Chester See's Tom Cruise Obsession | The Right Now Show | MeganBatoon

  • Published on Mar 13, 2017
  • Chester joins me to talk about how he peed next to Tom Cruise and play a game of Catchphrase which I didn't even realize that I've already done for the Right Now Show. Hey, what can you expect from someone who forgot what CSI was about and called it "a law show". So..... yeah.
    Watch us brainstorm writing a song on Chester's channel:
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    Thank you to Amanda Suk @sukiestyles for helping with this episode :)
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    Chester See's Tom Cruise Obsession | The Right Now Show | MeganBatoon
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  • Chronic Crafter
    Chronic Crafter 10 months ago

    Meghan is always giving such thoughtful gifts. You can tell she puts so much effort into finding something meaningful and unique to the person!

  • kouta s
    kouta s Year ago

    God i love this show u do megan. it always makes me smile. love your videos!!

  • abigail mp
    abigail mp Year ago

    Why do i lowkey ship them,

  • Carlyle Salcedo
    Carlyle Salcedo Year ago

    Waaaait. This is my first Megan Batoon vid ever. She looks so differently since internet icon 2

  • RavenHilarious
    RavenHilarious Year ago

    That moment when the most beautiful female youtuber and the most handsome male youtuber collab... And your life is complete.

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez Year ago

    You're so sweet and thoughtful with ur gifts Megan love it

  • Lillimonkey
    Lillimonkey Year ago +1

    You should have Matthias in here

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    *SC Psych* / _SIKE_

  • aj
    aj Year ago +1

    R.I.P the right now show

  • pritthida chea
    pritthida chea Year ago

    BRING RYAN HIGA!!!!!!!

  • Venom Playzzz
    Venom Playzzz Year ago +4

    Who stills remember nice guys ??

  • Suzi_Q
    Suzi_Q Year ago

    You........ "Complete me! " 💖

  • MathildeSyrup
    MathildeSyrup Year ago

    internet icon ? anyone ?

  • AshleeWith2Es
    AshleeWith2Es Year ago

    She's def too young for Gulliver's Travel. Lol

  • Shakiba Inside A Screen

    Oh my god this was hilarious xD great editing too!!! constant laughs omg I have tears thanks for this megan xD
    also just noticed your tattoo and I love it!! I think im gonna get one in that font/style/place o:

  • Kiran Netam
    Kiran Netam Year ago +1

    please invite Lilly Sing on you show .

  • D
    D Year ago +1

    "When the world's treating you bad, you know..." inspirational!

  • Nicole Raqueno
    Nicole Raqueno Year ago +14

    Idk but seeing him just reminded me of those old OG nigahiga days

  • jessyjess
    jessyjess Year ago +1

    All of her guests are usually males 😂

    • RavenHilarious
      RavenHilarious Year ago

      Most well-known youtubers are males, at least the comedy ones.

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago


  • Jeanette Harvey
    Jeanette Harvey Year ago +1

    lol this video 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Jeanette Harvey
    Jeanette Harvey Year ago

    if i had to love someone it would deffo be him hes so funny and that

  • Jeanette Harvey
    Jeanette Harvey Year ago +1

    love chester see hes a legend

  • MC Domingo
    MC Domingo Year ago

    What was that bass track you had on your snapchat a few days ago?? You played it in the car and it had an funky build up. PLEASE ITS BUGGING ME!!

    • MC Domingo
      MC Domingo Year ago

      I just checked it out and yes it was!! Thank YOU!

    • Dee Dee Chiang
      Dee Dee Chiang Year ago

      MC Domingo Do you mean "Say U Won't" by Brasstracks? That was a song I recently picked up from her snap. :) Sorry if I'm wrong!

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee Year ago

  • simplychillinnn
    simplychillinnn Year ago

    Hehe they look cute

  • yeye adriano
    yeye adriano Year ago

    Hi Megan, when are you going to visit Philippines? :)

  • MC Domingo
    MC Domingo Year ago +2

    What was that bass track you had on your snapchat a few days ago?? You played it in the car and it had an funky build up. PLEASE ITS BUGGING ME!!

  • UpAndUps
    UpAndUps Year ago +1

    I missed Chester sooooooooo much I cant wait till he comes back!!!!

  • Doug M
    Doug M Year ago

    Smart pretty and beautiful

  • Zoe G
    Zoe G Year ago +1


  • Trixia Dela Rosa
    Trixia Dela Rosa Year ago

    I had to read his hat one more time because I honestly thought he had my name (Trixia) written on his hat... but it's Trixin....

