Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven


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  • Worgak
    Worgak 3 hours ago

    You're upward inflection on the end of every sentence makes your generally very good narration voice sound very monotone and robotic to me.
    If you talk like that in real life it's cool. I ain't gonna hate.
    But if you're going to be speaking publicly, or in a setting where you can record and reflect on the way you use your inflection, maybe concider varying it up a little?
    Anyway, love the videos, very simple, easy to follow.
    Gonna use this to make my brother some homemade jerky for his birthday 👍

  • ZeeKyM
    ZeeKyM 2 days ago

    Not even a single video without the mighty KAYAM

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 3 days ago

    You sound like a real tool

  • Dazura 92
    Dazura 92 3 days ago

    I'm just here for when the world goes to shit, and I have to jerky all my meat for survival...

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 3 days ago

    Try Pastrami Meat next time ITS EXCELLENT

  • Paul Schooley
    Paul Schooley 5 days ago

    I missed the temperature part

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich 5 days ago

    What if I have my own slicer?

  • Hemp Herder510
    Hemp Herder510 5 days ago

    You think this could work in a smoker using indirect heat ?

  • CriscoGamesHD
    CriscoGamesHD 6 days ago

    Every sentence this guy says sounds like a poem

  • James Patch
    James Patch 6 days ago

    Hey John. Great videos. Thanks. Is closed caption happening any time soon?

  • MnMs002
    MnMs002 7 days ago

    Screw the Tie i'd take a Super Sized Cookie Jar full of the Beef Jerky...

  • Spanky x813
    Spanky x813 10 days ago

    Came out perfectly.
    Thanks Food Wishes.

    DEX - BRAWL STARS 10 days ago

    This is fake
    U just have to rehydrate it

  • Kodi Swanton
    Kodi Swanton 10 days ago

    Why is everything a question?🤔

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle 11 days ago

    thanks. enjoyable pace and clear instruction. interesting technique. keep on rocking in the free world. peace

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd 12 days ago

    Ive not seen it done in the oven before, the best home verson ive seen was on a counter top with a fan blowing over it over night (i dont think of a dehydrator to be a home verson as i refuse to buy somthing that pricey if its hardly getting used)

  • LightSkin Ways
    LightSkin Ways 14 days ago

    What cut of beef do u use

  • Sal A.
    Sal A. 16 days ago

    Can we use this marinade for ground beef jerky?

  • melophobia
    melophobia 16 days ago

    Why tf are you talking like that

  • Tasha Dowdy
    Tasha Dowdy 17 days ago

    I love your humor. Great presentation😍😍😍

  • Amanda Castillo
    Amanda Castillo 18 days ago +1

    If you cannot get your butcher to cut it or if it cost it yourself. Easy tip is to buy the chunk of meat and wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for about 2 hrs...depending on size. Not enough to freeze solid just enough that its firm to touch and will make it much easier to think slice by hand.

  • Hernan
    Hernan 19 days ago

    Adding some fresh squeezed lime juice to the marinade would compliment the saltiness

  • James Lucier
    James Lucier 19 days ago

    (jerksaw puzzle) you so funny!

  • ray medina
    ray medina 20 days ago +1

    why bother putting it in a jar? you know its going to be gone within the hour! LOL

  • Zerzil
    Zerzil 22 days ago

    @4:05 they told me to stop doing that ...

  • Payne
    Payne 23 days ago

    I hate paying 10$ for enough beef jerky to satisfy me for 3 minutes

  • Tempest Xmen7
    Tempest Xmen7 25 days ago

    Looks great!

  • David Fuertes
    David Fuertes 26 days ago

    I've made jerky in a smoker ,in a grill but I've found the easiest way is to hang the meat on skewers in the oven they come out perfect everytime

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 27 days ago

    Dear diary, tonight I learned that I can be the captain of this ship called 'my life.' I can be as quirky with my jerky as I please and stop buying disgusting plastic pouches of air that also contain some beef jerky in it.

  • CheekyCant
    CheekyCant Month ago

    Apparently you like your humour like you like fertiliser. Just pure shit.

