BEST Las Vegas BUFFET! Wicked Spoon VS Bacchanal BEST VALUE All You Can Eat

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • I'm back in Las Vegas after many years, and when in Vegas, I have to eat at the buffets. But this time I'm comparing two different buffets to see what place gives the best value. So here's my comparison on Wicked Spoon vs. Bacchanal buffet in Las Vegas.
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    ✧ Wicked Spoon
    Bacchanal Buffet
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  4 months ago +326

    What's your favorite buffet in Vegas?

    • Gerold At Large
      Gerold At Large Day ago

      I ate at Caesars Monday- Jan 20. 2020 excellent.

    • Palay Hunop Cansomoroy
      Palay Hunop Cansomoroy 3 days ago

      Strictly Dumpling it used to be the M buffet

    • Joe P
      Joe P 6 days ago

      Carnival Buffet at the Rio and the Aria Buffet

    • Shook Xx
      Shook Xx 6 days ago

      Strictly Dumpling medley buffet in the orleans

    • Mahayhay
      Mahayhay 11 days ago

      Brunch at the Wynn! Just went this past Sunday😄

  • Rich Sutterfield
    Rich Sutterfield Hour ago

    Dayum dude you really destroyed those buffets. I love it. Get your money's worth. I pack it in pretty well at buffets too. I just stumbled across this video but after watching some of your other experiences I enjoy your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to more food adventures.

  • cskillet2003
    cskillet2003 Day ago

    Welp... I'm going to have to settle for some late night Taco Bell.

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez 2 days ago

    How much are each of these Monday thru thurs ?

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu 3 days ago

    Where is the best seafood buffet or a la carte restaurant in Vegas in your experiences?

  • matthew mcdougall
    matthew mcdougall 3 days ago +1

    "I don't drink alcohol" - eats dessert with bourbon. "I don't like coffee" - eats rich coffee dessert. ????????

  • Tobias Møller
    Tobias Møller 4 days ago

    "Normally I don't get pastas at buffets..."
    Dude ... you got pasta in every single buffet review you made in Vegas
    Just admit that you love it! :D

  • Jen Smith
    Jen Smith 4 days ago

    Wicked Spoon, Wynn & Aria. Never eaten at the M, Bacchanal or the Sterling Brunch though.

  • GreenMan 0352
    GreenMan 0352 4 days ago

    You weren’t kidding about loving bone marrow! You even started nippin 😂

  • Jenny Lynn
    Jenny Lynn 5 days ago

    I live in Vegas and we go to Bacchanal every year for our anniversary. It is bomb!

  • rob andone
    rob andone 7 days ago

    How the hell does this guy stay in shape?!

  • williamreyes44
    williamreyes44 7 days ago

    Did I mention how good the bone marrow was? :🤣

  • Rohandra Flexx
    Rohandra Flexx 8 days ago

    this guy is a meat god

  • relybigguns bigguns
    relybigguns bigguns 8 days ago

    I'm full just from watching you eat. Lol

  • bluetiger323
    bluetiger323 9 days ago

    Awesome Video post ! I really like the way you show the food as its offered and up close on your plates. You explain what you're tasting better than most. I'll try both buffets when I'm there in February 2020.....Vegas baby !!!

  • Roxy Haze
    Roxy Haze 9 days ago

    that buffet looked a mess lol mumbai buffet you cant beat it

  • Ron Chu
    Ron Chu 11 days ago

    Been there, its only OK, not worth the hype. Bacchanal is much better.

  • ebi zoina
    ebi zoina 12 days ago +1

    I just found out that that's Jackie Chan's nephew

  • Jimbo JDM
    Jimbo JDM 13 days ago

    Looks like a shitty place

  • Jimbo JDM
    Jimbo JDM 13 days ago

    Awful music. Felt gross.

  • C I
    C I 15 days ago

    I want to murder you, then wear your skin as a suit and take over your channel so i can do this for a living!

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk 16 days ago

    I stayed at The Cosmopolitan and had breakfast at The Wicked Spoon and it was awesome! I was even circling the turntable of gelato which is usually open for lunch and dinner. One of the servers came over and said do you want some gelato I said yes please. I wanted to go back for dinner but we had other dinner plans. Next trip I’ll definitely check it out for lunch or dinner.

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 17 days ago

    I preffered wicked spoon, plus I wasnt aware if you pay extra you can avoid the line

  • Lisa Walton
    Lisa Walton 17 days ago

    Great video 👍👍

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 17 days ago +1

    Best up and coming food critic in my book. I absolutely love your videos and with your descriptions, I can taste the experience myself. Thank you for what you do.

  • Julura Witherspoon
    Julura Witherspoon 19 days ago

    I love how he just speaks highly of somewhere he can relate but is a slick rude with American food😂

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 21 day ago +2

    I watch this dude eat and I always say, hes done, and then he goes back three times more. wow.

  • Robert Manders
    Robert Manders 21 day ago +2

    I got food poisoning at Wicked Spoon in September 2019. I think it was bad crab legs. Two days sick in bed. Other than that the food was great.

