BABY NAME REVEAL!! Baby Name Reveal Pinata Cookies /w My Sister!

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Make sure to watch until the end when we reveal the name of my sister's baby! Congratulations to Mo and her hubby!
    Baking Line:
    Nerdy Nummies Cookbook:
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    Molly's LInks:
    3 cups all-purpose flour
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 sticks unsalted butter (8 ounces)
    2 ounces cream cheese
    1 cup sugar
    1 large egg
    1 large egg yolk
    1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    Royal Icing
    I hope you enjoy today's #Baby #Name #Reveal Pinata Cookies recipe! I am so excited to meet my new nephew! What other videos would you like to see?
    xoxo Ro
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  6 months ago +7121

    Today we reveal the name of my sister's baby! How gorgeous is Molly??? 👶🏻🤰🏻❤️

  • ally bushmen
    ally bushmen 13 hours ago

    I love Molly she is so cute expecially with that baby bump my aunt had a baby girl she is so cute

  • Maggie dendinger
    Maggie dendinger 18 hours ago


  • Puppy Pranks
    Puppy Pranks 23 hours ago

    Man I wish Roseanna was my aunt XD what a lucky baby! Inagine the birthday cakes! 😍

  • Manuel Coronado
    Manuel Coronado Day ago

    Beautiful Congrats Mo!!! Say hi to Greyson 4 me plz!!

  • inga tīrule
    inga tīrule 2 days ago

    I imgine you both are making a cake and greyson is sitting on the side eating the frosting. Soo cute. Or a chocolate līpstick like Molly had in the fondue challenge. 🤗😍🤭

  • Billie_Eilish_ Fandom
    Billie_Eilish_ Fandom 2 days ago +1

    Grayson is such a handsome name

  • Erin Hathcock
    Erin Hathcock 2 days ago

    OMG! my brothers name is Greyson!

  • Kim Quinn
    Kim Quinn 3 days ago

    She is preggers

  • Denise Freeman
    Denise Freeman 3 days ago +1


  • Cool K’s
    Cool K’s 3 days ago


  • graci sizemore
    graci sizemore 4 days ago +1

    You went to nailed it the TV show

    • Manuel Coronado
      Manuel Coronado Day ago +1

      Love that show i also loved her shoes she wore so amazing and stylish lol leave a like if u agree

  • Lucy Hawkins
    Lucy Hawkins 5 days ago +3

    I love your TVclip

  • Mel Family
    Mel Family 5 days ago


  • Raquel’s Life
    Raquel’s Life 5 days ago +1

    Want to know the baby name im not spoil 17:27

  • Lauren Holland
    Lauren Holland 5 days ago


  • Jumbo Jello
    Jumbo Jello 5 days ago

    I think his name is Grayson

    I watched this vid before

    • Alien :
      Alien : 4 days ago

      Jumbo Jello DONT SPOIL IT

  • Ivonne Guzmán
    Ivonne Guzmán 6 days ago

    Mo I’m so glad for you

  • kenziev channel opposites attract

    You should do another reveal of treason with your sister

  • Majorawesome003
    Majorawesome003 6 days ago +7

    Wow I can’t believe my best friend Rmmjgggc got a shout out in this video

  • Cody Abeldano
    Cody Abeldano 7 days ago

    Both of you guys are so pretty☺☺☺

  • Cody Abeldano
    Cody Abeldano 7 days ago

    Mo's baby is a boy and she's wearing a blue dress

  • Marlen Tinoco
    Marlen Tinoco 7 days ago


  • Myriam Francoeur
    Myriam Francoeur 7 days ago

    I love Molly’s dress!!

  • Jenny Gibson
    Jenny Gibson 8 days ago

    My brother is garyson

  • Saniya Shaikh
    Saniya Shaikh 9 days ago

    So sweet

  • Francisco Rodríguez
    Francisco Rodríguez 10 days ago


  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller 11 days ago

    Omg I got it as soon as she said senorgy😄😄I cant believe it the name is sooooooooo cute😍😍

