Ranking the 10 Best Young Cores in the NBA

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Do you agree with the order?
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  • Mason Cirone
    Mason Cirone Day ago

    Knicks?? Mitch, randle, Barrett, Knox, iggy, trier, DSJ and Dotson have got to put them on this list. Also have other a solid supporting cast in Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, elfrid Peyton, taj Gibson, and more.

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker 2 days ago

    I just dont see floor spacing being a good thing with the Pelicans and I still say if he can't cut his weight Zion will get hurt with knee or ankle injuries and it will sideline him. The Grizzlies have good peices but I saw all of Morant's games at Murray State in person and I'm sorry but the level of competition at an OVC team vs the NBA is not an easy jump and other Murray State guards have failed major league in the hype. While Morant has a high potential I fear his high turnover rates and competition step up will take a couple years to get over if he ever does. So many young stars is looking great for the future of the NBA.

  • Diego Gómez De la Garza

    You forgot the spurs young core with
    Dejounte murray 22
    Lonnie walker 20
    Derrick white 25
    Jakob poetl 23
    Bryn forbes 26

  • Dhruv Pathak
    Dhruv Pathak 4 days ago

    Raps with Siakam, OG, FVV, Norm, RHJ, and the goat management in the league

  • Drew Oss
    Drew Oss 5 days ago

    3 draft picks you seem to have forgot carsen edwards

  • Kenny kimadre
    Kenny kimadre 5 days ago

    Kp and luka is better than simmons and.embidd

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 7 days ago

    He just said that Barnes is 27 and isn’t in the young core but oh the 26 year old is real young

  • Pat Lani
    Pat Lani 9 days ago

    how can you forget Carson Edwards?

  • Aun Taqvi
    Aun Taqvi 9 days ago

    Terrible list. How are the knicks not there. The average player age there is 24. Dsj, rj, knox, mitchell robinson all have potential to be stars. Randle could have been an allstar this yr if he didnt play for such small market and in the west. Allonzo, dotson, portis can be some of the best role players in the league. I would put them past the bulls. I would prob rank sac a bit higher too

  • Drew Grissom
    Drew Grissom 10 days ago

    barnes is like 6 mo younger than hield

  • Roberto Gagarin
    Roberto Gagarin 10 days ago

    Damn mans forgot about the timberwolves

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar 11 days ago

    Free agency is over? So no Melo and Smith?

  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation 12 days ago

    Karl Anthony towns andrew Wiggins Jarrett culver josh okogie jordan Bell?

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 15 days ago +3

    Plz don’t break my heart bulls are in at LEAST and I mean AT LEAST top 5 easy lavine markannen and carter are bout to have a breakout season..... I admit tho Otto got a dookie contract

  • Jennifer Pyrcioch
    Jennifer Pyrcioch 15 days ago

    You are awesome ⛹🏼‍♂️🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • stelzi290888
    stelzi290888 15 days ago

    Trea Young and John Collins aren´t near being stars, sorry but that will take at least another season

  • Gmac
    Gmac 16 days ago +1

    No Knicks? Mitchell Robinson, RJ Barret, Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith jr is a great young core

  • Chan Bawi Bik
    Chan Bawi Bik 17 days ago


  • XxsnipezxX Beast
    XxsnipezxX Beast 17 days ago

    Boston has Kemba Walker: STARTING ALL STAR
    Are u ok

  • Gswaldo12
    Gswaldo12 19 days ago

    No Cavs? Kpj Devin windler Darius Garland Collin Sexton, cedi osman, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance marquice chriss and ante zizic

  • T NoSu
    T NoSu 20 days ago +1

    Wtf where is NYK????? Damn haters

  • Jax Melancon
    Jax Melancon 20 days ago

    Where the hell is the nets

    KAMAL HILLARD 21 day ago

    The Knicks Robinson, Knox, Dotson, Zo Trier, Barrett, Brazdeikis, Ntilikina, DSJR, Payton, Randle and Portis should be top 10! They'll be number 1 by the end of this season!

