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  • Nik Vasquez
    Nik Vasquez Hour ago

    That kinda looks like Alec steel's knife 11:10

  • Justin james
    Justin james 2 hours ago

    Damascus steel doesn’t hold a candle to Valyrian steel

  • Douglas Thomas Hayden
    Douglas Thomas Hayden 7 hours ago

    Great presentation, lots of useful information.
    Pet peeve: how hard is it to say 'inTEgral', rather than 'inteRgral', dangit?

  • Pedantic Pete
    Pedantic Pete 8 hours ago

    It’s not hard to see in the second one even (any of them) that’s a Bob Kramer knife. Anyone with some knife knowledge can pick all these out. Don’t need to be an expert. The last one ... lol

  • Bill Stone
    Bill Stone 16 hours ago

    "That's Geoff Feder that is."
    "I am not Geoff Feder, I am Darth Feder."

  • xfroz
    xfroz 17 hours ago


  • darkdrydenius
    darkdrydenius 20 hours ago

    So, i guessed all the expensive and cheaper knives, am I a knife expert now?
    Actually, i'm not giving a thumb down, bcs it's educational, but the video should be called "Differences between cheap and expensive knives"

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi 21 hour ago

    What no cutting paper with them? Shameful!!!

  • Tim Yang
    Tim Yang 21 hour ago

    Dude sounds like Chris Pratt?

  • ameya kamani
    ameya kamani Day ago

    this would definitely not be an alarming job on an application😂

  • Charles Kingsbury

    Don't need to buy expensive knives a cheaper knife well sharpened will do the job

  • Grim F. Moberg
    Grim F. Moberg Day ago

    Why an expert? My two year old daughter would guess this blindfolded.

  • gypsy Mitch123
    gypsy Mitch123 Day ago

    We gonna talk about his hands or no

  • Bob Adkins
    Bob Adkins Day ago

    Knives tend to be vanity objects. I've tried several paring knives, uber expensive to very cheap. What matters most to me is sharpness, holding the edge, easy to re-sharpen, and a thin blade that glides through potatoes and apples. My winner was the Victorinox. Oh, and why would a paring knife be shaped like a mini chef's knife? That's not very smart.

  • Oghum Inf
    Oghum Inf Day ago

    these knives are kinda obvious which are more expensive

  • Adam Butterworth

    Get a guitar expert like Rob Chapman to see which guitar is more expensive

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Day ago

    glad he didnt put the knives into his mouth

  • Knight0351
    Knight0351 Day ago

    "Has a chance to patina" or rust if you aren't annoying

  • Maximillian Sweeney Forsthoefel

    Why didn’t they cut anything?

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti Day ago

    his fingers actually look like they're from someone who's worked a lot with knives

  • Inefable Theo
    Inefable Theo Day ago

    It was great to listen to his analysis, but a bit of a shame that you didnt need to be a pro to tell which one was cheaper.

  • mickgi miix
    mickgi miix Day ago

    Knife expert likes to cut open some humans with delicacy, finesse and expertise.

  • Brady Bouteiller

    Can anyone tell me what the handle on the Damascus knife was. Not very good at distinguishing wood. But I’d like to buy some for a future project

  • Caiden Summers
    Caiden Summers 2 days ago

    In this series these videos it’s obvious which ones more expensive

  • skootz24
    skootz24 2 days ago

    I love this guy, so unpretentious.

  • Christian Terrill
    Christian Terrill 2 days ago

    You dont need a expert to see which knifes were more expensive, i was a professional chef and i may know more then the average person but still most people could see easy which cost more.

  • Vittuileva Virtahepo

    hi im jake i am hammer expert

  • demo tester
    demo tester 2 days ago

    this was way too easy. You should have used similar produced knifes with no big visual differences. but of course a specialist would recognize different manufacturers. So the hole video is questionnable, if not 99% useless.

  • Cole k
    Cole k 2 days ago

    I think anyone could have guessed these

  • Giovanni Franco
    Giovanni Franco 2 days ago

    "6 or 7 inches is all you REALLY need"

  • dustyacd
    dustyacd 2 days ago

    If you need to be an "expert" to guess those... you're an idiot.

  • Yiffox
    Yiffox 2 days ago

    this guy is an idiot...i used to sell knives and I could tell you on looking at them which was more expensive.......

