Working Weird Craigslist Jobs to Earn $965 for New York City Rent

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • VICE's Will Tilghman tries to make his monthly rent of $965 by working weird jobs posted on the gigs section of New York Craigslist. After staging a photoshoot for a restaurant, screening a bad horror movie, trying a new deodorant, writing a bio for a nice mom, handing out newspapers, doing a timely impersonation of Lord Varys from “Game of Thrones”, and more, Will goes deep into the world of Craigslist to see if he can actually pay his rent by doing odd-jobs.
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Comments • 3 995

  • TJ NJ
    TJ NJ 19 hours ago

    dude.. cant be worst than cleaning septic tanks from the inside.... for a summer. now that was proof you can grow to love a shitty job.
    everyone else refused to do the work. i said pay me $30hr i will clean all the tanks you got. .... earned enough get out of my van, pay off debts and into an apartment. ROFLMAO i was dressed head to toe in plastic hazamat/painter suit and my Ipod. guys thought i was nuts singing and dancing as i cleaned up shit. literally

  • Jaden Mirren
    Jaden Mirren 22 hours ago

    Should have wrangled the snake...

  • C.C. Benjie
    C.C. Benjie Day ago

    Snake Wrangling? 😂 innuendo indeed! Charge him thrice the price!

  • Mert Oztopcu
    Mert Oztopcu 2 days ago

    The snake thing cracked me off

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 4 days ago

    What i really want to know is why one dude needs three bedrooms. 😂

  • Steven Wu
    Steven Wu 5 days ago

    So This is what hipsters do when they move to New York City....

  • BNZ!
    BNZ! 5 days ago

    i rly thought he was the bald woman from dr. strange in the thumbnail

  • Zone 24/7
    Zone 24/7 5 days ago

    With 600$ it would last more than 1 month here in my home town...

  • Jesus is KING
    Jesus is KING 6 days ago

    $965 rent ??? Jesus that's cheap

  • Malek Karim
    Malek Karim 7 days ago

    How the hell he found a 3 bedroom for 965

  • deadlyundead
    deadlyundead 7 days ago

    Thats really cheap rent for 3 bedrooms

  • Tim Z
    Tim Z 8 days ago

    I bet you could go out for jobs and in the interview tell the boss I will give them 90% of my after tax salary to keep me on the payroll but I will never show up . Just pay me. There are a lot of jobs that could slip between the cracks as far as this goes. LOL.

  • alona love
    alona love 9 days ago

    Aimless and useless

  • alona love
    alona love 9 days ago


  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 9 days ago

    If you're looking for extra jobs I'll pay you $20 to wash my cats $30 if you throughly brush them too. I don't cover any medical expenses resulting from bathing my small cats. Wether it's an easy bath or hard is unknown. I haven't dared to give them a bath in the 6 years I've had them.

  • macrokaiju
    macrokaiju 11 days ago

    wow, so much for the, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!" mentality of New York. guess you need to sell drugs, suck "snakes," run Trump Tower or somethign else bad.

  • Raymond Hessbrook
    Raymond Hessbrook 12 days ago

    I helped fold baby clothes 1 time for $20. 😂

  • lotu jnr
    lotu jnr 12 days ago

    Jesus rent is basically my weekly wage here in Australia lol.

  • Crishy Coen
    Crishy Coen 12 days ago

    I'm about to post on Craigslist lol

  • youngmedusa
    youngmedusa 13 days ago

    3 bedroom apt? How much does this guy sleep?

  • whatthe fskauwb
    whatthe fskauwb 14 days ago

    3:35 dude you need glasses

  • Revers Navvy
    Revers Navvy 14 days ago

    You live by your self so why do u have a 3bedroom flat?

  • Christian Emdin
    Christian Emdin 15 days ago

    I have the same black gold fish 🔥🔥🔥

  • Christian Pinedo
    Christian Pinedo 16 days ago

    Did I hear that right? 1000 for a 3 bedroom apt? *laughs in San Fransisco*

  • sanda calin
    sanda calin 17 days ago


  • Google Poodle
    Google Poodle 17 days ago

    Vegas vegabond is a chaturbate and youtube character..just google vegabond

  • ATLHooligan
    ATLHooligan 18 days ago

    You live in NYC and pay $965 for rent, you must live in a closet.

  • MR.7000
    MR.7000 19 days ago

    Don’t ever let this guy do another video.

  • Marios Karakatsanis
    Marios Karakatsanis 20 days ago

    I pay 150 a month and I live alone

  • Devon Grander
    Devon Grander 21 day ago

    $965?!?! Where did he live? Red hook? It was under a thousand dollars in the 90's. He must be rooming.

