Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven


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    ROBBIS TV 14 hours ago

    I don't understand all the comment's about your voice. Look what the man just showed us!>? BRO! Thank you!

  • Trai Dep
    Trai Dep Day ago +1

    *Love this toaster oven.>>>**** So many options - I also purchased the cutting board that sits on the top. It is a little pricy, but well worth it. With the large capacity, I used it all the time instead of heating up my kitchen with my oven. Cassarole dishes fit nicely and I expecially like the reheat and convection options. It cooks evenly and crumb tray removes easily for cleaning.*

  • Oxie Svezhaya
    Oxie Svezhaya 3 days ago

    Whole years healthy food

  • jdamagedgoods
    jdamagedgoods 4 days ago

    Why do you finish every sentence like you are surprised?

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 6 days ago

    Seriously??? No measurements.

  • mandarin125
    mandarin125 6 days ago

    Australian national food.

  • mike shramowiat
    mike shramowiat 6 days ago

    That looks delicious. I will try to make it.

  • jed jed
    jed jed 7 days ago +1

    A little jack Daniels is fantastic...

  • November Tango
    November Tango 8 days ago

    This beef is thin, it only has one side

  • A. STARZ
    A. STARZ 9 days ago +1

    Can we use ground paprika

  • Freda Margaret Yannetti

    So refreshing - no drama - right to the point - excellent presentation - thank you

  • Wonderpierrot
    Wonderpierrot 10 days ago

    I swear the way you talk sounds just like the Chills guy, who's also notorious for having an annoying voice/way of talking, hah.

  • Nick j
    Nick j 13 days ago

    you nailed it!

  • muttsmutt
    muttsmutt 14 days ago

    does this work for pork too?

  • new england patriot
    new england patriot 14 days ago

    another black man white woman commercial.

  • Cooklover98 041498
    Cooklover98 041498 15 days ago

    With people complaining about his voice. Have any of you heard him outside of TVclip. That could be all natural so get over it.

  • Jamie j
    Jamie j 15 days ago

    Is not preheating the meat to 160 degrees dangerous?
    My batch is in the oven and I dont want the 'Rhea.

  • Christipher Rush
    Christipher Rush 16 days ago

    This daddy would much rather the jerky...

  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando Rodriguez 17 days ago

    What setting do you put the oven in? (Bake, broil, etc?)

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez 22 days ago

    Is this jack from jack in the box?

  • Luis Joya
    Luis Joya 23 days ago

    Guy sounds like Seth rogan

  • Tesha Elkins
    Tesha Elkins 25 days ago

    Lol I have the same jars I put peppers in them

  • Tesha Elkins
    Tesha Elkins 25 days ago

    Passing by in 2018 thx I have all ways cut it into long strips I'll try it like this will season it today

  • Gary Liseo Jr
    Gary Liseo Jr 29 days ago

    Do you know any marinades that have lower sodium levels?

  • Night Of January
    Night Of January Month ago

    How could i follow your recipe if everytime u talk you're making me laugh? lol

  • fred padilla
    fred padilla Month ago

    and we would ask.. what would you like to get for fathers day a tie or this me:"a tie"

  • Willis Lee
    Willis Lee Month ago

    I’m a dad and I want a big jar of this. Get on this baby!

  • Willis Lee
    Willis Lee Month ago

    Naaaaailed it! Haha love Chef John:)

  • FlorinU
    FlorinU Month ago

    I followed this recipe to the letter and it turned out a complete shit!! The Worcestershire sauce just has too much vinegar, the jerky turned out sour!! DO not use the quantities given by this guy, 3/4 cup of Worcestershire is waaay too much, you only need about 2 spoonfuls !

  • Omar Alvarado
    Omar Alvarado Month ago

    3:35 my ocd kicked in 😂

  • Reign101
    Reign101 Month ago

    I think the KRAVE beef jerky is the best!

  • marcus welby
    marcus welby Month ago

    Wow !! Thanks chef john 👍 im new at this and now excited to try this recipe, thanks again for the tips Mate nice work !!

  • terry acki
    terry acki Month ago

    I can not stand how he talks... it's like nails on a chalk board to me.

  • Pniko
    Pniko Month ago

    27 less ingredients? Wow

  • Sir Jhonson
    Sir Jhonson Month ago

    smoked peperica is good

  • randomDS
    randomDS Month ago

    I dont like smoky pwpper and honey. If i need extra smokyness i can put it in smoking box

  • Bryan Hayes
    Bryan Hayes Month ago

    Thanks Chef John, you are the Chief of our jerkied beef! 1st attempt, made one batch exactly with the teriyaki recipe, and one batch modified with raspberry-jalapeño, both delicious! Thanks Chef!!

  • brandon wright
    brandon wright Month ago

    Uhhh I’ll take this damn I’m hungry now

  • Geordie Boyack-bridgman

    That's not beef jerky that just meat that's been left in the oven for 4 hours

  • Kaoru
    Kaoru Month ago

    If you have a kroger or kroger owned store, get their sesame ginger marinade. Best marinade for jerky!

