Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (3 Bats Live)

  • Published on Feb 8, 2017
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    3 Bats Live is a music DVD by rock singer Meat Loaf. Recorded on March 18, 2007 at London, Ontario during his "Seize the Night" tour, it mainly features songs from the Bat Out of Hell trilogy.
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    Written by Jim Stienman • Copyright © Carlin America Inc.
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  • Phil Ry
    Phil Ry 8 hours ago

    Meatloaf You are amazing , thank you for all your hits , He is giving 100% , That is more than what some of the scum in this world do

  • Vincent Wagner
    Vincent Wagner 23 hours ago

    after watching this video..make me love this song even more.. and yes.. he is a true legend...

  • Dhea amanda
    Dhea amanda Day ago


  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 3 days ago

    Truly one of the greatest artists of the 70s. And as a testament to his strength, one of the very few to pull himself back from the depths of severe drug addiction and debt. He is also one of the most respected artists with in the industry. He looks younger now than he did 20 years ago.

  • Martin Duran
    Martin Duran 12 days ago +1

    Even though cant sing well, still performed like when he was young. Much respect for this man. Im 34 now and i still love his song even now.

  • arkir
    arkir 19 days ago

    Love this Bloke and love this track but in his efforts he has butchered this one.

  • Singha Biru
    Singha Biru 23 days ago

    I saw something on Imgr and comments were talking about the "that" and ended up here and now I have goosebumps because of his lyrics and the heart he puts into it.

  • Pine's Motion - Pictures Presents

    Some people: Meatloaf, you're aged, overweight, ill and your voice is not what it once was.
    It's time to let all this go.
    Meatloaf: Oh....
    Some people: I mean, we love ya man.
    Meatloaf: I would do anything for love.
    Some people: yea, I remember that song. Can't hit it now like you used to, huh?
    Meatloaf: yes...
    Some people: we care about you, that's why.
    Meatloaf: I would do anything for love...
    Some people: yes and we love you too.
    Meatloaf: And I would do anything for love..
    Some people: it's time to let go. There are newer and better singers out now. You were good in you're time but you won't be good like that again.
    Throw in the towel, admit it, you're done for.


  • Djordje Milkovic
    Djordje Milkovic 28 days ago

    MAN and a LEGEND !!!

  • Pau Corella
    Pau Corella Month ago


  • John Dunstan
    John Dunstan Month ago

    I definitely would do that 😜

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Month ago

    Would love to see him live... true legend

  • Gustavo Torices
    Gustavo Torices Month ago


  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Month ago

    Is there a TVclip vid with the rest of his story about the song? The full video of that part???

  • andy weinzirl
    andy weinzirl Month ago

    Hes still awesome in my book
    His a legend my respect for meat loaf great song👍

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams Month ago

    She wouldn't have sang that if he weren't screwing around

  • jason wong
    jason wong Month ago

    With a face like Chris Farley and sum sweet like Elvis, whats there not to like:)
    70 Years old WTF???? I hope I look that good at 70!!!!!

  • cahaps
    cahaps Month ago

    I was really young and in love when this song came out any time i hear it it always takes me back like it was yesterday

  • schoolgurl21
    schoolgurl21 Month ago

    Great actor and rocker.

  • Nancy Dee Beam
    Nancy Dee Beam Month ago

    I'd love too sing with this man!!!!

  • ButterCookie
    ButterCookie Month ago +7

    Wow..just wow..He sounds BETTER than all of this B.S. on the radio today

  • paul steven Lockley

    One rule about fight club 😉😡x x x x x pommmx x x

  • Gilbert McQuinn
    Gilbert McQuinn Month ago

    Did he made it to complete the live?

  • Heidi Kitty
    Heidi Kitty Month ago

    Was that Patti Russo?

  • Ryan Bugtong
    Ryan Bugtong Month ago +1

    Beauty and the beast

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Month ago

    Does anyone read the description? Recorded in 2007 when he was in his late 50s early 60s

  • Luke Robertson
    Luke Robertson 2 months ago +1

    He poured his heart and soul into music rest in peace

  • Independent Maverick
    Independent Maverick 2 months ago

    I love Meat Loaf. GOD knows!!!!

  • Kireii jvo
    Kireii jvo 2 months ago


  • Jan Bles
    Jan Bles 2 months ago

    One of the greatest singers. Beautiful, what an emotion

  • eLin Anggraini
    eLin Anggraini 2 months ago


  • Grant Davenport
    Grant Davenport 2 months ago

    Yeah he was a great entertainer and singer....years ago. Sorry but sometimes you need to know when to hang up the mic’....people pay a shitload of money for tickets to listen to him singing like he’s on Valium. Yeah we will all grow old but you’ve got to know when to bow out...sorry Mr Loaf but it’s time to kick back up with your feet up. This sounds alright sped up a little but at normal speed, he’s struggling. And people saying we should respect him because he’s an icon - a little bit true but doesn’t mean people should be subjected to that in a concert when they’ve paid big $$$ for tickets
    The best bit was the woman singing, you could listen to her all night.

  • Jeremy Sharp
    Jeremy Sharp 2 months ago

    His band is killer!!

