Winglets - What are those things on the aircraft wing-tip?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
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    Have you ever looked out through the aircraft window and seen the cool looking wingtip winglets and thought; I wonder what those things actually do?
    In this episode I will give you a entry level explanation to the world of winglets. Why are they there? What do they do? Why do the winglets of different aircraft look so different?
    All of this will be covered.
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  • iacono andre
    iacono andre 24 minutes ago +1

    Between 4-6 feets

  • john barrett
    john barrett 23 hours ago

    your english is not good go back street school

  • Kilocide
    Kilocide Day ago

    just below your hip

    Whoops 8 feet plus lol. I was on one just a few weeks ago before the grounding. Just goes to show you how unreliable humans are at measurement and analysis by design.

  • ivan santos
    ivan santos 2 days ago

    20 feet

  • James Templeton
    James Templeton 2 days ago

    6ft to 10ft

  • Robin Butler
    Robin Butler 2 days ago


  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson 2 days ago

    The 'sails' help you to float another 1000 feet/10kts over Vref during landing.

  • Jacob Krafft
    Jacob Krafft 3 days ago

    Twice your height.

  • Tochukwu Nnyigide
    Tochukwu Nnyigide 8 days ago +2

    You didn't takeoff after that run, did you?

  • Takudzwa Shamhu
    Takudzwa Shamhu 10 days ago

    737 doesn't have winglets... I think

  • Sir Bourne
    Sir Bourne 12 days ago

    All I say is HE-162... Made in WW2 by the germans and it had wing-tip. But sure, let's cred NASA

  • Neil Murgatroyd
    Neil Murgatroyd 13 days ago


  • Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Hi we tend to fly on the airbus ! However I do fly to London from Manchester on BA so it’s a smaller jet ! Quite often ,

  • Cristen Tao
    Cristen Tao 15 days ago

    they are a couple feet higher than you

  • Man Lo
    Man Lo 15 days ago +1

    350 winglet and 777 winglet, they do the same thing but only different in shape right?

  • Barb Hell
    Barb Hell 16 days ago

    I think the winglet is about 3 feet higher up than you.

  • Roulette Record Studios

    8 feet

  • pete jones
    pete jones 17 days ago

    It seems to be a moot point whether they actually do anything on smaller wings such as found on GA aircraft. We see a lot of them being retrofitted to light twins and even on some single piston props. I heard an aircraft builder and maintainer recently call them yes/no wingtips. Yes, they’re meant to be there no, they don’t do anything. I don’t understand the physics - wish I did but does the size of the wing and the relative speed it travels have anything to do with the effectiveness of winglets?

    A&H HOBBYS 20 days ago

    boeing 737 winglet = 2x the size of you

  • benedicto burayag
    benedicto burayag 21 day ago

    3 feet

  • Bodrum Doner ltd.
    Bodrum Doner ltd. 22 days ago

    Half of your size

  • Captain Alex
    Captain Alex 23 days ago

    About the same height

  • Thijs Ronckers
    Thijs Ronckers 24 days ago

    2.5 times so high

  • Antony Evan
    Antony Evan 25 days ago

    From your feet to your waste

  • Emma Jeremiah Shobowale

    I had once participated in the removal and installation of one. I think it will be just about your height by the look of you in this video.

  • Holden Saaring
    Holden Saaring 27 days ago

    But why doesn't the horizontal stabilizer have those?

  • Kinsley Lewis
    Kinsley Lewis 29 days ago

    @mentourpilot, 7:25 I think you mean longer maintenance intervals? Or extended servicing latitudes?

  • CaptainMike100
    CaptainMike100 29 days ago

    3 timer yr height

  • Indrajeet Mandal
    Indrajeet Mandal Month ago

    The winglets are of same height as you

  • contestedtick1
    contestedtick1 Month ago

    Almost 1 and a half times your height

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    Thats my question in captain joe's channel then i cal it sharkleft heh

  • Jack Suierveld
    Jack Suierveld Month ago

    Great video however, I really did not appreciate the political ad.

