Do You Really Need a Heavy Duty Truck to Tow 9,000 lbs? Ford F-150 vs F-250 MPG Review

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • ( ) Do You Really Need a Heavy Duty Truck to Tow 9,000 lbs? Ford F-150 vs F-250 MPG Review
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Comments • 1 179

  • Doug Dale
    Doug Dale 2 days ago

    With the max tow package you can get quite a bit more than 9k lb towing capacity on the F150. It steps you up to the 3.5L and 3.73 rear end.

  • rydplrs
    rydplrs 2 days ago

    If I had roads like that a ranger could tow 9,000. I regularly do 2.5 miles of curves and a 12% grade. This is a whole different world from what’s shown, and I could care less about mileage, it’s about ability so I can get home safe.

  • cleatrampler
    cleatrampler 3 days ago

    This is surprising, I get at least 11 mpg pulling around my Bobcat and trailer in the old 1990 truck with 7.3 diesel.

  • matt wendland
    matt wendland 3 days ago

    When are you going to learn to stop topping off . Waiting 30 sec does not save your evap system from damage. That would account for the discrepancy in fuel mileage too since you put a third of a gallon into the recovery system instead of the tank.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 days ago +2

    We wanna see the Ecoboost f150 with the HDPP package

  • Tyler Nieves
    Tyler Nieves 3 days ago

    My friend tows gosenecks every day with a 19 f250 6.2 gas, I feel like in the world of towing it doesnt matter because rhe weighta behind the truck.. I have a 99 dodge 5.9 cummins 3500 dually with a wooden bed and i payload pallets of concrete at 4000lbs no air every week which i knlw his 2019 cant do

  • Sammy Lindsey
    Sammy Lindsey 4 days ago +5

    Many other things to look at besides mileage. Like trans temp, braking, wear on parts. I have pulled 9000 with a 1/2 ton with cross winds and it is not fun. With 3/4 no problem.

  • Троллинг
    Троллинг 4 days ago


  • shaunmark1
    shaunmark1 4 days ago

    Huh, it's interesting to be able to lock the hub manually, failover feature maybe? I'm trying to figure out why that would be on there.

  • Scott Donaldson
    Scott Donaldson 4 days ago

    “It’s all about trailers dude”

  • Matt Perry
    Matt Perry 4 days ago

    I get 19mpg towing 9000 lbs with my Ram Ecodiesel.

  • Jorne Lindberg
    Jorne Lindberg 5 days ago

    WTH why use that title and use a half ton only rated at 9000...use the 3.5 Ecoboost then say whether or not u need a 3/4 ton

  • Michael Benoit
    Michael Benoit 5 days ago

    Why is a 2019 F250 6.7 getting such poor MPG. That’s the same as a gas. It’s the DPF. The motor should get over 15MPG. My 95 7.3 gets better MPG than that POS.

    • Michael Benoit
      Michael Benoit 3 days ago

      Becuase they thought people wanted a bigger Gasser than the one they already have (6.2). In my opinion the whole reason why people wanted a 7.3 V8 is because they wanted them to bring back the 7.3 Powerstroke from 94-04.5, but did they NO they brought back the motor, but its a Gasser. The everyday person wants a big motor at gets good MPG (DIESEL) like 15-20 not 9-10 MPG like the new 6.7 because that's what it gets while towing, its ridiculous. 21st century technology my ASS. It should be getting like 15-25 MPG its a $70K+ brand new truck.

    • harley hawk
      harley hawk 3 days ago

      because ford took over building them instead of international. made them a PC of shit. why do you think they made a giant gas pot?

  • Chris Nat
    Chris Nat 6 days ago

    Only if you want to save your transmission and stop safely.

  • justin j
    justin j 6 days ago +1

    Should of towed a 34' rv on a windy day.

  • vincent schoenekase
    vincent schoenekase 7 days ago +2

    I would still use a 3/4 ton truck or bigger to pull over 8000 lbs cause the tires looked like they were straining to pull that load

  • Earl Yetman
    Earl Yetman 7 days ago

    Devaluation of the Dolllar is the reason for the cost of any new vehicle.

