Ranking the 10 Best Young Cores in the NBA

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • EpicAphex14
    EpicAphex14 11 days ago

    The 18 year old pistons rookie looks like he’s gonna be good

  • Jackson Adair
    Jackson Adair 15 days ago

    Forgot Brandon Clarke averaging 13 as a rookie

  • Jade Cacti
    Jade Cacti 19 days ago +1

    What about Minnesota

  • Yahir Morales
    Yahir Morales 26 days ago

    Yooo what abt GS that literally have eric paschall , dlo Russel , I mean basically the whole team is young and better than most right here

  • Talen Scott
    Talen Scott Month ago

    In December the suns are in a playoff spot

  • In The Life Of Hayden

    Now the Mavs are 1

  • LeGoat JaGoat
    LeGoat JaGoat Month ago

    What about harden and russ

  • smiis
    smiis Month ago

    Magic, surely? Isaac (22), Fultz (21) and Gordon (24) are all starters, plus there's Mo Bamba off the bench

  • RhysYBoy08
    RhysYBoy08 2 months ago +2

    ‘They have Andre Iguodala who is a great asset’ 15 seconds later ‘Valanacunuis* is 27 so not part of their young core’
    *not sure how to spell it
    Also Iguodala is 35 btw

  • Logan akaFusion
    Logan akaFusion 2 months ago

    Your basketball knowledge is doo doo

  • erick gagnay
    erick gagnay 2 months ago

    I hate how everyone shits on terry rozier he nice

  • Super Deo
    Super Deo 3 months ago +1

    Orlando Magic???

  • MemeLord26
    MemeLord26 3 months ago

    Soooo no Cavs????

  • Bhavesh Kotta
    Bhavesh Kotta 3 months ago

    Not a big deal but you forgot about Brandon Clarke

  • Alan Krock
    Alan Krock 3 months ago

    What about the warriors

  • Try hard Trick shots
    Try hard Trick shots 3 months ago

    Joel and Ben are better

  • Try hard Trick shots
    Try hard Trick shots 3 months ago +1

    Nicola jokic is overrated!

  • Mateo
    Mateo 3 months ago

    Who can explain that "pick up and move the cone" drill at 6:12?

  • ToP Pangan
    ToP Pangan 3 months ago

    Kings have the top young Core.

    RSG ICE 3 months ago

    After seeing Zion and Lonzo Play some games I think I can say that they should be rated higher

  • Jack Drees
    Jack Drees 3 months ago +1

    Where are the timberwolves

  • Dayshon Jennings
    Dayshon Jennings 3 months ago

    bulls underrated

  • Andy Huang
    Andy Huang 3 months ago

    No way the spurs shouldn’t have made the top 10. White was balling out, Forbes had a breakout season, and Murray is an All NBA defender. You can argue the spurs did just as good a job drafting as the Celtics with far worse assets. And I’m a Sixers fan.

  • Esen. 17
    Esen. 17 3 months ago

    The knicks young cores pretty good

  • Jan-Ole Schlemminger
    Jan-Ole Schlemminger 3 months ago

    Bro u cant put a team that's contenting since 2 years as 2nd place on young core and Boston should be 10th btw... everything else is understandable otherwise good video

  • David Balter
    David Balter 4 months ago

    Kings over Celtics any day of the week for young core

  • FuZionXGamer [PX]
    FuZionXGamer [PX] 4 months ago

    For the 2019-20 season the best team in the East/West will be:
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Milwaukee Bucks

  • Home Court Advantage
    Home Court Advantage 4 months ago

    Stanley Johnson is on the raptors.

  • cj leija
    cj leija 4 months ago +1

    Sleeping on the spurs

  • Ln D
    Ln D 4 months ago

    When a rookie pg goes 18/8 it’s not really unclear who’s gonna be the star. Trae young will become a super star. Most people in nba circles would agree about that.

  • Ln D
    Ln D 4 months ago

    Really not sure why Danny ainge gets so much credit they haven’t reached a finals in about a decade that’s not impressive at all. Losing in the 2nd or 3rd round every year because you won’t trade for kawhi or ad to give up a 15 point scorers just makes no sense. He’s way overrated, but brad Stevens is the man.

  • Preston Brooks
    Preston Brooks 4 months ago

    Kings gotta ditch Barnes

  • Justyn Bourque
    Justyn Bourque 4 months ago

    No mention of Dillon brooks for memphis

  • Tyler Thurston
    Tyler Thurston 4 months ago

    Bulls are trash

  • Stone Chenault
    Stone Chenault 4 months ago

    I’m surprised cavs aren’t on the list (no hate)

  • Matthew Arsenault
    Matthew Arsenault 5 months ago

    Terry Rozier.....people need to back off him lol. (too late MJ). He is not that good. He's a bench scoring 1st PG.....His hype is all off that playoff run and btw he was awful on the road during that run, Brown and Tatum were more responsible for that run than Terry by a lot.

