Build Stone Fish Pond


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  • FLuffyxKittyCat
    FLuffyxKittyCat Minute ago

    so now you feed them everyday?

  • JS_ Mafia
    JS_ Mafia 39 minutes ago

    We need people like these guys in my country

  • Duc Truong
    Duc Truong 47 minutes ago


  • adrian j
    adrian j 56 minutes ago


  • Clachu Clachi
    Clachu Clachi 2 hours ago

    Pobres peces

  • 권예슬
    권예슬 2 hours ago

    물을 멀리서 갖다 퍼붇네

  • Justin Alveranga
    Justin Alveranga 2 hours ago


  • caiden williams
    caiden williams 2 hours ago

    Where did you get all thouse rocks from?

  • very adaption very adaption


  • DJ Egghead
    DJ Egghead 3 hours ago +1

    This go primitieve technology winning form subs

  • Game Play Theme
    Game Play Theme 3 hours ago

    А где филтр а где очистка а где идецикациыя воды где счётчик температуры а где

    • Game Play Theme
      Game Play Theme 3 hours ago

      Когда будешь на эгхтеолога учится всё поймёшь

  • Borjon 1
    Borjon 1 3 hours ago

    These dudes are fucking amazing

  • KH Daily Drawing All Entertainment

    Nice video

  • Colby Macdonald
    Colby Macdonald 4 hours ago

    Yoh these guys know there stuff.How do they make the mud

  • Hïray
    Hïray 5 hours ago

    *M I N E C R A F T*

  • Rocket_ Roller
    Rocket_ Roller 5 hours ago

    better than modern engineers

  • A K
    A K 5 hours ago


  • Giovanna Giorno
    Giovanna Giorno 5 hours ago

    Minecraft the real world version lol

  • nutterbutter444
    nutterbutter444 6 hours ago

    *just a reminder, they are barefoot.* ouch.

  • Nishu Jain
    Nishu Jain 6 hours ago

    So nice👏👏👏👏

  • xomikyox
    xomikyox 6 hours ago

    Y de que se van a alimentar?

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 7 hours ago

    When you’ve been playing minecraft for too long

  • Sal Espinoza
    Sal Espinoza 7 hours ago

    real-world Minecraft :v

  • Cindy Kah
    Cindy Kah 9 hours ago +1

    Dang you see that he catches a fish witho it his g any tools isint that LIT

  • Cindy Kah
    Cindy Kah 9 hours ago +1

    and another btw I wonder where they get that grass cause in my country it was dry dirt with ssnkaes ;-;

  • Cindy Kah
    Cindy Kah 9 hours ago +1

    Just watched you gals last video and I see that you have your pool and your house there and among news things every week? :D and btw are they from Africa cause I am, I'm a molded and I was born in Cameroon respecting my country

  • Nak Liza
    Nak Liza 9 hours ago

    Build Stone Fish Pond

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor 10 hours ago

    I am starting to do stuff like that now to I am making bikes tree houses and under ground pools

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor 10 hours ago

    Love your shows

  • mrjkin
    mrjkin 10 hours ago

    They should build a mansion next. Something spacious. They guys are dope!

  • Vainn Viviana
    Vainn Viviana 11 hours ago

    Does anybody know who owns this TVclip channel ? Is it the 2 gentleman’s in the video ?

  • Letras & Tradução
    Letras & Tradução 11 hours ago

    daqui a pouco tá Uma mansão sem zoas

  • Grayson Spyker
    Grayson Spyker 11 hours ago

    I wonder what country this is made. Id want to go there to build something with a partner as well. I have an idea for better shovels/digging tools, they should make the blade of the shovel from baked clay or mud in a spade shape, and attach it to a bamboo handle
    just an idea

  • keemon j Family
    keemon j Family 11 hours ago

    hard work

  • Mel Gal
    Mel Gal 12 hours ago

    $20,000 in US

  • Bepnascimento br
    Bepnascimento br 12 hours ago

    Mano vcs são fodas

  • scares003 HyperAce
    scares003 HyperAce 12 hours ago

    13:00 legit good I subbed I’m a fan of you plz pin my comment

  • javierYT456 felices
    javierYT456 felices 12 hours ago

    Nel prras

  • Regina Cabral
    Regina Cabral 12 hours ago

    This is minecraft in real life

  • Kiddy Nap
    Kiddy Nap 13 hours ago

    The thing that bothers me is that they’re barefoot. 😕

  • kayki e Matheus Gamer Play

    Esses caras e muito inteligente

  • Evelyn Sanchez
    Evelyn Sanchez 13 hours ago

    Admiro demasiado su trabajo

  • Katharyne Simpson-Terry

    But are these men benefiting from this channel or does a 3rd party film them and post without sharing the credit or monetary gain, 2k followers; someone is making something.

