Winglets - What are those things on the aircraft wing-tip?


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  • Rakshith Rakshith
    Rakshith Rakshith 4 days ago

    Maybe till your chest

  • A Martinez
    A Martinez 7 days ago

    when I was a youth, I remember reading in the 70's an article in Popular Science... about these new winglets that were going to be on EVERY plane...we;;, here we are!

  • Ras Grace
    Ras Grace 8 days ago

    Equal to your height.

  • carsten9168
    carsten9168 9 days ago

    I estimate the winglet to be about 2 ~ 2.5 metres in height

  • Alan B Pine
    Alan B Pine 10 days ago


  • tusan
    tusan 12 days ago

    Great video! Thank you so much)

  • Mechanical Mentor
    Mechanical Mentor 12 days ago

    1.2 metre

  • Ian Robson
    Ian Robson 12 days ago

    2 times

  • Alex Conch
    Alex Conch 13 days ago

    The A380 doesnt have winglets

  • Thammanoon Kamfunt
    Thammanoon Kamfunt 13 days ago

    Good job ... Thanks for show the Great knowledge

  • 金弘
    金弘 13 days ago


  • William Carroll
    William Carroll 13 days ago


  • geoh7777
    geoh7777 13 days ago

    When will the bigger winglets get their own winglets?

  • David Hukill
    David Hukill 15 days ago

    Do they also help to reduce yaw?

  • Redwan Hassen
    Redwan Hassen 15 days ago


  • Jose Antas
    Jose Antas 17 days ago

    Excellent, I really liked this video, for all the technical details you provide.
    God Speed.

  • Richard Feuille
    Richard Feuille 19 days ago

    I’m guessing the new ones are about 2 meters.

  • TheHaterGamer :
    TheHaterGamer : 20 days ago

    I think 6F

  • D Williams
    D Williams 20 days ago

    My guess, about 3/4 your height, maybe 1/2. Of course with double winglets now in use I can't even remember well enough to make a guess.
    I have heard that when one of those downward winglets is hit by a vehicle the repair costs $1 million. I then to think that's an exaggeration but we shall see.

    [Edit. I made a bad guess. Those winglets are remarkably large. I travel twice a year and with SW it's always a 737. I sit at the back on the shady side to take pictures but always on the left side when landing in San Diego so I can watch the buildings go by.] [Second Edit. I am a physicist so I knew the purpose of those winglets when I first saw them].

  • Sani saidu
    Sani saidu 22 days ago

    Twice your size

  • Iвaн Kpиниця
    Iвaн Kpиниця 22 days ago

    2 meters. :)

  • Arnaldo Sandoval
    Arnaldo Sandoval 24 days ago

    Very insteresting explanation, answering some questions bothering me for a very long time; when I was a child in the 60s it was natural for my siblings and I to make paper-airplanes, our goal was to make them fly as far as possible, so we started bending the tip of the wings, we discoverd these wing-tips added stability to these paper-planes, letting them to fly in straight line easier and reaching long distances, when I notice the industry introducing wing tip in the 70s I was amused, but until today I did not know the reasons, thanks for your video, I love them.

  • Lincoln Grayson
    Lincoln Grayson 24 days ago

    5 feet

  • Amal David
    Amal David 25 days ago

    Why the racked type winglet are extremely rare and the doublet type is more common in commercial aircrafts

  • Kaduku Chelu
    Kaduku Chelu 25 days ago


  • Nimgol J
    Nimgol J 26 days ago +1

    twice as your height?

  • ntiffin1
    ntiffin1 26 days ago +2

    I love these vids: makes understanding technical flight things easy to understand and very enjoyable.

  • Cool Mans
    Cool Mans 27 days ago

    Wow. I don't know why this reality got their engines protruding out front. But i think the winglets are neat. I'm glad the mandela effect recently changed all the planes but I hope the engines go back to the original position towards the back of the wings. My reality had more common sense

  • Martijn Zagwijn
    Martijn Zagwijn 28 days ago


  • Prateek Pandey
    Prateek Pandey 29 days ago

    1.5 times of your height

  • arsen  davis
    arsen davis Month ago

    It’s not uncommon to see aircraft with winglets only on one side. Why?

