Alton Brown Rigorously Reviews Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Alton Brown is a food-TV trailblazer, award-winning author, and all-around culinary powerhouse. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the Iron Chef America host sits down for his date with Sean Evans and the wings of death. As he meticulously reorders the hot sauces according to his own ranking, Alton tackles everything from the history of food television, to Eminem lyrics, to the art of sabering a bottle of champagne. Do you agree with his pick for the best food movie of all time? Find out in this episode with one of most insightful voices in food.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  10 months ago +6067

    For those who have tried all the you agree with Alton's ratings??

    • doug russell
      doug russell 2 days ago

      First We Feast salesmen of the year I want what he’s got

    • nathan taffijn
      nathan taffijn 3 days ago +1

      Dawsons crap a pun on the show name Dawson's creek lol.

    • AngelsINIDemonsCafe
      AngelsINIDemonsCafe 10 days ago

      Yes I do. Best Review so far. Well Done ... FWF Crew

    • BassMonster Adsit
      BassMonster Adsit 16 days ago

      I know he's a good ole southern boy, but I did not image he's be able to nonchalauntly hang like he did. Old school Good Eats fan here. Great episode!!

    • achanwahn
      achanwahn 21 day ago

      +Cleveland Maker
      I think he meant chips, cookies, shells'n'cheese kinda things. My hubby & I are pretty broke most of the time, so cooking at home helps a lot. Honestly, if you get into a rhythm of what you like to use, you end up saving money and using fresher, more quality ingredients. Like the day I found out you can wash & freeze mushrooms was the best day ever! No more tinned shrooms for me! & I find homemade sauces are super $$ savers, but you have to think ahead. Like, I keep heavy cream, butter, eggs & grated parmesan on a daily basis for multiple uses. Those can make a basic Alfredo to feed 6 and what didn't get thrown in can be used separately or together on a dozen other dishes. So it becomes cost effective. Now I can make a meal to feed a family of 4 at an average cost between $4 to $12 a meal -- that would have cost $50 for 4 at a restaurant.
      Quality doesn't need to be organic or from central market whatever kind of places. Half the time I buy at Wal-Mart or Aldi. Quality is healthy, fresh foods. It's cheaper than eating out at even MacDonald's once you learn your rhythm & a heck of a lot healthier.

  • Gustavo Theking45
    Gustavo Theking45 16 hours ago

    7:00 best part my man is a Savage with the review review

  • Joe Vicarious
    Joe Vicarious 17 hours ago

    Louisiana. #2? C'mon man 😂. Is he that big of a puss

  • David Hill
    David Hill 18 hours ago


  • Debbie Rhode
    Debbie Rhode 19 hours ago

    I loved this episode!

  • Tison
    Tison 21 hour ago

    Alton Brown throwing all the shade

  • Robert Carlson
    Robert Carlson Day ago

    By far one of my favorites next to Rachel Ray. And they made Gordon Ramsey look really weak.

  • Vinicius Betini
    Vinicius Betini Day ago

    We've had many guys, including Gordon, but this is still my favorite episode

  • Ricardo D
    Ricardo D Day ago

    He's making a priority queue with the bottles.. Ha! High five! CS majors! .. no? anybody? okay..

  • bigpuff714
    bigpuff714 2 days ago

    Hot ones sauces taste like shit

  • peachjedi
    peachjedi 2 days ago

    "Pretty soon you''re Del Taco."
    OH GOD.

  • mattachup
    mattachup 2 days ago

    I love how Alton goes I could fix this sauce. He is the man for not only criticizing the flavor profile of each sauce individually and taking the heat.

  • Cubicle Adonis
    Cubicle Adonis 2 days ago

    Best episode yet!!

  • Matt Keating
    Matt Keating 2 days ago

    I feel like hellfire would have been good for him.

  • Raygan Burch
    Raygan Burch 2 days ago

    Do try guys!!

  • Jack Bulik
    Jack Bulik 2 days ago

    when he said eminem i was really expecting mom's spaghetti

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 2 days ago

    7:20 fuck that noise, it does absolutely nothing for the flavor or experience.

  • doug russell
    doug russell 2 days ago

    I want Brown to make a sauce for u somewhere in the middle of the road

  • doug russell
    doug russell 2 days ago

    Newport Vt we’ve got the airport and restaurant. Come check us out

  • doug russell
    doug russell 2 days ago

    Best guest by far didn’t miss a beat with the heat

  • XFreedomPrimeX
    XFreedomPrimeX 2 days ago

    fuck you, yours truly. buffalo.

  • XFreedomPrimeX
    XFreedomPrimeX 3 days ago

    fuck this d bag.

  • Armando Boensel
    Armando Boensel 3 days ago

    That was an awesome video

  • Nathan Moss
    Nathan Moss 3 days ago

    Whos such a cry baby that they leave a store because of what someone else buys? Prissy cunt

  • Robert Topham
    Robert Topham 3 days ago

    Im watching all older stuff try maynard James Keenan you keep putting randoms and pussy pop stars bring it up a not and btw love Henry Rollins even thou he is a homo activist and a tyrannical idivual that supports a communist and would have first blood on sight you need to hqve more real people i like this guy but i swear it would be better with metal personas

  • Kaitlyn Cox
    Kaitlyn Cox 3 days ago +1

    Loved this so much!

