Alton Brown Rigorously Reviews Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Alton Brown is a food-TV trailblazer, award-winning author, and all-around culinary powerhouse. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the Iron Chef America host sits down for his date with Sean Evans and the wings of death. As he meticulously reorders the hot sauces according to his own ranking, Alton tackles everything from the history of food television, to Eminem lyrics, to the art of sabering a bottle of champagne. Do you agree with his pick for the best food movie of all time? Find out in this episode with one of most insightful voices in food.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  5 months ago +4954

    For those who have tried all the you agree with Alton's ratings??

    • Baird McCarthy
      Baird McCarthy Day ago

      First We Feast yes, I also think 9/11 was the best thing to ever happen to the food network

    • Monty Leverett
      Monty Leverett 2 days ago

      I will go with his ratings without tasting them.

    • vhulheim
      vhulheim 2 days ago

      I like to use Da Bomb in mexican rice - it doesn't seem to combine well with chicken wings imo..

    • Peter Gattuso
      Peter Gattuso 2 days ago

      Alton Brown is a food snob. You worry about what people are buying in the grocery store so much that you walk out? Wow! Get out of here!

    • Syldaz Nuna
      Syldaz Nuna 3 days ago

      Don't understand why you've discontinued hot ones sauces......

  • WarmNoodles
    WarmNoodles Hour ago

    The fucking degenerative mongoloid that is Sean Evans has gained weight over the years, it’s actually laughable! Is there something like Social Darwinism but for overweight people not being able to lose weight?

  • Likeaspeed6
    Likeaspeed6 2 hours ago

    How dare you Alton! Buffalo has the best chicken wings in the world.

  • Andy Ashton
    Andy Ashton 2 hours ago

    Look! They have the same hairdresser!

  • Mike
    Mike 3 hours ago

    Buffalo has the best chicken wings hands down! I would say the more famous places like the original anchor bar do not have the best chicken wings, you need to go to the dive bars and small family owned pizza places to get the best chicken wings. The best place to go would be Bar Bill, its a tiny place but get the wings and beef on weck you would not be disappointed.

  • henryv1598
    henryv1598 3 hours ago

    Mr. Brown, I love your work and generally consider you an expert on most food-based questions. But, I have to tell you that your recommendation of using alcohol (you specifically mention tequila) to reduce the burn from capsaicin is about the worst thing you can do. I say this from personal experience. Several years back I made my own salsa (I still do from time to time). In this instance, I had gone heavy on the habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. I was sitting, watching a Red Sox game, and scarfing down chips with my salsa when I started realizing the burn was getting a bit overwhelming. So went looking for a salve for my pain. In my experience, the three best solutions are straight sugar allowed to dissolve on the tongue, bread (also allowed to dissolve on the tongue), and milk or cream (which you turned to). But, at the time, being a bachelor right out of college, sharing an apartment with a friend, and barely keeping food in the fridge, I had none of these in stock at the time. (Well, I DID have milk... but it was significantly past its safe to drink date). I was scrambling to find a solution to the growing nuclear fire in my mouth, when my pain-impaired brain started thinking about the chemistry. My understanding was that it was the oil from the peppers which contained the capsacin. And I knew that alcohol was good for breaking down oils. And I had a well-stocked liquor cabinet (we had little food, but plenty of booze). So I reached in the cupboard, pulled out a bottle of Bushmills, and poured myself a shot worth. I set the bottle aside, took the glass, and drew into my mouth about 1/2 of the shot. I swished it around my mouth, in order to to get all of the heat, then swallowed and began screaming. The alcohol did something to magnify the pain. I've been told it was due to the way the alcohol opens up the taste buds. Whether it does or not, the heat went from 11 to about 11 billion. I have never before or since felt this kind of pain. What finally saved me was a carton of cheap, freezer burned vanilla ice cream. That ice cream, allowed to melt on my tongue, did the trick. But I can, without question, say that alcohol, in particularly distilled liquor, is the worst thing I can think of to quench the flames of capsacin.

  • Ben Copeland
    Ben Copeland 3 hours ago

    AB has a quick wit

  • Michael Moison
    Michael Moison 4 hours ago

    There's some nerds in here

  • The Xardas
    The Xardas 4 hours ago

    good eats was and probably till today is the best food show.