  • Yogesh Gupta
    Yogesh Gupta Month ago


  • Thomas Antony
    Thomas Antony Month ago

    My guess is it must be equal to your height :-)

  • Joe Raines
    Joe Raines Month ago

    twice your height

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    cut the shit. Everyone knows they stop the plane from skidding all over the place above fucking Brussels , or the kremlin or chicago. i know these things mate, trust me. i dont need to no wings on my fairy girl white shirt mate. im good, im real good. I know shit about flying. im real exeperienced ive flown to many countries like Africa, the country of Europe, fiji, ive flown to fiji, america. Normally as a passenger. So dont tell me i know nothing

  • Stephen Seim
    Stephen Seim Month ago

    Waist high

  • Meraz Ahmed
    Meraz Ahmed Month ago

    2 times

  • joshua boggs
    joshua boggs Month ago

    even the 737-500 doesnt have any winglets

  • TrypTravel Cordoba
    TrypTravel Cordoba Month ago

    The winglet is longer Tran You......✈️

  • Matthew Chown
    Matthew Chown Month ago

    8 feet

  • Samer RA
    Samer RA Month ago

    I think about five time than your hight ..

  • Lobsang Dundup Sherpa Subirana

    Me running away from my problems 10:25

  • E Pasko
    E Pasko Month ago

    Twice yours

    MELBA VISAYA Month ago

    the size of you

  • TheRantingCabby
    TheRantingCabby Month ago

    Does it also prevent vortices from pulling the air above the wing (outer section) spanwise which could result in wing stalls at lower speds like landing?

  • Robert Adrian
    Robert Adrian Month ago

    2 meters

  • Penny Wagner
    Penny Wagner Month ago

    about 8 foot

  • Anthony Lenzo
    Anthony Lenzo Month ago

    Bigger than you

  • Donna Banks
    Donna Banks Month ago

    3 times higher

  • PPC4
    PPC4 Month ago

    About 7ft?

  • Deniz1923
    Deniz1923 Month ago

    You see that huge vortice on a flat wingtip ? The aircraft has to expend energy to drag it along its entire flight. That's a lot of energy (fuel) !

  • felixar90
    felixar90 Month ago

    I think it's 3 times your height at least

  • iCrash
    iCrash Month ago

    Do the winglets effect slipping? If so, by how much?

  • KMF Haque
    KMF Haque Month ago

    british airways, i love it.....unconditional.....great people to fly with....haquekmf

  • Mariano Hernandez
    Mariano Hernandez 2 months ago

    I’d say the wingtip is around 6 feet tall

  • tesla guy
    tesla guy 2 months ago +1

    I'd probably suggest the winglet is probably about your height, if not about 5cm taller.

  • DutchRC Adventures
    DutchRC Adventures 2 months ago

    Excellent & informative video as allways! Thank you very much :)
    Anybody here know why we don't see winglets on the tail surfaces?

  • Amlan Gupta
    Amlan Gupta 2 months ago

    Captain, only a private pilot and too old to make a living flying, but loving your videos. I'm curious why some airlines are retrofitting winglets now? For example, Air Canada Rouge is doing so on their 767's but not on the mainline Air Canada ones. I'm presuming it has to do with newer materials making the winglets worthwhile but only on longer ranges which is what I believe Rouge typically does?

  • the0glitter
    the0glitter 2 months ago

    1 to 1.7 of your height

  • Ahmed Ghalib Khan
    Ahmed Ghalib Khan 2 months ago

    up to your shoulders

  • Synystr7
    Synystr7 2 months ago +1

    Why haven't they fixed proportional winglets to the horizontal stabilizers as well?

    • Mark Lewis
      Mark Lewis 19 days ago

      I have a little experience with aircraft, and I always wondered the same thing.
      My best guess is that the horizontal stabilisers aren't really there to generate lift (in fact, if you look at the foil profile, it's "upside down" on most, if not all standard layout aircraft), so they're used as a control surface, rather than a lift generating device. I'd say any efficiency gained wouldn't be significant enough to warrant the development and certification required. Just my opinion anyway.

  • Kerlem
    Kerlem 2 months ago

    I assumed 6 feet. I have to assume the ones on the 747-400 are massive.

  • ytTaz480
    ytTaz480 2 months ago

    My guess.....20 feet +/-

    • ytTaz480
      ytTaz480 2 months ago

      Hmm...smaller than I thought.