  • slimer Altima
    slimer Altima 11 days ago


  • Haeden Spiering
    Haeden Spiering 12 days ago


  • Kam Klink
    Kam Klink 13 days ago


  • Gajawada Anjaiah
    Gajawada Anjaiah 13 days ago

    The funniest thing in this video is that you were wasting the frosting😀😀😁😁😂😂

  • rasheedha ahmed
    rasheedha ahmed 14 days ago

    molly you are extremely incredible

  • Mariceu Ferrets
    Mariceu Ferrets 14 days ago

    If it's a boy Matthew or it's a girl marina

  • Allison Wagoner
    Allison Wagoner 14 days ago

    Think the name is bluelake

  • Sarah Habib
    Sarah Habib 14 days ago

    Buetiful name greyson

  • Michele Brazil
    Michele Brazil 15 days ago

    I that it was going to be Jamie

  • Jessie Glenister
    Jessie Glenister 16 days ago


  • Brady Grudzinski
    Brady Grudzinski 16 days ago

    this is so weard I thaught it was Michale and then she sead it wasent Michale

  • Wilma Sweet
    Wilma Sweet 16 days ago


  • Ella Davies
    Ella Davies 17 days ago

    The baby name is Greyson

  • Ally katt sparkles
    Ally katt sparkles 19 days ago

    I thought the baby's name was Mike😞

  • Caitlin Moll
    Caitlin Moll 20 days ago +9

    The way Ro said that there is also not so cute ones made me laugh 😂😂

  • Caitlin Moll
    Caitlin Moll 20 days ago +1

    Emma Watson is that u?

  • i iz Goo
    i iz Goo 20 days ago

    Who is older????

  • Popstar Royalty
    Popstar Royalty 20 days ago +1


  • Nikki Forbus
    Nikki Forbus 21 day ago

    Oh my gosh my cousins name I s Greyson.

  • Godfrey Cabral
    Godfrey Cabral 21 day ago

    I knew the name all this time if your reading this rosana can i call you ro and for Molly mo like if you want me to

  • PandaPop Dancer
    PandaPop Dancer 21 day ago +5

    Warning ⚠️
    Spoilers in the comments

  • Gjoa Jensen
    Gjoa Jensen 21 day ago

    I already know the baby name, but this video is sooo good I couldn’t pass it up!

  • RedPandaGamer AJ
    RedPandaGamer AJ 21 day ago

    Oh my goodness, i'm so flipping excited for little Grayson to come into the world!!! I can't wait! CONGRATS-CONGRATS-CONGRATS Mo!!! Eeek! :D

  • Oakie74
    Oakie74 21 day ago

    Greyson is a great name

  • maria paiz
    maria paiz 22 days ago

    My mom had me 9 months in her belly

  • Avery Norman
    Avery Norman 23 days ago

    Look at wow the icing drips slowly at 10:36

  • Fabienne Thrasybule
    Fabienne Thrasybule 23 days ago

    Dont look at comments if you want a surprise

  • Maddy Hazelton
    Maddy Hazelton 24 days ago


  • Samiha Ahmed
    Samiha Ahmed 24 days ago

    who is older

  • GachaGirl079
    GachaGirl079 25 days ago

    congrats Mo

  • Rachel Green
    Rachel Green 26 days ago

    That's not how it works Joniyan's World

  • Xxx Natalie
    Xxx Natalie 27 days ago

    Tbh didn’t watch this but I watch the other vids so I know. What the baby name is ._.

  • Mya Price
    Mya Price 27 days ago

    L Love it Mo😱🤩

  • MilKat
    MilKat 27 days ago

    Oh my gosh it’s so cute but I kind of had a feeling that it would be Greyson 😁😊

  • Afia Navid
    Afia Navid 27 days ago +1

    Awwwww oh wht a great name grayson

  • Mitchell Preston
    Mitchell Preston 28 days ago

    Congrats Mo!

  • Asmita Bhoyar
    Asmita Bhoyar 28 days ago

    Grayson is the name

  • Nicole Ochs
    Nicole Ochs 28 days ago

    I think it should be grayson that is my baby cousins name

  • Samantha Gail
    Samantha Gail 29 days ago


  • Nicole Cordner
    Nicole Cordner Month ago


  • Clint Cadd
    Clint Cadd Month ago

    I think his name is Grayson

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan Month ago

    Aww cute name

  • Lily Parry
    Lily Parry Month ago +3

    You are both so pretty.❤️

  • alyssa‘s vlogs
    alyssa‘s vlogs Month ago

    The name of greyson like my brother his name is greyson caden or baby grey grey

  • Jung Sanha
    Jung Sanha Month ago +4

    Why am i getting flashback when ro spell benjamin on escape the night🤣

    • Andrea Lopez
      Andrea Lopez 7 days ago

      @Jung Sanha yup

    • Jung Sanha
      Jung Sanha 7 days ago

      @Andrea Lopez is it jacksfilm ? :)

    • Andrea Lopez
      Andrea Lopez 7 days ago

      @Jung Sanha its ok i wasnt trying to be mean its just a series i wach from a youtuber

    • Jung Sanha
      Jung Sanha 7 days ago

      @Andrea Lopez english aren't my first language...