  • Erik Lamascola
    Erik Lamascola 3 days ago

    Very interesting information, especially with the damascus knife, but theres no reason the price comparison need to exist. It was obvious at a glance which was more expensive.

  • Rico Thomas Frederik Prinsloo

    This guy must be related to Tom Hanks lol

  • John Snow
    John Snow 3 days ago

    This man describes knives like Gordon Ramsay describes food...

  • benzracer
    benzracer 3 days ago

    Expert "guesses" which thing he's an expert in are better and more expensive... *dr evil* riiiiiiiiight. *finger quotes* gueessssses...

  • Life
    Life 3 days ago +1

    Heck I could tell which one was better and I'm not even a "knife expert" they did a bad job picking

  • Richard Dadisman
    Richard Dadisman 4 days ago

    These videos are entertaining but, I really wish they would give the expert more of a challenge. All the comparisons are super obvious which is more expensive.

  • Mohamed Hefny
    Mohamed Hefny 4 days ago

    This is a very good video, what's with the dislikes ?

  • Jesse Desousa
    Jesse Desousa 4 days ago

    Great comments from people below, great and clearly passionate and knowledgeable hosts on these shows, you really got something good going on here Epicurious team, nice job! Thanks for your hard work team 😁👍

  • Bertrand Rongé
    Bertrand Rongé 4 days ago

    I've guessed all just by looking at the handles... Kind of easy when half of those are crappy plastic handles... Wasn't really a challenge for him, but at least we learn the qualities of those knives

  • hobbyman47
    hobbyman47 4 days ago

    He compare a Petty knife and a pairing knife.

  • DeadAimBow
    DeadAimBow 5 days ago

    These videos are all so easy, you don't need an expert to tell you.

  • MS Lightning Games NL

    Im not a expert but... i know what is more expencive in those videos

  • 78vintages
    78vintages 5 days ago

    State of his nails.

  • LukeAMcDowell
    LukeAMcDowell 5 days ago

    I was impressed by the coffee guy. These knives were too easy.

  • DaDonBossMan
    DaDonBossMan 5 days ago

    By looking at his hands I’d really trust his expertise

  • dyan andie
    dyan andie 5 days ago

    are you guys just teasing with the expert for that last part? look at his expression, he seems genuinely want that expensive knife lol

  • ph1ogic
    ph1ogic 5 days ago

    fu tang aint nothing to fuc* with

    DELETED 6 days ago

    Now let’s taste it

  • AK247
    AK247 6 days ago

    i guessed the better knife within 4 seconds or less correctly

  • Red dead redemption 2 Hype

    Very knife

  • felixthemaster1
    felixthemaster1 6 days ago

    make it harder by hiding the handle so he has to tell from just the feel

  • Nick Slayr Music
    Nick Slayr Music 6 days ago

    That $3100 knife is more expensive than a Les Paul Standard.

  • Nick Slayr Music
    Nick Slayr Music 6 days ago

    5 Adbreaks? Jesus Christ. This is what makes people use adblock.

  • Argon
    Argon 6 days ago

    Interesting video but
    You would have to be an idiot to not know what ones better

  • RainbovvNinja
    RainbovvNinja 7 days ago

    Hey, im a chef student and really want to know the name of the serrated A knife

  • DisplacedFlyer
    DisplacedFlyer 7 days ago

    yeah why couldnt this guy wash his hands its even worse that they are all torn up

  • ladelame1
    ladelame1 7 days ago

    I like that he thinks we all have a "knife-bag" like that's a thing normal people carry around.

  • Darren Liu
    Darren Liu 7 days ago

    tfw u know the knives by model and manufacturer when u see the shape lmfao

  • Scary Meadow
    Scary Meadow 7 days ago

    It's not about being able to guess which is the most expensive, so much as it is about learning WHY that is and WHAT makes a good [whatever the video is about] good.

  • MD12134MD
    MD12134MD 7 days ago

    like these videos, but they are so damn easy to tell apart, they don't need an expert to guess. I could tell every one apart easily from nearly every one of these vids. That last damamscus blade is honestly beautiful... must have been loaned for the video.

  • Jo We
    Jo We 8 days ago

    I'm no expert but I could have told you which one is more expensive on every one and why...

  • Daddy421
    Daddy421 8 days ago

    that cheap victorinox pairing knife will cut your finger off with practically zero effort. i own 4 of them.

  • Bill Ebert
    Bill Ebert 8 days ago

    seriously? took a knife expert to determine this?

