Jake Paul to Dillon Danis, 'You Suck and I Hooked Up with Your Girlfriend' | TMZ Sports

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Jake Paul is doubling down on his claim he hooked up with Bellator fighter Dillon Danis' GF ... and he tells TMZ Sports he WILL take their beef to the ring ... just not yet.
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Comments • 663

  • Medium grey
    Medium grey Day ago

    He would honestly destroy your knee to the point you would never be able to box again. And it wouldn't be hard. At all.

  • travis pursley
    travis pursley Day ago

    Atleast he does something respectable. Yu two are fake ass bitches. Literally give anyone 2 months training and theyd smash yu both

    PATMAK OFFICIAL 3 days ago

    And who the fuck is this? A youtube bitch...children entertainer...thats about it...

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes 3 days ago +1

    U can TELL THAT ur just trying to impress the ppl watching & the camera.But ur a bitchass whiteboy.

  • Alex Delgado
    Alex Delgado 7 days ago

    what the fuck have you done ? Your brother gor his Ass whooped ! Fucking white boys

  • Moksha Lotion Show
    Moksha Lotion Show 8 days ago

    A boxing match would make sense, mma? ...dont-

  • A A ron 2608
    A A ron 2608 9 days ago

    I fucking hate Dillon McGregor but he would stomp this fucking weird shit

  • :/
    :/ 10 days ago

    Anyone who thinks they would beat danis are definitely under the age of 15.

  • jason mc daid
    jason mc daid 10 days ago

    Did recess just end
    Who is this child

  • Erving_Lanc3
    Erving_Lanc3 10 days ago

    I don’t like danis or Conor however I think it’s foolish to underestimate him. He comes from a gym of elites.

  • Tony254Texas
    Tony254Texas 11 days ago

    He did fuck his girl tho lol that’s the only true thing he said

  • Jye McCartney
    Jye McCartney 12 days ago

    hope danis attacks this bitch

  • CSGunshineState
    CSGunshineState 12 days ago

    I wanna see this guy get smoked 🥊💨

  • Ty Ty United
    Ty Ty United 12 days ago

    Both brothers would get wrestle fucked.🤣🤣

  • Guy Fawks
    Guy Fawks 13 days ago

    Bunch of nobody’s going at it ... lame af

  • no one
    no one 13 days ago

    Dillon would kill you.

  • Mason Reardin
    Mason Reardin 14 days ago

    Jake Paul is delusional. He think he can beat anyone when he barely beat Deji

  • Jayden Draper
    Jayden Draper 14 days ago

    I have never seen a bigger tool than this dude

  • Breezy
    Breezy 16 days ago +2

    At 1:44 the interviewer sounded like a car pulling on the brakes very quickly.

  • Aijaz Ali
    Aijaz Ali 16 days ago

    I dont even like Dillion But thats fucking low , if he did hook up or not just bringing that up is disrespectful .

  • FristCF
    FristCF 16 days ago

    Not a fan of jake Paul but Jake is right int his situation. Dillion is a annoying dude who just calls out famous people on social media to get some fame for himself. He has been doing this allot. Fight and make a name for urself instead of calling other people out on social media.

  • Malek Hanifi
    Malek Hanifi 17 days ago +3

    I don’t like Jake Paul but I dislike Dillon danis even more so I would def back up Jake Paul

  • nx Blendi
    nx Blendi 18 days ago

    Dillion will fucking eat you apart😂😂

  • db373 db737
    db373 db737 18 days ago


  • Theres onlyonekeono
    Theres onlyonekeono 18 days ago

    Danis would literally end every hater in this comment section within 20 seconds.

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing 19 days ago

    In boxing I think it might be a good fight maybe. But if they ran into each other on the street and it was anything goes jake would probably most likely get fucked up

  • adioprotege
    adioprotege 20 days ago

    Dillon Danis would fuck this clown up.

  • Aidan CE
    Aidan CE 20 days ago

    I hope once Dillon get his hands on him, he leaves his arms around his neck for an extra 5 mins.

  • voiceoverduleey
    voiceoverduleey 20 days ago

    Adam Saleh will fuck your nobody ass up

  • Mike Bird
    Mike Bird 20 days ago

    Whats with these youtube kids, they make fame from entertaining little kids now they think they are tough????? But pretty fucking please let this clown and his brother fight a pro, I want to see them get decapitated..

