• Published on Oct 8, 2019

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    TEXAS RIGGED 2 hours ago

    It doesn't change the fact that you're ugly inside and out. Saying you're trans just makes your inside look worse than your outside if that's even possible

  • TryHardWriter
    TryHardWriter 3 hours ago

    Bitch you said, “do I identify as the gender I was born as? 1000%”
    The foolish way you act makes me not want to even watch people who associate with you like Shane. You are attracted to what gets you attention. I hope cancel culture actually hits your ass. This is why you don’t make white trash famous.

  • Beyblade Fables
    Beyblade Fables 3 hours ago

    9:42 just another reason not to believe her.
    Getting mad because Patrick Starrr called her stupid

  • girlhhkgb
    girlhhkgb 3 hours ago

    T, It’s completely okay to not know what gender you are. We all have those hard times. In my opinion, you shouldn’t push yourself to identify with something, sometimes words can’t even explain it so just be you. People will see you as who you are, and your whole identity is not just being a gay male, non binary, whatever you’re not sure of. You are you, and those moments with your friends and fans where you laugh, and you’re truly happy. Most people might not agree with these videos but that’s no excuse to making you feel like you aren’t human. People can’t help but just be extremely rude. Why do you guys just come into T’s channel to shit on all of T’s videos? Just let it be.

  • joanna robinson
    joanna robinson 3 hours ago

    I’m sorry your hurting. But have you all ever thought you shouldn’t share everything!!! No offense but who cares ? Why does everyone have to share there sexual preference again who the f cares.

  • Colten King
    Colten King 3 hours ago

    speaking as a trans man going point by point as i watch the video:
    - as a trans man i’ve never met any trans person who refers to their genitals as the correct biological names. me and my friends make up names so we don’t have to say it.
    - masculinity does not equal trans ftm (not trying to be offensive) but you rlly put yourself out there girl and as a trans guy i HiD MySeLf in baggy t shirts and sweat pants.
    - be aware of your past. we doubt you because you’ve given us reason to. you’ve come out as black before.
    - i understand being new to something and not understanding terms and stuff but the way you phrased things in your initial video was... interesting
    - get a genuine gender therapist. they’re job isn’t to make money off of hormones, they get money from helping people understand themselves. they WILL help you and be straight up in telling you how they feel and analyze everything you’re feeling to help you come to the correct conclusion.
    real talk: if this is genuinely how you feel i wish you gods speed in everything your future holds cuz it’s fuckin rough. just do you, don’t rush it, feel it out before you make permanent changes, and actively understand what your feeling.

  • Natalee Anderson
    Natalee Anderson 3 hours ago

    Don't apologies if you feel like a gay trans man drag queen, then fucking roll with. The ship has sailed. Everyone identifying as one thing or another so if you want to be a unicorn Trish, be a freaking unicorn.

  • GLAM by Samiha
    GLAM by Samiha 3 hours ago

    Ok, Trisha this is for your own good:
    1. You need a mental break. No phone, stimulants, therapists or internet for at LEAST a few days.
    2. You need to step away from the TVclip platform or anyone separate from yourself when it comes to this issue you’ve dealt with until your heads straight.
    3. While your away working on authenticity loving yourself more, dive into spirituality rather than surface layer labels, feelings, and appearances because way you’ll come to find is that male and female energy are in each and every one of us no matter the gender. It’s about balance and loving the body you’ve been given regardless of your egoistic need to identify it or for others to reference you “correctly”
    4. It should not matter to you what others call you or how they make you feel. You need to be certain of how you feel about yourself and love yourself unconditionally first before embarking on such an outright break down of your uncertainties!

  • Mayssa Doumaz
    Mayssa Doumaz 4 hours ago

    After what happed to sulli people should stop internet bulling let her be what ever she want to be ...if you dont like or agree with what she said exit the video..easy and simple ..ps: if you dont know who sulli is she is a korean singer/actor she committed suicide yesterday because of internet bullying...this needs to stop .. don't be the cause of some one else's depression/saddnes or even death..

  • NutBear 95
    NutBear 95 4 hours ago

    This isn’t even an apology. This is you saying what you can to try to make us feel like assholes for standing up for us knowing how wrong you are. You’re trying to capitalize on something I’ve suffered my whole life, just shut up, please

  • Stephany Pepper
    Stephany Pepper 4 hours ago

    "Always been attracted to the trans community because they get to be out and open and get applauded" meanwhile trans people all over the world are getting murdered just for the simple fact that they are trans. Trish stop grabbing onto trends for clout.