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 8 days ago

    This was a joke right?

  • Rahul Edassery
    Rahul Edassery 8 days ago

    Who was expecting a katana to show up?

  • Lane Nicholson
    Lane Nicholson 8 days ago

    This video could have been 17 seconds

  • loso j
    loso j 8 days ago

    I just can't get past his nasty fingers, and his fingernails which are obviously bitten off.

  • Marc Lenray Magdaraog

    really would like him to stab other people with that damascus knife.. juke

  • Rudi Van Desarzio
    Rudi Van Desarzio 9 days ago

    A hand model, he is not.

  • Linardi Wijaya
    Linardi Wijaya 9 days ago

    He suck

  • Seanonymous
    Seanonymous 10 days ago +1

    This whole series should be called "Non-expert TVclip viewers guess right on all of these at a casual glance, because it's perfectly obvious"

  • Dgisch
    Dgisch 10 days ago

    2:48 yea so you need to press harder and Slam it Into your thump.
    Sharp is better

  • SuperQwing
    SuperQwing 10 days ago

    Should've brought in a sword swallower

  • Kyle Sawatzky
    Kyle Sawatzky 10 days ago


    BIOSHOCKFOXX 10 days ago

    Jeez, these challenges are can instantly see which one is expensive just by instantly looking. Sure we get the explanations for quality and practicality, but at the end, the title is "Expert Guesses"...hardly a guess when you can see. Throw to these experts some challenge by giving almost equal value products.

  • ishidex2
    ishidex2 11 days ago

    He should buy one knife from kiwami japan

  • ishidex2
    ishidex2 11 days ago

    Porn Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Hentai

  • Pedro Mez
    Pedro Mez 12 days ago

    Se não é a ak-47, já não é a faca perfeita pro combate.

  • Lil Car Crash
    Lil Car Crash 12 days ago

    Who decides they wanna dedicate their life to looking at knives

  • Tony O
    Tony O 12 days ago

    Pearing knife... no brainer.. Stevie wonder could have told you that one... Next, Chef knife.. Stevie again hehehe... Next, Boning Knife... Stevie, next... well... done...

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 12 days ago

    I can appreciate a good knife, but I can honestly say I haven't looked a knife like I was a heroin addict and it was a never ending pile of H. I dig his enthusiasm though, it was infectious.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 12 days ago

    Can you include links to where someone can find these in the future?

  • Boz 2011
    Boz 2011 12 days ago

    I want that 4 dollar chef knife hahahhaha

  • Jeff F
    Jeff F 12 days ago

    Does this guy wrestle wolverines in his spare time? His hands and fingers, lol

  • Nomad Void
    Nomad Void 12 days ago

    Of course the one with Tokugawa's seal on it is the more expensive one.

  • MrKenstar2
    MrKenstar2 12 days ago

    Fake video

  • Potting Soil
    Potting Soil 12 days ago

    Wash his hands

  • Bryant Duong
    Bryant Duong 12 days ago

    I like that even tho some knives were cheaper, he recognized which knife may be best for the situation

  • Deathrider
    Deathrider 13 days ago

    "Six inches, seven inches is all you really need... for a boning knife." I see what you did there.

  • Elgordau MOBA
    Elgordau MOBA 13 days ago

    You can tell straytaway which us which

  • MongMong
    MongMong 13 days ago

    I clicked this video expecting he'd guess atleast one. But after the video, I realised, well.. He's an expert, of course he'd get it right hahah

  • Benjamin Barker
    Benjamin Barker 13 days ago

    that guys hands are disgusting, take a scrubbing brush and some hot soapy water to them fingernails mister

  • Sebastian Forster
    Sebastian Forster 13 days ago +2

    could u tell the guy to clean his nails before doing a show. jeez!

  • black guy
    black guy 13 days ago

    i prefer exposed tang

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 13 days ago

    Did you really need an expert to determine which was more expensive? Seems like any average Joe could have. The problem isn't the test itself but the chosen knives. They were all too obvious. Would like to see a video that ACTUALLY tests a knife expert vs a silly gimme like this.

  • Mtta_Videos
    Mtta_Videos 13 days ago

    This is probably the only expert video that is a bit of a challenge

  • B V
    B V 13 days ago

    There were so many adverts...😓

  • Tom Wheatcroft
    Tom Wheatcroft 13 days ago

    maybe a manicure....fix it treat!