Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven


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  • manny diaz
    manny diaz Day ago

    Tried it and it came out great!

  • Sandra W
    Sandra W Day ago

    Going to try this tomorrow!!

  • Johnny 9000
    Johnny 9000 Day ago


  • Chuckstr
    Chuckstr 3 days ago

    Lmao he talk funny

    NOUVELLE FROONCE. 4 days ago +1

    Omg do ASMR please it would be awesome lmao

  • Shuffler703
    Shuffler703 5 days ago

    Top round and gooseneck round also work great. Gooseneck is the bottom round with the eye still in it. If you want to slice it yourself then simply buy a boneless rump roast. Trim the fat then slice it cross grain. It is important to slice across grain or your jerky will be tough. I was a meat cutter for 15 or so years..... a real one... not what they have today. LOL

  • Grouch xx
    Grouch xx 5 days ago

    Are you gay

  • nrrork
    nrrork 5 days ago

    MY humor is quite dry, spicy and since I smoke a lot of weed, I'm gonna call that "grass fed".

  • Mrbravo048
    Mrbravo048 6 days ago

    Sounds like Seth Rogen secretly making drugs for us.

  • spydernat
    spydernat 6 days ago

    Hey Chef John- have you seen this:
    This guy’s video is almost identical to yours! πŸ€”
    I wonder if he is ripping you off??

  • Melkhiordarkblade
    Melkhiordarkblade 6 days ago

    I'm looking at the bag of jerky I got as a snack in the store, 1.20euro... for 25 games. One pound could make 18 bags at least.

  • Jennifer54553
    Jennifer54553 6 days ago

    I just made my second batch of beef jerky. This time I used top round. I’m excited to try it. I have about an hour in a half left for it to dry out in the oven

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 7 days ago

    That’s right, Jay!!!

  • Nate Stain
    Nate Stain 9 days ago

    I would marinate with a tiny bit of pink curing salt just for peace of mind. But I also use a dehydrator, not oven

  • Liam Oliver
    Liam Oliver 10 days ago

    Hey Chef! Does this work with other meats too? Like chicken and duck?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 days ago

    5:18 back when there was a father's day... liberals took that away.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 days ago

    Big jar of jerky!!!

  • Shred Spectrum
    Shred Spectrum 12 days ago

    What type of beef?

  • Rey Mustache
    Rey Mustache 12 days ago

    Heyy :)
    Just stumbled over your recipe, could you please tell me if it's enough to flip the beef sometimes during the drying process? I dont have some kind of a grid...
    Aaand do you think jack daniels is a good idea for spicying? πŸ€”

  • Irene Barraza
    Irene Barraza 13 days ago

    Wow easy!! Quick question is there a soy sauce with no MSG?

  • Chris LeBlanc
    Chris LeBlanc 13 days ago

    Ask a question on youtube and someone has the answer. Thanks, Im gonna try this out.

  • MrFrozensmoke
    MrFrozensmoke 13 days ago

    I'm Ron Burgundy?

  • Lil Radd Entertainment

    You didn't give an amount for any of the ingredients. Like how much honey and soy sauce did you really put? And the seasonings ? Like a pinch or handful? I can't make this to try it if I don't know the amounts of the ingredients you put in!

  • AmamMcMam
    AmamMcMam 14 days ago

    4:05 That's the motto I live by

  • CabinDoor
    CabinDoor 15 days ago

    That meat was not very fresh, was it? I think maybe use meat that isn't close to rotting, considering what we are doing here? I think I'd like that.

  • Kevin Moreira
    Kevin Moreira 15 days ago

    What's the shelf life of beef jerky made this way? Can I store it like you did here and eat it 2-3 weeks later?

  • Ikilltherock
    Ikilltherock 16 days ago

    Currently trying this recipe,but with my marinade, i added mexican fajita sauce you use to make fajitas. Such an amazing flavor 😍😍😍

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 18 days ago


  • Pyro Animus
    Pyro Animus 19 days ago

    *goes to add video to playlist*
    *realises it's already in the playlist* πŸ˜‚

  • Rc Rascal
    Rc Rascal 19 days ago

    i luv his voice

  • cris 14
    cris 14 21 day ago

    how long before it goes bad??