    • Andrea Lopez
      Andrea Lopez 7 days ago

      Your grammer sucks

  • Destiny Burningham
    Destiny Burningham Month ago

    The name is Grayson

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown Month ago

    Yes they HAVE to be best friends!!! I predict the baby name will be either Toby or Greyson ! Lol I kinda cheated I already knew that his name was Greyson, this is 2019!!

  • Amber Nez
    Amber Nez Month ago

    I love ❤️ the baby

    • Amber Nez
      Amber Nez Month ago

      I really 💕 the 👶🏼

  • Nikki Bella
    Nikki Bella Month ago +4

    When the duck died but he gave births to Mo's baby name.....GREYSON

    Edits:thanks for 0 likes......
    Roses are red
    Violet are blue
    I like my own comment
    And no one do.
    I know it doesn't rhyme or doesn't make sense.

    • Nikki Bella
      Nikki Bella 29 days ago +1

      Chloe Woods thank you!

    • Chloe Woods
      Chloe Woods Month ago +2

      I rhymes to me. And it does make sense :)

  • Abigale Chadwick
    Abigale Chadwick Month ago


  • Abby Naas
    Abby Naas Month ago

    When is her bday

  • the dog blog
    the dog blog Month ago

    who is she pregnant with

  • Anschen Vorster
    Anschen Vorster Month ago


  • Isabella LeClaire
    Isabella LeClaire Month ago

    Ro, I have 23 almost 24 cousins I understand the big family thing. After all my great grandma who is still alive had 9 kids

    • Isabella LeClaire
      Isabella LeClaire Month ago

      @Pcrty Gal That must have been hard. I mean not then bc people would whoop their kids if they did one little or big thing wrong.

    • Pcrty Gal
      Pcrty Gal Month ago

      Isabella LeClaire my great grandma had twelve

  • Blue Tunda and his videos

    What is it like to be pregnant 🤰

  • rad squad
    rad squad Month ago

    Is she literally pregnant

  • Ivana Škodrić
    Ivana Škodrić Month ago

    I was thinking about Grayson Dolan.
    And then I read that baby's name isn't GrAyson it's actually GrEyson...

  • Gracesworld YT
    Gracesworld YT Month ago

    I thought it was Georgie

  • Emily Murillo
    Emily Murillo Month ago

    Like Grayson Dolan

    EMALINE EDSON Month ago


  • J A E ‘ L Y N N E H U G H E S

    Mo if your baby was a girl would you have named her Blossom?

  • Elisa Grech
    Elisa Grech Month ago

    i guessed greyson i was RIGHTTTTT

  • 1stMajor
    1stMajor Month ago


  • Niana & Sheyenne's FunTube


  • Madelyn Potter
    Madelyn Potter Month ago

    Can you make a gluten free dessert please

  • A m
    A m Month ago

    My little cousins name is Grayson just its spelt differently

  • Morgan Mccarthy
    Morgan Mccarthy Month ago

    Has mo had her baby boy yet?

    • Iman Barden
      Iman Barden Month ago

      @Morgan Mccarthy 👍

    • Morgan Mccarthy
      Morgan Mccarthy Month ago

      Just seen it it was filmed on my birthday and it was feb

    • Iman Barden
      Iman Barden Month ago +1

      @Morgan Mccarthy She posted a video on saying congratulations to Molly u can go watch it 😀

    • Morgan Mccarthy
      Morgan Mccarthy Month ago

      @Iman Barden aww, i hope mo and ro show him on youtube would be cute to see him

    • Iman Barden
      Iman Barden Month ago

      She had him in January I think

  • Maria g Ramirez
    Maria g Ramirez Month ago

    I love yoh

  • Charleigh Keough
    Charleigh Keough Month ago +1

    Who was looking in the comments and ruined it

  • Viviana Hernandez
    Viviana Hernandez Month ago

    I think the name is greyson

  • Ysabella Contreras
    Ysabella Contreras Month ago +2

    Can't get over senorgy hahahhaa been replaying that clip for like 20 times already

  • Greyson B.
    Greyson B. Month ago +1

    My name is Greyson with an e and I am a girl