Lesson 1 - Speak English Clearly! The Imitation Technique

  • Published on Mar 27, 2016
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    In this video, I show you exactly how to do it!
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    Best wishes,
    Emma xx
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    Improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills by practicing with the mmmEnglish Imitation Technique!
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    bang satlo 2 hours ago

    Aku sayang kamu

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    Federico Sam Day ago

    Thank you teacher god bless you see you tomarro

  • Dipender Singh
    Dipender Singh Day ago

    I have started watching video mam i hope very soon i ll learn yr accent and as i hv told u i work in hospitality. Once i master the accent , i would definitely like to come to Australia. My Name is Deepender Singh.

  • Anil Choudhary
    Anil Choudhary Day ago

    This technique is good.
    Through this technique I have learnt lot of things. like Manner of speaking, expressions how to speak effectively before the audience .
    I do agree with you whatever you are teaching, style of speaking and lot of other ways.

  • Eliseo Hapor jr
    Eliseo Hapor jr 2 days ago

    i love your blue eyes and smile...

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    David Gaston 2 days ago

    Wawwww this lesson is so perfecy

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    كيتو قيمز 2 days ago

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    asma asemani 3 days ago

    .Teach slower. You don't talk fast.

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    Blue YinMn 3 days ago

    Terima ksih

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    Haneen Karaghool 3 days ago

    Thanks a lot

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    Raj Srivastava 4 days ago

    You have awesomely charming accent

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    Soufiane Berbal 4 days ago +1

    thank you soso so so much your perfect teacher in the world

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    giorgi23 4 days ago

    You are gorgeous and beautiful. Hard to concentrate while looking your smile

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    T3n Tube 5 days ago +1

    I'm curious, does anyone learn speaking using this technique ?

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    Esra Nur Sofiyeva 5 days ago

    Exactly great!🤗Thanks teacher 😘🙏

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    MLM Kumar Sharma 6 days ago

    I love your methods, thanks

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    I love this method, thank you so much for sharing this

  • Hashim cheema
    Hashim cheema 6 days ago

    Hi mam you are amazing teacher
    But where is second lessons

    • Hashim cheema
      Hashim cheema 6 days ago

      Thank you so much mam

    • mmmEnglish
      mmmEnglish  6 days ago

      You can sign up to get the rest of the lessons here, Hashim!

  • Lucy Waters
    Lucy Waters 6 days ago

    Could be Brazil 😂🤔

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    Pùbģ ķà Bèťà 7 days ago

    Hello mam,
    When our grammar is not correct, we can not make a correct sentence, it is right or wrong , Tell me about this sentence

  • Sheva Tady
    Sheva Tady 7 days ago

    Hi are you merid i m single do you have nember viber plz

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    Jostenos Hernannie 7 days ago

    i love it.thank you very much Ma'am Emma

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    Max Captain 9 days ago +4

    Thanks for your explenation about english pronounciation..mom

  • Marieta la costurera

    This is the first time I've watched your video and I hasten to add I'm amazed by your effective way to teach English language. BUT I would like to ask for stopping" sexist remark" about your appearance. YOUR ARE A ENGLISH TEACHER,THAT'S ALL.

  • Fluffy Suga Kookies
    Fluffy Suga Kookies 9 days ago

    I'm fluent lol why am I here

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    Kiều Nguyễn 9 days ago

    I am fìnding videos on youtube now,i want to improve speaking and listening skills.I am living in vietnam.i am not often practise speaking and listening skills.I feel very like your voice.I hope you will make many videos any more.Thanks for your videos so much.

  • Yosef Shamsi
    Yosef Shamsi 9 days ago

    I feeling i can learn English with beautiful teacher

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha 10 days ago

    More this kind of video please.

    • mmmEnglish
      mmmEnglish  8 days ago

      Have you signed up to receive the other free imitation lessons yet?! :)

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    • yana rudiana
      yana rudiana 12 days ago

      @mmmEnglish I'm from Indonesia. I want to improve my English. Especially in conversation. I really hate my Indonesian accent and I want to speak like American or Australian. Hopefully by watching your videos I can get what I want. Btw, thanks for replying my comment.

    • mmmEnglish
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      Yes, I am Yana! Where are you from?

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