  • Gerald
    Gerald Year ago +1

    Remember this guy from funemployed

  • kassandra Roberts
    kassandra Roberts Year ago +2

    " you know"...LMAO amazing advice Chester amazing

  • Emily Anklesaria
    Emily Anklesaria Year ago +5

    Megan literally gives the best gifts like everyone is floored when they get them

  • LeJebait
    LeJebait Year ago


  • Lois Lane
    Lois Lane Year ago +1

    Sc psych

  • Krystal Vang
    Krystal Vang Year ago


  • BunNhii
    BunNhii Year ago +2

    You always have the most creative gifts!!! I am always super excited to see what gifts you give to your guests every time!

  • E S
    E S Year ago

    I can't believe he said FUBU!!AHAAHAHAH

  • 1000merf
    1000merf Year ago

    Sc Psych

  • julie
    julie Year ago +1

    You both have Filipino blood, right? MABUHAY!! 🙌

  • Annette Bayer
    Annette Bayer Year ago

    you are amazing I love your voice and all your songs, I listen every day 😊😄

  • N. Traveler
    N. Traveler Year ago

    Are you gowing out your hair? It literally has become longer since every year during you videos haha Looks gorgeous though!

  • I’m Swag
    I’m Swag Year ago

    He looks like shay carl

  • Mohnish Daryanani
    Mohnish Daryanani Year ago +26

    I've been watching Chester for YEARS and he seems so different here! Much more cheerful and funny hahaha

    • julie
      julie Year ago +7

      Mohnish Daryanani Yeah he wasn't awkward

  • Jr
    Jr Year ago


  • Maya Sone
    Maya Sone Year ago

    SC psych ;)

  • Skye Delgado
    Skye Delgado Year ago


  • Saim Siddique
    Saim Siddique Year ago +5

    Honestly this is the best one so far LOL

  • Genki  Chaarger
    Genki Chaarger Year ago +30

    Ryan Higa on right show plz

  • Hey you
    Hey you Year ago +7

    This had me laughing so hard. Chester was a great guest!

  • Julia Bernardo
    Julia Bernardo Year ago +12

    I missed Chester!

  • Blanca7C
    Blanca7C Year ago +6

    This was my favorite video of yours! Chester is hilarious and you could tell Megan really enjoyed hanging out with him :) & that gift was so thoughtful and creative!!

  • Franchesca Arcilla

    sike! love you meg!

  • Denise Ign
    Denise Ign Year ago

    Trixin represent!! Also SC PSYCH

  • Erica M.
    Erica M. Year ago


  • Erica M.
    Erica M. Year ago +4

    This is my favorite episode by far. Chester is great. Good job, Megan!

  • Troyer
    Troyer Year ago +2

    I saw that SC PSYCH snap, and thought you would talk about Psych like Shawn & Gus Pysch. Don't be like Nathan Fillion in Saving Private Ryan!

  • TheLawEnforcerHD
    TheLawEnforcerHD Year ago +9

    "when the world's... treating you bad... you know" hahaha 😂

    MAT KAT Year ago +2

    How does he not know what rush hour is???

  • Iyan Oliver Alvarez

    notification squad

  • Nejon Quipot
    Nejon Quipot Year ago

    SC Psych

  • andrea
    andrea Year ago


  • —ohshit
    —ohshit Year ago

    Mahal kita

  • acrimoniousJPG
    acrimoniousJPG Year ago +1

    I haven't watched his videos in forever. I remember the YTF moments ❤

  • xoMarielle
    xoMarielle Year ago +3

    yay chester is back :O

  • Darryl Rogers
    Darryl Rogers Year ago

    Sc psych

  • Abby Brown
    Abby Brown Year ago


  • Cristopher Salazar-Wojcik

    SC PSYCH! I fell behind on your videos during April of last year, and I just finished binge watching them over the last 2-3 days... it's amazing to see how much you've grown as both a TVclipr and a person❤ I love everything about you, you are a perfect human being... keep up the amazing work girl, and don't let anybody hold you back!!!

  • luis lupiac
    luis lupiac Year ago

    SC PSYCH! love youu megaan

  • Alisa Wong
    Alisa Wong Year ago


  • Steph P
    Steph P Year ago

    SC PSYCH!! :-)

  • AA1891
    AA1891 Year ago

    Fall Out Boy is considered punk rock? lol

    • BagoPorkRinds
      BagoPorkRinds Year ago +2

      AA1891 Yeah it is in the broader spectrum of Punk genre. Same sub genre as Sum 41 or Yellowcard and the like.

