McDonald's All Americans Get UNCOMFORTABLE! Zion, JQ & More Ask Each Other The TUFFF QUESTIONS 😂

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • Darius Garland The REPORTER ►►
    Zion's NBA IDOLS ►►
    The DUKE CLASS ►►
    The McDonald's All American are freaking HILARIOUS. We had all of them ask each other hilarious interview questions. We just have to know, ARE YOU IN YOUR BAG!?
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Comments • 226

  • Overtime
    Overtime  Year ago +126

    What do you want to ask a McDonald's ALL AMERICAN!?

    • Jake Shutter
      Jake Shutter 9 months ago

      How many times a week do u workout🏀

    • AJ
      AJ Year ago

      Alannah Lopez fr

    • Alannah Lopez
      Alannah Lopez Year ago

      I wanna ask Nalyssa Smith if she remembers me bc she played for the same AAU team I did

    • AJ
      AJ Year ago

      Overtime how do you become a McDonald's all American

    • Alannah Lopez
      Alannah Lopez Year ago

      How come Nalyssa wasn’t in the dunk contest

  • - ByGo
    - ByGo 3 months ago

    Nisser little and Coby white both have crazy hair

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 3 months ago

    these girls want to get paid more but dont even know zion?!?!

  • Tristan Kumar
    Tristan Kumar 4 months ago


  • SBG YT
    SBG YT 4 months ago

    Duke takes McDonalds still GREATEST Overtime episode ever. Greatest interview ever. FAX

  • Jack Steedman
    Jack Steedman 4 months ago +1

    Why the girls be laughing at everything

  • The Pinkprint
    The Pinkprint 6 months ago

    love how you had the girls in this too ❤️

  • Josiah Jones
    Josiah Jones 6 months ago

    thats tough

    MANI GLOWS 6 months ago +7

    black girl with the puff and white shirt has the cutest accent ❤️

  • Kieran Verrier
    Kieran Verrier 6 months ago +2

    Girls boring

  • Elhadji Diop
    Elhadji Diop 6 months ago +3

    RJ be watching Zion more than Zion watch Zion

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 6 months ago

    On bro we guessed the same thing
    What you think Zion get from McDonald’s
    A Big Mac lmao

  • karrisimmone
    karrisimmone 7 months ago +1

    coby better not cut his hair

  • Kareem
    Kareem 8 months ago

    My boy grimes watches king so 😂😂

  • Jordan Saylor
    Jordan Saylor 9 months ago

    Romeo bodied Jaren Jackson

  • Johan Thomas
    Johan Thomas 10 months ago

    8:55 she got left hanging

  • Jake Shutter
    Jake Shutter 10 months ago

    3:50 I hope she knows that occasionally, sometimes and often are the same thing

  • Tracy Henry
    Tracy Henry 10 months ago

    romeos a savage

  • John Paul Pulido
    John Paul Pulido 10 months ago

    nelson ododa so cute

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 11 months ago

    Yo wym catch a body

  • Dallin Johannsen
    Dallin Johannsen Year ago

    I'm totally with him on the mkchicken

  • E0R
    E0R Year ago +8

    Everyone's on Zion's head 😂😂

  • Zlin _eleven
    Zlin _eleven Year ago

    it's thats tuff and its from solluminati

  • Za Za
    Za Za Year ago +3

    Zion can't fit an elastic sleeve, DAMN!

  • pina max
    pina max Year ago

    Quentin and Romeo have me dying

  • Soranneohulk 225
    Soranneohulk 225 Year ago +1

    Duke commits got the best personalities and there the best players too

  • Pretty Ahki
    Pretty Ahki Year ago

    Bright futures!

  • Rodley Adjovi
    Rodley Adjovi Year ago +3

    Zion prolly do get everything on the menu but he more muscle than fat

  • IPump YourFace
    IPump YourFace Year ago +1

    3:31 jq shook his head no and said yes😂

  • VTV
    VTV Year ago

    Shout out to ballislife

  • Tyrin Randle
    Tyrin Randle Year ago

    What they mean they in they bag

  • chris fox
    chris fox Year ago

    Jq loaded

  • Nayem 001
    Nayem 001 Year ago

    Them overtime sleeves are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Justin Rosete
    Justin Rosete Year ago

    What does in my bag mean?

  • itzyourboi meatloaf

    Big different 😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Willey
    Ben Willey Year ago

    Koby big ugly but he be gettin buckets

  • Daniel  Grant
    Daniel Grant Year ago

    That girl with the fro look just like Bam Adebayo

  • Jerry FAM
    Jerry FAM Year ago +1

    Coby white is that one awkward friend that be funny asf 😂

  • Kingsley Onwudiwe

    Zion gets a BrickMac from Mcdonalds

  • adot.
    adot. Year ago +1

    Quentin gryyyyyymes

  • Quinton Ellis
    Quinton Ellis Year ago

    The Duke squad is goofy

  • Firas osman
    Firas osman Year ago


  • Maximus Wilson
    Maximus Wilson Year ago +1

    Zion look like he'll order chicken nuggets but his parents be like u know yo big ass not go get full and just oders him like 5 Burgers

  • Haro Master
    Haro Master Year ago

    How is Tyler Herro not a McDonald’s all American?

  • Rutherford
    Rutherford Year ago +6

    "Double quarter pounder w cheese, large fry, sweet tea. that junk be hitting" lmfaooo why he look like Danny Brown son

  • Cash Marti
    Cash Marti Year ago

    peep that solluminati thats tuff

  • Brian Wright
    Brian Wright Year ago +2

    Coby White look like aa homeless childish gambino

    • flare
      flare 6 months ago

      AKA Danny Brown

  • Rex Eberhart
    Rex Eberhart Year ago +1

    what do you think of Cassius Stanley

  • KevinSZN
    KevinSZN Year ago


    BRULÉR Z Year ago

    Part 2 NOWWWW PLZ

  • Nathan Hoang
    Nathan Hoang Year ago


  • Lonnell Davin
    Lonnell Davin Year ago +12

    Do a video with a Day with Romeo Langford 😂

  • Lance S
    Lance S Year ago

    Romeo Langford isn’t even that good to be acting so hi and mighty and John Calipari knew it

  • gaming army
    gaming army Year ago

    At 8:56 she didn't get that highfive lol 😂😂

  • Shifty.Ace.101 HMS

    My cousin is coby white

  • chris.
    chris. Year ago

    4:37 “THATS TUFF” lmaoooo shoutout to Solluminati

    EPICWILTIME Year ago +1

    LOL the diss at Zion is real. "Weighs so much"

  • yhas dj
    yhas dj Year ago +2

    Duke commits had the funniest interview 😂 Ian feel like saying they typing they name

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago +7

    I’m sorry but Zion need a new barber

    • Josiah Jones
      Josiah Jones 6 months ago

      why you half to go off on the man like that

  • finessè
    finessè Year ago

    Solluminati thats tuff made it global