'That's disgusting': Wallaroos captain Liz Patu faces ban after biting scandal

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • The captain of the Wallaroos Liz Patu may face a lengthy ban after she was alleged to have bitten RugbyWA second-rower Rebecca Clough.
    New Zealand-born Queenslander will appear before a Rugby Australia hearing. Patu took over the captaincy Australia’s women’s rugby team in 2018
    Wallaroos captain Liz Patu facing lengthy ban after alleged biting
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  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 5 months ago +1

    Mike Tyson: thats my girl 😂

    • DrMGTOW
      DrMGTOW 4 months ago

      Luis Suarez: That's my sis! :D

  • Lionel4482
    Lionel4482 5 months ago

    That's hot😍. I'd give her the D for biting me like that

  • Joshua Lanki
    Joshua Lanki 5 months ago

    Is she Australian? Lol what a shame!!!

  • PureKEK
    PureKEK 5 months ago +1

    She doesnt bite.. Thats called EATING

  • WhatSideOfTheBed DidYouWakeUpOn

    She should go play for her own country.

  • Dave Ellwood
    Dave Ellwood 5 months ago +1

    Probably just hungry.. although by the look of her she does not need a feed 😁

  • Noel Brown
    Noel Brown 5 months ago +2

    Proud to be a Kiwi... No I am not!! Disgusting Disappointed you should leave the game you should have a life ban. Hey you disgusting woman you could be a carrier of contagious and fatal viral disease that of of dogs and other mammals, transmissible through the saliva to humans and causing madness and convulsions. YOU SUCK

    • Noel Brown
      Noel Brown 5 months ago

      Perhaps the "Proud to be a Kiwi" was the wrong term of words, if you can not converse on open forum then keep your opinions to yourself. Maybe I am David Cunliffe in disguise?😎