Nintendo Direct Live Reaction 3.8.2018 (Feat MunchingOrange & PokeCinema)


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  • SullyPwnz
    SullyPwnz  Month ago +217

    What are you looking forward to most?! Let me know!!

  • Jr. Goku
    Jr. Goku Hour ago

    -29:04 omfg yes master roshi you idiots

  • Alex Oborne
    Alex Oborne 2 days ago

    Sucks Dark Souls Switch got delayed

  • Sam Mendes
    Sam Mendes 3 days ago

    Oh a new smash game just let me put down my water, and... 33:36

  • Nightmares Gaming
    Nightmares Gaming 4 days ago

    3 Guys watching a clip and freaking out at the best highlights of the direct

  • LionCreator Studio
    LionCreator Studio 9 days ago

    MO calm down

  • Baron Sionis
    Baron Sionis 12 days ago

    rip headphone users, like me

  • GameLover 109
    GameLover 109 14 days ago


  • Angelo Malapitan
    Angelo Malapitan 16 days ago

    33:46 R.I.P. headphone users

  • Frosty3001
    Frosty3001 21 day ago

    Cappy's waaaatchiiiing from the baaaaaaaaaaaaack.......

  • GIRGHGH Aka Girg
    GIRGHGH Aka Girg 21 day ago

    PacMan fits Little Nightmares more than you know...

  • PlayStationguy 345
    PlayStationguy 345 29 days ago

    I always wanted to curl

  • Kizmahh 74
    Kizmahh 74 29 days ago

    They were like, "how does splatoon lore go this deep?" Its because you literally watch and hear torturing and see people bond and stuff and it makes me mad that people like these shits say its aimed for small kids

  • Ano.Productions
    Ano.Productions 29 days ago

    I’m face palming when they try to understand splatoon

  • Musa Gündogmus
    Musa Gündogmus Month ago

    You zalk so much you miss most of the iformations idiots

  • TheNextNX
    TheNextNX Month ago

    0:00 *Starts*
    0:33 *Nintendo 3DS Headlines*
    0:35 WarioWare Gold
    1:35 Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers*
    2:41 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey
    3:42 Detective Pikachu
    4:38 Giant Detective Pikachu amiibo
    4:46 Luigi's Mansion (3DS Remake)
    5:53 *Nintendo Switch Headlines*
    6:09 Kirby: Star Allies - Dream Friends Update
    7:23 Okami HD
    8:29 Sushi Strikers: The Way of Sushido
    9:26 Octopath Traveler
    11:40 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
    12:43 Dark Souls: Remastered + Solaire of Astora amiibo
    13:44 *My Nintendo Nintendo Switch Awards*
    14:23 *Mario Tennis Aces*
    19:50 Pre-Launch Tournament
    20:09 *More Nintendo Switch Headlines*
    20:28 21:28 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    21:36 Undertale
    22:20 Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy
    23:16 Little Nightmares: Complete Edition
    24:20 South Park:The Fractured But Whole
    25:00 South Park Season Pass
    25:30 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
    25:47 ARMS Stuff
    27:08 Splatoon 2 - Update 3.0
    28:23 *Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion*
    32:27 *Super Smash Bros.*
    34:14 *Fortnite*

  • Rishit Choudhary
    Rishit Choudhary Month ago

    He just said Nani XD

  • Zeldafan1022
    Zeldafan1022 Month ago

    *where da fucc is partners in time*

  • donna cannon
    donna cannon Month ago

    Because you spoke over it because we can't here it and you don't know what is happening and play splatoon 1 and you will know what it is

  • Saturn The Magic Dragon

    Never heard adults voice cracks until now.

  • Ghost Exe
    Ghost Exe Month ago

    There is no way splatoon lore goes this deep he says XD

  • Randier singh
    Randier singh Month ago +1

    SULLY your a meme

  • Luis Fernando Vásquez Hernández


  • Nicholas Doan
    Nicholas Doan Month ago

    Splatoon is a great game. It's too bad you guys judge it by its looks.

  • BENichs the Pheonix

    Headphone warning next time please

  • Heather Ciconia
    Heather Ciconia Month ago

    If you didn't play Splatoon because you think it's too kiddie then whatever man you do you- but you're just hurting yourself.