  • Avery Kempf
    Avery Kempf 22 days ago

    I am making this for my hubby's Valentine gift!

  • Andrew Cooper
    Andrew Cooper 22 days ago

    Isn’t this super expensive still? I.e the gas bill

  • James A
    James A 23 days ago

    Hahaha! "NAAAILD IT" I can never pronounce worcesterchire or spell it either, obviously.

  • Kayzia-Ashley Washington

    Love your videos! Cheers!

  • Diego's game stuff
    Diego's game stuff 25 days ago +2

    "Mom what are we eating today"
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚is this a mexican thing

  • Mick Barbi
    Mick Barbi 25 days ago

    I'm subscribing just for his voice lol
    He sounds like a white version of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s

  • ben tackett
    ben tackett 26 days ago

    You could be the voice of a muppet

  • Mario Silva
    Mario Silva 26 days ago

    Thanks for the video! I love beef jerky!!

  • David Bermudez
    David Bermudez 26 days ago

    Great recipe I’ll try it thank you

  • Janco van der Westhuizen
    Janco van der Westhuizen 26 days ago +1

    I think this guy has Norwegian roots πŸ˜‚ They always go up at the end of each sentence like they're asking a question

  • SalutesWithTriangle 659

    I swear to god.... the 605 people who disliked this video.... are either cows.... or vegans.

  • Vinnitskov
    Vinnitskov 28 days ago +1

    occasionally give your meat some air

  • Craig MacMillan
    Craig MacMillan 28 days ago +1

    it sounds like he recorded each individual phrase and spliced them all together

  • Samantha Oestreich
    Samantha Oestreich 29 days ago

    Wonderful and such a great idea! I love how you give props due to whom it involves. Not everyone is so kind. Tell your wife that is a fabulous idea! I can't wait to do some jerky dehydrating. lol

  • KountryCuz1
    KountryCuz1 29 days ago

    Wow That Looks Great Thanks !!!!!!!!!

  • Zanang Dangata
    Zanang Dangata Month ago

    Does anyone know what background song is playing??

  • John
    John Month ago

    Screw the beef jerky, I want what ever is making this guy sound so happy.

    • SwissMarksman
      SwissMarksman 28 days ago

      It's cocaine. Chef's don't eat, they usually snuff some white powder & they are good to go.

  • Pandorin
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  • michael enochs
    michael enochs Month ago

    When I was a kid, my uncle used to make venison jerky. We would do the same sort of thing but after marinading, we'd wrap the slices with seran wrap but pepper it first, then beat the meat wrapped in wrap so the pepper would stick.

  • Cihan Depe
    Cihan Depe Month ago

    50 shades leather ahaha

  • Mitch Burke
    Mitch Burke Month ago

    Jerksaw puzzle? Um subscribed. Lmfao I love jerky

  • Gary McCraw
    Gary McCraw Month ago

    That would work Awesome with a Excalibur Dehydrator

  • francisco magana
    francisco magana Month ago

    Gotta try this!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Marek
    Marek Month ago

    what language are you speaking? please at least make subtitles

  • kauxkaux
    kauxkaux Month ago

    Big jar for fathers day!!!

  • Michelle Schultz
    Michelle Schultz Month ago

    Could you do this but dehydrate in an air fryer?

  • Leo Verran
    Leo Verran Month ago

    Shut up!!!!!!

  • Leo Verran
    Leo Verran Month ago

    If this guy ,with this crazy voice can make videos, I can do way better

  • Leon Maistry
    Leon Maistry Month ago

    Voice is annoying

  • Surokh
    Surokh Month ago

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  • Pall Singh
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  • GrePop
    GrePop Month ago

    Lay off the soy

  • gpuppy1234
    gpuppy1234 Month ago

    Nothing like making your own jerky. I cant stand that Jack Links stuff it tastes like candy.

  • Abraham Jones
    Abraham Jones Month ago

    So fucking annoying the way this guy talks!!!!

  • Chill Patrol
    Chill Patrol Month ago

    I'm not sure about this recipe. He keeps ending every sentence with a question mark as if I'm supposed to know if he's doing it right or not. IDK bro that's why I'm watching your video smh

  • Martin Kostian
    Martin Kostian Month ago

    You could use rouladen beef too

  • Tod Chapman
    Tod Chapman Month ago +1

    Your voice and affection are annoying, to be kind.