  • Earl Yetman
    Earl Yetman 7 days ago

    Is in any shape or form the new F 150 a half ton truck?

  • Earl Yetman
    Earl Yetman 7 days ago +4

    20 years ago most people bought gas engine 250s or 2500s, now you “need” a diesel???? For what? My dad towed a big trailer with a Plymouth Satellite station wagon, 3 on the tree. Wasn’t fast but got it done.. Has everyone gone bat shit mad?

    • harley hawk
      harley hawk 3 days ago

      diesel wasnt available until 94, what were they suppose to use?

  • comlbbeau
    comlbbeau 7 days ago

    Interesting... however, there is a third option, that being a SuperDuty with the gasser engine. Save the $10,000+ upcharge for the diesel engine (and associated maintenance costs) and see how the 6.2L gas powerplant performs. I have a 2015 SuperDuty with the 6.2L pulling an 8,500 lb. equipment trailer and for occasional towing I couldn't be happier. I think the additional safety margin the heavier truck provides is well worth the difference compared to the F-150.

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 7 days ago

    I would like to see a F150 Gas vs F150 Diesel comparison. Or better yet, Chevy C1500 Gas vs Chevy C1500 Diesel since the 3.0L Duramax comes with an exhaust brake which provides better downhill control. How about a comparison between the HD diesel, the 3.0L diesel and the 2.8L diesel with a light load?

  • Half Insane Outdoor guy

    If you want to control your trailer instead of it controlling you, get a truck designed to tow that wight, you want more truck than trailer. Also if you want your truck to last longer than a summer, get a truck designed for towing. So NO your stupid half ton car with a bed is not good for towing 9k even if it says it is able to. It wont last, and you'll hate going up/down hills. That truck will get towed by the trailer...

  • Steve Chapman
    Steve Chapman 8 days ago

    Curious. Do you guys have a CDL with Tanker Endorsement?

  • John P
    John P 8 days ago +1

    I hear the emissions junk on the diesels negatively impact MPG

  • Jake Estrada
    Jake Estrada 8 days ago

    Lift my tundra trd crew max for me and take her out! On me ;)

  • Dakota Clark
    Dakota Clark 8 days ago

    Really shouldnt be towing anything driving at 70 mph. That isn't safe in it self. That's why many states have 55 mph speed limit while towing.

    • Buuboi214
      Buuboi214 8 days ago

      Mind your business this ain’t the 1970’s

  • Christopher Carter
    Christopher Carter 8 days ago

    I tow a 29 and 1/2 foot travel trailer, 5500 lbs dry, 6,500 loaded (about 750 lbs tongue weight loaded) with an 18 F150 super crew w/3.5L tow package 5.5ft box. It’s maxed out with myself , wife, child, and a bit of cargo in the box. Close to limit on payload, not tow load. I do not recommend towing 8000+ lbs with a half ton, at least not a travel trailer. Axles, suspension, brakes, steering, they just just cant keep up. Just because you ‘can’ doesnt mean you should. Just one guys opinion. Stay safe out there!

  • aCID sPAZ
    aCID sPAZ 9 days ago

    The Toyota tundra will pull almost as much and not break down lol. It doesn't matter what the numbers say. Real world tundras pull crazy numbers.

    KLX300RMIKE 9 days ago

    That F250 dosen't need a weight distribution hitch.

  • tynstaci
    tynstaci 9 days ago

    I hope whoever owns the blue truck vacuums the damn dirt out of it. Holy shit what a nasty ass truck

  • Kelly Constenius
    Kelly Constenius 10 days ago

    There is a reason why I keep driving my 95 F250 with the power stroke. I paid $10,000 for it with a western plow in 2006.
    With 110,000 miles on it.
    $75,000 for a truck??? Not me brother.. Not ever.
    I might have my F250 for the rest of my life.
    I still drive a 89 F150 with the 4.9 as my daily driver.
    I would love a new one.. And I could pay cash for one.But I do not have more money than sense.
    If I am going to spend that kind of money. it will be an investment that appreciates in value.