  • おにぎり。
    おにぎり。 Month ago

    あいさつ してるのかわいいなww

  • Sammy2tone10
    Sammy2tone10 Month ago +2

    Maybe if I was 12-14 I'd play splatoon... Says the person who plays pokemon for a living

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat Month ago

    I had headphones full volume at the bowsers inside story part
    RIP my ears
    It's most of it by the way
    Headphone users beware

  • Lavon Cooper
    Lavon Cooper Month ago

    lol you know whats funny most of these nintendo direct 3.8.2018 reaction videos whenever they get to the southpark game they almost always mention how nintendos getting all kinds of ports

  • OhhThe Fandoms
    OhhThe Fandoms Month ago

    They screamed like children at Luigi’s mansion but called splatoon childish? XD The lack of intelligence here hurt me. Definitely the worst reaction video so far

  • kou supe
    kou supe Month ago


  • nino toshxua
    nino toshxua Month ago


  • ImTeTrAForTheLoLz -

    "under her dress is a giant black worm"-SullyPwnz 2018

  • Kenji Misaki
    Kenji Misaki Month ago

    This is what I get for looking up too many direct reaction videos, bunch of nonsense

  • Tyroen Brown
    Tyroen Brown Month ago

    9:24 it's June 8th

  • Miss Moltres
    Miss Moltres Month ago


    We have, Little Nightmares (which I really wanna play) , Okami, Smash, Crash, Splatoon 2 PLAYABLE FREAKING OCTOLINGS (omg so much hype), Captain Toad and more! SO MUCH HYPE

  • Dosh Gaming
    Dosh Gaming Month ago

    my headphones almost broke

  • Textop
    Textop Month ago +1

    "Oh my god, it's a game that was popular 3 years ago!"
    *_Looks at the very active Undertale Community_*
    Shit man. It's dead af

  • Lion The Mood
    Lion The Mood Month ago

    The cringe is real.

  • D3PR3SS10N
    D3PR3SS10N Month ago

    34:07 the earrape is real

  • FungusGD
    FungusGD Month ago

    This reaction is honestly crap. You guys takes way too much and just ignored everything. You trying to sound cool by bashing splatoon was just pure cringe, and you didn't really react much to everything else besides luigi's mansion and undertale and crash

  • BumblebeeWolfTV
    BumblebeeWolfTV Month ago

    Ich war so glücklich als ich gehört habe das Undertale für die Switch raus kommt! :D

  • Alien OG
    Alien OG Month ago


  • stwbmc98
    stwbmc98 Month ago

    The guy on the right is trying too hard to be funny. Not to mention he can only come up with one joke. “Here’s something I don’t care about. I’m gonna pretend to be hyped for a second and then immediately stop. That’ll knock ‘em dead.”

  • Ilicow!!
    Ilicow!! Month ago +2

    33:34 Smash Bros reaction.

  • SteveTV1234
    SteveTV1234 Month ago

    This pains me.

  • Star Gaming
    Star Gaming Month ago

    Munch what happened to u your somewhere on the internet pls upload Pokémon again

  • jay folk
    jay folk Month ago

    the squids evolved from the squids from mario, and the octopuses are from the octorocks from zelda, crossover

  • Zapdos14 Tatsumi
    Zapdos14 Tatsumi Month ago


  • Out Mage
    Out Mage Month ago

    That's not the first time crash appeared on the Wii and gba

  • Excetra GD
    Excetra GD Month ago

    33:38 NANI?!?

  • HeadphonesDude
    HeadphonesDude Month ago

    the ending part reminds me of splatoon 3 and then switched to Super Smash Bros. Switch


  • Kawayolnyo
    Kawayolnyo Month ago

    Crash Bandicoot stopped being Sony-exclusive and a Naughty Dog property right after CTR. Educate yourself, young man.

  • Pandanoko Master
    Pandanoko Master Month ago

    I love how their like "splatoon is kidy" even though their like huge mario fans which is a kids game.

  • darthion?!
    darthion?! Month ago

    Anyone notice Cappy on the couch watching this unfold?
    Only me?
    Well f--

  • Tony Ismail
    Tony Ismail Month ago

    Hey at least MunchingOrange is not dead.

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Month ago

    Great direct terrible reaction screw you guys

  • LandandSea
    LandandSea Month ago +1

    After watching other reactions, your's is downright the weakest, boring, and most disappointing one so far :(

  • Oozette
    Oozette Month ago

    Not really Sony, Crash belongs to Activision still

  • Oozette
    Oozette Month ago

    To the guy who downloads all his games, you likely have a ton of gold points sitting in your account

  • Itsjosh2
    Itsjosh2 Month ago

    these bois really love their smash

  • pokemon9224
    pokemon9224 Month ago

    Splatoon 2 is pretty awsome! I love it!

  • Harsh Mallow
    Harsh Mallow Month ago

    the munching orange is alive????

  • melonsodaメロンソーダ

    22:27 何ぃ⁉︎

  • Axo Gaming
    Axo Gaming Month ago

    You guys do know the reason why the Wii U ports didn't do well on the Wii U was because barely anyone bought the system..... it had nothing to do with the games... Also, MK8 Deluxe sold extremely well and beat the original's sales.

