2 Kings 22-23 King Josiah

  • Published on Jan 28, 2016
  • A chapter by chapter and verse by verse study of 2 Kings taught by Pastor Paul LeBoutillier of Calvary Chapel Ontario, Oregon. Go to www.ccontario.com for an entire through-the-Bible listing of online studies.

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  • Sonya Lum
    Sonya Lum 29 days ago

    Thank you for explaining this. God bless you and your family

  • Joy
    Joy Month ago

    So are you saying burning human bones is wrong? Cremation?

    • Calvary Chapel Ontario
      Calvary Chapel Ontario  Month ago

      Hello Joy. No, Pastor Paul was NOT saying that cremation is wrong. If you have further questions you can email Pastor Paul directly: pastorpaul@ccontario.com

  • Marion Wilson
    Marion Wilson 8 months ago

    and Amen.

  • Marion Wilson
    Marion Wilson 8 months ago

    Superstititions, in many, that go by numbers, that do not add up, unless superstititions add them, up. etc.

  • Marion Wilson
    Marion Wilson 8 months ago

    Amen. Not ever so difficult as it has been made over the last ten yrs. and even to desperation to get the answers as so many neeed, and do want. There are many, so many now.

  • Cintra Newallo
    Cintra Newallo 8 months ago

    Awesome teaching. May God continue to bless you.

  • Tamucahnashe MUSIC
    Tamucahnashe MUSIC 9 months ago

    Great teaching
    God bless you

  • Tryon Family vlogs
    Tryon Family vlogs 9 months ago +1

    Am pregnant of my 6 baby I really hope I have a boy am going name Josiah I loves that name and love the story of Josiah

  • Stephen Fiore
    Stephen Fiore 10 months ago +2

    *Note : Chapter 23 starts at **20:00*

  • Stephen Fiore
    Stephen Fiore 10 months ago

    2nd Kings 22-23 (Josiah)

  • Stephen Fiore
    Stephen Fiore 10 months ago +1

    (A) Thank you, *excellent*-easy to understand
    -watch again
    (B) 1st time (1/20/19) : Done

  • Irene n Chege
    Irene n Chege Year ago

    Thank you. Such a good teaching of the word

  • Yimeng Ma
    Yimeng Ma Year ago

    Pastor .. why God let such Godly king get killed ..he did every righteous thing but end up died at such young age ..it doesn’t make sense to me :/

    • Steve Hamburg
      Steve Hamburg 7 months ago

      There in verse 26 it tells us the reason. It was because of the sins of Manasseh. What we do, Will have an affect on others. So in this case, just because Josiah comes along and is a wonderful king, Yehovah was still angry because Judah had been so evil for so long, and the good this one king had done was not enough to assuage His anger. Look at Israel having to wander in the desert. The children of those who caused Yehovah's anger to come against them, and send them into the desert did nothing wrong, yet they had to suffer the difficulty.

    • Seni. O
      Seni. O 8 months ago

      If you ask me, I would rather leave earth and be with God in heaven. We win even when we lose. Praise God!

    • Stephen Fiore
      Stephen Fiore 10 months ago

      Yimeng Ma *I havebeen studying 2nd Kings heavily. Please check out the following TVclip teachers Also commenting on chapters of 2nd Kings -just type in chapter you want like this chapter
      (1) Bob Utley
      (2) Chuck Smith & Ken Zenk channel
      (3) The Narrow Path TVclip channel
      (4) Kyle Damien
      Here is a link to Bob Utley channel for example tvclip.biz/video/F5vLULMlmf8/video.html
      Several above are Calvary Chapel pastors*

    • Irene n Chege
      Irene n Chege Year ago

      Remember he was promised that he will die in peace before God bring destruction to Judea. Coz after that the Judea is taken captive....

    • Paul LeBoutillier
      Paul LeBoutillier Year ago +2

      Yup! Challenging to understand. But with God, you have to leave room for mystery.

  • Bonnie79
    Bonnie79 Year ago +3

    Love these breakdowns, you make it very easy to understand!

  • mark mooney
    mark mooney Year ago

    Wonderful teaching..Praise God.
    His blessings on you and yours Pastor.

  • Gary Q . Q
    Gary Q . Q Year ago

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  • M B
    M B 2 years ago +1

    Amazing teaching! Thank you and God bless