  • Bradleh
    Bradleh 21 day ago

    Mavericks are up next mark my words

  • Jalen Booker
    Jalen Booker 21 day ago

    U forgot carsen Edwards from the Celtics who has a good chance to be the highest impact rookie on the team

  • Dorothy & Sylvester Smith

    Cavs have Colin, Darius,Kevin Porter,windler,cedi and ante zizic!!!

  • Dorothy & Sylvester Smith

    Where is Cleveland??

  • darck gamer
    darck gamer 23 days ago

    Why you did not mensioned jawson hayse? He played really good in the summer league with the pelicans...... Top ten picks in the draft bro

  • Chris Santner
    Chris Santner 23 days ago

    Celtics: where was the Carson Edwards mension

  • Jesus Serrano
    Jesus Serrano 23 days ago

    1:00 but you can mention iggy

  • aaron 858
    aaron 858 25 days ago

    boston at 6 is a joke. way too high.

  • Joe Fritz
    Joe Fritz 26 days ago

    76ers should be 1.....

  • Jacob Snowhill
    Jacob Snowhill 26 days ago

    Memphis also has branden Clarke

  • Luke Walker
    Luke Walker 26 days ago

    Lonzo has better potential than ingrim

  • andrew dodson
    andrew dodson 26 days ago +4

    I would give the thunder the honorable mention because they have 17 1st round picks over the next 6 years(including swaps)

  • TheReal6God
    TheReal6God 27 days ago

    The Knicks

  • Matthew Valdovinos
    Matthew Valdovinos 27 days ago +3

    Grizzlies at 10 and you don’t even mention Brandon Clarke and Dillon Brooks? Smh.

  • Boutdatnick 320
    Boutdatnick 320 27 days ago

    Where the heat at? Winslow, bam and Tyler herro just to name a few

  • GOATED trent
    GOATED trent 27 days ago

    Where do you have the Spurs ranked

  • MNIJ T
    MNIJ T 28 days ago

    Thunders should be #1... jk

  • MNIJ T
    MNIJ T 28 days ago

    To think one of them will become the best player in the NBA in their era...

  • Mizesus
    Mizesus 29 days ago

    stanley johnson isnt on the pelicans lol? hes on the raptors

  • 012696birth
    012696birth 29 days ago

    Wow I'm impressed, I 100% agree with all the rankings. No one really knows too much about the nuggets it seems like, but they have such a bright future. MPJ, if he stays healthy, will eventually make this team unstopple

  • Hyped Soldier
    Hyped Soldier 29 days ago +2

    Bro raptors should’ve been mentioned they have pascal Siakam, Fred van let and og annunoby who r all star young talents

  • David Walker
    David Walker 29 days ago

    I like Walt Lemon Jr as a Bulls fan, but I don't see how he makes the team with Harrison and Arci getting contracts

  • 1T’s TH3 MA1N-man
    1T’s TH3 MA1N-man Month ago +1

    Miami Heat???? With Tyler herro and bam and butler

    • Boutdatnick 320
      Boutdatnick 320 27 days ago

      1T’s TH3 MA1N-man butler isn’t young but they still have jones jr, kz okpala, and Winslow

  • Evangelos Kambitsis

    The knicks rj Barrett Kevin Knox dameyan dotson deniss Smith jr Mitchell Robinson

  • Ethan Faas
    Ethan Faas Month ago

    This guy is acting like their all gonna stay on their current teams and not get traded

  • calvin kindell
    calvin kindell Month ago

    Everybody sleepin on my CAVALIERS..

  • Cara Haaf
    Cara Haaf Month ago

    Do worst future please

  • Magic Shell
    Magic Shell Month ago

    Yall sleeping on the timberwolves

  • Tyler Chaffin
    Tyler Chaffin Month ago

    The Kings should be WAY higher they just barley missed the playoffs.