  • Mammel Sauce
    Mammel Sauce Month ago

    This guy's voice reminds of how a valley girl talks, everything sounds like a question

  • Fibi Enn
    Fibi Enn Month ago

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing this. I dry my jerky for 8 hours at 110C. My recipe contains brown vinegar, soy and similar spices. I don’t get why people like to use honey etc. it always tastes off to me.

  • mrkiiprototype
    mrkiiprototype Month ago

    Who the fuck gives their dad a tie for fathers day

  • Carnifex L33t
    Carnifex L33t Month ago

    Listened to this video on mute with subtitles

    MOLON LABE Month ago

    Omg. The way this guy talks just pisses me off. Im ready to kick my dog after listening for 6 minutes.

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans Month ago

    There is a huge difference in curing dehydrating and cooking. 175 degrees for 3 hours is cooking not curing. Real jerky is cured and dehydrated not cooked.

  • Rachel Krizik
    Rachel Krizik Month ago

    Funny how beef jerky is typically thought of as a "guy's food" lol. I looooove beef jerky and wanna give this a try! Thanks so much for posting this. :)

  • Team Mongoose
    Team Mongoose Month ago

    For survivalist, try making Pemmican or "PIMIHKAN" a Cree word for "grease, fat." Made by my ancestors hundreds of years ago in North America. Jerky, also a Native food is delicious but only lasts a few months. Pemmican condensed meat will last years.

  • Tee Riff
    Tee Riff Month ago +1

    Although Im not a father yet, beef jerky is the supreme choice, I much prefer eating this than a tie or some slippers haha, maybe a pipe could trump the jerky thoo haha

    NFINITY XTRA Month ago

    Your so fucking funny I had to like and sub idk

  • Red Enzo
    Red Enzo Month ago

    Part of me thinks this is actually the Wolfpit guy from what am i eating

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar Month ago

    The way you talk throughout the whole video is fucking annoying

  • Sodori
    Sodori Month ago

    If one has an oven with forced air functionality, would that be preferred since it sort of help to dry it out?

  • Angelina
    Angelina Month ago

    Could you do this with pork??

  • michael martinez
    michael martinez Month ago

    This dudes voice is so annoying... sounds like a gay seth rogan

  • Lyudmil Guenov
    Lyudmil Guenov Month ago

    When I go to bad I listen to him 5 minutes and hello sweet dreams
    Love it try it

  • K
    K Month ago

    Just a PSA Eye round works just as well (Also orange adds a nice subtle flavor)

  • Shadow870
    Shadow870 Month ago

    I just tried this recipe. I am a decent cook but this was my first attempt at jerky. It turned out Fantastic. I used brown sugar instead of honey though because that is all I had on hand. I will definitely be adding some habanero pepper next time as I like it hot, but I will be sharing this batch so I left it out.

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith Month ago

    Not a father but id take a big jar of homemade jerky over a tie 100 out of 100 times

  • AnthonyJeiD
    AnthonyJeiD Month ago

    Can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much!

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Month ago

    I'm gonna do a whole T-Bone Steak one day 💯.

  • Ralph Allison
    Ralph Allison Month ago

    I regularly give my meat some air

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 Month ago

    What temp should I set with a convection oven?

  • snibeti snab-xD
    snibeti snab-xD Month ago

    what is a leppo?

  • shuarma0
    shuarma0 Month ago

    wirshishishir sauce huh?

  • Trippy ghost
    Trippy ghost Month ago

    Taste so good



  • 10K Subs No Videos
    10K Subs No Videos Month ago

    How to make it dirt cheap: Hunt your own animals. I love to make it out of all my small game ,extremely high protein!

  • karl seel
    karl seel Month ago

    I have a stupid question. If you take those long 3 foot metal skewers and hang the slices of meat, kind of like tobacco leaves in the oven, will it not hold more slices than laying them down on a rack?