  • GayFrogExpert
    GayFrogExpert 3 days ago

    Who the fuck said Tampa has the Lock on cuban sandwiches? When the largest population of Cubans in the US is only a few hours south!

  • Teo Garner
    Teo Garner 3 days ago

    He shaded the company making the hot ones sauces😂😂

  • Amelia
    Amelia 3 days ago

    Loved this!!! I totally agree with his ranking too! Except haven't tried last day yet...

  • Merlinshabbit
    Merlinshabbit 3 days ago

    Love It . Best one yet

  • mjay2u
    mjay2u 4 days ago

    I think this was my favorite.

  • Maurice Maynard
    Maurice Maynard 4 days ago

    AWESOME show, love Alton...

  • Noah Gainer
    Noah Gainer 4 days ago

    New guests: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jeff Gordon, and Marshawn Lynch

  • Kencomp1
    Kencomp1 4 days ago

    Alton is the best.

  • Teddy Li
    Teddy Li 4 days ago

    We want jackie chan

  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast 4 days ago

    I don''t eat on airplanes because then I have to poop. And I don't poop on airplanes.

  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast 4 days ago

    The only one of these worth watching.

  • llewelyn Bloodeye
    llewelyn Bloodeye 4 days ago

    Super fun episode.

  • Kameron Landis
    Kameron Landis 4 days ago

    I don't think anyone has ever handled the sauces as well as Alton Brown

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 4 days ago

    Alton Brown made Ramsey look like a bitch.

  • Brad Anderson
    Brad Anderson 4 days ago

    GREAT video . . . Great!!

  • Glitch Fish
    Glitch Fish 4 days ago

    Why does he look black in the thumbnail jw

  • Howie K
    Howie K 4 days ago

    Pretentious ahole.

  • Lauren Tong
    Lauren Tong 4 days ago

    I earned a degree in food science because of Alton ♥️♥️ Good Eats was absolutely my drive when i was younger and Reloaded makes me sooo happy.

  • jmbad
    jmbad 5 days ago

    He takes one small bite of the wing and throws them in the trash. And complains about everything. I can't stand him. Sorry.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 5 days ago

    Brown is seriously intellectual. Impressive !

  • chrohm
    chrohm 5 days ago

    the hair on the back of his suit is driving me nuts

  • Jerry Sutter, Jr.
    Jerry Sutter, Jr. 5 days ago

    Alton Brown can go suck a fatty. It's not Buffalo's fault his people made shit recommendations for places to get wings while he was here. BTW, his show was f***king terrible.

    • Jerry Sutter, Jr.
      Jerry Sutter, Jr. 5 days ago

      For the record, in his early days, Alton was one of my heroes and inspired me to be a better cook and to understand what cooking is on a scientific level, marrying food and science in a way that made both better. Now he's just an elitist, nasty old man who has spent too many years buying into his own hype. It's heartbreaking.

  • zeraldo jiblets
    zeraldo jiblets 5 days ago

    you guys should have a bald buddy club. LOL

  • BloodWolf 2000
    BloodWolf 2000 5 days ago

    Omg i love Alton Brown

  • 83rdox
    83rdox 5 days ago

    Nice segway from him being killed with a tie to anthony bourdain

  • kibaandcheza
    kibaandcheza 5 days ago

    Alton brown a badass

  • troy j
    troy j 5 days ago

    Gordon comes on the show brings several bottles of lemon juice, doughnuts to mitigate the heat
    Alton: here's my glass of half and half

  • Brian Tinsman
    Brian Tinsman 5 days ago

    This guy is so gay my teeth hurt

  • Kyle Bowles
    Kyle Bowles 5 days ago

    Laughed out loud constantly throughout the episode! Alton was more firey than the sauces!

  • Inez Benizri
    Inez Benizri 6 days ago

    Yes to him

  • Inez Benizri
    Inez Benizri 6 days ago

    I love him

  • Inez Benizri
    Inez Benizri 6 days ago

    What a sexy Alton

  • gregory Waltz
    gregory Waltz 6 days ago

    Why would you go to Tampa for a Cuban sandwich? Miami is the place the go

  • Miss Lotus
    Miss Lotus 6 days ago

    I love Alton, I started watcing him on Good Eats, I love how he scienced up cooking, btw his corn dog recipe will be the best you ever have❤, don't forget to serve it with a great beer.

  • Sky Sorceress
    Sky Sorceress 6 days ago

    I wonder if the McElroys would ever go on hot ones...

  • Joe Vicarious
    Joe Vicarious 6 days ago

    You're obviously Fabulous

  • WedgeOfSpite
    WedgeOfSpite 6 days ago

    And damn, not bothered by the hotness. Goals.