  • Jaylen Hioe
    Jaylen Hioe Month ago

    Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside story + Bowser Jr's Journey will be release till 2019 Sullypwnz. Got that?

  • Switch Fan94
    Switch Fan94 Month ago


  • Logan Frederick
    Logan Frederick Month ago

    I know more adults that play Splatoon 2 than kids lmao. Trust me, give it a chance, it's a lot of fun.

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece Month ago

      Logan Frederick its true!! 😁😎

    • Logan Frederick
      Logan Frederick Month ago +1

      Lol ok

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece Month ago +1

      Logan Frederick No need to say and offer ist nicely!! They don't earn it!! Splatoon is too cool for them!! 😊😎

  • Kay Miller
    Kay Miller Month ago

    idk munch, make a new video

  • ZeldaConqueror
    ZeldaConqueror Month ago

    0:12 ohayo xD

  • Jesse Martins
    Jesse Martins Month ago

    "Maybe if I was 14"... WOW.

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece Month ago

      Jesse Martins are barely 20 at the Most...

  • jermy
    jermy Month ago +1

    why is the munch not uploading

  • Chigozie Nzerem
    Chigozie Nzerem Month ago

    2:48 rip ears

  • KUAH PRODUCTS ok my name is luah


  • Musica
    Musica Month ago

    Yall need to Fuckin educate yourself on splatoon 2
    But good video :).

  • Anime Khan
    Anime Khan Month ago +7

    Tbh this reaction sucked lol, alll 3 of them were just cringe to watch.

  • 86Rikki
    86Rikki Month ago +2

    How can I get it so your videos never come into my feed ever again? I’m not subscribed.

    • FungusGD
      FungusGD Month ago

      86Rikki If you see a video of theirs in the recommended section, click "Not interested" and it's possible to checkmark a reason why so that it can change it. One of the reasons is not being interested in the channel

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece Month ago

      86Rikki Well you're interested in Nintendo, thats why, you should know how it works, Bit sometimes its also worth it!!

  • Davion Willis
    Davion Willis Month ago

    Undertale better not touch much child smash

  • Bennie Mendez
    Bennie Mendez Month ago

    But I want a paper Mario remake 😢😭😭😭

  • julabard
    julabard Month ago

    Mario Ploter!!

  • bomberly trends
    bomberly trends Month ago


  • dtietze RBX
    dtietze RBX Month ago

    I is Korean

  • Garo
    Garo Month ago

    The guy with the glasses is so fake reacting.

  • Arcien
    Arcien Month ago

    - Not paying attention
    - Talking waaay too much
    - Fix your fucking mic levels LOL
    - "I hate video games"
    Well aren't you fantastic.

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Month ago

    *Switch The Eye With The Sharingan*

  • DemonRage90
    DemonRage90 Month ago

    Looks like they already knew what was going to come up!

  • Super Merio
    Super Merio Month ago

    I got pretty mad when I found out that text from undertale wasn't animal crossing 😠😠😠

  • ZackFireX
    ZackFireX Month ago +3

    I hate smash, tbh. Just got excited about crash bandicoot and splatoon lol

  • Hanna Pitsch
    Hanna Pitsch Month ago


  • thatgirl superhannah

    Headphone users beware!

  • MadScientistVindicar
    MadScientistVindicar Month ago +7

    How come people actually liked this reaction? These guys aren't even interested or paying attention to it. Also all that bashing into Splatoon was unnecesary. Just go back to playing fornite

    • TheNaturalGamer XP
      TheNaturalGamer XP 27 days ago +1

      MadScientistVindicar exactly they weren’t even paying attention

    • bettercheddar
      bettercheddar Month ago +1

      I'm wondering the same thing as well. These guys clearly can't see the awesome lore that splatoon has to offer.

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece Month ago +1

      MadScientistVindicar yeah Just stupidity!!

  • Drawnimo Comics
    Drawnimo Comics Month ago

    I love how I have to turn up my headphone volume at some moments in the video, then my eardrums get raped in the next. Wow, I love it...

  • Yoshi Kai
    Yoshi Kai Month ago

    rip headphone user like me :/

  • Saltify
    Saltify Month ago +1

    well, yeah, it's like 80 more levels

  • True lightstorm
    True lightstorm Month ago

    munching orengi

  • HobojoeCTM
    HobojoeCTM Month ago

    Sully: “innocent minded people in the West”
    When your twelve years old and you know what he means!

  • xavier lindsey
    xavier lindsey Month ago

    Jeez guys calm down. XD

  • Gamer Elvion
    Gamer Elvion Month ago

    I'm gonna be that one kid who does this...

    CAn yUo PLaY UnDErtAle PlZ!...

  • Bradley's Dominoes
    Bradley's Dominoes Month ago

    rip headphone users