  • Formula Firebird
    Formula Firebird 10 days ago

    I need a Bed capacity of 2400 lbs ( Long Ton of Coal) 1/2 ton truck does NOT get the job done.

  • MrPbip
    MrPbip 11 days ago +1

    F*** no it's not good enough and anybody that tells you difference dumber than a box of rocks

  • acdii
    acdii 11 days ago

    There are F-150's with more payload than that F-250 and can tow 13K easily. How much can your half ton can tow was completely glossed over though. Payload determines if you can tow it or not. According to this video, they are 10% tongue weight on that 9K trailer, add in the WDH and they are at 1000 pounds. Add in two dudes at at least 200 each and there is 1400 pounds in that F-150. So they are within 200 pounds of GVWR, provided that there is nothing else in the cab or bed. On the F-250 they are 600 pounds from GVWR. If taking a trip with a 9K trailer with the family and 200 pounds of gear in the bed, the F-150 will probably be over weight. If it is a travel trailer, 10% on the ball is too light and a sway incident in the making, so figure 13% on the ball, or 1170 pounds, plus the hitch, 1270. Hope you have the proper tow package, which on the 5.0 is 1150 pounds max tongue weight. OOPS guess what, a 9K travel trailer with a 5.0, not going to happen, sorry. Tow package for the F-150 is 1150 WDH 11,500 GVWR of the trailer. Ecoboost can have Max Tow, 1320 hitch weight, 13,200 trailer weight, so as long as it has at least 1800 pounds of payload, it can tow a 9K travel trailer.

    The guys need to run some numbers on these trucks for various towing scenarios, because towing is not cut and dried, there are a lot of variables involved.

  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson 12 days ago

    50k truck eh..
    A F-150 is for 7000lb or less. Their great trucks but not meant for HD hauling. Strap a 5th wheeler behind that F-150 and see how long it lasts.
    It does not have the breaking power to handle that weight as well.

    F-250 is way to go.

    Spent 2000$ and then another 3000$ fixing and upgrading a 1985 K30 dually. 7.4L/Th400. Crap for gas mileage but it will pull a huge trailer way better than these two trucks.
    Get a real engine + suspension for huge loads. The F-150 here just does not have the big ass transmission and breaking power to do it. (Engine is more than good enough)

  • Frisky Bottomsuuater
    Frisky Bottomsuuater 12 days ago +1

    If you "need" a truck to move grandmas Lazy Boy, get a f150. If you need a truck to actually do work, get the f250.

  • Lindsay Morton
    Lindsay Morton 13 days ago

    You guys keep using low profile low center of gravity horse trailers with torsion bar axles. The results are much different with 32 foot long 12 foot tall travel trailers of the same weight. This class of trailer is where all the 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton argument comes into play.
    I have no issue towing the 9,200 pounds my Expedition is rated for when it is lumber on a flatbed. 9,200 travel trailer? No freaking way. I tried... It is horrible. That is what my F250 is for.

  • Robert
    Robert 13 days ago

    Great, but can you stop a 9,000 lbs on a f150?

  • Njderig
    Njderig 13 days ago +1

    Wow a half ton truck? Thats really light, weighs less than my car. Prob gets crazy mpg.

    • Robert
      Robert 13 days ago

      Your dumb...

  • Tony Hightower
    Tony Hightower 13 days ago

    A camper a few times a year then no need in a heavy tow vehicle. If you are living in a camper and traveling around every week or two then I would upgrade. Just keep in mind the hitch you choose makes all the difference in how the trailer will handle.

  • John Mills
    John Mills 13 days ago

    Not one of you commenters has shown you are over GCWR with the F150. Shows your followers do not know anything about towing

    • Kevin Pilcher
      Kevin Pilcher 5 days ago

      John Mills who says they are? Do you know what the GCWR on that F-150 specifically is?

  • Ray Laux
    Ray Laux 13 days ago +1

    The F150 is at or over it's GCWR 14,400lbs. With 5,371lb. curb weight, add the 9,000lb. trailer and GCWR is at 14,400lbs. without a passenger. TFL are idiots

  • Peter Marquardt
    Peter Marquardt 13 days ago

    What size fuel tank on the half ton? On you can get an extended range tank (36 gal) on the half ton vs the standard size (23 gal).