  • Mewrin
    Mewrin 6 days ago

    Should have gone to south FL For a Cuban sandwich.... thats literally where most of the cubans go to begin with not TAMPA

  • Klaus Fodersteig
    Klaus Fodersteig 6 days ago

    Stopped the video to go listen to "Grandmom forgot to brine the bird". Omg!! Totally worth it!

  • cerberusdest
    cerberusdest 6 days ago

    So true what Alton said about instagram

  • Helen Souris
    Helen Souris 6 days ago

    Alton Brown looks like Sean's dad

  • Teddy Rousseau
    Teddy Rousseau 6 days ago

    I have never wanted to fuck Alton Brown as badly as I do right now

  • ccRask
    ccRask 6 days ago

    This is absolutely my favorite interview tbh!

  • Moriah Silvers
    Moriah Silvers 6 days ago

    Alton Brown = my forever idol and one damn good Dawg

  • Simply Bismuth
    Simply Bismuth 7 days ago

    Hold on a minute, what does live the tradition mean???

  • Nehemiah Marcus
    Nehemiah Marcus 7 days ago

    Alton Brown is the man! Gordon Ramsey wimped out towards the end but Alton stood up all the way to the gave a good critique I could understand. So much better than Gordon!

  • Tahyr Kent
    Tahyr Kent 7 days ago

    ayyyy shout out from Trinidad and Tobago

  • Wesley Joo
    Wesley Joo 7 days ago

    there is a man who can’t feel spice i forget his name but he was on the steve harvey show. please find him and put him on

  • Raul A.R
    Raul A.R 7 days ago

    Alton Brown, Gordon Ramsay the best guests. And surprisingly funny.

  • Carrie Klu
    Carrie Klu 7 days ago

    Sean is really enjoying himself, Alton is fast pace and can handle the heat so the interview is spot on.

  • cadet cirrus
    cadet cirrus 7 days ago

    this man is immortal holy shit

  • Eric Stanger
    Eric Stanger 7 days ago

    Inciteful.... enough said

  • Crystian Manuel
    Crystian Manuel 7 days ago

    He took it like a beast

  • MrLuridan
    MrLuridan 7 days ago +1

    Least favorite guest. A bit snobbish, pretentious, and guarded. Not the best.

  • orangeandblack
    orangeandblack 7 days ago

    Alton Brown is up there w Burr as a favorite guest. Love the guy. Don't find him snarky at all.

  • Tee
    Tee 7 days ago

    The lobster bisque answer 😂

  • Chris Chaney
    Chris Chaney 8 days ago

    Pretentious Prick! Dont like, love to hate. Annoying as hell.

  • MrKErocks
    MrKErocks 8 days ago

    I would request premium ice cream to help kill the heat...

  • 21368xray
    21368xray 8 days ago

    Best guest ever by a mile!

  • Caroline Littel
    Caroline Littel 8 days ago

    Watching Joji's episode then watching this is absolutely unreal

  • Viserion Targaryen
    Viserion Targaryen 8 days ago

    I'd kill to see a food show by Guillermo del Toro

  • Erik
    Erik 8 days ago

    I thought he was a shill for toothpaste.

  • aaazore
    aaazore 8 days ago

    I’ve watched many many episodes and this is one of the best! Great insight from Alton, but as always great hosting/interviewing from Sean, and in this ep - the *most epic music ever!!!*

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 8 days ago

    Sean, why do you keep calling him "Elton?" 0:22 4:57 22:59

  • Xander PGK
    Xander PGK 8 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Alton looks like he's gonna turn into Hizenburg at some point?

  • SCGunDog
    SCGunDog 8 days ago

    "I wanna say bring the heat but you don't seem to be able to do that."
    Here after Gordon's episode. Alton is even more fucking savage than Gordon Ramsay

  • Kayleen Howey
    Kayleen Howey 8 days ago

    I love Alton! He's so great! Lol

  • Canby Norman
    Canby Norman 9 days ago

    What's wrong with eating mayonnaise by the spoonful?

  • Sapphirelia
    Sapphirelia 9 days ago

    Sean doesn't realize he's staring into the eyes of himself, who has undergone an incredible fusion with Vsauce and has come from the future to bestow wisdom upon him and his wings of death.

  • Jeremy Metcalf
    Jeremy Metcalf 9 days ago

    He's spot on with the Cuban sandwiches in Tampa. Most places use lunch meats to cut costs.

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Wow. I'm thoroughly convinced that Alton is legitimately a genius.

  • She Ryl
    She Ryl 9 days ago

    Mark Wiens should be on this show

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 9 days ago +38

    That man taught me at least 50% of what I know about food. I'm not talking about how to cook, but about food. Good Eats was amazing, because you don't walk away with a recipe. You walk away with insight.
    Any other show would teach you how to make hot chocolate, Altons show taught you how to make chocolate. Who invented chocolate. When it's best used. What to look for in quality. Why it's ideal for a hot dairy based beverage. It was was like understanding ingredients, was *way* more important, than the recipes you use them in.

  • Gloria Estrada
    Gloria Estrada 9 days ago

    I love Alton, but he seemed kind of douche-y here. :/