Kitchen Burger Vs Yelp! - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Smithytrg82
    Smithytrg82 16 hours ago

    Gen's not asleep, she's a child.

  • Marichat15 MiraculousLover

    What are yelpers?

  • johhhnson johnes
    johhhnson johnes 9 days ago

    Im glad this shit restaurant closed

  • MarioFan98
    MarioFan98 13 days ago

    They should've also done this to Abby from down city.

  • XTheTense GAMER
    XTheTense GAMER 19 days ago

    Top 10 anime fights

  • plazasta
    plazasta 20 days ago

    instead of taking those delusional owners to the Theatre Asylum, Gordon should've taken them to a mental asylum!

  • Aspen Paws
    Aspen Paws 23 days ago

    Kitchen burger? KITCHEN BURGER?
    the editor is laughing so hard he forgot it was “burger kitchen”

  • koi
    koi 26 days ago

    i’m not really the type of person to hate
    but dear god gen i fucking despise you

  • Mini Phantom01- General

    The mum is the biggest hypocrite

  • Megan Mousouleas
    Megan Mousouleas 29 days ago

    I'm not siding with the crazy owner however I've open 6 restaurants myself and Yelp post 90% negative comments until you contact them and make a deal citing your business with their company then all of the sudden it changes to 90% positive comments. They have a specific employees that filter through the comments.

  • DaFro3713
    DaFro3713 Month ago

    Piece of shit owners. Refusing to even listen to consumer feedback. Glad they lost their business.

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree Month ago

    The problem is GEN! LOL

  • Chronos
    Chronos Month ago

    Almost worse as amys baking company

  • ICantThinkOfAUsername

    Gen definitely needs Prozac

  • Sargent¥
    Sargent¥ Month ago +2

    *Jen falls asleep*
    Gordon: Jen, wake up
    Jen: i'M 64 yEaRS oLD

  • Childeater290
    Childeater290 Month ago

    Their son’s gf is too much lol

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens Month ago

    I think you mean Burger Kitchen, not Kitchen Burger

  • Snowme
    Snowme Month ago

    None of these people deserve the help anyway. Let em go broke.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Month ago

    Yelp is great. We need yelp for government agencies and elected officials.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Month ago

    Wtf is that shirt Ramsay?

  • I think creatively Hawkins

    1:55 me in math class

  • zwienzixes
    zwienzixes Month ago

    The parents are so rude wtf....

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger Month ago +1

    Customers say food sucks
    Yelpers say food the sucked
    Ramsey said food sucks
    And the dude is STILL not convinced that his food sucked lol

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Month ago

    That one dude in the suit thinks he's legit or something, with fancy words such as "consistency" and "detest." He has the consistency of one of those pricks you wish you could just punch in the face.

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores Month ago

    These fucking people are in denial and ignorant! crikey mate...

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan Month ago

    I'm sure this video was titled wrong because for me it says kitchen burger when it was burger kitchen in the show

  • Valerie Garcia
    Valerie Garcia Month ago

    I Googled it this place closed

  • Swirl Gaming
    Swirl Gaming Month ago

    0:46 Wow, there the actual Yelp era
    No I thought they were burgers

  • Isaac Arteaga
    Isaac Arteaga Month ago

    Chef mike would’ve listed to those yelpers!

  • T J
    T J Month ago

    *Shit Couple*

  • Officer Hugh Downing

    I thought it was burger kitchen not kitchen burger

  • Epsil0nify
    Epsil0nify 2 months ago +1

    I hate Jen. She’s just a horrible human

  • LAQU
    LAQU 2 months ago

    Jesus now I understand why they stay on the internet, they suck at talking

  • David Janeiro
    David Janeiro 2 months ago

    People actually use yelp

  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 2 months ago

    What is a yelper?

  • HiNu7
    HiNu7 2 months ago

    I'll say it. The Owner's son's girlfriend is just horrendous. She's just so annoying looking. You know she went to the anime club in highschool.

  • Czarcasm
    Czarcasm 2 months ago


  • Alexander Christiansen
    Alexander Christiansen 3 months ago

    Sometimes i think it is fake..... because how can anyone be so blind too the truth

  • FakeFariQun HQ
    FakeFariQun HQ 3 months ago

    Gen is so denial

  • Tomas Lopez
    Tomas Lopez 3 months ago +1

    Go to the dictionary and look up the definition of the word bitch: you’ll find a picture of this guys mom

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 3 months ago +1

    Gen is a big sack of shit.