  • Ryan Ebrecht
    Ryan Ebrecht 4 hours ago

    So, where do I go to buy me some of that Fiery Chipotle?

  • Doug Hannon
    Doug Hannon 4 hours ago

    In defense of Buffalo, while the two big tourist traps (Anchor Bar & Duff's) HAVE fallen off, there are still tons of amazing places for chicken wings in Buffalo. That said, chicken wings aren't exactly rocket science to make, and I would be a fool to think that no other cities can produce good wings as well.

  • Kristen Strader
    Kristen Strader 5 hours ago

    What an honor for Alton to love the Hot Ones sauces!!

  • Helluva
    Helluva 7 hours ago

    father and son

  • californiacurt
    californiacurt 8 hours ago

    But I LOVE Del Taco!

  • branfeather
    branfeather 9 hours ago

    Love this person, he inspires me to be better than I am.

  • Quillons1
    Quillons1 10 hours ago

    He's a brilliant guy, I've been a fan for a long time. But he came across like a complete douche here. I found him condescending. People like what they like but if he doesn't like's crap. He has such an understanding of food and the science that goes into it that rarely can "normal" people reach that level. I hope I NEVER reach that level because then you start hating most of the food out there. I WANT to go to a hot dog stand and get a shitty chili dog from time to time and not feel like I'm with someone that is going to say he can only eat a chili dog he paid $25 for. Also, as a pilot, his flight instructor must've had a rough time trying to teach him. That's just a guess but I know the "type" in an airplane. Not fun to teach at all.

  • Valli Weidemann
    Valli Weidemann 10 hours ago

    I freaking love Alton Brown

  • Laidy Legs
    Laidy Legs 10 hours ago

    What a boss

  • diggerthecornflake
    diggerthecornflake 11 hours ago

    I don’t why, I love this episode. Alton Brown, I love his mind.

  • Riffs From The Abyss 666

    Do one with Jason Mamoa 😎

  • Benjamin Froehlich
    Benjamin Froehlich 11 hours ago

    Someone needs to teach Alton Brown how to eat with his mouth closed and not smacking his lips.

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 11 hours ago

    Yeah buffalo doesn’t have the best wings, but Chicago is still keeping it good with their deep dish.

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham 13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who is most excited about the announcement of a Good Eats reboot! That made my month!

  • regularwonderland
    regularwonderland 13 hours ago

    I forgot how much I loved Alton 🙌

  • Carlos Muñoz
    Carlos Muñoz 13 hours ago

    When your favorite TV's host, comes back on October like a Zombie to taste the hell of the hot sauce.

  • Apexx27
    Apexx27 13 hours ago

    i really liked this guest

  • PassionateLobster
    PassionateLobster 14 hours ago

    Fuck you Alton Brown I keep Captain Crunch in my wine cellar.

  • Jason Winn
    Jason Winn 14 hours ago

    He snuck in that drink of half n glad right before he ate the last wing, trying to protect his tongue

  • Dakota Schmalz
    Dakota Schmalz 14 hours ago

    amazing review

  • Dammlol
    Dammlol 14 hours ago

    2 eggs talking to each other

  • รєภtเєภt
    รєภtเєภt 15 hours ago

    Finally Alton got on. Been waiting for that

  • Brian Rowe
    Brian Rowe 15 hours ago

    AB rocks!

  • Aprolite
    Aprolite 17 hours ago

    Hope the wings are some Good Eats.

  • suicidal.banana
    suicidal.banana 17 hours ago +1

    So like, where do i get them skittles :o

  • Heartless Romeo
    Heartless Romeo 18 hours ago

    Does this guy not seem full of himself?

  • iacovus79
    iacovus79 18 hours ago

    Excellent guest. Best food show host there is!

  • Joshua Klochak
    Joshua Klochak 20 hours ago

    Walton brown is a straight up dick fuck. Fuck that asshole. One of the worst on food network. Just listen to his dickhead intro.

  • Trippy Moak
    Trippy Moak 20 hours ago

    I heard Good Eats Reboot. I'm in

  • Normie Doggy
    Normie Doggy 21 hour ago

    This guy is the O.G.