  • Liam Gehue
    Liam Gehue 4 hours ago

    Me personally as a trans guy, I wouldn't ever show off my chest like that, I don't think any trans guy would ever do that. And there's a huge difference between body dysmorphia and body dysphoria. I'm not hating on Trisha at all, its very good that shes going to therapy and getting help with whatevers going on

  • Luna Monét_LuMo
    Luna Monét_LuMo 4 hours ago

    Trisha: I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

    Also Trisha: (Condescendingly) I cannot apologize for who I am on the inside.

  • Echo Kopietz
    Echo Kopietz 5 hours ago

    If any of this triggers you, you're ridiculous. She's just trying to figure things out. Jeeeeez.

  • Sara Hedmat
    Sara Hedmat 5 hours ago +1

    So the thing is that the videos of the lgbtq community about that video weren't mean. They were just saying that they think she's a bit confused about her gender, which she obviously is.
    If she would have made a video about saying that she's not sure of her gender it would never have gotten that much hate

  • Luna Monét_LuMo
    Luna Monét_LuMo 5 hours ago

    Ok so you’ve been seeing a gender identity therapist for 6 months & STILL don’t know the difference between gender dysphoria & body dysmorphia or anything else of the like. How??

  • luvrgrl32
    luvrgrl32 5 hours ago

    Trisha is becoming irrelevant:
    Trisha: uhhh IM TRANS NOW.

  • tocc
    tocc 5 hours ago

    My unsolicited hot take: Everything about this girl is just her searching for an identity. She doesn't know who she is, she's searching desperately for who she is and what she is and what community she belongs to and what to do. She thrives off of shock value (so many youtubers do though). She can't possibly be surprised that people don't believe her when her track record shows she has identified as so many other things before. And also she's kind of a running joke, like an internet joke in a human body. She's made a career off of being wild and no one takes much of what she says seriously. When you have a reputation where no one takes you seriously, it's hard to get people to believe you and not dismiss it as 'oh, Trisha's off the deep end again'. Which probably sucks for her. It comes across as she's making a mockery of transgender people. And she's in this video crying- if most other youtubers came on youtube in a raw, unedited video, crying and talking about serious things people's ears would prick up! They'd say 'wow...', they'd see it as so real and raw and authentic. but baby, you have a dozen videos or more of you in this raw, emotional, crying state. It doesn't seem genuine anymore. I'm half expecting a mukbang tomorrow with her in full makeup smiling and driving around her g wagon. is this real? Is this the real life?! Is this just fantasy?! We can't tell with you T !! :/

  • JustJess
    JustJess 5 hours ago

    🤨 you are not a man. 😑 You want to stay relevant on the internet. I stopped watching you videos after you try to justify why you can say the N word...because you dated black men... I reported that video.

  • Ísak Thomas
    Ísak Thomas 6 hours ago

    ok so I have to ask if you are so sorry, how come you haven't taken the video down, but you keep it up for money. you are not trans if you feel like you are both correctly assigned with your born gender and the other gender. there is a term called omnigender, Androgynous, bigender and more, the only thing that bothers me is that claiming to be transgender and in the SAME vide saying you are a 1000% in agreement with your gender assigned at birth.
    transgender people feel gender dysphoria, which, if you are perfectly fine with your assigned gender, you clearly don't have.
    and that is kind of a thing that gender dysphoria makes you want to adopt end develope to the other gender, which includes wanting to remove any characteristics of your assigned gender.
    transitioning is also not always something people want to do at all stages, but as a trans person, it is at the least required to tick in all the boxes for the thing you claim to be (in this case, trans)
    you can feel like this, many people do and have. but even though you identify as a man, it doesn't make you transgender. just make sure to research everything you claim to be or claim to think. I really hope you can figure this out, but make sure to look at this from all perspectives.
    Questioning your identity is fine, but claiming a term that doesn't apply to you is in a grey area.
    I again hope you figure this out, love from me

  • M 6
    M 6 6 hours ago

    How about just shut the fuck up, you say the stupidest things all the time. And stop acting like lbgtq cares about each other, they all hate on each other.

  • Lace G
    Lace G 6 hours ago

    Trying to stay relevant

  • Khoda F.
    Khoda F. 6 hours ago

    Trish needs validation and she is using the LBGT+ community for that. She is very confused about herself but it's not about gender or sexuality issues. See a borderline personality disorder therapist.