  • Nicholas Jonsson
    Nicholas Jonsson Month ago

    Approximately 6 ft

  • Alex Kajfasz
    Alex Kajfasz Month ago

    Shoulder height

  • Tom chelsea
    Tom chelsea Month ago

    It's a size of your penis

  • Wairimu Mutiti
    Wairimu Mutiti Month ago

    How high us 737 winglets is compared to Mentour Pilot.
    What us uour height Petter? I need to calculate the difference.

  • Leonard Lee Linero Escalona

    i think it is about your height

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill Month ago

    Two heads over yours?

  • Daniel Gibson
    Daniel Gibson Month ago

    The Boeing 737 max winglets like a xwing wings from Star Wars

  • James McGowen
    James McGowen Month ago +1

    And there I was thinking it was used for splitting birds in half for the plane following behind..... 😂

  • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    Kurt Hubbard-Beale Month ago

    Look at MANY MANY pilots - testimonies regarding the customers of your industry; 'unanswered question' of - CHEMTRAILS.. You want to appear to be HONEST - so come on really ?! 🤔👍

  • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    Kurt Hubbard-Beale Month ago +2 you ought to do a video concerning all of the exposure and research made on the CHEMTRAILS that are being sprayed all over our skies

  • Delta112
    Delta112 Month ago

    I think is a quarter of you!!

  • Rusted Skeloton Productions Entertainment

    Lol!!! Wow!! My previous comment I posted after I paused the video at the beginning and this one after you showed the winglet next to you. I was off by just a bit with my estimation lol!!!

  • Rusted Skeloton Productions Entertainment

    If I estimate your height correctly I would say you are 1.75 meters tall, or 5 feet 74 inches more or less. In comparison to your height, a 737 winglet should be approximately 680 centimeters or 2 feet 26 inches taller than your estimated height if calculated according to the winglet's height being 2.4 meters or 8 feet. (Which if I'm correct is the standard height?)

  • dalek 1111
    dalek 1111 Month ago

    9.5 feet

  • Parker Patterson
    Parker Patterson Month ago

    Do winglets have a stabilizing effect like polyhedral wings or is it just about reducing drag?

  • Parker Patterson
    Parker Patterson Month ago

    Love your videos, keep it up! If I might make a suggestion: perhaps you could speak a bit faster? I usually set your videos to 1.25 or 1.5 speed. People might be more inclined to check you out if you had slightly shorter video times!

  • ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist

    A great innovation.

  • My Name
    My Name Month ago

    I love smart educated people .

  • rob mercier
    rob mercier Month ago

    As t'allais as you?

  • Souvik Ghosh
    Souvik Ghosh Month ago

    Sir can u tell me that why cargo aircrafts dont have any winglets and why they have T tail ??

  • Uma Kant Prasad
    Uma Kant Prasad Month ago

    Approx 3/4 th of your size

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam Month ago

    I will not fly an aircraft with no winglets anymore. To me they seem that they must be there naturally

  • Leonard Tan
    Leonard Tan Month ago

    We humans learn from animals

  • Leonard Tan
    Leonard Tan Month ago

    Maybe the winglet is the same height as you...

  • lamoitte1
    lamoitte1 Month ago

    Winglets - 4-5 feet high

  • Phillip Basye
    Phillip Basye Month ago

    In the late 30s or early 40s Loceed asked my Father to help them with a wing they were developing for an unnamed craft,(it was the U2. They could not eliminate the wing cavating. They provided a large wearhouse, all the tools and personnel he needed.
    The project had to be kept away from the main manufacturing facility and could not be discussed with anyone.
    He actually designed and fabricated two different wings.
    On one of them he invented the first "winglets ".
    I think the other (now noncavating ) wing was preferred.
    I asked him if he patented his "winglet" which he could have and mention

    • Phillip Basye
      Phillip Basye Month ago

      Mentioned how much money he could have and still could be making from it.
      His reply was to say "That's not how we did things then. They asked to fix a problem and I did. That was the end of it"
      I am glad I got close to him in his later years. I truly admire him.
      He passed away in 2016 at the age of 100.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Month ago

    10 feet

  • Lou G
    Lou G 2 months ago

    Same height as you are.

  • oldie146
    oldie146 2 months ago

    Amazing aircraft the 737 reminds me of another "workhorse" the DC 3 .