  • mathew1450
    mathew1450 20 days ago

    Haven’t even watch it and can tell he’s just a nonce

  • The Real Gordon Ramsay

    Go cry more about Logan fighting

  • Fahim Hussain
    Fahim Hussain 20 days ago

    Dillon would kill you stfu

  • Doctor Sam
    Doctor Sam 21 day ago +1

    These 2 brothers are prime example of pure white cringe.

  • Danny H
    Danny H 21 day ago

    Why is this guy talking like he's a legitimate fighter? I don't like Dillon Danis one bit but he's a legit trained mixed martial artist. He would smoke these clowns in an MMA fight.

  • Camran Brown
    Camran Brown 21 day ago

    Dillon would shit down his throat

  • Kazow Aya
    Kazow Aya 21 day ago

    Man Saïd I hooked up with ur girlfriend uno 😂 arddddd

  • Im Shook
    Im Shook 21 day ago

    These dudes are clowns trying to fight real fighters. 😂😂😂

  • D & K Vloggers
    D & K Vloggers 22 days ago

    This kid could not beat Dillon in a thumb wrestling contest let alone in a cage, clown

  • Abu S.
    Abu S. 23 days ago

    He talks a lot for a person with no lips

  • bradleyshortlloyd
    bradleyshortlloyd 24 days ago

    Bet he runs home and kisses his dad on the lips too

  • Contra
    Contra 25 days ago

    lmfao they said deji was incapicated on edibles and got gassed in jakes last fight (as expected from edibles) and this moron is challenging a real fighter. better go back to Sensi lmao.

  • Leeroy G
    Leeroy G 25 days ago

    Jake Paul you was crying for your mom when Ryan Garcia was being light on you haha pussy bwoiiii 😂😂 Dillon Danis would end your career think you need that humble pie 👊🏻💯👌🏻

  • Graham Roberts
    Graham Roberts 27 days ago

    What a clown anyone who’s says the words oh yeah hooked up with you girlfriend is a joke how do we know she wasn’t drunk or maybe found out if you had a little dick and ran away lol just playing but where’s me out when I here people say that shit not really a good come back

  • Mr x Söze
    Mr x Söze 27 days ago

    Smart move. Insulting a guy that could literally kill you in seconds. Smart move JAKE. YOU FUCK.

  • Epicholiday123
    Epicholiday123 27 days ago

    Jake paul you're delusional bro. I'm not a fan Dillion Danis, He would fuck you up probably without breaking a sweat either lol
    You had one fight now you think your the best there is haha..
    I really wish UFC would do something just so you get Knocked the fuck out,

  • Adolfo Hitlesias
    Adolfo Hitlesias 27 days ago

    Spoiled spoiled baby 👶 🍼

  • robertg305
    robertg305 27 days ago +2

    MMA = Dillon Danis Wins
    Boxing = Jake Paul Wins

  • robertg305
    robertg305 27 days ago

    Bold lol

  • Ethan Pineda
    Ethan Pineda 28 days ago

    Now is not the time what a bitch dude

  • Danny Kamis
    Danny Kamis 28 days ago

    Patiently waiting for something bad to happen to either of the Paul brothers. Just cancer to the infants who follow them. Seriously if your age is double digits and you’re a fan or follow them I pity you! Thank god ksi got the win!

  • Graeme Adam
    Graeme Adam 28 days ago

    Pair of peados.

  • Brandon Martindale
    Brandon Martindale 29 days ago

    I'm 145 pounds and I'd smash this kid at the gym I box at rotfl he's not beating an mma fighter.

  • Rebellion King 101
    Rebellion King 101 29 days ago

    Jake would get demolished

  • Orang AAaaa
    Orang AAaaa 29 days ago

    Danis would fuck this kid up 😂😂😂😂

  • abhimanyu singh
    abhimanyu singh 29 days ago

    My God these idiots can't stop talking even after taking the biggest L on the internet...bruh he does know who Dillon trains with an what team he is with do these kids wanna die or something...jake would be lucky if he'd save himself from getting knocked out by GIB

  • lewis griffin
    lewis griffin 29 days ago +1

    He keeps bragging about hooking up with his girlfriend I never seen someone so happy to get someone sloppy seconds

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy 29 days ago

    Don’t think I’ve ever disliked a human being as much as this horrible oxygen thief

  • Apex v Warrior
    Apex v Warrior Month ago

    Artem lobov would beat them both at the same time

  • delbroox
    delbroox Month ago

    I would so love to see this and see this idiot being beaten up...Jake Paul is just the worst youtube figure ever. I really wonder how there are people out there watching this idiot.