My Friend BOUGHT His Dream Car! | Collection Day

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • My Friend BOUGHT His Dream Car! | Collection Day
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  • Dan Altimime
    Dan Altimime 19 days ago

    Is that actually the wing they come with from factory? Looks like a knockoff after market 993 wing youd get off wish. 😂

  • Adolf Hipster
    Adolf Hipster 26 days ago

    Every time I see this guy, I have to think about my ex girlfriend. They have exactly the same mouth. And I can tell you this...I fucked that mouth an awful lot of times. I think I’ve shot close to a liter of my cum down her slutty throat.

  • spadgm
    spadgm 27 days ago

    Stunning car, congrats to your friend!

    BOBBA C 27 days ago

    Hate Porsches all look the bloody same

  • Gregorys Mode
    Gregorys Mode 27 days ago

    Today. Man pulls sheet off of car. I point at said car. Unsubbing and watching a real car channel. Same for the car flipper himself tgetv.

  • Rjd1325
    Rjd1325 27 days ago

    For an amazing ride there is always a Porsche for everyone.....the wing is gorgeous......Subsrcibed Sir !!!!!!

    • Rjd1325
      Rjd1325 17 days ago

      @Josh Taylor 😲

    • Josh Taylor
      Josh Taylor 17 days ago

      Rjd1325 You’ll regret that my lad x

  • Colin Robertson
    Colin Robertson 27 days ago +2

    Been watching a lot of car channels recently and all these channels are pretty much the same. Same voices, same style, same energetic right hand animation style and a bit dull really. I'm going back to watch the car guys vids. Byyyyyeeeeee

    • Gregorys Mode
      Gregorys Mode 27 days ago

      Totally totally agree with you on that. TGETV is also just selling crap and flipping cars.

  • Akho Lupuwana
    Akho Lupuwana 28 days ago

    Looks exactly like his old one

  • Junel Ahmed
    Junel Ahmed 28 days ago

    Deleted the Porsche sign typical white boy

  • 71MWhite
    71MWhite 28 days ago

    Absolutely! 😂

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera 28 days ago

    Looks great

  • The Ironman
    The Ironman 29 days ago

    15k for a set of wheels? My car cost that🤣

  • Cut de Pie Fails
    Cut de Pie Fails 29 days ago

    It still boggles my mind in what way can the gt2 rs ever be 200k more than a gt3 rs. Gt2 rs costs pretty much the same to make, it offers very little more than the gt3 rs (parts wise), margins just have to be insane.

  • Paul Curran
    Paul Curran 29 days ago

    Well done sir! Fantastic car!! 😎💪🏻💪🏻

  • djtyler76
    djtyler76 29 days ago

    Another Porsche, yawn!

  • True Blue
    True Blue 29 days ago

    Gonna have to be honest here, his previous 911 puts that one to shame

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 29 days ago

    I wouldn't of got black as you don't see the lines of the car, that's why avoided black buying my m4 competition pack

  • James Pope
    James Pope Month ago

    Who would buy a gold or green car! LOL

  • J S
    J S Month ago +1


  • Mr Triple
    Mr Triple Month ago

    Personal taste thing - I’m really turned off really lary interiors. For me, that’s mega gauche. If you can afford £400K+ for a car, do you want to be reminded all day that you need a taste transplant? The outside I’m more sold on lariness. Not that anyone should give half a monkey what I think.

  • stevejan100
    stevejan100 Month ago +1

    Archie Hamilton racing?????? How about Archie Hamilton Porsche sales. Yet again same old same old.

  • Mail
    Mail Month ago

    Is Archie turning Orange?

  • Chris ???
    Chris ??? Month ago

    Congratulations very nice GT3. The Exclusive series seems like a relative bargain.

  • K Uddin
    K Uddin Month ago

    Worst colour possible for a GT3

  • Claudette Tyack
    Claudette Tyack Month ago

    Opioid Dan nordon.back up out of archies are hole.being a batty and getting played by old blokes for sexual favours,ain't a real matter what mummy tells ya

  • sherbaz noor
    sherbaz noor Month ago

    Why does all your friends buy Porsches
    Why not McLarens

  • Grant Hayes
    Grant Hayes Month ago

    10 seconds quicker ..??

    RED .DEVIL Month ago

    120k tops i would pay for any porsche in there, no more than that, crazy their laughing at buyers close to 400k for one of them? thats ludicrous

    RED .DEVIL Month ago

    just looks like his old one with a spoiler on the back lol

  • il Leo
    il Leo Month ago +1

    is the GT2RS worth two GT3RSes? cause that's what that price tag says...GT2RS is amazing, but double the price of the arleady very fast GT3RS is just too much.

  • Claudio AGMFilho
    Claudio AGMFilho Month ago


  • brent powell
    brent powell Month ago +3

    Hi I am 52 watch Archie’s videos some of the time , I am into cars always have been from a very young age , lucky enough to own a Mclaren 570G GT and a Porsche Turbo , so on U tube quite a lot , Any way I digress a little , if u don’t like what he does then don’t watch , then u don’t have to moan , he’s seems a top bloke imo 👍 GT3 great car.

  • kjayb15
    kjayb15 Month ago

    Where is Tony these days archie?

  • Bmidd
    Bmidd Month ago

    Gorgeous car, good video work Archie. Thanks for sharing. Peace and respect, Ben

  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZant Month ago

    Another Porsche ! Great !!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Trent Giumelli
    Trent Giumelli Month ago

    Same as mine but in black and pdk. Manual 991.2 GT3s are awesome

  • luminor007
    luminor007 Month ago +1

    What's the world coming to when you see a car like this and it seems like just another car that doesn't overly excite you.

