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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy 6 months ago +65532

    ooh, well you can tell it's been a while since she's made a video... haha i was so nervous! but thanks for googling me ya creepy kids, and thanks for all the pleasing sounds WIRED! this makes me wanna make a video brb

    • Charmaine Hatledal
      Charmaine Hatledal 20 days ago

      Liza Koshy I can do the best Hellga inpreshen.

    • Lil PeeWee
      Lil PeeWee Month ago

      A Weinercock!! Classic dog!!

    • Olivia Smyth
      Olivia Smyth Month ago

      I didn't know you had a sister called Olivia Because it's surprising because my name is Olivia

    • Awesome Amelie
      Awesome Amelie Month ago

      Liza Koshy isn’t one of your best friends Kristen

    • Alex Fan
      Alex Fan 2 months ago

      Ily 💓👑

  • It's Kca
    It's Kca 20 hours ago

    I once shaved half of my eyebrow off

  • Olivia Geels
    Olivia Geels 21 hour ago

    My name is Olivia too! (with proof)

  • Eve
    Eve 21 hour ago

    It's written "Jet Packinski"
    She pronounces "Jet Packsinski"
    I'm confused.

  • SSS Gacha
    SSS Gacha 22 hours ago

    5:42 is how I sleep

  • Wiwien Sukarno
    Wiwien Sukarno 23 hours ago

    Horibble dance

  • Icecream Dachshund

    Omg so cute just searched that dog up so cute

  • Cherron Parkinson

    Is helga german ?

  • Nina Arnold
    Nina Arnold Day ago

    Omg her outfit is bomb tho

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young Day ago

    Hey I’m vegan

  • Cecily Minielly
    Cecily Minielly Day ago

    I have a daxon mix with a cocker spanyal they are named brooks the blonde one and Dutch the chocolate colored one

  • Cecily Minielly
    Cecily Minielly Day ago

    I have a Saxon mix with a cocker spanyal they are named brooks the blonde one and Dutch the chocolate colored one

  • Toyland Jr
    Toyland Jr Day ago

    What about Kristen ,Liza?

  • Rylee Oof
    Rylee Oof Day ago

    *liza after she throws the boards*

    “Oh im sorry”
    Im sorry
    Im sorrrrrryyyÿÿÿ

  • Taylor Weber
    Taylor Weber Day ago

    im 5 feet tall liza what is uppppp (also im ony 10)

  • Danica Robertson

    Liza what about Kwisten

  • # Ari is the one

    Is it just me or liza looks like Cardi B

  • Deimos
    Deimos Day ago

    why do i feel so uncomfortable watching this

  • LittleCuteCupcake MSP

    OMG she likes same too 😊😊

  • madinah gibrin
    madinah gibrin Day ago

    both liza's and david's wired vids are on the 6th, hmmmm

  • promyse shute
    promyse shute Day ago

    I want quistin I want more quistin oh man now I sound greedy

  • Delaney Hood
    Delaney Hood Day ago

    Get a 🐦

  • Sprinkle Unicorn
    Sprinkle Unicorn 2 days ago

    1:57 I thought she said vaginas......

  • was poppin'
    was poppin' 2 days ago

    I LOVE HER!!!! And she looks so pretty in this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • k y l a
    k y l a 2 days ago

    umm my middle name is Elizabeth

  • officially weird 135
    officially weird 135 2 days ago +1

    Amazing ❤️
    Welp stay fresh cheese bags off to see her videos.

  • Beautifully Unique
    Beautifully Unique 2 days ago

    Continues to throw boards, but also continues to apologize for throwing boards. 😂😂😂

  • Lily Iron
    Lily Iron 2 days ago

    What abour Kristen

  • Mayanah Rawchaa
    Mayanah Rawchaa 2 days ago

    If you like little brown girls can you go to my channel it is called Caryn’s corner not the white girl it is me smiling not trying to be racist

  • taelor woodard
    taelor woodard 2 days ago

    I thought her buff was Christian

  • Granny's Daughter Roblox

    *I want Liza Koshy*

  • Queens Spill the tea

    A longhaired dachshund YASSSSSSSSSA i just funished a nonfiction report at school on Dachshunds

  • Queens Spill the tea

    Isnt her best friend Kristen

  • Elsie Johnson
    Elsie Johnson 2 days ago

    In my name I have a Elizabeth

  • Abbey Hayes
    Abbey Hayes 2 days ago

    LMAO that tattoo story

  • Sophia Jackson Music

    liza: my friends are david my mom and my sisters
    me: WHAT ABOUT KWISTEN?!?!?!?

  • rakshita naik
    rakshita naik 3 days ago

    She's so wholesome❤️😍

  • d g
    d g 3 days ago

    the Jet sleeping imitation i cant😂😂

  • Angelique Garcia
    Angelique Garcia 3 days ago


  • Travis Catlin
    Travis Catlin 3 days ago

    Im 5ft XD and i feel short

  • Matthew McCabe
    Matthew McCabe 3 days ago +1

    Perfect example of a drunk and high person simultaneously.

  • My Misc
    My Misc 3 days ago +1

    Whyyyyyyyy noooo they were so perfect

  • Krampus
    Krampus 3 days ago

    So ... Who is that?