  • Karin G
    Karin G 2 months ago

    1/2 your height

  • Tony Lam
    Tony Lam 2 months ago +1

    A lot of 777 also have no winglets.

    • Para
      Para 2 months ago

      Tony Lam no such thing as a winglet on a 777; no 777s have winglets

  • Nada Velicki
    Nada Velicki 2 months ago

    737 wilglets are almost 4m high!

  • Deadeye737
    Deadeye737 2 months ago


  • S P Narasimha Raju
    S P Narasimha Raju 2 months ago

    11 feet

    MOTORFIESTA 2 2 months ago


  • Becky Shock
    Becky Shock 2 months ago

    It was actually smaller than I thought, I have never flown anywhere, and there is not enough money on this planet to get me onto an air plane. I like learning about everything...... Thanks.

  • hue008x
    hue008x 2 months ago

    I'm guessing some of the same thinking went into race car wings...only down versus up.

  • Stefan Modigh
    Stefan Modigh 2 months ago

    Where is this guy from? :)

  • UTubeGlennAR
    UTubeGlennAR 2 months ago

    Very interesting, thank you.

  • James Graham
    James Graham 2 months ago

    Twice as high

  • itzspeideren
    itzspeideren 2 months ago

    I think it's little bit higher than you.

  • Gulliver Yang
    Gulliver Yang 2 months ago

    How tall are you?

  • channel 35
    channel 35 2 months ago

    It is half of your height

  • Rania Agouni
    Rania Agouni 2 months ago

    I can make the case that is higher than you captain .

  • The Pupper
    The Pupper 2 months ago

    Little smaller, I say so you can have the winglet as armrests

  • Patrick Purcell
    Patrick Purcell 2 months ago

    2ft higher than you

  • edward mylnychuk
    edward mylnychuk 2 months ago

    i believe that if you watch the movie on the avro arrow, the chief engineer came up with something very similar so that the arrow could get the speeds it got.

  • עידן גולשה
    עידן גולשה 2 months ago

    Little less then you

  • Viktor Ahlström
    Viktor Ahlström 2 months ago

    1,20 cm tror jag

  • Henry Montecillo
    Henry Montecillo 2 months ago

    6 feet.

  • Tanmai Chodankar
    Tanmai Chodankar 2 months ago

    8 ft

  • linination
    linination 2 months ago

    id say about hip level

  • Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed 2 months ago

    I think its twice your height

  • Σπυρίδων Βεντούρας

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  • Gregg Wonder
    Gregg Wonder 2 months ago


  • Stuart Hecht
    Stuart Hecht 2 months ago

    Six feet

  • DevInvest
    DevInvest 2 months ago +1

    I signed up for Brilliant via your link Sir!
    Great resource!
    Live the videos!
    Too late for me to fly commercial at your level, but perhaps a couple notches down the complexity scale..
    Love the math and physics link to help me on my way!

  • Shingen Fujiwara
    Shingen Fujiwara 2 months ago

    Eagles,Yes, i usually see their wingtips softly go up/down.

  • Nelson Vecchione
    Nelson Vecchione 2 months ago

    equal to your belt

  • ThomasGrillo
    ThomasGrillo 2 months ago

    Dang! All this time, I thought it was a seamless greenscreen. :) Thanks for covering this interesting component.

  • Tony G
    Tony G 2 months ago

    I'm not going to watch the video. Winglets let you lengthen your wingspan without having to make your aircraft wider.
    Making them wider would increase the necessary widths of runways as well as docking stations. We want to avoid the cost/space requirements for that. (Duh!)
    Increasing the wingspan deceases the overall drag. We DO want that. (Duh!)
    Maybe increase the wing length, but do it on a tangent?
    If you can't follow, get used to asking, 'You want fries with that?'

    ROROSMACHINE 2 months ago

    10' and maybe you are 5'11" or so in comparison 4 ' taller, my guess anyway,.... Tx for the great informative videos !!

  • John Steward
    John Steward 2 months ago

    Half of your height

  • S K
    S K 2 months ago

    Twice your hight

  • Amit Dighe
    Amit Dighe 2 months ago

    Its upto ur waist

  • Cybrludite
    Cybrludite 2 months ago

    So that's why the US Navy's new 737 based maritime patrol aircraft, the P-8 Poseidon, has the cranked wingtips instead of winglets.