Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth Interview

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Since the big Thor: Ragnarok premiere was across the street from our theatre, Chris revealed that he brought Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi with him to the show – so Jimmy sent a camera backstage to the dressing room to say hello to them. Unfortunately, they were rudely interrupted by a desperate and unwanted guest who lives in the dressing room next door.
    Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Fight with Donald Trump Jr.

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    Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth Interview
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  • Runtime: 4:25
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  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris 16 minutes ago


  • KatannaXXXV
    KatannaXXXV Day ago

    #savenetneutrality and contact tweet and call fcc and Congress to keep the internet free and how it is and should be. U have to December 14 to use your voice 🖤🖤👏🏽

  • Sade Life1015
    Sade Life1015 2 days ago

    It's weird when u hear Chris Hemsworth in real life & how Aussie he sounds; comparing to his American twang in movies :)

  • Jerry Mathurin
    Jerry Mathurin 2 days ago


  • Tianna D
    Tianna D 4 days ago

    Chris's suit looks amazing 😫😫

  • hulk nlittleh
    hulk nlittleh 4 days ago

    matt Damon what clown

  • Ollie Clark
    Ollie Clark 4 days ago

    until uncomfortable capacity bmynvzp report doctor trend

  • s rico
    s rico 5 days ago

    ED NORTON BEST HULK !!!! and also the craig armstrong soundtrack was amazing and something never recaptured in all those generic sounding avengers scores. Saw avengers and never got on board that hype train. MATT DEMON !!! Kidding great act next time he needs to get a bit crazier.

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku 5 days ago +1

    Why does mark ruffalo always looks scared and embarrassed.

  • Evan Palmer
    Evan Palmer 5 days ago

    sue influence shore square evaluation directly themselves criticize forgive.

  • Justin cotter
    Justin cotter 6 days ago

    Maaaaaaaatt Damon

  • Hl A
    Hl A 7 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth has gone all lefty hollyweird.

  • Christina Rising Son

    pls let mattdamon do guest host

  • Blackstar_ CM
    Blackstar_ CM 8 days ago

    I died when they showed the matt damon and librerace photo

  • Alexandre Le Grand
    Alexandre Le Grand 9 days ago +1

    The friend of Weinstein...

  • Don Jon Lon
    Don Jon Lon 9 days ago

    lol go matt ...we lov matt ..heehee ..totally matt ..ok yuckle ...pass d friggin popcorn pig quit hoggin everytin...

  • Archie White
    Archie White 10 days ago

    Criticize arrival detail framework establishment reluctant loose rapidly marry

  • valen p pet
    valen p pet 11 days ago

    Jesus christ it's Jason Bourne

  • xpclown
    xpclown 12 days ago

    ahhh reductive humour and the plebs.....Be younger....Be free....Be the best you can be!

  • UgolinoV
    UgolinoV 12 days ago

    What the? (3:23)

  • Tommy Urso
    Tommy Urso 12 days ago

    emergency screen saver lol

  • Alex G
    Alex G 12 days ago

    the 720p60 source is amazing....

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez 13 days ago

    Now I get it when Chris said he brought the whole cast 😂😂

  • Demon Bow
    Demon Bow 13 days ago

    Hulk didn't except to have a camera on him he was looking down and his eyes opened huge all nervous saying hey guys hi xD

  • Reu Loo
    Reu Loo 13 days ago

    The Mighty Bourne

  • s3dchr
    s3dchr 13 days ago

    Big opportunity missed to lick them :,)

  • Heloise Fontaine
    Heloise Fontaine 13 days ago

    Cooking lobby urban toy container freedom prevent training craft pour silk forest.

  • José Gómez
    José Gómez 14 days ago

    Lol love how everyone played being uncomfortable around Damon

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 14 days ago +1

    Poor Matt Damon has spent his life rimming Weinsteins a$$hole.

  • 김규진
    김규진 15 days ago

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ카메라 맷데이먼 피해서 마크 줌 하는거 넘 웃기닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ마크 동공지진

  • Mathis Lambert
    Mathis Lambert 15 days ago

    Olympics tired closely distinct seven hurry record race.

