Kurdish protesters throw food, rocks at retreating US military

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the U.S. would not fight a longstanding NATO ally in defense of the Kurds; Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon. #FoxNews
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Comments • 1 993

  • Đăng Ký kênh mình may mắn đó

    Anyway, in call of duty modern warfare "Americans can masturbate they are hero and good guy " !!!!!!!!

  • Joey Knight
    Joey Knight 16 days ago

    Glad they are throwing rocks.

  • Jamie Ansara
    Jamie Ansara 19 days ago

    I’d never come back... Throw rocks at me? Good luck!

  • Mike B
    Mike B 19 days ago

    Gee we will just keep the oil and disperse the money as we determine who deserves it. How you like those apples.

  • Chong Yang
    Chong Yang 19 days ago

    Hit and run

  • KiwiTrekkie . nz
    KiwiTrekkie . nz 19 days ago

    Can you blame them? The Kurds fought to defeat ISIS, and Trump thanked them by abandoning them to the Turks and blaming them for not fighting alongside US troops in Normandy.

    SPARTAMERICUS 20 days ago

    BS title, troops are moving around, doesn't sell as well eh, fake news.

  • allie fisher
    allie fisher 22 days ago

    Long standing NATO ally, you mean the Turks who've been shielding ISIS, who've been buying oil from ISIS, who stood at the border and watched through field glasses while ISIS murdered Christians and Yazidis...Kurds better make a deal with Assad and Putin because Erdogan that Long standing NATO ally is bringing ISIS back.

  • American Born Patriot.


  • Deborah Bell
    Deborah Bell 22 days ago

    You really think Syria is going to allow the US to protect the Kurdish oil fields? Hahaha

  • Mel Rodriguez
    Mel Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Who cares, PKK (Kurds) are commie pigs. Let Turkey sort them out.

  • STC
    STC 22 days ago

    US troopers get free vegetables.

  • veleli maka
    veleli maka 22 days ago

    Trump sending messages to world. don't trust US

  • Red Miner
    Red Miner 22 days ago

    Ungrateful bastards. They need to arm themselves up and fight for their own territory

  • This Machine Kills Fascists

    Our proud troops disgraced by Trump.

  • Dipak Basu
    Dipak Basu 23 days ago

    It is a shame that Turkey is in NATO. Turkey is the country that send the French Foreign Legion to Syria in 2011 to start the destruction of Syria. Turkey created ISIS and purchased the oil ISIS stole from Syria. Now they invaded Syria as well.

  • Christain Sherling
    Christain Sherling 23 days ago

    The kurds would never protect 🇺🇸. Just saying..

  • FACT Report
    FACT Report 23 days ago


    NATHAN L 23 days ago

    Pretend to be you’re friend then wham a stab in the back

  • M Infanger
    M Infanger 23 days ago


  • Matt
    Matt 23 days ago

    Looks like they weren’t worth defending.

    CARRIE REGAN 23 days ago

    That looks really staged to me.

  • Ronnie Toyco
    Ronnie Toyco 23 days ago

    ...it appears @ somewhere the outskirt of imagination that there is a cultural ritual that when you come, it must be celebrated with potato then to go home must do as well.. or "Potatoing" some kind of like that event ...Celebration :-)

  • Ronnie Toyco
    Ronnie Toyco 23 days ago

    ... It is a common sense to be kindly pleased of what is needed... and supposedly presented properly usually of what it is called [Entity to Integrity] or readable Contract from mutuality..that it need a clear acknowledge Institution to nourished.., what is beyond is a confidential matters in between the involved parties just to secure the event. Because, everything has a distinct capacity to support the environment as well to support itself.

  • Jesse Leinard
    Jesse Leinard 23 days ago

    Those were nbc reporters throwing rocks
    Liberal media idiots .
    Ask yourself why we can't secure our southern border were 33000 murders happen every year. But Democrats want to stay in Syria.? Could it be both democrats and Republicans who own stock in defense contractors are looking for there wallets .to fatten up. Insider trading is out of control in DC .
    Biggest crime wave in 20 century.
    Pelosi and Biden are just the tip of the ice berge. Clinton s strait crooks

  • foolish games
    foolish games 23 days ago

    Why love Kurds? Why? Bring them home Trump! You got the support!

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson 23 days ago

    'dont bite the hand that feeds you' you dont make an enemy of the US.

  • Maryann America
    Maryann America 24 days ago

    Ungrateful bastards!!!!!!!!

  • sean ausome
    sean ausome 24 days ago

    Endless wars make politicians billions and corrupt.