  • LamentationsofSummer

    "Occasionally give your meat some air." Great advice Chef John!

  • m Day
    m Day Month ago

    If you put your beef strips in a half gallon canning jar and pull a vacuum on car, that draws the marinate into the meet.

  • KId Savage Boy
    KId Savage Boy Month ago

    I love this video.

  • Eric Petty
    Eric Petty Month ago

    My problem is, I can't stop eating it.

  • aj08899
    aj08899 Month ago

    This is like if neil degrasse tyson made beef jerky

  • Bradley Ungles
    Bradley Ungles Month ago

    Grass Fed? Come on.

  • Twisted Ragdoll
    Twisted Ragdoll Month ago

    Marinate that shit in soy sauce

  • Stephen Downey
    Stephen Downey Month ago

    Making this today and am so excited

  • Otho Williams Jr.
    Otho Williams Jr. Month ago

    For a gift, Jerky or a Tie🎁 umm....It's a tie👔🍖

  • Christine Sorrento
    Christine Sorrento Month ago

    your humor tickles my dry funny bone 😐

  • BolinFoto
    BolinFoto Month ago

    What part of the cow is the meat from? Front, back or in the middle?
    I'm asking because I live in the backwater country of Sweden here we have slabs of meat and cut slabs of meat.
    I really want to make jerky but I have no clue what the meat is called in the store.
    I know it's cow but that's it.
    I live in sweden and buying meat here is probably the most dull thing you can do.
    We have like four types in the store, pork, cow, fish and chicken and that's it.
    And if you want a specific cut of each meat then good luck because all you can buy in store are slabs of meat and slices of meat.
    We don't have any type of Butcher shops within a 5 hour drive, one way, from where I live it's all supermarket.
    And if you do find a Butcher shop then it's a halal Butcher shop.
    Hey you! You want slab of cow or sheep? No?
    And if you drive a little bit further you get to the sexy store called "Meat Wholesale".....
    Trying to google is just borked as well because all the types we have here are filé, steak, inner thigh, roll, brisket and "French cut".
    And that's it.
    You walk up to the person behind the meat counter in the supermarket and say things like "I saw a guy making a dish out of Boston Butt" and a you walk out with a generic ham because that is the closest thing you can get to that here.
    And trying to ask for stuff like "Hi I would like a 5 lb brisket?" you will get pieces of brisket that amount to 5 lb....
    Or asking for a pork shoulder with the skin and fat still on and they will give you a look that scream "look at this freak wanting a piece of meat with the fat and skin left on" and so you get a piece of pork that might look like a shoulder but with all the nice fat meticulously trimmed of so when cooked the pork tastes like just any other pork.
    The only way to get meat after your specifications here is to buy it from a farmer that sells it illegally, and that can be bad since the meat isn't tested for diseases and stuff.
    Or you buy it from the same places that Michelin Restaurants get their stuff from and those places are not cheap and certainly not in the close vicinity.
    I suppose in the big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg and such you can find a real Butcher Shop but driving hours to get a piece of meat.... well that's nothing you do every day.

    • Peter Larsson
      Peter Larsson 22 days ago

      Kör på lövbiff bara, finns ju i alla affärer 😂

  • Mk mk
    Mk mk Month ago

    I don't know how much am going to save as a truck driver

  • CrazyPanda
    CrazyPanda Month ago

    Wtf is wshshshr sauce

  • Derrick yuksdgfhj
    Derrick yuksdgfhj Month ago

    No liquid smoke, yuck.

  • Sharp Harpoon
    Sharp Harpoon Month ago

    We have a butcher with bacon slicing machine.. so I just bought the meat and freeze it and go back and ask them to slice it..

  • Agosto Ceilings
    Agosto Ceilings Month ago +1

    Excruciating to listen to, offal

  • Worgak
    Worgak Month ago

    You're upward inflection on the end of every sentence makes your generally very good narration voice sound very monotone and robotic to me.
    If you talk like that in real life it's cool. I ain't gonna hate.
    But if you're going to be speaking publicly, or in a setting where you can record and reflect on the way you use your inflection, maybe concider varying it up a little?
    Anyway, love the videos, very simple, easy to follow.
    Gonna use this to make my brother some homemade jerky for his birthday 👍

  • ZeeKyM
    ZeeKyM 2 months ago

    Not even a single video without the mighty KAYAM

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 2 months ago

    You sound like a real tool

  • Dazura 92
    Dazura 92 2 months ago

    I'm just here for when the world goes to shit, and I have to jerky all my meat for survival...

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 2 months ago

    Try Pastrami Meat next time ITS EXCELLENT

  • Paul Schooley
    Paul Schooley 2 months ago

    I missed the temperature part

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich 2 months ago

    What if I have my own slicer?

  • Hemp 510 Gaming
    Hemp 510 Gaming 2 months ago

    You think this could work in a smoker using indirect heat ?

