The OnePlus 6T is Looking Awesome

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • The OP6T looks to have a couple nice upgrades. The notch looks like it’ll be reduced in size to a cleaner waterdrop shape and a in-screen fingerprint sensor could make a debut in a OnePlus Phone.
    It’s hard to find a phone in 2018 without a notch but the OnePlus 6T might have one of the smallest notches in the market right now. Coupled with a new fingerprint sensor built into the screen, the OP6T should have all the usual trimmings like a headphone jack and the notificiation switch.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  11 months ago +2740

    the T H I C C notch has to die. i hope this is the beginning

    • Nishant Buragohain
      Nishant Buragohain 10 months ago

      I have a OnePlus 3. I just noticed that the Network, Battery and Clock icons on the top of the screen are visible like a light grey shade through the display when I was watching videos on TVclip. I checked it by looking at different photos as well. The icons are visible through photos as well.

    • J. B
      J. B 10 months ago

      Super excited for the 6t, could definitly be one of the coolest phones this year

    • Sumandhan Akshith
      Sumandhan Akshith 10 months ago

      Am i the only one still using 5.5 display?

    • Chitrakar Vlogs
      Chitrakar Vlogs 11 months ago

      Dave Lee Jack Died !! :'(

    • Arnu 515
      Arnu 515 11 months ago

      Along with the death of the notch, I am pretty sure that the headphone jack is gonna be a memorial
      *RIP Earphones*

  • iLovePizza
    iLovePizza 8 months ago

    God, this guy has got to stop talking with his hands

  • Johannes Wöhler
    Johannes Wöhler 9 months ago

    Dave you're the best!

  • Niels DC
    Niels DC 9 months ago

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  • Prakhar Jha
    Prakhar Jha 9 months ago

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  • Pr07o7yp3
    Pr07o7yp3 9 months ago

    Only this shitty notch stops me to buy this phone.

    • VuthavadooVikshay
      VuthavadooVikshay 9 months ago

      the notch is no longer an issue dude... either way, the screen is amoled so you can just turn the top off if you don't want to see it.

  • Nathan Elmore
    Nathan Elmore 9 months ago

    no headphone jack, no buy

    • VuthavadooVikshay
      VuthavadooVikshay 9 months ago

      I agree to some degree. Their oneplus wireless bullets which I already own would be great for the 6T. They do give you a dongle so it's not as much of a pain.

  • Almerinda Romeira
    Almerinda Romeira 9 months ago

    I legit hear him say 60. I know it's just 6t said very fast, but I start to see what oneplus did there

  • Nishant Buragohain
    Nishant Buragohain 10 months ago

    I have a OnePlus 3. I just noticed that the Network, Battery and Clock icons on the top of the screen are visible like a light grey shade through the display when I was watching videos on TVclip. I checked it by looking at different photos as well. The icons are visible through photos as well.

  • jeeturaaj rj
    jeeturaaj rj 10 months ago

    You'v only spoken of the expected launch in the north american markets, which is cool. M waiting in India. This is
    Jeeturaaj - an rj with Mirchi 98.3, the Radio platform of The Times Of India group, with its presence across networks.
    Wanna know details on your next launch in India. Wanna try this out with its latest version. Would love if you add me to
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  • Matteo De Vellis
    Matteo De Vellis 10 months ago

    That notch actually looks really nice. And I hate notches.

  • Snitsel
    Snitsel 10 months ago

    Can I use the fingerprint through display protection?

  • Ali Tfaili
    Ali Tfaili 10 months ago +1

    Hello dave i wanna ask my cousin wants to swap his phone with mine and want from me 200 $ i have op 6 128gb 8 g ram his phone s9+ 128 gb 6 g ram ideas bro ?? Help

  • JugSoda
    JugSoda 10 months ago

    I hate the notch and how it interrupts the screen

  • Beachlife
    Beachlife 10 months ago

    I like how OnePlus software, close to stock Android. I'm sure they will have a adapter to 3.5 headphone jack like all the other phones, where you charge the phone. Moving the headphone jack makes room for a bigger battery! And water resistant! With a lot of portible speaker's out there, Android software Bluetooth has had a lot of upgrades over the last two years with 5.0 Bluetooth. The quality is getting better.