  • Brittany M
    Brittany M 6 hours ago

    This woman needs to seek some help. Seems like she's having a mental breakdown.

  • MyKalee Honeybear P.
    MyKalee Honeybear P. 6 hours ago

    This isn’t a apology really. She wants the community to say sorry for telling her that she’s stupid

  • Abigail Worth
    Abigail Worth 6 hours ago

    We were mainly upset that you were speaking on things you had NO idea about

  • Abigail Worth
    Abigail Worth 6 hours ago

    Because those LABELS youre trying so hard not use would help you alot!!!!!

  • SiJo Vi
    SiJo Vi 7 hours ago

    OMG do you even listen to yourself????? Whats going on here??
    Grow the F up and stop with this BS, no one is buying it!!

  • juan jose avila
    juan jose avila 7 hours ago

    You suck

  • The Geek Buzz
    The Geek Buzz 7 hours ago

    you are so hated in canada its unbelievable there are drawings of you wih insults on some walls lol

  • Kai Ulumuri
    Kai Ulumuri 7 hours ago

    You all need to stop invalidating and psychoanalyzing him. He told you he was a man and it's not your place to tell him different.
    You've never seen a trans woman with a "denial beard"? You think all trans men start out looking butch? As a pansexual transmasculine person I find a lot of what he's saying relateable, and also went through phases of trying to look ultra feminine. He's described his dysphoria, for crying out loud - not that you need dysphoria to be trans, but you're telling someone with dysphoria he can't be trans because he doesn't fit YOUR stereotype of what a trans man should look like. A pre-transition trans man, at that! Any trans person commenting that way needs to take a good, hard look at themself and remember what it was like to be questioning.
    I see you, T.

  • Michelle Santos
    Michelle Santos 8 hours ago

    OMG! GIVE ME A BREAK!! Speak your mind! Speak your beliefs and think for yourself! If people are offended by your beliefs and feelings, FUCK THEM! Don’t kiss ass and deny yourself just to please others! If you truly meant what you said in that video, if those were your true feelings, WHO CARES IF SOME DISAGREE!!! BE YOURSELF! STOP ALLOWING OTHERS TO BULLY YOU! It is SOOOOO GROSS to see people bow down and apologize to the mob when the mob bashed you for your beliefs and feelings. Are you that weak??? You would be a much happier person if you would THINK FOR YOURSELF! Have your mind cleaned out before it becomes a reprobate mind. Come to reality! Stop allowing leftist to tell you how to think and what the feel and what to believe! BE YOU!!! Search your heart and become a rational person. I refuse to put my beliefs to the side just to not offend others. You can’t please everyone! The liberal mob HATE free thinkers, freedom of thought! They hate themselves! They are miserable! They are racists! They support Hitler and Stalins ideas and policies. Seems you care more about fame and money than your own dignity. Liberals are HATEFUL, racist, anti semites, bullies and they cause division and violence. Liberals do NOT think freely. Liberals live in an alternate reality. Liberals always shout conservatives down and bully conservatives because they get angry not knowing how to debate conservatives with facts. Liberals are HATE! Get out of darkness and come to the light! You WILL fall one day if you don’t get out of the dark liberal wasteland.

  • Shane Mackrell
    Shane Mackrell 8 hours ago

    Remember when you made a video saying being gay was a choice? Dont say you’re an Ally to the LGBTQ community. You are NOT and we dont want you

  • lil john
    lil john 8 hours ago

    Trisha dude, take my advise, you do not wanna be in the community, they are so sensitive, I went in there and was like “nope”

  • Cloud Queen
    Cloud Queen 8 hours ago

    She's literally the female version of Onision. Only, she doesn't date underage girls. It's married and divorced men.

  • Elizabeth Doyle
    Elizabeth Doyle 9 hours ago +1

    i love you, trish. im always here for you; you are a beautiful human being and such a kind soul. i can't say i know exactly what you're going through, but my older brother went through something very similar to this...we lost him last year. all i wish is for you to be happy and content; you've helped me through some of my darkest times - literally by just being yourself. i believe you, i love you, and i am here for you. no matter how bad things seems to get, please try to remember that you matter... you matter so fucking much. i love you and im always here, i promise.