  • Παύλος Γρηγοριάδης

    Make some blowjobs works for me.

  • Threeper %
    Threeper % 21 day ago +1

    Know we know why you cant pay your rent! You're a lazy idiot!!!

  • Pat O'Donnell
    Pat O'Donnell 23 days ago

    Why would you ever write snake wrangling on Craigslist

  • Adron Lamb
    Adron Lamb 24 days ago

    Vice doesn't pay me enough, watch me try and make my rent

  • ็
     25 days ago

    You should of just lured gay men in with the snake wrangling, then just mug them lol job done

  • DJ's Fishing Advemtures

  • Omar Del Toro
    Omar Del Toro 26 days ago

    A Mexican would of got that in 2days tops.. learn a trade buddy not a gimme.

  • rudy torres
    rudy torres 26 days ago

    3 brm apartment? That's really not bad I would've expected 1500 plus I mean I. Guess the location matters but in my small town in MN that doesn't sound crazy.

  • Aaron Blanchard
    Aaron Blanchard 28 days ago

    Just swallow your pride and wrangle a few snakes. Whats the problem?

  • MorallyAwkward
    MorallyAwkward 28 days ago

    He must have 4 roommates to only pay $965. Otherwise I call bullshit. He is also too young to have a rent controlled apartment.

    FUDDLEYP JONES 29 days ago

    No, you did not fail! You succeeeded! You approached every challenge and did it to the satisfaction of the client. Thats a huge win!Do you know how many people just sit on their ass and don't do anything? Do you know how many people are met with a challenge and they walk away or do a half-assed job?
    You succeeded, just not by the standard you set for yourself - so what? Revised, rework, and get back to it.
    Do you know how many times Elon Musk was up against the ropes?
    Sometimes it requires more effort to find a niche.
    The fact that you even shaved your head shows a huge amount of discipline and commitment! That too is a huge win!
    Now keep going!

    FUDDLEYP JONES 29 days ago +1

    "I want to live in dictatorship with a media blackout"
    Funny as hell!

  • Raquel Covarrubias
    Raquel Covarrubias Month ago +2

    He could’ve searched how to clean a grill lmfaooo

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey Month ago

    Try day labour, did that for years.

  • AnasAzad Anas
    AnasAzad Anas Month ago

    Lucky he have 💻 and 📷 ...
    Most people don't have it..

  • Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

    Snake wrangling lol...

  • Nick F
    Nick F Month ago

    And this was the last we saw of this series

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Month ago +3

    Lol that’s exactly what I thought was coming when you wrote snake wrangling? Ha

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago +2

    I feel like my rents more expensive then yours and i live in a slum

  • L H
    L H Month ago

    Me, sitting in my $1350 per month Nashville home, thinking "I thought NYC's rent was suppose to be so outrageous and worse than the rest of the country?"

    • Shawn D
      Shawn D Month ago

      He is only paying his portion of the rent for a 3 bedroom apartment...The entire rent in total is $2,895.00 without utilities ...He is paying a little less than u, but he only has a cramped bedroom and shares everything else....It is a very common arrangment in New York.....You on the other hand have an entire home or apartment in Nashville.....(very noice)...I have lived in New York for many years and trust me it is expensive....

  • Francisco Michel
    Francisco Michel Month ago

    Just do crime scene cleaning

  • Jed Rayne
    Jed Rayne Month ago

    Bro. A 3 bedroom apartment for $965 in brooklyn? What fucking universe is he in

  • Blaze2Go
    Blaze2Go Month ago +1

    Holy shit I got paid to clean that grill tooo lmao

  • Paul Aldrich
    Paul Aldrich Month ago

    Wow in Sydney Australia my sister pays $2400 aud per month for her 2 bedroom apartment.... (It's like 1.7k USD)

  • Ricky Dominic
    Ricky Dominic Month ago

    Craigslist burned me a few times. Never going back to that S#&%...!!!

  • Casey Taylor
    Casey Taylor Month ago +1

    Rent should never be that high. We live in a disgusting money grab of a society.

  • nikolai pereira
    nikolai pereira Month ago

    Imagine having $900 rent. Shit my rent is 2000 flat and im lucky Before my 1 bedroom apartment was 2200 before bills

  • NipNongDipDong
    NipNongDipDong Month ago

    Sean really didn't get much from Hot Ones huh

  • Mandie Winward
    Mandie Winward Month ago

    He has a $1000+ laptop.....

  • Namsrai Tsend
    Namsrai Tsend Month ago

    so good to see Taji