  • itec
    itec 10 months ago

    I don't use my Galaxy S7's headphone jack that often but I think if it's not there and I need it, too bad. Dunno, my friends can live without it as well (iPhone X) so just gonna need decent bluetooth headphones

  • Ja Mes
    Ja Mes 10 months ago

    Without the headphone jack

  • frost1358
    frost1358 10 months ago

    I feel betrayed by OnePlus we all told them to keep the headphone jack and they just straight up ignored us and took it away anyways .

  • Michael Gureghian
    Michael Gureghian 10 months ago

    If the rumors are true, I might upgrade my iPhone 6s to the one plus 6t(after it comes out).

  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal 10 months ago

    Mi Mix 3 will be better

  • thexfile
    thexfile 10 months ago

    I take a OnePlus 6T over iPhone.

  • Liz P.
    Liz P. 10 months ago

    hey, i like your videos - plz keep em coming thanks

  • RJ
    RJ 10 months ago

    Guys can you ask a question is oneplus 6 camera is better than galaxy s8??

  • Jmpaul26
    Jmpaul26 10 months ago

    I wish OnePlus would make an S9 sized phone, also. I have an S8 and I love the large screen built into a body that's way easy to hold in one hand.

  • JRcheesburger
    JRcheesburger 10 months ago

    If they included a micro sd card slot they would be the best phone you could get. i would gladly get one if that ended up being the case

  • TechSaberWolf
    TechSaberWolf 10 months ago

    If T-Mobile carries all options for purchase. I'll switch over and kiss good bye to my note 8

  • Jose T
    Jose T 11 months ago

    Looks ugly AF

  • rere439
    rere439 11 months ago

    I had Mi Max before, and as my career advances, I want switch my previous phone but, I hate notches, then I bought S9+ with nice blue color and a bunch of features inside it.. And I live happily after that

  • DeMonHuNter361
    DeMonHuNter361 11 months ago

    One Plus is no longer a budget flagship killer phone. Also RiP headphone jack.

  • renu Tulsani
    renu Tulsani 11 months ago +2

    no headphone jack for sure!!

  • Lore Michiels
    Lore Michiels 11 months ago

    Plane highway uncertainty me concrete monument.

  • Kellic AnonymousTiger
    Kellic AnonymousTiger 11 months ago

    No headphone jack = This thing just dropped off my list. I don't do dongles that I have to carry everywhere, and I don't mess with headphones with batteries that can't last me through a trip from Chicago > LAX > Japan without needing a charge. A normal phone I plug in to charge, and forget about it as I listen. Can't do this unless the dongle has charge and headphone jack all in one. This is a solution in search of a problem. Phones are already water resistant with the jack. Phones are already thin with the jack. Phones already have wireless charging with the jack. Phones already have larger batteries with the jack. This is cost cutting, pure and simple and yet the price is going up. LG it is then.

  • Akeem B
    Akeem B 11 months ago

    No jack and it has a notch AND a bigger design?! Note 9 it is...

  • ईशांत गुप्त

    stereo speakers?

  • Calamity
    Calamity 11 months ago

    No headphone jack? boycott this shit.

  • Cameron Bosch
    Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +5

    Glass back but no wireless charging? Fine.
    Notch? Fine.
    Removing the headphone jack for more of their wireless earbuds sales? I'm out!

    • RemytimeLive
      RemytimeLive 10 months ago

      you do know that the Type C to Headphone Jack sounds Awful compared to the Audio Jack port?

    • WitnessG
      WitnessG 10 months ago

      Why would they replace 1 port with another port that is bigger, it doesn't make sense to have 2 usb-c ports for a company.

