NURSERY DESIGN (ft. James Charles and Liza Koshy)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    Floral Chairs:
    Sofa (similar):
    Coffee Table:
    Geometric Wall Decal:
    Leaves Wall Decal:
    Pink Dining Chairs:
    Dining Table (similar):
    Purple Stools:
    Drum Table:
    Mounted TV Stand:
    Floral Throw Pillow:
    Rattan Mirror:
    Yellow Velvet Pillow:
    Wall Clock:
    Peace Sign Hook:
    Cactus Vase:
    Macrame Shelf:
    Basket (similar):
    Creative Credit:
    Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound:
    A Mr. Kate Production
    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
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    You could name the baby Jackal and here are the reasons:
    A) There is the letter L for Liza
    B) J is for Joey and James
    C) K is for Kate
    D) It is the name of a species of wolf and wolves are independent and spiritual animals which James said that “We should let the baby do it’s own thing in life” and the name matches the nursery theme too

  • Jolie Albasri
    Jolie Albasri Day ago

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