  • AquaDroid 5
    AquaDroid 5 16 days ago

    Look at Chris hemsworth's finger at 3:41

  • Chicken Guy132
    Chicken Guy132 16 days ago

    Hemsworth would make a killer Edward kenway

  • aceofbass95
    aceofbass95 16 days ago

    When Kimmel retires, Damon HAS to be final guest

  • Tb Dakota
    Tb Dakota 18 days ago

    Why does the director look like a Skinny Dwayne Johnson with Hair lol

  • Jenn J
    Jenn J 18 days ago

    Every time I hear Taika, I'm picturing Korg.

  • MrBarciMan
    MrBarciMan 19 days ago

    I love that Matt Damon is actually in the movie.

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 19 days ago

    I swear Taika Waititi is some how related to Dwayne Johnson

  • Chrissy L
    Chrissy L 19 days ago

    He really did just throw up the 666 sign.

  • Ruben
    Ruben 19 days ago

    So we're all just gonna ignore the fact that Taika Waititi looks like a thinner version of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson?

  • I'm Puppy
    I'm Puppy 19 days ago

    what a "Lo-ki" (lowkey) act.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex 20 days ago

    Don't care very much @ all 4 kibble

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex 20 days ago


  • PrinzMidas
    PrinzMidas 20 days ago

    Great Matt Damon! ;-D

  • AR Gaming
    AR Gaming 20 days ago

    I would love too hang out with both these legends especially Matt Damon he looks like he knows how too have fun

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person 21 day ago

    What kind of fabric is chris hemsworth´s suit in this? looks dope!

  • Star Israel
    Star Israel 21 day ago

    Kimmel your a tool

  • Star Israel
    Star Israel 21 day ago +1

    LoL Matt Damon takes the piss out of this upset clown at will , jimmy kimmel turns into the mindset of an easily offended noisy ten year old when Damon starts taking the piss out of him

  • Shakirah rabiu
    Shakirah rabiu 21 day ago

    The video starts at 0:00. Y'all welcome

  • chris monks
    chris monks 21 day ago

    It looks like chris has a skyrim spell on him

  • xX Anime Xx
    xX Anime Xx 22 days ago

    Jesus Christ, It’s Jason Bourne

  • Joel Krejmas
    Joel Krejmas 22 days ago

    All of the videos are black with volume. I can still see the Jimmy Kimmel Live logo on the bottom right of the screen though.

  • Baekons Eggyoels
    Baekons Eggyoels 22 days ago

    Matt Damon's the actor that's been on the show the most without being on the show 😂

  • Boonk Gang
    Boonk Gang 22 days ago

    The director looks like the Rock with hair

  • SupSteven
    SupSteven 22 days ago

    Mark looks really disturbed

  • Evan Palmer
    Evan Palmer 22 days ago

    Scale explore diversity locate picture not potato.

  • ronyscot
    ronyscot 23 days ago

    that on the left is the director? that person is responsible for taking the story about the final battle and the apocalypse of the Nordic gods and turn it into a comedy with the scent of the 80s? I can finally put a face to the name! you are in my black list Mr !!!

  • jimmy arsehole
    jimmy arsehole 23 days ago


  • Gregg Eliezer T Ng
    Gregg Eliezer T Ng 23 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel you ignorant, disrespectful little prick. You mock filipinos like you are somebody. You insult our traditional outfit for special occasions. You have no right but to apologize to our President. You have no right to make this as a laughing matter with all your insults to the father of our state. I used to have high respect for you when you defended conan o' brien against jay leno when he took over nbc slot, but now all is lost. l'm unsubscribing to your channel as a sign of protest, for what you did you racist mofo, you yourself an Indian coming from a corrupt society, some nerve you have insulting our president. oh have I mentioned ignorant? your nobody. I wish I could spit on your face right now you are disgusting.

  • Brutal Gamez
    Brutal Gamez 23 days ago

    1:23 that guy reminds me of The Rock

  • Thomas Roucka
    Thomas Roucka 23 days ago

    TBH, Damon ruins anything

  • Jackson Irwin
    Jackson Irwin 23 days ago +1

    Highly amusing now we know Matt Damon hilariously is a part of the cast... ACTOR LOKI

  • Barry Sylvia
    Barry Sylvia 23 days ago

    Why does the director look like robert Downey Jr and the rock had a kid?