  • Callum Dunbar
    Callum Dunbar Month ago

    So if a dealer buys his own car at list price he can then put it for sale as second hand with a bigger price that is fucked up .?

  • Calmoz Z
    Calmoz Z Month ago

    Welcome to Cheltenham

  • NomadBiker
    NomadBiker Month ago +4

    I love the "Daily driver" comments ... "it's a 100k ... perfect daily" ..... 🤔 not for 99% of the population ha ! ... a normal daily Is a 1.7 turbo diesel astra 🤣🤣... on the plus side ... totally loving all the Porsche's... 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Tony Eid
    Tony Eid Month ago

    Annoying bitch

  • Don Limpio
    Don Limpio Month ago

    You came for 10:00

  • Michael Power
    Michael Power Month ago

    Great video why not have what you work hard for

  • Abdullah Almoqbali
    Abdullah Almoqbali Month ago

    I always wonder how they bought cars that they didnt see before!

  • Li Phillip
    Li Phillip Month ago

    yes gt3 nation

  • Dean Redline
    Dean Redline Month ago

    Very nice indeed, great spec.

  • sniry123
    sniry123 Month ago +1

    In Yiddish we say “A-groise metzie”. Look it up

  • 3DFX
    3DFX Month ago +1

    Please make your friends buy something special: Like a Jaguar F-Type or Maserati GranTurismo... 👍 👌

  • tariq mohammed
    tariq mohammed Month ago

    is he gona park it next to yours

  • Chris Gregory
    Chris Gregory Month ago +9

    You struggle to see the lines and detail with it all black. Defo not the colour I’d get.

    • Pistol Pete
      Pistol Pete Month ago

      Completely agree. Same with any black car.......hides the lines and overall shape of the car.

    • luminor007
      luminor007 Month ago +1

      Agree... just had nothing exiting about it.

  • Tunveer Mangat
    Tunveer Mangat Month ago


  • Fabio lima
    Fabio lima Month ago

    I like penut chocolate 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

  • e36328isport
    e36328isport Month ago

    Very nice 👌🏻

  • Toby the Glen
    Toby the Glen Month ago +1

    Still waiting for the racing content?

  • Xmaster Pokeduster
    Xmaster Pokeduster Month ago +3

    Y’all just keep buying the same cars and claim they are different.

  • MYST BannydabearEUx k

    Gt2rs or GT3 RS

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater Month ago +1

    Congrats to your friend Archie on his New GT3👍🏻.

  • Francesco Carlo
    Francesco Carlo Month ago +5

    Lad, you either wear makeup or eat 50kg of carrots a day 🥕🤣

    • deathwhisperer freaks
      deathwhisperer freaks Month ago +1

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Kill me

  • Car Lad Matt
    Car Lad Matt Month ago

    Reminds me of V88_TNT's Tom's car :)

  • Lee Daughtrey
    Lee Daughtrey Month ago +75

    Out of curiosity, when’s the racing part of your title happening??

    • Dank McDankerton
      Dank McDankerton 24 days ago +2

      Archie Hamilton Rambling*

    • Cephas Makuzva
      Cephas Makuzva Month ago

      Theres a racing channel with promise to track the gt3rs with simulator content

    • Ricki G
      Ricki G Month ago +2

      racing has left the chat.

  • Dennis Brill
    Dennis Brill Month ago

    The green porch is beautiful

    G PETER Month ago +1

    Gorgeous Car.

  • Car Lad Matt
    Car Lad Matt Month ago

    Isn't that in Wiltshire?

  • Mihkel Nurmeots
    Mihkel Nurmeots Month ago

    Track content with Tony and your Porsches please!!!

  • J R
    J R Month ago +1

    Stop saying Archie Hamilton racing u couldn't race a bumper car u can only crash milk floats all these track days u promised are great helmet

    • J R
      J R Month ago

      @Richard Thorpe twat

    • Richard Thorpe
      Richard Thorpe Month ago

      Have you actually seen his racing history you twat. He might not be doing much racing now but he was still a good driver.

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok Month ago

    GT Porsches are a dream beast

  • Dylan Hoare
    Dylan Hoare Month ago

    There's something very cool about black 911's

  • Gavin Turner
    Gavin Turner Month ago

    What rucksack are you using?

  • Andy Edwards
    Andy Edwards Month ago +24

    ‘’Hello and welcome and welcome to Archie Hamilton Churning’’

  • Fatwomanfarting
    Fatwomanfarting Month ago

    Sebastian Vettel buying a Porsche?

  • Paul's Reviews
    Paul's Reviews Month ago

    Gove us so.e original content pleaseeeeeeeee

  • bigphil888
    bigphil888 Month ago

    is it just me or does the sales man go to shake Archie hand and Archie just keeps waiking

  • Geoscot
    Geoscot Month ago

    I don’t think carbon will age well, it’s a bit like fibre glass was in the 1970s, yes I am looking a way in to the future but it’s over rated on the visual side of things.

  • Bru Bru
    Bru Bru Month ago +3

    Trust you. You told us it was a GT3 just seconds before the unveiling 😤😤😤😤😤

    • Tontsyy
      Tontsyy Month ago

      It was obviously from the very first half a second what it was though.

  • Putrifying Eagor
    Putrifying Eagor Month ago

    ARCHIE! You bugger! I wish I knew you were coming- I flipping only work around the corner! I’d have bought you lunch!