  • Valrie Burrell
    Valrie Burrell 3 days ago

    Jamaica church

  • Lianette Maldonado
    Lianette Maldonado 3 days ago

    With heals you are my 10 year old height

  • cassies life
    cassies life 3 days ago

    liza is queen

  • TT Monro
    TT Monro 4 days ago

    Liza snoring makes me tired

  • Iamdepresso
    Iamdepresso 4 days ago +1


  • Jessica Kie
    Jessica Kie 4 days ago

    Yeah!!! LIZA KOSHY YOU ANSWERED MY question!!!

  • CGU D1stink.
    CGU D1stink. 4 days ago


  • Akira skarlet
    Akira skarlet 4 days ago

    Pack- in- ski

  • Cl2ck
    Cl2ck 4 days ago

    I want Liza!

  • Juliette Cloutier
    Juliette Cloutier 4 days ago

    i love ASMR

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 4 days ago

    I'm 5.1

  • Vega N
    Vega N 4 days ago

    ”Hi I’m Lisa Koshy”. Just her voice make me laugh lol

  • Eva rodriguez
    Eva rodriguez 5 days ago

    David after watching this video I will like 2 dogs please

  • Ev3 X
    Ev3 X 5 days ago

    "Is Liza Koshy ever serious?" Lmao

  • Judy Dabney
    Judy Dabney 5 days ago

    If she wants to get a dog, then she should get a dog!

  • Divine Stville
    Divine Stville 5 days ago

    IM ALSO FIVE FEET TALL (I get teased about it a lot and to make it worse I'm a tomboy so I don't like heels)

  • Bethzaida Colon
    Bethzaida Colon 5 days ago +3

    I can be your best friend Liza

  • Greystripe Playz
    Greystripe Playz 5 days ago


  • Witcher Crafts
    Witcher Crafts 6 days ago

    lol She has a great sense of humor XD

  • Bupix
    Bupix 6 days ago

    this video should be called liza koshy trying to be funny for 7 minutes straight

  • Spudandcheese MSP
    Spudandcheese MSP 6 days ago

    Liza Koshy - "Cheesy but true"~

  • Roblox Queen
    Roblox Queen 6 days ago +1

    My name is Olivia I am ur long lost child liza

  • Focus Films
    Focus Films 6 days ago

    When she answers How is Liza Koshi pronounced, you can hear people laughing in the background

  • Smartie Pants
    Smartie Pants 6 days ago

    Did anyone hear Cardi B?

  • jackisbadlol
    jackisbadlol 6 days ago

    Lisa Kudrow

  • chaitra sudha
    chaitra sudha 6 days ago

    My husband sleeps like jet packinski .. lol 😂

  • Yuri Cortes
    Yuri Cortes 7 days ago

    You should do why don't we

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 7 days ago

    Can you dislike a video without watching it?

  • Aksaya Edla
    Aksaya Edla 7 days ago

    I was a more than 50 times and never get bored

  • DerpyAlli DaPotato
    DerpyAlli DaPotato 8 days ago

    1:57 “figinas”

  • Damian Marlowe
    Damian Marlowe 9 days ago

    I wished they had a card for Carlos

  • Mariana Thacher
    Mariana Thacher 9 days ago

    belva has a really strong french accent.

  • Jiguur Odkhuu
    Jiguur Odkhuu 9 days ago


  • Merrell Twinner
    Merrell Twinner 9 days ago +1

    4:38 sounds like cardi b a little

  • Dóri Zsély
    Dóri Zsély 9 days ago

    I think in this video she is just trying too hard to be funny..

  • Emma Walker
    Emma Walker 9 days ago

    Love your vids girl

  • Drawing Diva
    Drawing Diva 9 days ago

    Lol I love sausage like in the appropriate way 3 seconds late I love vajitas

  • Maja Morzy
    Maja Morzy 10 days ago

    I laught all time i wach this

  • Elizabeth Grace
    Elizabeth Grace 10 days ago

    *this is how my body moves*
    thank you for watching

  • Lena Marie
    Lena Marie 10 days ago +1


  • Classy
    Classy 10 days ago

    She isn’t funny

  • MaDDestHatter23
    MaDDestHatter23 10 days ago

    If you like brown girls then read this book brown girl dreaming

  • Skittkes .p
    Skittkes .p 10 days ago


  • Unknown Error
    Unknown Error 10 days ago

    She kinda looks like Cardi B in that dress for some reason

  • Ryuu TheDragon
    Ryuu TheDragon 10 days ago

    She never fails to make me laugh xD

  • GalaxyCatLovesAll :3
    GalaxyCatLovesAll :3 10 days ago

    3: 50 im eating cheeze

  • Jana Trpeska
    Jana Trpeska 10 days ago

    Liza kind of looks like cardi b

  • Apsara Vs
    Apsara Vs 10 days ago

    She's so small😂❤

  • Samantha Gallo
    Samantha Gallo 10 days ago

    I love know in the appropriate way😂 Oh Liza

  • im not ok
    im not ok 11 days ago


  • Sophia Abundiz
    Sophia Abundiz 11 days ago

    XDDDD 😂😂😂

  • Finnthefortniter Yay
    Finnthefortniter Yay 11 days ago

    🥶 David did one

  • Eve Belisle
    Eve Belisle 11 days ago +1

    I love her so much

  • Min Seul Gi
    Min Seul Gi 11 days ago

    “I love creating and I love sleeping. They both happen at the same time.”
    ...creating what?😂...

  • midnight cheesecake girl

    Omg I actually believed her tattoo story XD

  • Emy The Rose
    Emy The Rose 12 days ago +1


  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia 12 days ago

    What happened to CuiStan