  • Ed
    Ed 13 days ago

    Most people buy high tow for high bragging rights LOL

  • sterlings
    sterlings 13 days ago

    longevity the Diesel engine is by far superior than the gas engine

  • Brett Graham
    Brett Graham 13 days ago

    Up and down hills in Texas and in Tennessee hell yes u need the 250

  • karan Arjun
    karan Arjun 14 days ago

    Mashallah usefull video

  • Mike Coyle
    Mike Coyle 14 days ago

    The F-250 has a 6 3/4 ft bed, not 6 1/2ft. Also, the DEF is only used if the truck goes into regen mode, otherwise its not used, over only 66 miles It probably wasn't used, it depends if the DPF filter was full or not when you started.

  • vittorio vuocolo
    vittorio vuocolo 14 days ago

    Getting an f250 best thing I ever did.

  • hpkntnw
    hpkntnw 14 days ago

    It should be gas vs gas. The 6.7 won’t even know 9,000 lbs is back there while the 5.0 will get the job done but you’ll certainly know it’s there and I bet the diesel wins the mpg competition.

  • Darrin Lapua
    Darrin Lapua 14 days ago +1

    A moment of silence for the 4 different animals that gave their life for that ballin vest.

  • David Gardner
    David Gardner 14 days ago +1

    Why would you measure from the seat to the ground the seats height are adjustable.

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller 14 days ago

    Ive grossed 22k with a half ton truck before. Its not fun but my old dodge handled it. She didnt like turning, had to lock her in 4x4 just to turn so i wouldnt recommend using a std cab short bed for that kind of towing. I gross 30k with the gas and diesel superduties when hauling hay. The 5.4 f250 and triaxle trailer weight 14k empty. The 6.0 and same trailer weigh in around 16k. So in all honesty im right around 32-33k with the f350.

  • Jeff Barnett
    Jeff Barnett 14 days ago

    I think my F-150 would do better than the one tested. It's a 2015 F150 XL 3.5L EB w/ HD tow package, 4X4, HD sway arms, HD leaf springs.. More like a work truck. Payload is over 2,000 lbs. I think that FX4 package actually tows less. I get 8 - 10 mpg when towing a 30ft. TT that weighs about 7,500 when loaded with all our stuff. If I get the wind behind me, or if I'm following a semi, it gets better.

    All F150's are not the same.

  • Dutty Diesel
    Dutty Diesel 15 days ago

    🤔 I'm not sold... I think you need to compare them empty to draw the conclusion the f150 is better for daily driver! I drive a diesel and I only know a couple people in cars that have comparable mpg!!!
    It's the maintenance thats the killer, but in a general sense you'll save your $$ back from that on the mpg...
    Simplified, if you would rather save a few dollars now & on maintenance you spend more on gas over the long term vs diesel is an investment and you save over long term.

  • James Womack
    James Womack 15 days ago

    I really like yall's videos are forgetting a very important detail. Grade. I have a camper that is about 8000 lbs. I had a 2012 ecoboost F-150. I pulled that camper in the north Georgia mountains. It only took 2 trips before I went out and bought a 2016 F-250 (gas burner). Control and climbing ability are miles apart between the two. I feel safer with my family in my super duty while towing that heavy a load when compared to the half-ton

  • bryan winn
    bryan winn 15 days ago +1

    If your going to take your family and tow 9000 pounds get the f250/f350 when you're family of 4 weights 1000 pounds lol

    • Jason Zee
      Jason Zee 13 days ago

      My ex and her mother would be over

  • Rick May
    Rick May 15 days ago

    Enough of the playing around. A 66 mile loop on level ground is a joke and tells me nothing useful. Take both these trucks to Dallas, TX, with the exact same cattle trailer, buy some cattle at a local auction to bring the combined weight of the trailer and cattle to 9000 lbs,, and do a side by side performance and fuel economy run to Bakersfield, CA.