  • Mello S
    Mello S 9 hours ago

    Trisha decided to open up about her gender journey and questions, and figuring out her identity. And the LGBTQ community decided to rip her apart based on tea channels recharacterising her truth. Y’all ain’t even watched the video she made. If you did you would understand her completely. Trisha isn’t trolling and you all should feel bad for shaming her gender identity for not being mainstream, for downplaying her experiences, and for ostracizing her

  • ᑭᑌᖇᑭᒪᗴ
    ᑭᑌᖇᑭᒪᗴ 10 hours ago

    trisha did her research on some parts of being trans and is now saying she's gone through those as well

  • katiekxxorangedot
    katiekxxorangedot 11 hours ago

    Is this for real or click bait gone horribly wrong? You need to find a new therapist for real, someone who can actually help you.

  • Rae Lemon
    Rae Lemon 11 hours ago

    People are not hating on you because they see you as female when you feel male, they are most likely angry because of the offensive and poorly explained word of language you were using to describe how you were feeling. At points, you made it sound as if you thought of drag queens as some kind of gender identity (although I didn’t think like that, I believe you were just trying to say that you often dress to ‘play the part’ in some sense) and other times you made contradicting points that were a little confusing. We are in sensitive times and I do feel like people we harsher than necessary towards but we need you to understand the situation this causes and what it looks like. It would have helped you to possibly come in more with a open to critique and guidance instead of just knowing you’d get backlash and move away from it. Regarding the lgbt community, I think that it’s more so the backwards language you were using that offended them rather than your actual coming out. I personally would like to hear more about what you’re feeling because I’m not sure myself about certain things when it comes to being transgender. But anyways, please remember to be more aware of how you word things, it could help a lot with people’s responses. And please continue to seek help, regardless of the reason.

  • Dianna Garcia
    Dianna Garcia 11 hours ago

    Bitch!! Is retarded

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam 12 hours ago

    It was just a VIDEO geeze....she was changing for the music video remake...cannot you all not see that's ALL IT WAS...omg ....making something out of nothing as usual....much love to you, Trish...x0s0 from TN

  • Tania Bee
    Tania Bee 12 hours ago

    Everything about you is fake....from your boobs to that fake voice you put on. You are utter trash and sooooo harmful to the young audience that watches you. JUST STOP.

  • Marshmallowz :3
    Marshmallowz :3 12 hours ago

    Honey you need a new therapist

  • Tania Bee
    Tania Bee 12 hours ago

    You. Are. A. Joke.

  • Shane Paton
    Shane Paton 12 hours ago

    Trisha, FUCK OFF, You're not an ally or a member, you're mentally disturb and need serious help, I think you should seek that help as soon as possible.
    sincerely every member of the LGBTQI community.

  • Hal Lootens
    Hal Lootens 12 hours ago

    I definitely don’t agree with everything she said in her original video BUT in my opinion I don’t think it’s contradictory that she said she “identifies with her natural born gender AND as a man” it is called being gender fluid and you can feel “1000%” comfortable in both. I believe her terminology is incorrect, wildly wildly incorrect. Obviously she’s not a transgender that’s not only a feeling it’s a transformation and a process that she hasn’t undergone.

  • Alyssa La Flor
    Alyssa La Flor 13 hours ago

    No cap, I think you need to get some help. You are truly not well.

  • Pendragon
    Pendragon 13 hours ago


  • J Punkin
    J Punkin 14 hours ago

    Where’s Stef’s opinion on this?

  • J Punkin
    J Punkin 14 hours ago

    Okay... first you apologize humbly.
    THEN you explain yourself.
    And only then can you justify your actions.

  • Brooke Simpson
    Brooke Simpson 14 hours ago

    I mean it is a very complicated topic, plus i feel like the drag queen reference was just a bad way to explain why she doesn’t change her body. It also seemed like the multiple personality comment was her saying that she doesn’t go by they because ppl would associate it with the rumor she has multiple personalities and not how she identifies, i feel like it was mostly poor wording

  • No Wire Hangers!
    No Wire Hangers! 14 hours ago

    Your propensity to constantly lie and fabricate for views is a sad and desperate job. Save that TVclip money girl.....I mean guy, whatever 🙄

  • Cara Jeanne
    Cara Jeanne 15 hours ago

    honestly fuck you trisha. You don't get the right to make that kind of video based on the reasons you gave; furthermore, you do NOT have the right to make it so easily, "hi i'm trans cos i don't like stRAighT gUyS!!" You are a fucking mess. I have hated you for some of the shit you have done in the past but you crossed a goddamn line with this one dude. I'm done following or watching anything of yours again. Have a good life, I hope you get help forreal.