  • CriscoGamesHD
    CriscoGamesHD 2 months ago

    Every sentence this guy says sounds like a poem

  • James Patch
    James Patch 2 months ago

    Hey John. Great videos. Thanks. Is closed caption happening any time soon?

  • MnMs002
    MnMs002 2 months ago

    Screw the Tie i'd take a Super Sized Cookie Jar full of the Beef Jerky...

  • Spanky x813
    Spanky x813 2 months ago

    Came out perfectly.
    Thanks Food Wishes.

    DEX - BRAWL STARS 2 months ago

    This is fake
    U just have to rehydrate it

  • Kodi Swanton
    Kodi Swanton 2 months ago

    Why is everything a question?🤔

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle 2 months ago

    thanks. enjoyable pace and clear instruction. interesting technique. keep on rocking in the free world. peace

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd 2 months ago

    Ive not seen it done in the oven before, the best home verson ive seen was on a counter top with a fan blowing over it over night (i dont think of a dehydrator to be a home verson as i refuse to buy somthing that pricey if its hardly getting used)

  • LightSkin Ways
    LightSkin Ways 2 months ago

    What cut of beef do u use

  • Sal A.
    Sal A. 2 months ago

    Can we use this marinade for ground beef jerky?

  • melophobia
    melophobia 2 months ago

    Why tf are you talking like that

  • Tasha Dowdy
    Tasha Dowdy 2 months ago

    I love your humor. Great presentation😍😍😍

  • Amanda Castillo
    Amanda Castillo 2 months ago +1

    If you cannot get your butcher to cut it or if it cost it yourself. Easy tip is to buy the chunk of meat and wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for about 2 hrs...depending on size. Not enough to freeze solid just enough that its firm to touch and will make it much easier to think slice by hand.

  • Hernan
    Hernan 2 months ago

    Adding some fresh squeezed lime juice to the marinade would compliment the saltiness

  • James Lucier
    James Lucier 2 months ago

    (jerksaw puzzle) you so funny!

  • ray medina
    ray medina 2 months ago +1

    why bother putting it in a jar? you know its going to be gone within the hour! LOL

  • Zerzil
    Zerzil 2 months ago

    @4:05 they told me to stop doing that ...

  • Payne
    Payne 2 months ago

    I hate paying 10$ for enough beef jerky to satisfy me for 3 minutes

  • Tempest Xmen7
    Tempest Xmen7 2 months ago

    Looks great!

  • David Fuertes
    David Fuertes 2 months ago

    I've made jerky in a smoker ,in a grill but I've found the easiest way is to hang the meat on skewers in the oven they come out perfect everytime

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 2 months ago

    Dear diary, tonight I learned that I can be the captain of this ship called 'my life.' I can be as quirky with my jerky as I please and stop buying disgusting plastic pouches of air that also contain some beef jerky in it.

  • CheekyCant
    CheekyCant 2 months ago

    Apparently you like your humour like you like fertiliser. Just pure shit.

  • Mammel Sauce
    Mammel Sauce 3 months ago

    This guy's voice reminds of how a valley girl talks, everything sounds like a question

  • Fibi Enn
    Fibi Enn 3 months ago

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing this. I dry my jerky for 8 hours at 110C. My recipe contains brown vinegar, soy and similar spices. I don’t get why people like to use honey etc. it always tastes off to me.

  • mrkiiprototype
    mrkiiprototype 3 months ago

    Who the fuck gives their dad a tie for fathers day

  • Carnifex L33t
    Carnifex L33t 3 months ago

    Listened to this video on mute with subtitles

    MOLON LABE 3 months ago

    Omg. The way this guy talks just pisses me off. Im ready to kick my dog after listening for 6 minutes.

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 3 months ago

    There is a huge difference in curing dehydrating and cooking. 175 degrees for 3 hours is cooking not curing. Real jerky is cured and dehydrated not cooked.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 months ago

    Funny how beef jerky is typically thought of as a "guy's food" lol. I looooove beef jerky and wanna give this a try! Thanks so much for posting this. :)

  • Team Mongoose
    Team Mongoose 3 months ago

    For survivalist, try making Pemmican or "PIMIHKAN" a Cree word for "grease, fat." Made by my ancestors hundreds of years ago in North America. Jerky, also a Native food is delicious but only lasts a few months. Pemmican condensed meat will last years.

  • Tee Riff
    Tee Riff 3 months ago +1

    Although Im not a father yet, beef jerky is the supreme choice, I much prefer eating this than a tie or some slippers haha, maybe a pipe could trump the jerky thoo haha

    NFINITY XTRA 3 months ago

    Your so fucking funny I had to like and sub idk

  • Red Enzo
    Red Enzo 3 months ago

    Part of me thinks this is actually the Wolfpit guy from what am i eating

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar 3 months ago

    The way you talk throughout the whole video is fucking annoying

  • Sodori
    Sodori 3 months ago

    If one has an oven with forced air functionality, would that be preferred since it sort of help to dry it out?

  • Angelina
    Angelina 3 months ago

    Could you do this with pork??