  • Борис Петров


  • Destiny Glory
    Destiny Glory 14 hours ago

    imagine they have a mansion not on screen

  • Radiely Suelma
    Radiely Suelma 14 hours ago

    do jeito que estão indo daqui uns dias irão construir os jardins suspensos da babilônia

  • Rachel Cristina
    Rachel Cristina 14 hours ago

    Incrível ,eu adorei

  • Maria Mora
    Maria Mora 14 hours ago

    Lo que ariamos sin aeramientas like👍🖒

  • Pedro Victor
    Pedro Victor 15 hours ago


  • Pinales 22
    Pinales 22 15 hours ago

    Este contenido es muy adictivo

  • Hello From the other side

    So legitnes

  • CahkoflacK
    CahkoflacK 16 hours ago

    I love fish

  • FREsh Coca-Cola
    FREsh Coca-Cola 16 hours ago

    too slow I built this in 5 min... *in minecraft*

  • Nevie Kay
    Nevie Kay 16 hours ago

    Can they give us a tour of all the structures they have made?

  • Survival Tool II
    Survival Tool II 16 hours ago


  • YouEnjoy
    YouEnjoy 16 hours ago

    Pleas do an update video in a few months! I’d love to see what it looks like then!

  • Eunice Cho
    Eunice Cho 17 hours ago

    I don't even think I could dig a whole circle with a stick like if u agree lol

  • Maynard
    Maynard 18 hours ago +2

    Lots of work involved in the building of the fish pond.It turned out very well .Great job.

  • My Ass
    My Ass 19 hours ago


  • Nick Johnston
    Nick Johnston 19 hours ago

    The thumbnail sounds like someone who just learnt how to talk"build stone fish pond"😂😂

  • chris M
    chris M 19 hours ago

    These guy look really short

  • Kind Kool Kid
    Kind Kool Kid 20 hours ago

    I.... I..... but...... what...... how

  • Iloveham757
    Iloveham757 20 hours ago

    These guys out here playing Minecraft irl

  • alex xd08
    alex xd08 20 hours ago

    Mas videooooos

  • Kylian Semeteys
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  • goxtosão
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  • A team player
    A team player 22 hours ago

    how would the fishes survive when the water gets dirty and there isn't any natural filtration?

  • DIY Slime & more
    DIY Slime & more 23 hours ago

    Do a video showing everything you built like a tour of the “city” that y’all made

  • DAVid
    DAVid 23 hours ago

    Почему русские этот канал не смотрят??? :(:(:(

  • DAVid
    DAVid 23 hours ago


  • Kalpesh Kalpu
    Kalpesh Kalpu 23 hours ago

    Do they have self made phone and camera which has youtube
    If they are poor where do the youtube earnings go???
    Where do all this land came from
    I mean if they are poor how much property or land do they have??

  • Primitive Daily Life
    Primitive Daily Life 23 hours ago

    Primitive Daily Life: Building Swimming Pool And House Bamboo 100%

  • Beatriz Angelim
    Beatriz Angelim Day ago

    lazy is a word that not exist in theirs vocabulary

  • mia von schulenburg

    what would the do without that basket, makes an appearance in every video!

  • Iile J
    Iile J Day ago

    Where do you keep all these places? Do you just leave them somewhere random or destroy them? Because these look hard af to make lol awesome video

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum Day ago

    where is this?

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler Day ago

    What kind of texture is this in minecraft

  • 안해요이제접어요

    you can do it!!!!>

  • 안해요이제접어요

    안녕하세요 ,>


    Omg its like 5 h to create this

  • tan le van
    tan le van Day ago


  • VOX
    VOX Day ago

    You should build something in the middle of the pond

  • Anita Kamble
    Anita Kamble Day ago


  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin Day ago

    All these videos are the same lol

  • Darksiosa 1200
    Darksiosa 1200 Day ago

    *me in minecraft*

  • Cantinho Retro
    Cantinho Retro Day ago

    I challenge you guys to make a 50m^2 mud house.

  • Tay_ plays
    Tay_ plays Day ago

    Minecraft to is best!


    These peeps r legit the better be getting paid alot

  • Bapdeuce Draws
    Bapdeuce Draws Day ago

    this is amazing i wanna build something like this

  • Vitor Silva
    Vitor Silva Day ago

    Eu tava vendo os dribles do Ronaldinho e do nada to aqui sksksksk canal muito loko

  • Zipac Zhang
    Zipac Zhang Day ago

    I had no idea that being trapped in a cave with ur soccer team can make you so handy

  • Swoodie
    Swoodie Day ago

    N E G R O E S

  • Rocky LaGioia
    Rocky LaGioia Day ago +2

    Wow these guys are amazing

  • 1nkyparchment
    1nkyparchment Day ago

    Can you imagine the wonders these men could create with actual construction tools?

  • Blue Phoenix
    Blue Phoenix Day ago

    I wanna donate shovels

  • Briggs TV
    Briggs TV Day ago

    налоги не охота платить вот и отстроили дом в лесу))))

  • 집수니이윤정
    집수니이윤정 Day ago +4

    패트와 매트

  • Ben 10 chavoso
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  • Kevin Guedes
    Kevin Guedes Day ago

    O cara é foda, patroa.

  • Marylynn Morris
    Marylynn Morris Day ago

    I can barley get out of bed to get chips