  • Simba Mufasa
    Simba Mufasa 24 days ago +1

    They are just following orders from their Commander in Chief President Putin

  • Gabriel Miller
    Gabriel Miller 24 days ago

    I’m honestly surprised they stopped. I would’ve just keep driving. If they want to headbutt my front bumper then so be it

  • Use Bitschute
    Use Bitschute 24 days ago

    Kurds are being helped by Syria against turkey. Stop lying for Israel.

  • Use Bitschute
    Use Bitschute 24 days ago

    No more wars for Israel

  • The Cuban Conservative

    These are the people who CNN and the rest of the corrupt liberal media proclaim as ‘ our friends ‘. Looks how they treat our Troops who have protected them, feed them and housed them.. With ‘ friends ‘ like this who needs enemy’s? We need to get out of the Middle East for good never get involved in the Middle East again!

  • Asura
    Asura 24 days ago

    You americans understand nothing! Those people feel betrayal of US. Because Erdogan started invasion after US escape. US just take their Oil and when it is danger for them just leave.

  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 24 days ago

    They should be throwing it at the White House.

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell 24 days ago

    Talk about being ungrateful.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 24 days ago


  • Ali Baqer
    Ali Baqer 24 days ago

    Theft oil

    LIM RAJ 24 days ago

    Selfish cowards . What a shame. well armed us army being stoned by desperate people they betrayed. Well armed cowards.

  • electriclott
    electriclott 24 days ago

    So let me guess.....you (fox news) thinks that this was important to show us because why??? I'll tell you why. They want to infer that this is Trumps fault. They want click bait. There is NO OTHER reason to show us this, other than to smear. Does one American care that a few people are throwing food at soldiers? No..they don't.

  • America First
    America First 24 days ago

    And after this thank you demonstration, we are certainly getting out of there,.

  • roy bewley
    roy bewley 24 days ago

    Keep throwing rocks, the Turks will get em,

  • WanderingAngel
    WanderingAngel 24 days ago

    They through potatoes because they didnt want Americans there.
    You copy video from Abc and lied they felt betray.
    No they didn't want us there in first place.
    Syria Videos prove this.
    They don't like America stealing their oil.
    Stop lying to the public Shep Smith the 2nd.

  • William Carlile
    William Carlile 24 days ago

    Retreating is not the correct word in this situation...the troops are simply leaving. I can think of a few choice words for the people throwing rocks and food as well!

  • X X
    X X 24 days ago

    Clearly they are good loving people that deserve our love and protection. In return; OR NOT.

  • Midwestskier07
    Midwestskier07 24 days ago

    Mow them down

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors 24 days ago +1

    Shame on America.....Shame on our disgusting president

  • Edward Culhane
    Edward Culhane 24 days ago

    ruski bott check in

  • Jm C
    Jm C 24 days ago

    Throwing food? Thanks for letting us know, I feel really good about pulling out now.

  • Bowhunter Jones
    Bowhunter Jones 24 days ago +1

    Those people who throw things at our troops should use that energy to fighting for them selves defend your own home they want our troops to die for their home land if the cowards won't fight for themselves let them die

  • riaan claassens
    riaan claassens 24 days ago

    And let me tell you. Its the MSM that is antagonizing and instigating the Kurdish people

  • Wendy Hammond
    Wendy Hammond 24 days ago

    Instead of throwing crap at our soldiers they should fight for their country. Ungrateful.

  • James Harris
    James Harris 24 days ago

    We Deserve This!! Thanks Pres. Trumpanzie

  • Pat Google
    Pat Google 24 days ago

    That's their way of saying we'll miss you, yuk, F them. I just wonder if Graham and Romney threw rocks at the US army too.

  • Henry Tumur
    Henry Tumur 24 days ago

    Wow im so sad to witness world largest military power left its partner in arm to be slaughtered. Hope next generations of Americans knows the friendship, partnership, and price of human life. This generation of americans making us divide especially: senator Mitch the Corrupt, Trump the Bully, Ted Cruz the liar, Fox the Fake news, and Republican the A-holes. Please end this generation with no effect to new generation taking on politics and military. One day some smart and loving person will elected and tax and prosecute these greedy rich people and corrupted officials

  • Bif Stiff
    Bif Stiff 24 days ago

    Trump the draft dodger sold out the Kurds who fought and died against ISIS

  • Ronald Avery
    Ronald Avery 24 days ago +1

    Oh Great. Now Draft DODGER,
    Crouch Grabber. Showing our miltary how to run away like he did when he DODGED the DRAFT.

  • Fisher
    Fisher 24 days ago

    US is only anywhere if it fills their pockets, staying to protect oil not people! traitors

  • Citizen EU
    Citizen EU 24 days ago

    Why do US soldiers need to protect oil field from ISIS if President Donald Trµmp has repeatedly said they have been completely defeated?