  • Mark Willis
    Mark Willis Month ago +1

    You don’t think the Hawks have anyone with superstar potential? That’s a joke. Trae Young put up one of the best rookie stat lines in the history of the NBA. Dude is being overlooked because Doncic had an even more historical rookie season. Worst part of it is a minute later you mention how Luka proved he was a superstar because his season was based entirely on skill. Same exact thing could be said about Trae to an even higher degree given shorter players’ typical difficulty adjusting to the length of the NBA in their first years.
    The Hawks have a higher probability of having a future superstar on their team than the Pelicans (seeing as how Trae has actually proven it), and that’s saying something

  • MVPSpectrum
    MVPSpectrum Month ago

    For the celtics you forgot about Kemba Walker

    • CelticsNation
      CelticsNation Month ago

      Kemba will be 30 next season. He’s not apart of the Celtics young core.

  • gullintanni
    gullintanni Month ago

    Bol Bol will play 4 imo. He can provide some rim protection next to Jokic and Porter in the future. Once he gets to 250lbs he can play 5 as well.

  • Randy Staley
    Randy Staley Month ago

    Mavs no. 1

  • Razor Edge
    Razor Edge Month ago

    Cavs should be 10 or honorable mention, they have Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Cedi Osman, Jordan Clarkson, Kevin Porter Jr, and you could even consider Larry Nance Jr.

    • Mike Willis
      Mike Willis Month ago

      i was thinking they may slide into the top 10, but we have too many old guys still.... maybe with sexton playing another season and lets see how garland looks, next year we'll be on the list

  • Jeffery Ramos
    Jeffery Ramos Month ago

    Everybody's always sleeping on the Spurs

  • Demond Henderson
    Demond Henderson Month ago

    Put a pelican Stanley Johnson went 2 Toronto Raptors

  • Esa Al-hanooti
    Esa Al-hanooti Month ago

    No suns?

  • PeterTomaras
    PeterTomaras Month ago

    no knicks huh

  • Scotty Simmons
    Scotty Simmons Month ago

    kings should be way higher....they won 39 games and could of easily won more if they win those close games....now if bagley can stay healthy trust me he is a superstar in the waiting.....dude is really really good. his second jump is the quickest in the league hands down. if fox can show more consistency from deep watch out.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    Has anyone noticed that ja morant is listed at 6,3 but if you pause it at 0:59 Adam silver who is 6,3 is taller than him

  • Andy Perez
    Andy Perez Month ago +1

    Y’all stay sleeping on the Knicks😑🤦🏽‍♂️ The Knicks should’ve made this list

  • giftsonmoses
    giftsonmoses Month ago

    Timber wolves are pretty good too

  • Omae Wa Mou Shinderu

    The nets could have made it if they kept dlo

  • Manny Montana
    Manny Montana Month ago

    Your Missing The Knicks They Have Young Core


    I wont call Dbook and jordan superstar calibre player because they havent prove much because they only play well on a trash team and never make an all star. Promising stars sounds more suitable

  • David Ta
    David Ta Month ago

    Stanley johnson isnt a pelican smh

  • Panahs Panos teo
    Panahs Panos teo Month ago

    Music video please?

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller Month ago

    I really hope pelicans feed Zion every game ALOT!

  • Paulo Alexandre
    Paulo Alexandre Month ago

    Jokic and Jamal are a fearsome duo, but Gary Harris is not All Star material, healthy or not.

    • Paulo Alexandre
      Paulo Alexandre Month ago

      Also, shoutout to Portland. Anfernee and Collins have star potential, Nassir has huge upside, and Gary Trent and Skal will be good role players too.

  • TF Kid
    TF Kid Month ago

    Klay is not top 10 I love him but PG, Kyrie and Russ are better

  • RobertDawg
    RobertDawg Month ago

    Ingram, Zion, and Ball the big 3 if they develop and grow in a couple years. And the supporting cast of hart and okafor plus still got an established SG in holiday.

  • RobertDawg
    RobertDawg Month ago

    When that young core was on the lakers it was all they suck they overrated, now they in NOLP and everyone saying there good and the best. Like damn y’all really just find any little excuse to hate on us laker fans and our franchise just because y’all franchise will never be like ours.