  • LeandrodaVinci
    LeandrodaVinci 24 days ago +1

    "But they have snacks in here..."

  • Naveed K
    Naveed K 24 days ago

    does anyone know the brand and where and how much he got his green velvet suit? please let me know, looks amazing!

  • Cyrt
    Cyrt 24 days ago

    jesus christ its jason bourne

  • Nina Underwood
    Nina Underwood 25 days ago

    LOVE IT xx

  • Charmian Lee
    Charmian Lee 25 days ago

    Matt Damon is part of the Thor Ragnorak cast tho.. also every time I hear Taika speak, his characters just draws in my head.

  • Janet Tang
    Janet Tang 25 days ago

    mad damon

  • Roland
    Roland 25 days ago

    Matt Damon can't ruin a kimmel show, he makes it better.

  • hanisa
    hanisa 25 days ago

    chris looks really good in this

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 26 days ago

    comments below :spoiler alert

  • MondaiMuse DanceCovers

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all year

  • Yezir Makaveli
    Yezir Makaveli 26 days ago

    Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne!

  • Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi

    Matt Damon BEST LOKI EVER!

  • Charlie Solis
    Charlie Solis 26 days ago

    Hey men we’re going to jimmy kimmel’s want to come ?

  • Melany Kham
    Melany Kham 27 days ago

    You are a joy Matt Damon. 😂

  • Pit T
    Pit T 27 days ago

    This is funny, and you guys are very awesome together.

  • The Grim Slayer
    The Grim Slayer 27 days ago

    It’s official, Matt Damon is my spirit animal

  • urpieceofheaven
    urpieceofheaven 27 days ago


  • Solkahn
    Solkahn 27 days ago

    "They have lights and snacks in here." Oh my sides.

  • Dustin Pratt
    Dustin Pratt 27 days ago

    We didn’t ride Adam corollas coat tails!!!😂😂😂 classic

  • Garfield
    Garfield 27 days ago

    Matt Damon is loking around

  • TheNyapism
    TheNyapism 27 days ago

    Guess it's true, Matt Damon is in everything.

  • Civy
    Civy 27 days ago

    when Taika speaks, all I see is Korg

  • Confirmed Lighters
    Confirmed Lighters 27 days ago

    Meeeeet Deimeeeeen

  • Nuriha Zakaria
    Nuriha Zakaria 27 days ago

    The director thou!! Yum!

  • Guardian
    Guardian 27 days ago

    Matt Damon is my favourite Matt Damon.

  • Marco Polo Erceg
    Marco Polo Erceg 27 days ago

    Lol I love it when this happens Matt D is the best

  • dj PeK
    dj PeK 27 days ago

    what most people don't know is that the great war between Australia and New Zealand'
    also known as "The Great Vegemite War" has been raging for 1000's of years,
    a lot of the war scenes from Lord Of The Rings were our people laying their lives down for the right to say "WE" come from a land down under, not "I"

    KAMRA MAN 27 days ago

    please like my comment :( no one likes my comments

  • Beano c
    Beano c 28 days ago

    i think the director looks like an older skinny dwane johnson (rock)

  • blahlbinoa
    blahlbinoa 28 days ago

    Jesus Christ it's Jason Borne

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 28 days ago

    I'm Matt Damon

  • hiram
    hiram 28 days ago

    "They have snacks here" hahaha

  • Tyler dyem
    Tyler dyem 28 days ago

    Shouldn’t this be Matt Damon’s interview? I mean, Chris only made a cameo and Matt has been the Lord of Thunder since day one!

  • nickyboy22071989
    nickyboy22071989 28 days ago

    Littlw does anyone know this wasn't scripted.

  • Saresha TV
    Saresha TV 28 days ago

    You know what the real question is why aren’t you friends with Matt Daymon Jimmy?

  • Craig Cato
    Craig Cato 28 days ago

    We didnt ride Adam Carolla's coat tails! LOL!!

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 28 days ago +1

    Shouldn't Matt Damon be out with his butt buddy Ben Affleck sexually assaulting women or boys