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +2

      @Paul Jones But what if you lose it? Or if you want to charge while listening to headphones? If they really wanted to move on, they'd include 2 USB-C ports.
      They're just trying to increase sales of their wireless earbuds. For that, OnePlus lost my respect.

    • Paul Jones
      Paul Jones 11 months ago

      be quiet... they give you an adaptor in the box

  • Myxtro
    Myxtro 11 months ago +11

    No headphone jack so I can't connect it to my car radio and headphones. Sorry Oneplus but I have to switch to another brand.

    • J S
      J S 10 months ago +1

      Paul Jones You'd rather buy a new car and greatly compromise on audio quality instead of just buying a phone with a headphone jack? Ok

    • Azu Shi
      Azu Shi 10 months ago +2

      lol u cant charge when u have the adapter on. also, who wants earphones with adapters when every1 is going minimalistic? wireless earphones compared to top wired earphones are poor. bluetooth tech wireless are mid level at best and some top end ones have audio/video lag. ppl rooting no headphone jack think they are open minded and forward thinking but they really are just clueless ppl thinking bluetooth is visionary. there are better quality wireless tech than bluetooth already anyway. wireless is still developing so why remove the headphone jack? not smart, just rushed.

    • Pyrs
      Pyrs 10 months ago +1

      Why not just use a phone with a headphone jack? Removing the jack just adds unnecessary inconveniences for the costumer. Im not gonna buy a phone without a jack, period.

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +4

      @Paul Jones Audio quality suffers though...

    • Paul Jones
      Paul Jones 11 months ago +2

      seriously!!?, adaptors!!.... bluetooth, all decent stereos even in car ones have bluetooth connection... OP are even including the adaptor in the box, leave the adaptor connected to the end of your aux lead and plug it in and out of the phone when you get in and out of the car, not exactly complicated

  • Clown Shogun
    Clown Shogun 11 months ago +1

    One plus belongs to oppo?

  • 徐红波
    徐红波 11 months ago


  • IBC
    IBC 11 months ago

    Looks like I bought a OP6 at the wrong time then. Oh well, still a great phone.

  • netbookeater
    netbookeater 11 months ago

    Face unlock??

  • NeutronPCXT
    NeutronPCXT 11 months ago +16

    Actually, not anymore.
    This phone will NOT have a headphone jack anymore!

  • Jan Alexander
    Jan Alexander 11 months ago +4

    Fuck OnePlus give me back my headphone jack!

  • Reserved 100
    Reserved 100 11 months ago +6

    I would buy anything right now except for iPhone, I started hating apple, no headphone jack, removing fingerprint is unacceptable for me and the type of a job I do. Apple doesn’t listen to their customers anymore, it’s almost tyrannical.

  • ass
    ass 11 months ago +2

    Why does one plus release a phone twice every year??

    • Paul Jones
      Paul Jones 11 months ago

      why do all manufacturers release 2 phones per year.... not a specific trait to OP

  • wile123456
    wile123456 11 months ago +51

    No it's not amazing when they remove the headphone jack, which everyone in the community voted to keep. Oneplus has settled and their slogan is a lie

    • Liam Golzar
      Liam Golzar 9 months ago

      A prime example of a standard apple bash

    • wile123456
      wile123456 10 months ago +1

      @Beachlife everything is great value when you compare it with overpriced apple wannabe's

    • Beachlife
      Beachlife 10 months ago

      @wile123456 OnePlus is still a great value compared to most other brands like the new Pixel 3 is $899. I used to buy the Nexus phone's before they called them Pixel and still a fan of Pixel because of the software and camera. But the prices are alot more since the Nexus phone's. That's when I looked into OnePlus phones and you get almost stock Android like the Pixel. And seeing OnePlus phones apart in other videos are some very high quality part's inside, the quality control inside OnePlus factory is amazing in other videos. With worldwide currency's falling around the world are making luxury items expensive in most countries.