  • The Underdog
    The Underdog Month ago

    haha Commentary killed me. Awesome video man

  • biggybaconboy
    biggybaconboy Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Nick Courage
    Nick Courage Month ago

    The only thing missing is Mr Mackey's "mkay?" from Southpark at the end of each sentence. Thanks for the video

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier Month ago

    his voice style seems to copy the youtube channel "chills"

  • Matt R
    Matt R Month ago

    thats right jay

  • Phillip Stewart
    Phillip Stewart Month ago

    Can u do strate beef no sen

  • Jolly M
    Jolly M Month ago

    Another fantastic recipe Chef John! I can't wait! My neighbor gave me approximately 2 pounds of beef jerky and it's amazing. Says he uses London broil and also asks the butcher to thinly slice. One off the ingredients he uses is La Choy, the only time I've ever had this brand. I'll try your version. Great protein snack while working as a nurse without breaks or very minimal one, so having this on hand is a must. :)

    xXxCARELESSxXxz Month ago

    OMG!!! this is gonna save my wallet thanks so much!! ^^,

  • J Kat Schultz
    J Kat Schultz Month ago

    My favorite part of this entire video: Naaailed it!

  • Whats the frequency Kenneth

    "Specific specifications?" I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure specifications are specific by definition.

  • Whats the frequency Kenneth

    I get a package of the leanest eye of round Costco has and cut any fat off the edges. It sometimes has a small string of fat and gristle running through the middle, but in context, it's not a problem. The best part of eye of round is that it slices crossways really nicely into medallions that are easy to lay out on a dehydrator tray. I cut it a bit thicker than yours-around 1/4 inch. That makes fairly thick beef jerky (though it does thin as it dries), which I prefer.

  • Spartaeus
    Spartaeus Month ago

    How long can you store it? Does it have to be stored air tight?

  • DrRakdos
    DrRakdos Month ago

    I was gonna make this for a camping trip but my local butcher got mega offended I was going to make my own jerky instead of buy his. He then proceeded to lecture me about how jerky is made, like I didn't already know it was dehydrated meat.
    He then scoffed at the idea of using top round for jerky.

  • Bob England
    Bob England Month ago

    what is 'top round' in english, is that topside?

  • Natania Smith
    Natania Smith Month ago

    Smh I actually gave my dad this today and he was so happy 🀣

  • EveryDaySlacker
    EveryDaySlacker Month ago

    The way he talks pisses me off.

  • North Bouy
    North Bouy 2 months ago

    "naaaaaailed it" πŸ˜‚

  • Mustaqeemah Oni
    Mustaqeemah Oni 2 months ago

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    ROBBIS TV 2 months ago +1

    I don't understand all the comment's about your voice. Look what the man just showed us!>? BRO! Thank you!

  • Oxie Svezhaya
    Oxie Svezhaya 2 months ago

    Whole years healthy food

  • jdamagedgoods
    jdamagedgoods 2 months ago

    Why do you finish every sentence like you are surprised?

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 2 months ago

    Seriously??? No measurements.

  • mandarin125
    mandarin125 2 months ago

    Australian national food.

  • mike shramowiat
    mike shramowiat 2 months ago

    That looks delicious. I will try to make it.

  • jed jed
    jed jed 2 months ago +1

    A little jack Daniels is fantastic...

  • A. STARZ
    A. STARZ 2 months ago +1

    Can we use ground paprika

  • Freda Margaret Yannetti

    So refreshing - no drama - right to the point - excellent presentation - thank you

  • Wonderpierrot
    Wonderpierrot 2 months ago

    I swear the way you talk sounds just like the Chills guy, who's also notorious for having an annoying voice/way of talking, hah.

  • Nick j
    Nick j 2 months ago

    you nailed it!

  • muttsmutt
    muttsmutt 2 months ago

    does this work for pork too?

  • new england patriot
    new england patriot 2 months ago

    another black man white woman commercial.

  • Cooklover98 041498
    Cooklover98 041498 2 months ago

    With people complaining about his voice. Have any of you heard him outside of TVclip. That could be all natural so get over it.