Rynx & TMG - Club Poor (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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    Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
    Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
    1st AD Peter Etherington
    Production Designer Marie Marchant
    Colored by RKM Studios
    Noel Miller
    Cody Ko
    Special thanks to Cassius Pettit
    Special thanks to Spock
    #tmg #rynx #clubpoor

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  • Relaxingrock965
    Relaxingrock965 14 hours ago


  • YAIP Games
    YAIP Games Day ago

    Anyone else wondering why Evan n the bartender was arguin XD

    • Zac
      Zac 23 hours ago

      Paying with coins

  • VOLL
    VOLL Day ago

    Is rynx vanoss?

  • Deadwalker_LP2 229

    I saw you tryna sneak Evan in there lmao

  • aok
    aok Day ago +1

    yo does anyone know where to get that hoodie cody is wearing?

  • Blue Lemon
    Blue Lemon Day ago

    0:26 tHeY sPelLeD RYNX wRoNG😳

  • unkeyboardinated.
    unkeyboardinated. Day ago +1

    a house drop would've been better :D the verses are fire though

  • Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight 2 days ago +1

    This is the biggest cross over. Evan Fong and Cody and Noel.

  • Capt_ Miz190
    Capt_ Miz190 3 days ago

    who is rnyx

  • Miles Anderson
    Miles Anderson 4 days ago +1

    I like how Evan is just sitting at the bar

  • Lucy Barrera
    Lucy Barrera 5 days ago +1

    two Canadian boys and Noel

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX 5 days ago

    an actual club hit the fucking chorus yoooo

  • kvng_ vyn
    kvng_ vyn 5 days ago

    Rynx 🔥🔥

  • queen moran
    queen moran 5 days ago

    this beat is so fire

  • Millie Nyabuto
    Millie Nyabuto 6 days ago

    This is actually too good...

  • MrKittyKat
    MrKittyKat 6 days ago +1

    I like how Vanoss is just an extra in the video, he'll appear every once in a while.

  • Laura Griseri
    Laura Griseri 6 days ago

    this is fire

  • jakeyboy851
    jakeyboy851 7 days ago

    This actually goes hard

  • Clara Azadegan
    Clara Azadegan 7 days ago

    This is just the 100% gay song beat 😐

  • StressedMango
    StressedMango 7 days ago


    LIL GINGER 7 days ago

    Rynx is vanoss btw

  • agent everestt
    agent everestt 9 days ago

    Noel:*sees bottled water*
    Noel:what is that?

  • jeff serne
    jeff serne 9 days ago +1

    ngl y'all misspelled Rynx in the beginning

  • Julie Alcin
    Julie Alcin 9 days ago

    Me asking for tap water in restaurants and clubs, lol

  • Roberto Carlos Alcala Clayton

    That basedrop is fucking hot 🔥

  • Marcelline Choisne
    Marcelline Choisne 9 days ago

    hey! that s effin good!

  • Kenziique
    Kenziique 10 days ago

    noel's voice in this i-

  • Basty
    Basty 10 days ago +1

    Wait am I the only one that noticed that they spelt rynx wrong in the start?
    Don’t get me wrong still an amazing song.

  • Agent Epsilon
    Agent Epsilon 11 days ago

    0:30 Evan paying for a drink in coins lmfao
    damn straight relatable

  • Matt Douglas
    Matt Douglas 11 days ago

    I love that the whole video was taken in one continuous shot

  • Adam Hussain
    Adam Hussain 12 days ago

    Did not clock how it’s vanoss paying with coins at the bar

  • Scotty Bugatti
    Scotty Bugatti 12 days ago

    That moment when you realize Rynx is Vanoss 🤯

  • WRP P R O P L A Y E R
    WRP P R O P L A Y E R 13 days ago


  • AlbyGaming
    AlbyGaming 13 days ago

    Did...did they misspell Rynx’s name? In the official music video?

    • Hunter W.
      Hunter W. 5 days ago

      I never noticed that until now

  • Timebyverse
    Timebyverse 13 days ago

    Omg vanoss is in the vid
    Edit: he the dude wearing a hat by the bar

  • Ryan Muszynski
    Ryan Muszynski 14 days ago

    i can feel they just had a fucking blast making this beat

  • Johnny Lozano
    Johnny Lozano 15 days ago

    3 Legends

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez 15 days ago

    Damn good song

  • Manta
    Manta 15 days ago

    This is a good song. Like, unironically

  • Lilabean
    Lilabean 16 days ago

    why does Noel have no forehead in this video?

  • Elwun L1
    Elwun L1 16 days ago

    Rynx and TMG are like chocolate and milk

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs 16 days ago

    Is that Vanoss?

    • Hunter W.
      Hunter W. 14 days ago +1

      For the millionth time, YES, Rynx is Evans music alias

  • Violet Ardehali
    Violet Ardehali 16 days ago

    Absolute BANGERRRRR

  • omaha nebraska
    omaha nebraska 17 days ago

    i just noticed Vanoss in the background at some scenes

  • I shit myself
    I shit myself 17 days ago +1

    Vanoss sings: YEEAAAH (with deep voicr
    Rynx: maybe ill rap

  • It'sJustLiam
    It'sJustLiam 18 days ago

    just a reminder that vanoss gaming made this beat

    • OnlyLuck
      OnlyLuck 14 days ago

      Just a reminder that vanoss is rynx, and he just had a bomb ass live show

  • Mimi Alison
    Mimi Alison 19 days ago

    As soon as noel started rapping I felt that.... I immediately felt jealous, my brain was fuck all the other stages... Jealousy is where were stopping. Anyways, noels taken so if you got his type voice feel free to hmu

  • julia
    julia 20 days ago

    this is a banger

  • spiralstaticbliss x
    spiralstaticbliss x 20 days ago

    "Oh imma end up on worldstar" shouldn't be such a sexy bar. But here we are.
    My comment is lowkey bars as well fuck

  • gingergamergirl98
    gingergamergirl98 20 days ago

    Evan did a really good job on the music for this song!

  • Legendary Gamer
    Legendary Gamer 20 days ago +1

    Walk man's video could have been as good as this

  • MrQb3rry
    MrQb3rry 20 days ago

    Needs lil dicky in the mix

  • Vault Girl
    Vault Girl 21 day ago

    ⛥ Ḃ̴̢Ä̸̝́R̶̪̕S̷͇̾ ⛥

  • Nat King Kong
    Nat King Kong 21 day ago +2

    Noel's directing and editing is sexier than his voice... I can't explain that

  • Whatever
    Whatever 21 day ago

    When I heard this song in a random playlist, when I heard the lyrics, I was like omg this is such a Cody and Noel song... wait it sounds like them as well..... AND IM JUST JDJFHD😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • eliseypoo
    eliseypoo 21 day ago

    I listen to this song pretty much every day.

  • Sam Noori
    Sam Noori 22 days ago

    2:18 ok im horny

  • of a adrian
    of a adrian 22 days ago

    so where are all the Vanoss comments?

  • Gerry
    Gerry 22 days ago +3

    It’s weird to think VanossGaming made the beat

  • Swaggy Iggy
    Swaggy Iggy 22 days ago +2

    Who’s here bec vanoss