    • wile123456
      wile123456 10 months ago

      @Beachlife lol no I'm not going to buy oneplus anymore. Their prices have increased each Gen anyway to the point where they don't even have much value anymore. I'm going to look for alternative brands now

    • Beachlife
      Beachlife 10 months ago +1

      @wile123456 Buy the OnePlus 6on sale💲💲, still a great phone and has the 3.5 head phone jack 👍 problem solved. Will still have the blistering speed with the Snapgragon 845 processor.

  • Philson
    Philson 11 months ago +2

    Notch is fine. But I don't understand why phones have notch AND chin.

    • WitnessG
      WitnessG 10 months ago

      Because they need a place to put the display connector. Apple curved the display at the bottom which costs more and is harder to manufacture. Its not even that big of a chin.

    • Bryan Márquez
      Bryan Márquez 11 months ago +2

      Philson The only phone that doesn’t have a chin is the iPhone X, because they bend the screen at the bottom or something like that. Don’t remember my source to be honest. I might be wrong.

  • Mattez
    Mattez 11 months ago +15

    Please Oneplus, stay with the notification-LED. A customizable notifivcation LED is the most underrated feature.

  • Mike Belaboki
    Mike Belaboki 11 months ago

    Could anyone please tell me what are the lights in his background?

  • The.M
    The.M 11 months ago

    Warum gibt es einen deutschen Titel?

  • Player Llacer
    Player Llacer 11 months ago +1

    Eu acho feio esse note na forma de gota

  • HerveyDant
    HerveyDant 11 months ago +15

    No headphone jack so meh. I use my phone for music too much not to have one.

    • Pyrs
      Pyrs 10 months ago +2

      Im not gonna buy a phone without a jack, period. I dont want to use a dongle to use my headphones and I dont want to have to charge my them to listen to worse audio quality. Unnecessary invonvenience for the costumer is not a step forward. The reason we still use cables to charge our phones for the most part is because cables are more efficient right now. Same with audio.
      Also you talk about the removal of cables but praise the use of dongles, what kind of logic is that?

    • Sam A
      Sam A 11 months ago +7

      Fuck off Paul Jones, cables are higher quality. USB-C is a mess as a standard. Plus my car, home stereo, 3 sets of headphones (and every other audio output device I might choose to use anywhere on earth) all have one standard in common that works perfectly. Why would I want to change to inferior audio quality, higher cost and have stupid dongles all over the place? Go fan boy back on reddit, keep that weak ass shit out of the rest of the internet kthxbye

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +1

      @Paul Jones And Bluetooth earbuds are terrible! After using several, I gave up, they're expensive and awful!

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +1

      @Paul Jones Then include two USB-C ports, not just one!

    • Paul Jones
      Paul Jones 11 months ago

      There's amazing tech called bluetooth and USB-C adaptors, it's not really too much of a stretch is it!?, they are even promising to supply a USB-C headphone adapter in the box... all the head phone socket cry babies need to get a grip, wires are a dying breed and wireless tech is the way forward, i always hear people moaning about the headphone jack going but those same people then also moan that phones don't have wireless charging..... embrace change damm it, technology changes... things evolve, i didn't hear anyone cry when the floppy drive got retired and USB storage and then cloud storage took over

  • Rene Jansen
    Rene Jansen 11 months ago +8

    CEO, Carl Pei confirms in a interview that there will be NO 3,5 jack. But a bigger battery and faster charging for the 6t.

    • MacKenzie Hu
      MacKenzie Hu 10 months ago +1

      yup cuz they think half of their users have wireless headphones.i do have a wireless one but still rocking my good old 3.5 jack n3ap...

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +4

      That's bullshit and Pei knows it! It's all about selling those wireless earbuds!

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 11 months ago +45

    Aaaand, it lost me with the loss of the headphone jack. Nice job OnePlus, you blew it.

    • Flame
      Flame 8 months ago

      @mikuhatesducks leek lover ong, like just use bluetooth

    • mikuhatesducks leek lover
      mikuhatesducks leek lover 8 months ago +1

      Then get some wireless headphones ya wanker.