  • William James
    William James 15 days ago

    2003 F250 saved my life twice. I drove away from two spearate wreaks. Both in Ohio from to different accidents with Ohio Troopers saying the same thing from each of the wreak sites, "If you were in anything smaller you wouldn't be here." The other vehicles were totaled. I still drive the truck today with a total of $41,000 of repairs and 300,000 miles. I've almost got it broke in. The truck has no EPA devices of any kind so I will one day have the engine overhauled and keep on trucking.

  • Brian G C
    Brian G C 15 days ago

    You should have done some 65 to zero stop tests. That is far more important than whether the gas engine can pull a trailer up a hill. Another factor is whether or not you have the factory trailer brake package. It has proportional braking based upon the master cylinder pressure. That's the best option you can buy.

  • Tony Farson
    Tony Farson 15 days ago +1

    Nope. I tow 10K in my 2016 5.0 powered F150 without issue.

  • Fozzy
    Fozzy 15 days ago

    Can you give full specs of the two trucks,
    1. Engine size
    2. Axle Ratio
    3. Year
    4. Model and Trim

    • Fozzy
      Fozzy 15 days ago

      ok no problem i found it

  • B S
    B S 15 days ago

    would've like to have seen 6.2l v 5.0l or 3.5l v 6.7l. feel like the 3.5l is where you'd question if the 250 might be more of what you need not the 5.0.

  • Josh Lambert
    Josh Lambert 15 days ago +3

    To each their own, and if you know for sure that you'll never be towing anything more than 9,000 pounds, then yes, go with the F-150. But I look at it like guns; better to have the capability and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    • Ray Laux
      Ray Laux 13 days ago

      This F150 is over GCWR Not smart Please remove your comment as is is false.

  • Garrett Littleton
    Garrett Littleton 16 days ago +3

    You boys are too cautious. I’ll merk that 9k with a Honda Ridgeline real talk

  • jordan osborn
    jordan osborn 16 days ago +4

    1/2 might do it but be prepared to change u joints often

  • telemetryz
    telemetryz 16 days ago +1

    Dont put too many miles on these FORD DIESELS... the CP4 fuel pumps are bad and there is now a class action law suit in the USA... google it (actually duck duck go it)

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 16 days ago +9

    Why 87octane ? You guys should of
    Put 93 premium since it's towing heavy !!!!!!

    • Dutty Diesel
      Dutty Diesel 14 days ago

      @Alex Sanchez - also my dad has a chev with a v6 in it that he pull 5000 or more.... He won't tell me his mpg 😂🤣😂 lol

    • Dutty Diesel
      Dutty Diesel 14 days ago

      @Alex Sanchez - 👍 learn something new every day. I've never heard that, I guess in theory it sounds like it should? 🤔
      They should try this theory I like it!!!
      I thought it was a 3.5L they were using been a day or two since seen video, I very well might be wrong. Other note I did know the 5.0 is naturally aspirated.

    • Alex Sanchez
      Alex Sanchez 14 days ago

      Dutty Diesel my dad tows 5k pounds with his 07 5.3L gmc And gets better MPG with premium 93 Gas .

    • Alex Sanchez
      Alex Sanchez 14 days ago

      Dutty Diesel oh shit I never knew that but the 5.0 engines aren't turbocharged , only the ecoboosts f150s are turbocharged.

    • Dutty Diesel
      Dutty Diesel 14 days ago

      Not positive don't quote me there are an infinite amount of variables when it comes to vehicles

  • Kenneth Archambeau
    Kenneth Archambeau 16 days ago +2

    Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope...

  • MrPland1992
    MrPland1992 16 days ago

    I’ve towed a car and trailer with a few new body trucks. They’re about like towing with an 05 f250 or comparable diese except the foreign trucks. I hate gas trucks but they’ve come a long way. I wouldn’t mind a newer gasser now. Any more weight than towing a full size suv I would upgrade to a f250. My dads poor titan was dying in front a uhaul load. Couldn’t have been that much weight. 6 mpg lol and couldn’t do 65. Hooked up to my f250 22mpg at 70 lmao full trailer