Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • When a tornado destroys the city power grid, make a TVclip video🙃
    After filming this video we decided we want to donate all the ad revenue from this video to those seriously affected by the Ottawa storm - the donation will be made to the Red Cross’ #Ottstorm tornado relief fund ❤️ Thank you guys for supporting by watching the ads!
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical  9 months ago +6689

    Update! Thanks to your support in watching this video, we were able to donate $12,000 to the Canadian Red Cross' Ottawa Tornado Appeal, which will go towards helping those affected by the storm by providing shelter, relief and comfort. We also donated $3,000 to a local charity, the Ottawa Food Bank, which will go towards replacing lost food during the days-long power outage in order to provide food for those in need, including for homeless shelters, small community food banks, and school meal programs. Thank you guys so much again for your support through watching this video - it looks like many of you sat through multiple ads or at least more than normal for this one😂 so thank you again ❤️
    Also life update: We got our power back at the house after a 3-day outage, had to throw out so many frozen bananas🙃
    Donations made to:

    • Charis
      Charis 10 days ago

      Why is no one talking about how much money she made from this video!

    • Grizzly Phoenix
      Grizzly Phoenix 11 days ago

      Bless u

    • Anick Myre
      Anick Myre 11 days ago

      Simply Nailogical i live in quebec and the tornado hit close to home

    • Olive Bug 3000
      Olive Bug 3000 15 days ago

      Good job 👍

    • Trish B
      Trish B 23 days ago +1

      Using your powers for good! Amazing!

  • Pewdie pie
    Pewdie pie 15 hours ago

    menchie sounds like beynTEA _o_

  • Ngọc Huỳnh
    Ngọc Huỳnh 20 hours ago


  • N Hansen
    N Hansen Day ago

    I respect you and your privacy, but why can't TVclip people show what they make? I just don't understand...

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson Day ago

    usually i watch your videos while drinking a ventee iced green tea with no sweetener from starbucks but today i dont have it so i really felt when she was sad abt not having tea. im also really thirsty :(

  • Emily lauren Lockwood

    Cristine should do a video with glam and gore and do her nails using only sfx make up 🧐 x

  • G R A C I E
    G R A C I E Day ago

    We’re I live there was a tornado and if it haven’t switched paths it would have hit are house and are cat that wouldn’t go to the basement would have been toaste

  • Jaymee McAliece
    Jaymee McAliece 2 days ago

    Ben is a T queen

  • Violet Coco
    Violet Coco 2 days ago +1

    Acetone: flammable
    Cristine: leaves a bottle of acetone next to 5 candles

  • Nix Martin
    Nix Martin 2 days ago

    How can you have an internet if you dont have electricity!?

  • Ivanna Gozz
    Ivanna Gozz 2 days ago +1

    Is the acetone next to the fire? :u

  • _Crystal아니메 크리스탈 헤르 난 데스

    Cristine: BEEENNNNNN
    Ben: Hey girl

    Me: Anna oop

  • Totally Bri
    Totally Bri 2 days ago

    Does simplynailogical smoke holo?

  • Adriana Mancia
    Adriana Mancia 2 days ago

    I love her french

  • Alyssa Martian
    Alyssa Martian 2 days ago

    Are you guys going to have kids (not animals humans)

  • Tina Manojlovic
    Tina Manojlovic 2 days ago

    How is there wifi if there is not power

  • Green Haired Adventures

    Imagine the tornado Did blow her house away, what would happen to her HOLO POLISH?!!?!?!!

  • Ruby Parish
    Ruby Parish 3 days ago

    Sorry but bens voice is so boring that I went scrolling through the comments 😑😑 just me?? #canteaittowarchanothervideo #SPILLTHETEA!!!!

  • phoebeandteaxx
    phoebeandteaxx 3 days ago

    Wait sorry why the fuck do you put milk in green tea ????

  • vanessa_ _maria
    vanessa_ _maria 3 days ago

    She should do a video only in French 😂 😂

  • ella ilek
    ella ilek 4 days ago

    9:42 *how does simply nailgocial*

  • tara wright
    tara wright 4 days ago


  • tara wright
    tara wright 4 days ago

    6.41 look a menchie

  • Lil Nugget Boii
    Lil Nugget Boii 4 days ago

    My teeth are a yellowish color because I drink a lot of coffee and tea which also stains your teeth like Pigment stains your nails

  • Leo Gar
    Leo Gar 5 days ago


  • Julianna Fletcher
    Julianna Fletcher 5 days ago

    got no time for clout

    MOLLY HEWETT 6 days ago

    My great great great grandfather was f famous in Canada and America but for two very different reasons. He lived a double life and was rich and famous and owned mines up in Canada. And down here in America he was a famous bank robber and use the money he stole to buy mines, he robbed 127 banks in his life

  • Loane marx
    Loane marx 6 days ago

    Our hous has soulir panils we on soulir energe Save the woorrrllldddd

  • Lunaflower 222
    Lunaflower 222 6 days ago

    Simply nailingical: BENN
    Ben: sup girl

  • Dacia Jade
    Dacia Jade 6 days ago

    10:19 I half expected the filter with Reflection period with simplymom and dad logical 😂