  • avenger007007
    avenger007007 3 months ago +1

    Cut that family loose and walk away.

  • cyn
    cyn 3 months ago

    Are we surprised that the yelpers were mostly all white people.
    Nope. I'm not.

    • Gabby Mouse
      Gabby Mouse 2 months ago

      Yeah, and so what if they were? Maybe because White people have some powers of discrimination?

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez 3 months ago

    Fucktard family

  • Jason James
    Jason James 3 months ago

    They should have also did this to Julie at mangia mangia.

  • Marconius
    Marconius 3 months ago

    Every. Yelper. Lies.

  • John
    John 4 months ago

    $26 ? here in Asia, you could pretty much get a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant but west is different.
    I'm itching to try American burger tho, I've tried burger king but my friend say that it's different from American burgers

  • CrazyClara101
    CrazyClara101 4 months ago

    Bad bad manners

  • Trades46
    Trades46 4 months ago

    The Alan vs. Yelpers reminds me extremely of Elon Musk vs. Short sellers. Creepy...

  • TDP 320
    TDP 320 4 months ago +1

    How rude of Gen to fall asleep!

  • tintman831
    tintman831 4 months ago +2

    He needs to listen to his critics and improve his burgers. Not accuse them of plotting against him. They both are so dumb

  • Rickie Fowler
    Rickie Fowler 4 months ago +1

    Lol they gave them the yelper special

  • Narutoisdabest :p
    Narutoisdabest :p 4 months ago

    2:10 she looks like jaiden animations

  • Maaz905
    Maaz905 4 months ago

    I hate jen

  • awsome person
    awsome person 5 months ago

    the son has gone bald from the stress

  • D
    D 5 months ago

    Lol, there are definitely fake yelp reviews... an easily abused platform. Hopefully it's improved through AI!

  • SirCraigius
    SirCraigius 5 months ago

    "Every Yelper lies!"
    What? ALL of them? So even if someone gave your restaurant a good review, that would still be a lie in your opinion?

  • Zack
    Zack 5 months ago +1

    Who gives a shit what yelpers have to say

  • bays19
    bays19 5 months ago

    The old goon knew Yelpers are hired actors.

  • Slashbash
    Slashbash 5 months ago

    Just like the writers at Marvel.

  • cowpatsmellgood
    cowpatsmellgood 5 months ago

    Kitchen Burger

  • Lynn Dragoman
    Lynn Dragoman 5 months ago +1

    Nobody reads Yelp so just make a decent burger and get your wife the meds she so desperately needs

  • Mason Herdegen
    Mason Herdegen 5 months ago

    It’s burger kitchen

  • Alex Culkin
    Alex Culkin 5 months ago +2

    The customers are always right

  • gatsan
    gatsan 5 months ago

    sons got a lovely fedora

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 5 months ago

    Damn, reality nuked them in the face
    This was tough to watch lol

  • coop coopster
    coop coopster 5 months ago

    If I worked at a restaurant and somebody told me they were a Yelper, they'd get the South Park treatment.

  • Jamish Mcquo
    Jamish Mcquo 5 months ago +1

    'hey i think there was a finger like legit a fucking human finger in my burge-'
    what the fuck lmao

  • Midnight Cassette Library
    Midnight Cassette Library 5 months ago +3

    Who’s more annoying? The mom or the dad? That is a very difficult call for me to make. They’re both excruciating to watch...I despise them and feel sorry the son who actually is in touch with reality and could rescue the place but is trapped in a nightmare put upon him by two vile scumbags.

  • Midnight Cassette Library


  • Joel Christensen
    Joel Christensen 5 months ago

    Gen is a bitch

  • newlend six
    newlend six 5 months ago

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  • Axe
    Axe 5 months ago

    The Asian guy snapped

  • Jay A Lay
    Jay A Lay 5 months ago


  • Dylan R.
    Dylan R. 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what ever happened to Daniel?

  • Raptyrn
    Raptyrn 5 months ago

    Rude, delusional, pathetic. Restaurant owners? Please, I wouldn't trust them to feed my cat for the weekend.
    "Did you feed my cat?"
    "No, the cat is conspiring against me by writing bad cat food reviews on twitter" Fucking hell.