  • karl seel
    karl seel Month ago

    I would like to know how many thin slices do you get from 2lbs or 3lbs from London Broil or Top Round or Eye or Round. Next, the video mentions going to FOODWISHES.COM which redirects you to FOODWISHES.BLOGSPOT.COM which then, GOOGLE take over and warns you AGAINST proceeding to Foodwishes.blogspot due to the site being unstable or open to attackers stealing your passwords, etc. HENCE, I did not proceed to though I wanted to.... SO.. to recap, how many slices to you get.. can I make the entire batch at one time or does it take several 3-4 hour batches to make 3 lbs.

  • zardrake119
    zardrake119 Month ago

    He talks like the burger king foot lettuce guy of food content

  • ToowoombaValleysRoosters

    Hey i love it this is the simplest but truly the best food to est in the world

  • Christa Swint
    Christa Swint Month ago

    Would be better had you used a glass or stoneware bowl. Metal gives an odd taste.

  • Tlahuicole XIII
    Tlahuicole XIII Month ago


  • texas flood, the
    texas flood, the Month ago

    We're all friends with Alton Brown. That's why we watch your channel.

  • Blazedandconfused 420

    Why must you talk like this

  • Olmai Álgovuovdi
    Olmai Álgovuovdi Month ago

    Jesus fucking Christ you're like a male valley girl... Fucking hate your voice man

    • karl seel
      karl seel Month ago

      then do not watch it buttwipe. A lot of people, thousands love this man. I *E#$* hate your cussing. Go back to your primitive, backward Country where women are not equal.

  • Anibal Lazo
    Anibal Lazo 2 months ago

    Are you from Minnesota

  • Commie Punks Fuck Off
    Commie Punks Fuck Off 2 months ago

    "not that shiny 50 shades leather" hahahaha

  • mike Wolfe
    mike Wolfe 2 months ago

    Im watching this eating a bag of brand name jerky. Make me feel lazy

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Your voice is so anoying.

    • karl seel
      karl seel Month ago

      Your spelling is ANNOYING

  • chris jepson
    chris jepson 2 months ago

    This guy has the worlds most annoying voice ever

  • Le Grill
    Le Grill 2 months ago

    This recipe is great, come and check my channel, i got some great recipe too !

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno 2 months ago

    3 hr marinade and 3 hr oven. gone in 5 minutes ;)

  • e007sanchez
    e007sanchez 2 months ago

    Great easy one,two step process video 👍

  • Metallisika
    Metallisika 2 months ago

    The narrator has probably the most annoying voice and style of speaking I've ever heard in a jewtube video, but otherwise good shit.

  • M M
    M M 2 months ago

    You sound like you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. Good for you. I’ve been wanting to try and make my own jerky. Fall is almost here and that’s when I’ll try it.

  • Joe Plantamura
    Joe Plantamura 2 months ago

    For years, I have made beef jerky in the oven using the same method. My recipe is different than yours. I don't like to add sodium nitrite or nitrate. Instead, I use a small amount of celery stock (cook some celery in a small amount of water), which I add to the marinade. This helps to prevent mold from forming. The celery contains a natural form of sodium nitrate.
    Here is a trick to use so that you don't have to periodically open the oven door. First I set the oven to convection mode. After placing the beef into your oven, get two tablespoons. Open the oven door just a tiny bit. Place the spoons into the door edges with handles on the outside. Move the spoons up and down until you hear the convection fan operate. Then, wait 3 to 4 hours.
    I have also learned that beef jerky can become too dry. So, I wait until the beef is 99% dry, and I can bend the slices like shoe leather. Any drier than that, and you might have to brush on a tiny bit of water.

  • Jeremy Ward
    Jeremy Ward 2 months ago

    Cool recipe but this dudes voice drove me nuts

  • Ghost Zion
    Ghost Zion 2 months ago

    This is the wolf pit guy. Cant fool me man.

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan 2 months ago +4

    Chef john, my wife can make beef jerky out of prime cut ribeyes, filet mignon, ny strip steaks, actually with all the cuts of beef, thus the reason i do almost all of the cooking, a little tip, she likes to use the smoke alarm on the ceiling for a timer, lol.