    • Sinnoh Gamer
      Sinnoh Gamer 15 days ago

      Robert Manders Man that's crazy I hope ur feeling better now

  • Melinda Guy
    Melinda Guy 23 days ago

    I guess table manners don't exist in Vegas...

  • scienz chic
    scienz chic 25 days ago

    Mikey says "Samosa is a little doughy. If you got inside that samosa & screamed, I guarantee nobody would hear you." -- OMG Mikey cracks me up with his one liner brilliance! xD

  • Weekend Lake Cabin
    Weekend Lake Cabin 25 days ago

    What happens to the leftovers?

  • leeuniverse
    leeuniverse 25 days ago

    LOL... Dude, you can't say "which" is the BEST Buffet by going to two.
    Las Vegas is Buffet heaven, and there's some great places without those fancy higher-cost ones.
    For example, if you want all you can eat Crab, you go to Sams Town (if they still do it, haven't been in Vegas in years now).

  • Tony Avila
    Tony Avila 27 days ago

    Jackie Chan younger brother

  • EG-Desktop Backup
    EG-Desktop Backup 27 days ago

    I liked MGM Grand Buffet. Great food and you can have wine glass there as well

  • Mike Fernino
    Mike Fernino 28 days ago

    We get it that you love bone marrow. But I think you said it about 48 times in the video. If you are going to do reviews of a wide variety of food, like at a buffet try to focus on more items.

  • Pixel Chaokhio
    Pixel Chaokhio 28 days ago

    That first song thooo

  • Slick Daddy
    Slick Daddy 28 days ago

    I've never heard or had bone marrow to eat.... personally I do not like fatty parts in my meat or otherwise... the consistency doesnt look like I would enjoy it. Looks very gelatanous... gross... I'd try it but it doesnt look good to me

  • Evan Patterson
    Evan Patterson Month ago

    Is that sam chui?

  • gardini100
    gardini100 Month ago

    bone marrow is not for me , i tried it , but never again :)

  • Lu Men
    Lu Men Month ago

    The way you are eating pozole is way incorrect ❗❗❗😂🤣 if you find a true mexican who can teach you the proper way ,, you are gonna fall in love with it even more than bone marrow ❗❗❤

  • Nicolas Morrison
    Nicolas Morrison Month ago

    The M

  • Xiao Hei
    Xiao Hei Month ago +2

    Most Americans have never ate bone marrow before, but I have been to many Asian countries and it is quite good. Do not Americanize it and say it is slightly gelatinous, try it out without biased opinions. I think American food is the worse type of food. China, Thailand, (places I have visited) Vietnam and Cambodia(never been there) but anyplace other than American food, I am sure Americans with an open mind will agree, it is much better than American food! That's sad :(

    • Rae Wood
      Rae Wood Month ago

      Xiao Hei our food sucks, honestly. I know they're more Americanized if they're here but I try to eat Greek, Asian, Indian, African, Spanish food more than anything.

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Month ago +2

    I'm sorry, $64 USD, that is NOT worth it. no sushi no sashimi , limited selection, seafood...

  • Elon Musketeer
    Elon Musketeer Month ago

    I don't think you can lose money in eating any buffet with your stomach size.

  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson Month ago

    Hey. Clark. Try
    Some. Of. The
    Green. Stuff
    Mummm. 🐷

  • Abidur Choudhury
    Abidur Choudhury Month ago


  • Carolyn Nguyen
    Carolyn Nguyen Month ago


  • tanattecnocraft
    tanattecnocraft Month ago

    Staying here for Christmas so we will try the wicked spoon.-Tecnocraft Lamborghini

  • Criteek
    Criteek Month ago +3

    Vegas tacos are highly underrated imo

  • Ernest Taylor
    Ernest Taylor Month ago

    music is gay

  • Templarofsteel88
    Templarofsteel88 Month ago

    am I the only one who thought the thumbnail of this likes like a doctor in surgery?

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden Month ago

    You look healthier. Must be all that Bone Marrow

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden Month ago

    Of all the top Buffets, Wynn is now the least impressive. Wynn needs to step up their Buffet game.

  • Sue Webster
    Sue Webster Month ago

    How do you eat all of that food?!

  • DeepOff
    DeepOff Month ago

    Why this mothafucka look like a Jackie Chang reject? Like he just checked into a hotel for a Jackie Chang lookalike convention nextdoor to the Elvis Presley convention

    • mra2zee
      mra2zee Month ago

      He’s a good guy. Cool your jets.

  • vaphillips
    vaphillips Month ago

    That bone marrow looks sooooo gooood 🤤

  • Michael McCallister

    How was the bread pudding at Wicked my wife loves it

  • West Virginia PD
    West Virginia PD Month ago

    Just because the meat is well done doesn’t mean
    it’s not good. Sorry you like your meats straight off the animal,

  • Robye One
    Robye One Month ago

    @Strictly Dumpling, you've sold me on Bone Marrow, thanks! I'm going to buy some.

  • Robye One
    Robye One Month ago

    @Strictly Dumpling, you've sold me on Bone Marrow, thanks! I'm going to buy some.