      @Jonas Jurgelevicius all the western team except G2 have a VERY SMALL champion pool. They banned it because they cant play it. Simple.

    • Chiang Kyle
      Chiang Kyle 2 months ago +1

      Cause they are a crappy team that makes crappy decision

    • Sam Zhang
      Sam Zhang 2 months ago

      hurtful , but true. xiaohu the worst RNG mid laner ever. and the sob is captain somehow. omfg...

    • Jonas Jurgelevicius
      Jonas Jurgelevicius 2 months ago +3

      Agree about ryze. Damn, fnc banned kled and renekton, 2 champions who can be controled while DOINB ryze is beast, first game showed it. FPX banned veigar after game 3 cause they knew veigar is problem while fnc let ryze open and here again result - 2nd game DOINB destroyed fnc team almost alone.

  • Justin Phoungphet
    Justin Phoungphet 2 months ago +10

    SKT plans are set into motion.

  • Rio
    Rio 2 months ago +9

    Hey EU fans, enjoy the last smile 3:28 before going home okay? Take care and dont come back again with Bwipo

    • TitaniumWall
      TitaniumWall 2 months ago

      NA retards at its finest... Licorice is garbage

    • Justin Phoungphet
      Justin Phoungphet 2 months ago

      @Rio getting past groups only to get sent home during quarters isn't much of a feat. 💀

    • Rio
      Rio 2 months ago

      @Ju svd stop it just go home same with NA

    • Ju svd
      Ju svd 2 months ago +1

      EU > NA

    • Leap and Assault
      Leap and Assault 2 months ago +3

      Yeah that guy has the most annoying attitude in the tournament

  • The Big Bronkowski
    The Big Bronkowski 2 months ago +10

    EUtards finally realizing just how hard SKT trolled them

    • 11thHrPro
      11thHrPro 2 months ago +1

      @The Big Bronkowski Jealous of who or what exactly?

    • The Big Bronkowski
      The Big Bronkowski 2 months ago

      @11thHrPro stay jealous 😂😂

    • 11thHrPro
      11thHrPro 2 months ago +2

      @Ju svd Everything > NA

    • Ju svd
      Ju svd 2 months ago +1

      EU > NA