  • Laundry Faerie
    Laundry Faerie 21 hour ago

    I'm old enough to remember when Alton Brown had hair.

    • Laundry Faerie
      Laundry Faerie 21 hour ago

      Also old enough to remember when he was still engaging and charming and hadn't completely succumbed to bitterness. But I'm pretty old.

  • Rachel Kirkpatrick
    Rachel Kirkpatrick 23 hours ago

    Hey man, nuthin wrong with Del Taco

  • Dakota Lloyd
    Dakota Lloyd Day ago

    Alton brown
    Gordon Ramsey
    Emeril Lagasse
    Food God's.

  • generalnawaki
    generalnawaki Day ago

    this man is proof that white people can handle spice. suck a dick all none white people who think we assume mayonnaise is hot.

  • Ikon
    Ikon Day ago

    I can see by the likes that Alton browns fan have came through
    This has honestly been one of my favorite "hotones" episodes of all time!
    ALTON is a food genius. I loved the little sentimental music at the great episode guys!
    Can't wait for #goodeats

  • donkeydarko77
    donkeydarko77 Day ago

    Alton is a treasure.

  • Midway Mafia
    Midway Mafia Day ago

    Good Eats is coming back hell yeah

  • Ken Marsche
    Ken Marsche Day ago

    Alton is fucking hysterical, I'd love to smoke a blunt with him.

  • Dank frank Horrigan

    Gordon ramsey or we riot

  • Luke Freedman
    Luke Freedman Day ago

    7:16 Did he just drink hot sauce straight from the bottle?

  • cronx1337
    cronx1337 Day ago

    When bowling pins come to life

  • Marilyn Evon
    Marilyn Evon Day ago

    Food Genius Alton, is quality informative entertainment. Remember watching 'Good Eats' and *Loving* that!

  • F Garcia
    F Garcia Day ago

    Outstanding episode!

  • ItsNotTrue
    ItsNotTrue Day ago

    "Maddog 365"


  • Outta Thyme567
    Outta Thyme567 Day ago

    The calcium in milk binds with the hot pepper - not the fat

  • john jaekels
    john jaekels Day ago

    if you question eminems choice of captain crunch, done even comment bruh. smh.

  • chaquel mix
    chaquel mix Day ago


  • Zach Hollander
    Zach Hollander Day ago

    Fuck outta here with that Alton, I have yet to find better wings as far as 90 mins outside of buffalo, you don’t know shit

  • Mainerd Loyd
    Mainerd Loyd Day ago

    I know this is old but I can see the Eminem one working as I can picture him with a ziplock bag of Cap'n Crunch in his pocket replacing his weed since he has kids.

  • Andres Andino Jr.

    Just tried to buy your hot sauce that Alton loved but it’s discontinued?? That’s really disappointing. I would love to have tried it.

  • Christopher Brown

    Great episode! Very fun.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Day ago

    @17:32 Hot damn Alton just danced around that question like he was a salsa instructor.

  • Shane Gabriel
    Shane Gabriel Day ago

    It is cute that one of the reviewers of your hot sauce on the heatonist website is Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago. Like I said. cute. Perhaps cuter if he is not just a fictional John Hughes character.

  • Work Hardened
    Work Hardened Day ago

    Hitchcock was the easy answer. There’s way better directors now but Alton’s high nose didn’t want to pick a favorite.

  • Zach M
    Zach M Day ago

    Good eats is coming back yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!

  • Espresso
    Espresso Day ago

    You guys should try getting Jack Stauber!

  • Justin Dillard
    Justin Dillard Day ago

    This is the best one by far. God I love Alton Brown.

  • Zeluth
    Zeluth Day ago

    Haha! Well, yum, then!

  • Skill Cosby
    Skill Cosby Day ago

    he takes a sip of milk first then eats the wing. its really smart, it doesn't give the oil a chance to embed itself in his tongue. this guy is super smart.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez Day ago

    Top hot one

  • ChiliConQueso
    ChiliConQueso Day ago

    (3:07) At 550 scoville, I'm amazed they can even call that hot sauce. Regular Tabasco is over 3,000.

  • iamrichrocker
    iamrichrocker Day ago

    i love Alton,,but he seems off at times here..trying to hard maybe? and he looks like he just came off a bender..tired from the road and schedule? anyway..i miss his Good Eats show back when...