  • Erik C 'Piano Man'
    Erik C 'Piano Man' 5 months ago +3

    Wow. Look at these dim-witted, disrespectful, disgusting owners. No wonder the place closed after the episode aired.

  • Tepid Orange
    Tepid Orange 5 months ago

    What accent is that

  • Investigator II
    Investigator II 5 months ago

  • T.K. Baha
    T.K. Baha 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is edited? At about 0:47 the owners voice when he says "lies" doesn't even match with rest of what he's saying. Kinda suspicious

    • T.K. Baha
      T.K. Baha 5 months ago

      It's not "weeding out", though. It's cutting out one word and replacing it with another. Whoever cut this scene actively changed what that idiot said. That's pretty fucked up, I'd say. Who knows what else they manipulated?

    • Punkyagogo
      Punkyagogo 5 months ago

      Yeah, that was an edit. The show cuts down all the footage and chooses the most dramatic clips for the final edit. It doesn’t change the fact that in order to get those bits in the first place, the owners still have to be pretty terrible people, or at the very least, have strong personalities. That’s why the less interesting ones are weeded out during the show’s submission process.

  • Juice9512
    Juice9512 5 months ago

    1:28 wtf is THAT THING?!?!?!

  • Lilly Lazer
    Lilly Lazer 5 months ago

    This is one couple I couldn't stand at all. Alan was gross and his meat pattie was disgusting. Jenn was a total phony. 26 dollars for a horrible burger??? Get out

  • Jakey Quackk
    Jakey Quackk 5 months ago

    Bullshit, yelpers are actually just millennials complaining about fuck all

  • not devall
    not devall 5 months ago

    Does anyone else realize that the title says "Kitchen Burger" instead of "Burger Kitchen"

  • Night Night
    Night Night 5 months ago

    My Nibba Shaggy speaking the truth

  • King Sosa
    King Sosa 5 months ago

    Sick fedora bro.

  • GinjaNinjaLextasy
    GinjaNinjaLextasy 5 months ago

    how batshit. i doubt gordon truly changed the old couple. maybe at the end of the episode but....yikes

  • LuxieLeppy
    LuxieLeppy 5 months ago

    Alan sounds like what he says is from a badly edited youtube poop

  • Brave Fencer
    Brave Fencer 5 months ago

    Yelp is for people who will never be anything a platform to feel like they actually matter, heads up, you don't

  • Karl Meow
    Karl Meow 5 months ago

    He is right. Yelpers are fucking losers.

  • Zeafer Jones
    Zeafer Jones 5 months ago +4

    I trust Yelpers more then I trust food critics because a food critic can be bought off or have a grudge but its hard to buy off all the Yelpers and its unlikely that all of them have a grudge. Although I will say I've seen Yelpers go after restaurants for political reasons so they aren't completely trust worthy.

    • Alexander Christopher
      Alexander Christopher 17 days ago

      That is where you gotta separate it out. Those who tried to use Yelp for political reason is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There are so many more platforms to voice your other than Yelp. I don't care if the restaurant are owned Trump fans. I just want some good food and good experience.
      Yet it's a good thing since it made us look more than just how many star ratings in a restaurant.

  • Cap Colombie
    Cap Colombie 5 months ago

    The mother is such a CUNT!!!!! The father is a LOONY!!!

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka 5 months ago

    The Yelp if I seen them I get help to commit they are ruthless mothers

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 5 months ago

    That Asian yelper looks like the same guy from another episode

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 5 months ago

    This was by far the strangest family in all of Kitchen Nightmares lol

  • Sammy Hoffman
    Sammy Hoffman 5 months ago

    Kitchen burger?

  • DimeADozen conway
    DimeADozen conway 6 months ago

    If I was his son I would of told that big bag of piss to go fuck off to the next county

  • Grayson Christian
    Grayson Christian 6 months ago

    Yelp is a pretty dumb app. Because it does give people who complain about everything a voice and the average person shouldn’t listen to these reviews. On the other hand when many ppl all comment negatively you should listen and improve

  • Andres Cri
    Andres Cri 6 months ago

    I have a crush on that short blonde waitress😁