  • Fakazi Maseko
    Fakazi Maseko 2 months ago

    its about 1.75m from the ground

  • Hugo Mendel
    Hugo Mendel 2 months ago

    As tall as, or taller than you.

  • 楊振東
    楊振東 2 months ago

    Thumbs up!good job

  • Adnaan Feroz
    Adnaan Feroz 2 months ago +2

    about 1.90 meters
    btw love your videos

  • Martin Rieder
    Martin Rieder 2 months ago

    3-4 meters

  • Kjetil Jensen
    Kjetil Jensen 2 months ago

    Anyone seen die hard movie (the one with the hijackers taking over the airport) at the end it is a very cool scene where wingtip spins the smoke when they come for landing using the burning runway as landing lights. As for the Q: I think the sharklets is 2 meter tall. I think they add about the same to the wingspan. Just a bit taller than you mentour pilot.
    I know its almost a year old video but I wanna join in :D

  • Guy Mcmillion
    Guy Mcmillion 2 months ago

    7 feet

  • Andreas Breslawski
    Andreas Breslawski 2 months ago

    0.6 Mentour

  • Flight sim ZM
    Flight sim ZM 2 months ago

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    The dislikes must be robots 🤖
    Have a look at my home cockpit in my channel

  • FredFlintstone21
    FredFlintstone21 2 months ago

    18 feet?

  • Jerry Fields
    Jerry Fields 2 months ago

    I guess maybe double your height ....

  • Subhash Biswas
    Subhash Biswas 2 months ago

    I thought that he meant higher form ground

  • blewyd
    blewyd 2 months ago

    Wayyyyyy bigger

  • blewyd
    blewyd 2 months ago

    In between ur waist and your knee

  • Jack Turner
    Jack Turner 2 months ago

    Just a bit taller

  • Bing Ortiz
    Bing Ortiz 2 months ago

    1.5 your height.

  • ApexPredator_
    ApexPredator_ 2 months ago

    Wow, fuel saving on F1 and fuel saving on air liners too. :(

  • Adam Weisman
    Adam Weisman 2 months ago

    Does it do anything to improve stability, reduce the effects of turbulence, for passenger comfort?

  • Suthar Naresh
    Suthar Naresh 2 months ago

    same to your height

  • Critical Path
    Critical Path 2 months ago

    1/2 your height? I'll say about a metre.

  • Comet Light
    Comet Light 2 months ago

    A half to 2/3 of your height

    MOUAD LALOUI 2 months ago +1

    I think it's half your height

  • Boudewijn Van Motman
    Boudewijn Van Motman 2 months ago +1


  • william johnson
    william johnson 2 months ago +1

    I think the winglet is a foot shorter than you.

  • Emil Rifahi
    Emil Rifahi 2 months ago

    I guess 2.5-3 meters

  • Starscream
    Starscream 2 months ago +1

    probably the same? depends on the aircraft.

  • Pudumai Seelan
    Pudumai Seelan 2 months ago

    Is equal to you

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    No planes can take off or land until this guy finishes his video.

  • Tasunke
    Tasunke 3 months ago

    Bigger than me for sure, I'm 198cm tall (6'5'' for the derpers).

  • ibrahim jadallag
    ibrahim jadallag 3 months ago

    1.5 of your size

  • Sorin Productions
    Sorin Productions 3 months ago

    I think you are 5 ft 9 so it is as tall as you

  • Sebastian Schon
    Sebastian Schon 3 months ago

    It's exactly 2cm smaller than what I thought it would be :P Was just a lucky punch though

  • Ernst Smit
    Ernst Smit 3 months ago

    Shoulder height?

  • like it is
    like it is 3 months ago

    for better gas mileage

  • Michael Hudecek
    Michael Hudecek 3 months ago

    Excellent video!!!!

  • Dennis Mabry
    Dennis Mabry 3 months ago

    4 foot

  • Joe O
    Joe O 3 months ago

    A little taller than you

  • Timothy Fryer
    Timothy Fryer 3 months ago

    I think a winglet is around 1.5 times as tall as a person.

  • Eraser Lp
    Eraser Lp 3 months ago +3

    lil bit less than double your height