Beyonce Proud Mary Live For Tina Turner


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  • Joe hoe
    Joe hoe 3 days ago

    Tina Turner really looks like Beyonce's mother

  • Eva Bezgovšek
    Eva Bezgovšek 4 days ago


  • Marina Papuashvili
    Marina Papuashvili 18 days ago

    Well, I never been a fan of Beyoncé, but this is really super!!! Bravo!

  • Mohammad Dhofar
    Mohammad Dhofar 26 days ago +1

    This performance was one of my favorite of hers 😍


    Beyonce did Tina justice

  • michel bolduc
    michel bolduc 2 months ago

    not even close , Tina is the queen , still a firecracker today and puts little girls like this to shame , nice try
    Courtney Hadwin does a better show more spirit and heart ,
    this looks fake

  • Marie Sahota
    Marie Sahota 3 months ago

    Just superb


    There can only be

  • DeCarlos Williams
    DeCarlos Williams 3 months ago +1

    Go Beyonce! Showing respect to those who paved the way. Tina- Queen of Rock & Roll!

  • Kryssi Joi
    Kryssi Joi 3 months ago +1

    Go bey!!!

  • Alexander Zarjitsky
    Alexander Zarjitsky 3 months ago

    Muitoooooooooo Showwwww a Paz.

  • nadine GUIVARCH
    nadine GUIVARCH 3 months ago

    very nice tribute for her mother

  • Maggi Grillet
    Maggi Grillet 3 months ago

    Woooooow!!!! Maravillosa

  • Leyla Ars
    Leyla Ars 3 months ago

    Realy good performance...but her voice is too soft for my opinion.

  • Florialva Romanova
    Florialva Romanova 4 months ago


  • Tanger biarritz mes amours

    She' s black or whaite!!!!!!!!????

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander 4 months ago


  • Kayla Irving
    Kayla Irving 4 months ago

    bey did that.

  • taduchepa fo
    taduchepa fo 4 months ago

    She looks like a tina....horselike

  • Simra Gulnawaz
    Simra Gulnawaz 4 months ago

    After all that her hair still manges to stay in place nice!!

    DEKIKK 5 months ago

    just not tina, but super good! it needs that raw edge...

  • K.K B.B
    K.K B.B 5 months ago

    Impecable interpretación de Beyoncé!!!

  • Marcos Villarreal
    Marcos Villarreal 5 months ago

    As much as i like this, and Tina...she gave more praise to a celebrity over her mother

  • Lucio Kamus
    Lucio Kamus 5 months ago

    Beyonce sang just using 35% real voice,cuz was just a homage!!!can't be overflow or extravagant!!!single lady is enough who is the successor (Tina tuner)

  • Jaz Mee
    Jaz Mee 6 months ago

    Wow! I enjoyed this performance so much!🔥❤️

  • Timothy June Torres
    Timothy June Torres 6 months ago

    As usual Queen Bey slaying but...why does she look white here?

  • ShaniceMakeUp
    ShaniceMakeUp 7 months ago

    That's an insult to Tina's career!!!!!!

  • Darlene Canterbury
    Darlene Canterbury 7 months ago +1

    GLORIOUS!!!!! Such a gorgeous rockstar I adore Beyonce!!! Not only is she the best at everything she is the queen diva!!!!! So blessed to have her in my lifetime!!!! Total gorgeous overload!!!!! I adore her !!!!!Thank you Beyonce and ur beautiful family for sharing you with all of us !!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Mosese Heimuli
    Mosese Heimuli 7 months ago +1

    Queen of texas

  • David Zak
    David Zak 8 months ago +2

    Beyonce is nice but i love the Original TINA

  • Antonio Aiken
    Antonio Aiken 8 months ago +1

    Funny even the most sexy woman buy today's standards can't touch Tina

  • Debbie King
    Debbie King 8 months ago

    Nice and easy

  • Wendy Wilson
    Wendy Wilson 8 months ago

    it was ok

  • Eustass Kid
    Eustass Kid 8 months ago

    I wish I could find beyonce's sex tape😂😂😂

  • I’m not a colourful girl I love darkness

    Wow this was boring 😴😴😴

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia 8 months ago

    Beyonce sounds a little breathless.

  • Elvira Koncz
    Elvira Koncz 9 months ago

    Two perfect person I love it

  • Evan Kar
    Evan Kar 9 months ago

    I love Beyonce e Tinna Turnner.....Beyonce tudo de bom...

  • Ian Hgrs
    Ian Hgrs 9 months ago +1

    shes a good performer but she hasnt got that easy power that TT has got.

  • flwtchs _
    flwtchs _ 9 months ago

    She's so cute. She performed for her inspiration and did amazing.

  • Yngwie Cuadra
    Yngwie Cuadra 9 months ago

    Tina's voice was made for this, still good performance beyonce.

  • Angelika Gerhardt
    Angelika Gerhardt 10 months ago


  • Jullia Efrat
    Jullia Efrat 10 months ago

    she's so gorgeous omg

  • Viktor Semar
    Viktor Semar 10 months ago

    Tina must be so proud of her ... you da queen Bey 😍😍😍

  • 박정선
    박정선 10 months ago

    Rolling on the river . I love this.

  • Verónica
    Verónica 10 months ago

    Sorry, linda, pero la gran Tina es insuperable!

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough 10 months ago

    Pretty face.. no voice..

  • Sulis Ani
    Sulis Ani 10 months ago

    ayooo capa yg ikut gue cari beyoance. setelah liat joan

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone 11 months ago

    You can see that Beyoncé has modelled herself a lot like Tina

  • R M Elliott
    R M Elliott 11 months ago

    Watered down. The soul is just not here...too “safe”.