  • Sandro Escudero Quispe
    Sandro Escudero Quispe 2 months ago

    un amigo mio agoniza y este monumental resplandor lo esta matando lentamente....

  • SupremeStriker
    SupremeStriker 2 months ago

    305 Dislikes from stupid peps

  • billy blansett
    billy blansett 2 months ago +1

    That was awesome and that girl that was singing was hot

  • shanti bhushan
    shanti bhushan 2 months ago

    There was a time only MTV was the english music channel we had, this song use to repeat multiple in my childhood. And now watching this legend's live performance in year 2019 that is amazing

  • Christopher Freed
    Christopher Freed 2 months ago +1

    This is after his fight with cancer, he is amazing. Haters put yourself in check.

  • Soor Powale
    Soor Powale 2 months ago

    He is still way better than today's singers who do lip sync and when they actually sing live they r exposed...respect Meat loaf....heard this song 25 years back and then it's just this song everyday...

  • Domik Jay
    Domik Jay 2 months ago

    Love him a great person and great singrr

    DARK KNIGHT 2 months ago

    Who is she?

  • James Dimele
    James Dimele 2 months ago

    She is stunning!

  • Hartman Scoot Wismer
    Hartman Scoot Wismer 2 months ago

    My mom's favorite of all time....RIP mom

  • John Haring
    John Haring 2 months ago

    The only other singer who puts this much heart into his live performances is Andrea Bocelli

  • Raven Moon
    Raven Moon 2 months ago

    This man is and always have always given 💯 , back then hate because he was not pretty , now because he is old. Like he would say, fuk haters! He is still playing rock opera !

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco 2 months ago

    Wish i could have been there for this, Marvin puts everything into his performance.

  • Kevin McDonnell
    Kevin McDonnell 2 months ago

    Some voice powerful

    SHANE PARKS 3 months ago +1

    Wow that chick did an awesome job

  • BraAmHei
    BraAmHei 3 months ago


  • Nancy D. Beam
    Nancy D. Beam 3 months ago

    One of my fav singers, very misunderstood. He's revised his songs & made them to my opinion better.

  • Nancy D. Beam
    Nancy D. Beam 3 months ago

    Love this video

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 3 months ago

    Epic. Iconic. This is a masterpiece

  • Duel Lisa
    Duel Lisa 3 months ago

    He is amazing!

  • Silver Fern Kkiwi
    Silver Fern Kkiwi 3 months ago

    washed up loser.

  • Barry Griffin
    Barry Griffin 3 months ago

    Just wish I could "Thumbs Up" this video like 1 million times and more!! And I miss him..

  • gigi sandor
    gigi sandor 3 months ago

    ...Great great great great ARTISTS...

  • neil 9
    neil 9 3 months ago

    U all r such duchebags
    Is it necessary to realize someone that he is old and was not like before... U all r judging him like u r a fucking pro...stf peeps..he is a legend and u r all nowhere near him's my humble request kindly listen this beautiful piece..
    Cause u won't find these type of voices and talent in this generation.

  • Henry Dube
    Henry Dube 3 months ago


  • craig shaw
    craig shaw 3 months ago

    He as a slow style then it kicks off hard

  • craig shaw
    craig shaw 3 months ago

    Couldn't even tell he was there at first

    THERESA LEWIS 3 months ago +2


  • stan giles
    stan giles 3 months ago +2

    I saw 2 bats live , 17 times in oz , I lost 30lbs of sweat and tears

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 3 months ago

    Okay, this female singer scares me - much preferred to the original Patti.

  • Randy George
    Randy George 3 months ago +1

    meatloaf always great. but the lady has a good voice but i like the album version better.

    • SupremeStriker
      SupremeStriker 2 months ago +1

      Randy George He’s Already old and I never saw a singer that could still reach those high notes at the age of 70

  • Maxi Mayhem
    Maxi Mayhem 3 months ago

    Meat, I love you, always 💜⚘

  • Laura LeDuc
    Laura LeDuc 3 months ago

    Is this the original lady from the 70s that sang with him? I’m confused does he have different ladies song with him? And if so why? She is beautiful and can sing!! Meatloaf is a musical genius love him so much I remember listening to my moms 8 track in the early 80s in her road runner muscle car. And I was born in 78

  • its me ADI
    its me ADI 3 months ago +1

    Respect to our LEGENDS!!! All of us will grow old and die but the amazing music they created will be eternal..🎶💕🎶

  • Bernd Gantner
    Bernd Gantner 3 months ago

    He did not miss a single note. Well done !

    • chevacamaro68
      chevacamaro68 3 months ago

      Bernd Gantner eerrr. Are we listening to the same music? It’s terrible 😢No doubt he was one of the worlds best vocalists. Understand this, he has always been an idol to me but great musicians knows when to stop. He’s got nothing to prove so why embarrass him self.

  • J B
    J B 3 months ago

    Is that Marion Raven, OR who? Epic performance !!!

  • k-ci mathuba
    k-ci mathuba 3 months ago +1

    Has the man answered what that thing is that he wouldn't do in 2019