  • 손제트
    손제트 6 days ago

    Love how you have flammable chemicals by a bunch of candles

  • 손제트
    손제트 6 days ago

    Love how you have flammable chemicals by a bunch of candles

  • unicorn fan fiction
    unicorn fan fiction 6 days ago

    I live in Michigan and it touched here too

  • Madalyn Blohm
    Madalyn Blohm 6 days ago

    ben spelled simply nailogical wrong

  • black Cat
    black Cat 6 days ago

    She's back from the dead with nail art

  • ZombieGoddessxi
    ZombieGoddessxi 7 days ago +1

    A storm knocked out my power and TVclip recommends this to me. All right. I’ll watch it again.

  • Husky kindacat
    Husky kindacat 7 days ago

    Does Simply Nailogical smoke HOLO!?!

  • Naisha Guzman
    Naisha Guzman 7 days ago +1

    That looks kinda fun lol I'm weird but I wants my power to go out 😂

  • Hammy Ham
    Hammy Ham 7 days ago

    I feel so so sorry for the people that lose there houses because of tornadoes I don’t have tornadoes in the uk

  • rachello .yello
    rachello .yello 7 days ago +3

    I have a question
    In the other q and a video u said Ben was stalking u
    Did lil Ben like you

  • Itsss Andriaa
    Itsss Andriaa 7 days ago

    *Hey girl*

  • Maddux PHILLIPS
    Maddux PHILLIPS 8 days ago

    I got a commercial of cats dancing during the video and idk why

  • Sprinkles ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    5:23 is it just me or did Ben really sound like piglet from Winnie the Pooh

  • Fish Fluff
    Fish Fluff 8 days ago

    I hear u

  • UltimateDarkrai
    UltimateDarkrai 8 days ago

    They didnt ask about holosexuality because the answer is obviously yes

  • Trinity Taylor
    Trinity Taylor 8 days ago


  • Karlee Spence
    Karlee Spence 8 days ago

    Oml ur in the government XD

  • Karlee Spence
    Karlee Spence 8 days ago

    Odawa or Canada 🇨🇦

  • 사랑HDEuphoria
    사랑HDEuphoria 8 days ago

    Oh my god look at Menchie 14:49

  • Ruby vlogs
    Ruby vlogs 8 days ago

    As I am watching this the light in my house went out

  • Kirstin Rae
    Kirstin Rae 9 days ago

    I was watching this video with the sound down really low so I didn't wake anyone up, and I decided to put on the subtitles for when it was just a little too quiet, and honestly, I think Cristine needs to read some of the subtitles on this video, there are a few typos that made me giggle, such as "simply neurological", "waiting for the pilaf babes cook to dry" and "it's time to add a nice thick coat of classic taco" xD

  • P o t a t o
    P o t a t o 9 days ago +1

    A life without power
    First thing that comes to mind:NO WI-FI!😅😂

  • Natali Cvetkova
    Natali Cvetkova 10 days ago


  • Serenity Vollmerhaus - Allan Drive MS (1468)

    I heard menchie licking and I thought it was my cat

  • David Comer
    David Comer 10 days ago

    I am going to Canada in about 3 month

  • Lps Goldencat
    Lps Goldencat 10 days ago +2


  • Ilove Corpseparty
    Ilove Corpseparty 11 days ago

    If there is a tornado in your area. Just be sure to go on a basement

  • Paris Rose
    Paris Rose 11 days ago

    Asante sana squash banana, WEWE NUGU MIMI HAPANA

  • Angela Lian
    Angela Lian 11 days ago

    trump est dans l'etats unis, tu ne veux pas aller ici...

  • Sophieslazy
    Sophieslazy 11 days ago +1

    "Mon accent est dans la poubelle" xD haha, j'ai bien ri xD
    If it can make you feel more secure about it, I personally ADORE Canadian accent. Like this humorist, Dan Gagnon, he left Canada when I was around 12 here in Belgium, and I followed him for 15 years, mostly because he was funny, but also just because of his accent ^^

  • Floofy Metal 988
    Floofy Metal 988 11 days ago

    There is a lot of tornadoes in the U.S.A in the spring, mainly May 🇺🇲🌪

  • musicislife artist
    musicislife artist 13 days ago

    I also live in Ottawa

  • Catherine Shock
    Catherine Shock 13 days ago

    I want money

  • Maddy Pritchard
    Maddy Pritchard 13 days ago

    Anyone notice that the shadow in the back right corner looks like a penis? 😂😂😂😂

  • Christina Peymann Grønn
    Christina Peymann Grønn 13 days ago +1

    Oh mah gosh Menchie is too cute!!!

  • little Potato
    little Potato 13 days ago

    At 9:18 someone walked in to me and I followed with “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” then them “why” them me “I’m listening to a cat liking a bed

  • Ellie’s beauty X
    Ellie’s beauty X 13 days ago +1

    The British really don’t hate you we love you!!!