    • Itz Football
      Itz Football 10 months ago

      there defintley isnt a thing like a speaker or wireless headphones .

    • Flame
      Flame 11 months ago +1

      shutcho dumb ass up

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago +4

      I agree, I lost much respect for OnePlus!

  • chillstep4life
    chillstep4life 11 months ago +4

    You can blame the new tariffs from Trump for the price hike. Soon Iphones will cost 2K and a budget phone will be considered $1000 as a cheap price.

  • Troy Harris
    Troy Harris 11 months ago +105

    Too bad this won't have a headphone jack

    • My name Shrek.
      My name Shrek. 10 months ago

      niven poovanen true.

    • Victor Mireles
      Victor Mireles 10 months ago

      I guess the DAC would be nice as it's easier to integrate over USB Type C. Headphone jacks are starting to become easier to circumvent as wireless is becoming more of a norm - and improving quality with tech like AptX. I myself don't use wired headphones with my phone - I usually use my Beoplay E8's.

    • Troy Harris
      Troy Harris 10 months ago

      @Victor Mireles Think some people do care. Not a lot, but that doesn't mean no one cares about having a custom DAC.

    • Victor Mireles
      Victor Mireles 10 months ago

      No care if they add a dac... Either way... No care

    • Troy Harris
      Troy Harris 10 months ago +1

      @KT S Indeed, the headphones I use are the DT990 by Beyerdynamic

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 11 months ago +1

    I’m going to wait until they release the OnePlus with 5G

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 11 months ago

    Does this mean that you can only get it if you have t mobile?

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch 11 months ago

      No, it will also be sold unlocked from the oneplus website. But I still think it still won't work on Sprint or Verizon.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 11 months ago

    Which one is more worth it? Dell G3 or HP Pavilion Power 15? (Or if anyone have any suggestions, I need a laptop that can do both editing and gaming + having the model that does not really look like a gaming laptop. My budget is $1500)

  • Aneesh Prasobhan
    Aneesh Prasobhan 11 months ago

    is that a tricle pun ?

  • Anup Raj
    Anup Raj 11 months ago

    Waterdrop notch looks bad, but then all the notches looks bad.

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins 11 months ago

    Shadow share dad betga around absorb discovery vacation change midnight deck stick

  • Jay McMullen
    Jay McMullen 11 months ago

    They just moved the notch to the bottom. That chin is gross.

  • 64 bit
    64 bit 11 months ago

    How much do you think the one plus 6 will be in Oct 2019

  • Ahsan Jahangir
    Ahsan Jahangir 11 months ago

    Notch or no notch, the prices of one plus was always it's biggest advantage. If they keep the prices low at good specs, I'll still buy it.

  • Pumpernickle
    Pumpernickle 11 months ago

    I wish OnePlus was on Verizon! I think their phones are incredible.

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly 11 months ago


  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias 11 months ago

    One Plus, just work with Verizon and I’ll finally buy one.

  • James Town
    James Town 11 months ago

    why is the camera not completely bypass by display?

  • vince martens
    vince martens 11 months ago

    storage chaos throughout lifetime recovery effect along user ill word theoretical touch

  • Nafiz Ahmed
    Nafiz Ahmed 11 months ago +2

    One plus 6T is copping oppo F9

    • Nik Hill
      Nik Hill 11 months ago

      they both are of same company .. you can't copy your own self ..

  • MIKO
    MIKO 11 months ago

    The phone looks shit

  • MasteredTheUniverse
    MasteredTheUniverse 11 months ago

    I tend to hate the way notches look but this might be the most bearable iteration so far ! It feels like it will be much less obtrusive while still giving you 90% screen to body ratio which is awesome.

  • theinsfrijonds
    theinsfrijonds 11 months ago

    I'd rather have a bezel than a notch

  • rizzy south
    rizzy south 11 months ago

    Ofc this happens right when I copped the 6 smhhh