  • Flavio Silva
    Flavio Silva 2 months ago

    I wish every youtube video sounded like this, i love it

  • Ron Ham
    Ron Ham 2 months ago

    Why put the cunt in there

  • kazu Williams
    kazu Williams 2 months ago +1

    Beef Jerky for Father's Day!

    • Steve Logan
      Steve Logan 2 months ago +2

      kazu Williams careful friend, i said that and my wife said of course, jerky for a jerk.

  • Makrokosmos
    Makrokosmos 2 months ago


  • nicholas abston
    nicholas abston 2 months ago

    Hey John. I'm going to try this today! Woke up craving some jerky. Thanks for the video tutorial

  • raedoe112
    raedoe112 2 months ago

    Something about the way he extends the last few vowels of the words in his sentences that kept me watching till the end.

  • brostenen
    brostenen 2 months ago

    You can only spice it up one notch, by using air circulation on the oven, and lower the heat to aprox 150 degree F. That is 65/66 degree celcius. I bet the air circulation will do a better job.

  • Fixx
    Fixx 2 months ago

    I know as close to nothing you can know about a person while still knowing they exist about this guy but I just want to hug him lol
    everything about him talking here just makes me smile
    Also this looks great and I'm gonna make it

  • JonEnowhere
    JonEnowhere 2 months ago +1

    If you mix the marinade and then put it into a large ziplock bag, then add the meat, suck the air out, then massage thoroughly, it'll marinade deeper and more evenly.

    • JonEnowhere
      JonEnowhere Month ago

      Sometimes I marinate it for WAY longer. Depends on how deep you want the marinade to reach. I usually go for at least 10 hours.

    • karl seel
      karl seel Month ago

      I have never heard of that technique. Thank-you for offering it. I will try that. Do you still marinate it for 3 hours in the fridge. Thank-you again for offering that tip.

  • CPU LV. N9NE
    CPU LV. N9NE 2 months ago

    Big jar of this. I can't do anything with a tie. Lol thank you for making this. I've been using a dehydrator and been looking for a different kind of texture I think this might be it.

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 2 months ago

    Participated in a small jerky competition between friends and coworkers, and my jerky - made to Chef John's instructions - was voted the best. Not too tough and full of flavor. Thanks, Chef! Now I can only hope you gift us with a Salmon Jerky recipe...

    • Andrew Moore
      Andrew Moore Month ago

      For one batch, I used exactly 2# Top Round from Whole Foods (@ $8.99/lb that weekend). It's likely possible to get TR cheaper elsewhere, but I know my local Whole Foods has excellent meat. I indicated to the butcher that I was making jerky and needed it thinly sliced. They had no problem doing so.
      I don't recall exactly how many slices it came to in the end for that batch (I want to say between 12-15), but I did get 3 racks worth (12"x17") out of it. I used Chef John's method (à la Alton Brown's method) of cutting the pieces with scissors. I cut them to 1"-ish bite-sized pieces. I made two types of batches: One where I marinated in a zip-lock bag for three hours, and one at 24 hours. The three-hour marinade was definitely good enough. The only thing the extra marinating provided was a little extra heat and sodium.

    • karl seel
      karl seel Month ago

      what type meat did you use? London Broil? Top Round? Eye of Round? How many slices did you get from 2lbs? Were they sliced at the Butcher?

  • Austin McCarthy
    Austin McCarthy 2 months ago

    I love this guy! First video but I’ll watch more.

  • Martin Viljoen
    Martin Viljoen 2 months ago

    Tried it. But biltong is better, 😋

  • Oscar Åberg
    Oscar Åberg 3 months ago

    wshshsh sauce? What!?

  • Ajax All Purpose Cleaner

    Shelf life?

  • luis penaloza
    luis penaloza 3 months ago

    It's the green boi YODA!!!

  • Matt Follett
    Matt Follett 3 months ago

    How have I not found this channel before now? Top shelf👍🏻👍🏻
    Would cook times/temp be the same on a smoker and would I need the sheet tray underneath to disperse the heat?

  • Blakk Bonez
    Blakk Bonez 3 months ago