    • LP1
      LP1 13 hours ago

      shut the fuck up pendeja!

  • zandra the salamander
    zandra the salamander 15 hours ago

    absolutely no one:
    no one literally ever:
    Trish: *invalidates the whole trans (nonbinary included) community, fetishizes gay men, makes the entire lgbtq community take 500 steps back from how far they have come, says that it’s our fault she’s “not aloud” to be a man, says that she didn’t like going in the girls bathroom and that’s why she’s transgender, says she’s not gonna transition, doesn’t give us any other pronouns then she/her to use bc she obviously doesn’t respect or support they/them pronouns, the list could go on*
    (i’m nonbinary, ik what it’s like to question you’re gender identity, but all i’m saying is that she could have done this in a better more respectful way)

  • Emma Walter
    Emma Walter 15 hours ago +1

    Guys, really, stop the hate. I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, and yeah this is kind of offensive but she’s not doing this to hurt us. She’s not a horrible person, she’s just human and has a lot to learn. Anyone who is a part of the wonderful 🏳️‍🌈 community knows that we all went through a questioning phase were we were just really confused about ourselves, and maybe that’s what she’s doing right now except it’s all over the internet. If she’s just doing it for attention then don’t give it to her (even negative attention) but if this is actually real and something she is struggling with then we need to try to be understanding. Preach love, not hate ❤️

  • Stefanía Santos
    Stefanía Santos 16 hours ago

    I don’t see what’s wrong with this...like let her/he identify however she/he wants... if she/he says she/he identifies like that LET HER/HE BE!!! Like there’s nothing written up on how a “PERFECT” trans or whatever should be!!! Like shit!!!! Don’t all LGTB+ wants acceptance? Well just accept her/he motherfuckers!!!

  • Bailey West
    Bailey West 16 hours ago

    Ummm. If you’re this upset & are truly sorry - DELETE IT. Not doing so & then posting THIS? Just goes to show how 100% insensitive u are & how much more attention means to you than wellbeing of literally anyone else.

  • UrMom
    UrMom 16 hours ago

    Dude, I know most TVcliprs say that social media and making videos can be a type of therapy and way for them to have an “escape”, but I just wonder when you’re going to realize that social media it’s really doing you any good. The vibe from you is just so negative, fake, and honestly scary. Now I better not get any hate for this comment because I’m no way, shape, or form am I saying that your struggles and what you’re going through isn’t true. No one has any right to tell you how much you’re hurting and how painful your struggles are. But please, please, PLEASE get off social media. No one will ever know your true intentions but if all of the hate you’ve ever gotten is so bad then remove yourself from all of this. All of your videos are so impulsive, dude. You can’t complain about the black lash you get on your controversial videos because you’re putting yourself out there. YOU. I’m not defending the shit people who leave shit comments, but what did you expect? Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get off of social media. This image that you’ve created for yourself is fucked and if you’re really hurting then go work on yourself. Actually make a change. Its 2019, there are so many kind hearted, and accepting people. There’s so much support from the lgbtq+ community. Help yourself out and actually make a change in your life. I’m not a fan of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe you don’t deserve to be happy and comfortable in your body. But don’t sit around and cry and act like the entire world is against you and what you are. It’s just not true. Educate yourself. That’s what you continuously lack after every fucking controversy. LEARN. I mean seriously, how fucked yo do you think the world would be if no one ever had the balls to make a change in there life so that they could happy? They didn’t sit around and cry to a camera. They got off their asses and DID SOMETHING. Because they realized that despite what people may have told them, they fucking deserve to be happy and feel loved. It is their right. Stop acting like no one is listening to you and that there’s nothing left but hate in the world. Go make yourself happy. Stop digging yourself into a hole. All you’ve been doing is going down. Go out and find support. It’s not difficult. The world is fucking full of us. For every shitty asshole, there are at least 3 kind-hearted and loving ones. You just need to find them. I’m sorry if this is harsh but I was offended and disappointed by your videos. I’m only 16 and I’ve made changes in my life to start making myself happy and finally comfortable as the female I was meant to be. You can do the same. This is a working era.

  • Stephanie R
    Stephanie R 16 hours ago

    This broad is a psycho