  • Tarannom Moheq
    Tarannom Moheq 14 days ago

    First of all,
    This was posted on my b-day (yes I'm aware no one cares lol)
    Second of all (and most important of all),
    I live in Canada, and have been doing so for years, so why did I not know this happened? Why am I figuring this out NOW?

  • Aggy Lyf
    Aggy Lyf 14 days ago +1

    So I thought my cat was crazy because it looks like she is biting her nails while growing her paws, but apparently your cat is crazy too, so I don't need to worry

  • Amber McCurdy
    Amber McCurdy 14 days ago +2

    "does simply nailogical smoke?"

    no, she is just high on nail polish fumes

  • Bailey P
    Bailey P 14 days ago +1

    Ben: Can simply nailogical speak french
    Cristine: *starts speaking french*
    Me: *turns on closed captions*
    Closed captions while Cris speaks french: *speak foreign language*

  • gachalife_videos
    gachalife_videos 15 days ago

    do you make 4 million USD

  • Ryleigh Staci
    Ryleigh Staci 15 days ago

    I hope you get a power outage again because this video was hilarious😂
    Of course not due to any natural disasters.

  • Walking Silently
    Walking Silently 15 days ago

    *haha Kansas.*

  • lacy pardee
    lacy pardee 15 days ago +9

    One time the power went out in my house (at night) and my first reaction was screaming "HOLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND". My family is very concerned (worth it).

  • Ava Nassrallah
    Ava Nassrallah 15 days ago


  • - KatewithKKateG -
    - KatewithKKateG - 15 days ago

    12:58 lol 😂

  • Polest
    Polest 15 days ago

    Hey I just wanted to say that maybe people also wanted to know if Cristine was bisexual because in the tinder video she selected men and women and you know when you have no idea what's a drink slave you can be confused also in the video of Ben and Cristine carving pumpkins Ben talked about the fact that some people said that Cristine was into Rob and Cristine replied by saying that it was actually Corrine that she was into and some people maybe didn't understood the joke.
    Yes, I know every single Cristine's videos by heart.
    Sorry if I did a few grammar mistakes I've been learning English just since 2 years so It's my second language ,I'm french!

  • Olive Bug 3000
    Olive Bug 3000 15 days ago

    How are you charging ur phone if there is no power

  • Kae-Lani Blair
    Kae-Lani Blair 16 days ago

    I just thought about those poor stray cats and dogs and just any wild animals 😞😭

  • BumbleNaut The Whale
    BumbleNaut The Whale 16 days ago

    I hate french class because of the teacher but I hope to eventually be fluent in it

  • Briana Mae
    Briana Mae 16 days ago

    Down in south it is hurricane season

  • Eve Dawn
    Eve Dawn 16 days ago

    7:50 is it just me or does she sound like an angry mom when she speaks french 😂😂😂

  • angrydynamite
    angrydynamite 16 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone searched if Cristine is a virgin

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M 17 days ago +1

    That tornado made my school burn down

  • Alex Fajen
    Alex Fajen 17 days ago

    In Canada-common law partners isn’t really different from married partners but in the US, there is a lot more benefits to being married (tax benefits, healthcare, debt, etc) so I think to many Americans you two not being married is weird just because marriage has a lot of benefits in the US so most couples do end up getting married, but in Canada it isn’t as big of a deal so it’s just hard for us dumb Americans to wrap our minds around it

  • Cameo Solomey
    Cameo Solomey 17 days ago

    11:05 wow

  • nova is here
    nova is here 17 days ago

    Cristine speaking French got my gay ass like: 😳😳😳😳

  • psycho senpai
    psycho senpai 17 days ago

    Can you be my parents (this is a joke)

  • Zoefff _Bic
    Zoefff _Bic 18 days ago


  • Vianne Lopez
    Vianne Lopez 18 days ago

    I live in Puerto Rico and i didn’t have power for 5 months

  • Jaycee Ogden
    Jaycee Ogden 18 days ago +2

    Your ring finger is the onky one with a vein connected to the heart.

    Like if you knew that

    • Freya the Cat
      Freya the Cat 10 days ago

      Jaycee Ogden That’s not... True actually. All veins are connected to the heart.

  • lunar xcity
    lunar xcity 18 days ago +1

    Sorry mom I don’t speak ppphhhhhhffffpheghkbjcshe

  • Rylee Lewis
    Rylee Lewis 18 days ago

    Are you guys ever going to have human children besides just cats?

  • jammy 52528
    jammy 52528 18 days ago

    I was expecting one of the questions to be "why does simply nailogical *exist* "

  • nerdy bitch
    nerdy bitch 18 days ago

    I heard that you can marry animals in Canada

  • Virginia Robison
    Virginia Robison 19 days ago

    J’ai parle la francais aussi😁

  • Xx-MrMadlad-xX
    Xx-MrMadlad-xX 19 days ago

    Menchi and Zyler have very bad grammar. XD

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person 19 days ago

    Charge the phone in the car.

  • sharky girl
    sharky girl 19 days ago

    do you want children