  • Ms K Jones
    Ms K Jones Day ago

    Can you imagine having a family member or close friend like that Alton Brown character. He is so friggen great.

  • Lou Eckert
    Lou Eckert Day ago

    Way too much self-agrandisement, way too little review. Too much filler. Get to the meat, please!

  • Bubba Damit
    Bubba Damit Day ago

    Isn't it Alton and not Elton? LOL

  • trblessed1020
    trblessed1020 Day ago

    I love Alton Brown so much

  • m .r.b
    m .r.b Day ago

    😂 the lip smackin after he picks up the hot ones bottle lol

  • Stephan Reichelt

    Bill Nye of food:)

  • Grayve Rose
    Grayve Rose Day ago

    Thought you had Bill Burr on for a second, looks just like him in the small thumbnail

  • alex duran
    alex duran Day ago

    mans a savage

  • Maureen Seel
    Maureen Seel Day ago

    Basically in love with Alton Brown. He's cute, funny and intelligent. Good Eats will always be one of my favorite Food Network shows.

  • wogboym8
    wogboym8 Day ago

    is that the RZA - Drama I hear at 10:56?

  • Isabel Johnson
    Isabel Johnson Day ago

    Alton is such a lovely person.

  • heyMommaToni
    heyMommaToni Day ago

    I used to be obsessed with Food Network but then it got too...showy. But I, to this day, will watch anything with Alton Brown. Entertaining and he gets into the science of it and that gets me every time. Loved this episode!

  • ghostdtx
    ghostdtx Day ago

    One of the best ones of this entire series I have witnessed
    And i just makes me love Alton more

  • ghostdtx
    ghostdtx Day ago

    Yall look like blood brothers

  • Jerod Christiansen

    That 24 minutes flew by! Thanks for having this show up in my feed TVclip. Great video. I love Alton Brown.

  • RFC3514
    RFC3514 Day ago

    20:44 - "I'm thirsty" - Yeah, right. So thirsty you just had to drink and then cover the inside of your mouth with cream right before the last one. Lame. And, based on what I've heard from people who worked with him, not particularly surprising.

  • Catalina Contreras
    Catalina Contreras 2 days ago

    I love good eats!!! 😊

  • taylorvanamburgh
    taylorvanamburgh 2 days ago

    seems like a cool dude

  • ShinKyuubi
    ShinKyuubi 2 days ago

    I'm from the south like my boy Alton here, and one of the worst thing's I've ever seen is I went up north once...way way up north, to west coast..and the hotel I stayed at served mushroom cream gravy with their grandma and I nearly had a fit, now to understand that, my grandmother was VERY old fashioned southern breakfast. Buttermilk Biscuits, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, grits, red eye gravy and classic southern gravy made with bacon fat, that was the kinda breakfast my grandma served every weekend to the family so to have a gravy we usually associate with 'fancy steak dinner' for a breakfast meal? We were pretty shocked and more than a little upset..pancakes were good though. I will say that when it comes to spicy food I've only recently gotten into spicier foods and sauces and I usually prefer sweet heat..something with some honey to it will always put a smile on my face..honey makes a lot of things good..especially Sourwood honey.

  • turtletowers
    turtletowers 2 days ago

    This guy puts alot of thought into his answers

  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey Hotwings

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants 2 days ago

    Alton talking the HOT off! And the cool, I'm thirsty half and half coating before it came. Loved the whole thing.

  • GamerGuy
    GamerGuy 2 days ago


  • Erica in Neverland
    Erica in Neverland 2 days ago

    Thank God "Good Eats" is coming back

  • Stephen Evelyn
    Stephen Evelyn 2 days ago

    Alton is brilliant on every thing I've seen him in

  • John Grams
    John Grams 2 days ago

    I like the intro feel

  • Jessica Gruszewski
    Jessica Gruszewski 2 days ago

    I’ll concede that Duff’s is mediocre but how dare you, Alton?

  • Charisha Wolfe-Arnold

    Been watching since Good Eats...I just knew I was going to learn more about the sauces. Didn't disappoint...always Alton. 🙂💖

  • death to septiplier
    death to septiplier 2 days ago