  • Finger Island
    Finger Island 11 months ago

    Sorry but Tina shits all over the devil-worshipping cannibal

  • sven provenzano
    sven provenzano 11 months ago

    not bad, never a voice like tina but not bad

  • Dj
    Dj 11 months ago

    Sorry but no Beyonce. Tina is fierce, raw, powerful and amazing on stage. Don't matter how sexy you dress beyonce, Tina rules!

  • Veer Zaara
    Veer Zaara 11 months ago

    She really learnt whats from Mdm Tina! I really touched Beyonce! Keept it up. U r d Superstar too bby.

  • Alessandra Greter
    Alessandra Greter 11 months ago

    Tina a the best!

  • ogrebattle22763
    ogrebattle22763 11 months ago

    Hey where's Kanye screaming "Tina your version was good but BEYONCE'S is the best".....

  • mirola73
    mirola73 11 months ago

    Not a Beyonce fan, but this woman does a VERY good job.

  • Clara Fernandes_490
    Clara Fernandes_490 11 months ago

    Beyoncé fez o rei levanta kkk 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏...
    Bela homenagem a rainha Tina. Muito a própriada Beyoncé ❤

  • Samuel Daniels
    Samuel Daniels 11 months ago

    Beyonce has some bad ass legs also

  • Sigurgeir Snorri Gunnarsson

    hún er alveg rosalega góð

  • Fook Youasshile
    Fook Youasshile Year ago

    Poor Tina got ripped off by you

    • Fook Youasshile
      Fook Youasshile Year ago

      Tina knew how to sing you made it into a diasaster

  • SammyHammy
    SammyHammy Year ago

    beyonce looks way too white

  • Marie Witcher
    Marie Witcher Year ago

    Who went back to this 2018

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark Year ago

    No one can ever replace or be the new Tina turner. There is only one! But I do think Beyoncé is the closest thing to a modern day Tina turner

  • Leticia Vasquez
    Leticia Vasquez Year ago

    Bela en español !-

  • John Winters
    John Winters Year ago

    No Comparison Sorry beyonce

  • Alan Rose
    Alan Rose Year ago

    Creedence Clearwater Revival wrote the song. Beyonce nailed it

  • Tim S
    Tim S Year ago

    Racist bitch!

  • Ann coventgirl
    Ann coventgirl Year ago

    You go she male, xx

  • DFOJAIX fojaix
    DFOJAIX fojaix Year ago

    Stand up can dance...i miss understood...but realy?

  • kpzcbttp
    kpzcbttp Year ago +1

    Hell no! this ain't good.

  • your highness
    your highness Year ago

    Nothing like the original.. this was weak as fuck

  • Jorgi lmg
    Jorgi lmg Year ago

    Enjoyed but no where near Tina's vocal strength, power, that natural omphh to Tina's amazing voice.

  • el chapin
    el chapin Year ago +1

    Great dancing and vocals, however NO ONE does it better than Tina.

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez Year ago

    At least she was able to get the dance moves decent, voice was average as usual, only Queen there was and will always be Tina!

  • BlackCrowNavajo
    BlackCrowNavajo Year ago

    only The Queen is allowed to keep being seated while the president is standing

  • Jesus Cardenas
    Jesus Cardenas Year ago

    Stupid bitch what a disgrace of a CCR song!

  • Michael Sedlak
    Michael Sedlak Year ago


  • MBJ Xperience
    MBJ Xperience Year ago

    Honestly, I think Beyonce is that one person who could do Proud Mary almost exactly like Tina because she's just as "crazy" as Tina in their performances and not afraid to let go and tear it up to...!!!

  • decota williams
    decota williams Year ago

    Honoring her grandmother

  • Fran Horne
    Fran Horne Year ago

    Sorry honey, you’re no Tina! Not even close!

  • CheFoods
    CheFoods Year ago

    Tina Is Tina

  • ber calnip
    ber calnip Year ago

    STILL ONLY TINA CAN DO PROUD MARY JUSTICE ... beyonce lacks the GROWL & ANGST !... Long Live The QUEEN OF ROCK !

  • JulieAnkha N.
    JulieAnkha N. Year ago

    That doesn't look like beyonce

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Year ago

    Keep trying.....

  • deltorso
    deltorso Year ago

    She's ok but she's no Tina .

  • nantana poowarat
    nantana poowarat Year ago

    เปลี่ยนสีผิว เสน่ห์ลดลงไปครึ่งหนึ่ง

  • Josh P
    Josh P Year ago

    Geez, how ignorant the youngsters can be!!! You have never heard Tina, even your idol Bey recognizes her superiority.

  • Maureen Molleron
    Maureen Molleron Year ago

    Tina still did it better!

  • Felicia Jones
    Felicia Jones Year ago

    Beyonce did good and Tina havent age a bit she still look good

  • Claudio Amaral
    Claudio Amaral Year ago

    Creedence is the best!!!

  • charmella anderson

    Beyonce's Irreplaceable!

  • Judy Jones
    Judy Jones Year ago

    Beyoncé said “every now and then” but we all know she practically copied her lol

  • tman2469
    tman2469 Year ago

    AWESOME!!!! LOVE Beyonce and Tina

  • Jason Costa
    Jason Costa Year ago +1

    Black is beautiful. But Beyoncé you are a hack. Way to fuck up a great song. No soul whatsoever.

  • Marcos Jimenez
    Marcos Jimenez Year ago

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    Tage Svantesson Year ago

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  • Fatiha Lahrache
    Fatiha Lahrache Year ago

    Beyoncé tu est une déesse! Tu es fabuleuse! Bravo!,,,,,,,

  • Jon Morten Skjetne Olsen

    I see the face of Satan.

  • novak ilic
    novak ilic Year ago