  • John Muldoon
    John Muldoon Year ago +4

    what a good episode, you had chemistry

  • Allyson Aguirre
    Allyson Aguirre Year ago +7

    "Alicia Keys! I love her!" 😹

  • sandals
    sandals Year ago

    kinda looks like alfie

  • Andrea
    Andrea Year ago +6


    • Cassandra R
      Cassandra R Year ago

      Is she dating Chester now ?? I see them hanging out sometimes. Also her and grace don't follow each other on ig anymore and I think twitter too 😐

    • RavenHilarious
      RavenHilarious Year ago

      Idk, I'm actually not that fond of Megan with all those "crazy, funny, random guys". I think they're too similar. They also kinda look alike, is it just me?
      (besides, Chester is mine ;-D )

    • Ans roxx
      Ans roxx Year ago

      +Tessa Rodes do you not follow chester on instagram? U can see goose in his stories and posts frequently there

    • Salim - Furana Mamill
      Salim - Furana Mamill Year ago +1

      Tessa Rodes Grace is the first person I would ship Chester with. If not, then Megan...

    • Tessa Rodes
      Tessa Rodes Year ago +2

      Ans roxx I hate to be an annoying person but do you think Grace and Chester are still together? If not I'm all about this pair and they like each other's instagrams a lot.. why do I know these things fml I'm an adult

  • Andrea
    Andrea Year ago +4


  • Ashley
    Ashley Year ago +4

    I ship them

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy Year ago +3

    SC PSYCH 👻 💛 Who's here from #SnapChat?

  • FlowersForZombies
    FlowersForZombies Year ago +1

    I'm on my break at work can't help but watch you guys' vid and I'm laughing all alone. In the restroom. Like a crazy person 🤣

  • siv yig
    siv yig Year ago +5

    chester knows! :P

  • Ana
    Ana Year ago +1

    SC PSYCH, SIKE. 👌💛

  • just_peachy
    just_peachy Year ago +1

    Why does she remined me of Chole Bennet from Agents of Shield so much??

  • Cuttable Oregon
    Cuttable Oregon Year ago +4

    You are always so thoughtful with you gifts! Makes me so happy :)

  • Alexis lu
    Alexis lu Year ago +3


  • Angelica MPascua
    Angelica MPascua Year ago +1

    SC PSYCH!!

  • Kaye-Lani M.-Hall
    Kaye-Lani M.-Hall Year ago +2

    I thought he was going to say "you complete me" from Jerry Maguire lol.

    • Suzi_Q
      Suzi_Q Year ago

      DUDE!!! I was TOTALLY thinking that same thing!!!! That would've ROCKED!!! Come On Chester! ‼️💋🤣👍

  • Ember Ann
    Ember Ann Year ago +9

    Megan is so good at giving gifts!!

  • Manuel Ochoa
    Manuel Ochoa Year ago +101


    • nadia
      nadia Year ago

      front is for the homies, you can sit in the trunk

    • RavenHilarious
      RavenHilarious Year ago +1

      Do I look fat in this dress?
      Or should I speak you language

    • kiagnaw
      kiagnaw Year ago

      LIKE WHOAAAA, you aint sittin up front

    • Lauren Weise
      Lauren Weise Year ago +1

      Manuel Ochoa Hack is, cuz I'd be cold too if I gave you my jacket.

    • Ingrid Avlis
      Ingrid Avlis Year ago +1


  • Gina
    Gina Year ago +4

    you know when theres a part in a video thats so funny you have to replay it? yeah i did that for like this whole video hahah.

  • SartorialGirl
    SartorialGirl Year ago

    SC PYSCH!!

  • Yanni Aneziris
    Yanni Aneziris Year ago


  • bboycholo
    bboycholo Year ago +5

    My gosh Megan is literally wife goals

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    jasmin lucie Year ago

    SC PSYCH lov !

  • jasmin lucie
    jasmin lucie Year ago +1

    SC PSYCH luv

  • Goyahae Lammx
    Goyahae Lammx Year ago


  • Danielle Burr
    Danielle Burr Year ago +20

    This is the least awkward I've ever seen Chester lol I'm so proud

  • chestersee
    chestersee Year ago +169

    FUBU? That's what I thought of for a clothing line that a lot of people wear?? Who am I???

    • Kevin Damming
      Kevin Damming Month ago

      Thats BUFU

    • Michelle Abrenica
      Michelle Abrenica Year ago

      I was literally gonna comment and say CAHM AHHHN CHESTERRRRR

    • fredettaboutit
      fredettaboutit Year ago

      hey Chester , who are your favorite music artists that arnt necessarily super well known?

    • —ohshit
      —ohshit Year ago

      Lol I feel old damn it chester

    • fredettaboutit
      fredettaboutit Year ago

      who u responding to buddy