  • The GA freestylers
    The GA freestylers 5 months ago +1

    Pacers: Myles turner, Sabonis, brogdon, Oladipo... add Aaron Holiday, goga. Dude that’s a good young core....

  • Dario Nmds
    Dario Nmds 5 months ago

    Dearon Fox is way overhyped. He gets way too much media coverage.
    The next Andrew Wiggins, mark my words

  • Mason Cirone
    Mason Cirone 5 months ago

    Knicks?? Mitch, randle, Barrett, Knox, iggy, trier, DSJ and Dotson have got to put them on this list. Also have other a solid supporting cast in Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, elfrid Peyton, taj Gibson, and more.

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker 5 months ago

    I just dont see floor spacing being a good thing with the Pelicans and I still say if he can't cut his weight Zion will get hurt with knee or ankle injuries and it will sideline him. The Grizzlies have good peices but I saw all of Morant's games at Murray State in person and I'm sorry but the level of competition at an OVC team vs the NBA is not an easy jump and other Murray State guards have failed major league in the hype. While Morant has a high potential I fear his high turnover rates and competition step up will take a couple years to get over if he ever does. So many young stars is looking great for the future of the NBA.

  • Diego Gómez De la Garza

    You forgot the spurs young core with
    Dejounte murray 22
    Lonnie walker 20
    Derrick white 25
    Jakob poetl 23
    Bryn forbes 26

  • Dhruv Pathak
    Dhruv Pathak 5 months ago

    Raps with Siakam, OG, FVV, Norm, RHJ, and the goat management in the league

  • Drew Oss
    Drew Oss 5 months ago

    3 draft picks you seem to have forgot carsen edwards

  • Kenny kimadre
    Kenny kimadre 5 months ago

    Kp and luka is better than simmons and.embidd

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 5 months ago

    He just said that Barnes is 27 and isn’t in the young core but oh the 26 year old is real young

  • Pat Lani
    Pat Lani 5 months ago

    how can you forget Carson Edwards?

  • Aun Taqvi
    Aun Taqvi 5 months ago

    Terrible list. How are the knicks not there. The average player age there is 24. Dsj, rj, knox, mitchell robinson all have potential to be stars. Randle could have been an allstar this yr if he didnt play for such small market and in the west. Allonzo, dotson, portis can be some of the best role players in the league. I would put them past the bulls. I would prob rank sac a bit higher too

  • Drew Grissom
    Drew Grissom 5 months ago

    barnes is like 6 mo younger than hield

  • Roberto Gagarin
    Roberto Gagarin 5 months ago

    Damn mans forgot about the timberwolves

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar 5 months ago

    Free agency is over? So no Melo and Smith?

  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation 5 months ago

    Karl Anthony towns andrew Wiggins Jarrett culver josh okogie jordan Bell?

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 5 months ago +4

    Plz don’t break my heart bulls are in at LEAST and I mean AT LEAST top 5 easy lavine markannen and carter are bout to have a breakout season..... I admit tho Otto got a dookie contract

    • Michael Cunnningham
      Michael Cunnningham 3 months ago +1

      I agree. The Bulls have a top 5 core. Not included is Daniel Gafford, and Luke Kornet. They'll be huge adds. Other teams might have a better top 2, but the Bulls like the Nuggets, Celtics, and maybe the Hawks are stacked w/ potential franchise changers.

  • Jennifer Pyrcioch
    Jennifer Pyrcioch 5 months ago

    You are awesome ⛹🏼‍♂️🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • stelzi290888
    stelzi290888 5 months ago

    Trea Young and John Collins aren´t near being stars, sorry but that will take at least another season

  • Gmac
    Gmac 5 months ago +1

    No Knicks? Mitchell Robinson, RJ Barret, Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith jr is a great young core

  • Chan Bawi Bik
    Chan Bawi Bik 5 months ago


  • XxsnipezxX Beast
    XxsnipezxX Beast 5 months ago

    Boston has Kemba Walker: STARTING ALL STAR
    Are u ok

  • Gswaldo12
    Gswaldo12 5 months ago

    No Cavs? Kpj Devin windler Darius Garland Collin Sexton, cedi osman, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance marquice chriss and ante zizic

  • T NoSu
    T NoSu 5 months ago +1

    Wtf where is NYK????? Damn haters

  • Jax Melancon
    Jax Melancon 5 months ago

    Where the hell is the nets