All You Can Eat BRAZILIAN STEAK BBQ Buffet in New York


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  • Frozen Fire
    Frozen Fire 12 hours ago

    How much did it cost?

  • brandobond
    brandobond Day ago

    Where's the picanha? Queen of meats!

  • li li
    li li Day ago


  • Nebula Playz
    Nebula Playz Day ago

    This isint so appetizing to watch if you’re already full from something 😂😂

  • Rashed Morad
    Rashed Morad 2 days ago

    How much does this cost

  • Barbarian Rage
    Barbarian Rage 2 days ago

    Ohh you went red on could you do that?? Lol.

  • Dave White
    Dave White 2 days ago

    Who cares about the salad bar!! Give me meat!!

  • Layba Junaid
    Layba Junaid 4 days ago

    Is he even human

  • Jantina Haspels
    Jantina Haspels 5 days ago

    I went to the Brazilian Steak House in Las Vegas. In the first place, you say you're not going to fill up on the sides but they had a potato and cheese dish that was so good, I couldn't resist. Then the meats came. The lamb chops, filet, prime rib and sausages were...well all I can say is I ate so much I couldn't sit in the car and had to lay down in the back seat. I think I had the meat sweats for 2 days but it was totally worth it.

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 6 days ago


  • ktnbtw
    ktnbtw 6 days ago

    what is the appetizers at 4:48 called? I've had them before and I can't remember!

  • Zx Wavy
    Zx Wavy 6 days ago

    RIP your toilet

  • marcos sison
    marcos sison 6 days ago

    The first time i watched this video, it was midnight so i was helpless. Now, timecheck: 2:30pm.. meaning: i can go out right now and eat some steaks too😎

  • waldete alves
    waldete alves 6 days ago


  • marina oliveira
    marina oliveira 7 days ago

    If you ever go to Brazil, the best of the best stake houses are in the South, in Rio Grande do Sul. I'm brazilian and I went there on vacation. IT WAS THE BEST STEAK I EVER HAD EVEN THOUGH I'M USED TO STEAK HOUSES IN BRAZIL!!!! YOU HAVE TO TRY, NO KIDDING!!!!

  • Nathan Zhang
    Nathan Zhang 7 days ago

    That place looks like heaven

  • Alicia Chartrand
    Alicia Chartrand 7 days ago

    I finally found a place where I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I watch your TVclip and this one caught my eye. And I found out that we had one here. But the thing is you have to book we did online. So anyways we went to the restaurant me and my two boys because we love meat. It was exciting and fun. Very disappointed food was way to salty I mean way too. I guess that is why they want you to eat less because of the salt 🤔 just the 3 of us $200 we didn't even eat all the meats because of the saltiness. Will never go back. I wish I was experience but you enjoy. Thx once again Winnipeg Manitoba

  • UnknownSlayer
    UnknownSlayer 8 days ago

    That rib eye looked raw

  • UnknownSlayer
    UnknownSlayer 8 days ago

    I haven't eaten all day my parents don't feed me😭

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 9 days ago

    Lot of the meat is a bit raw. I don't like raw meat

  • LInda Mull
    LInda Mull 9 days ago

    Asian moms don't kiss their kids?! How sad 🙁 What makes me glad however is watching you eat. I love food and eating but I can't eat as much as you do so I enjoy food vicariously through you. You and Mark Wians have the best food faces !😘

  • Alexdeach
    Alexdeach 9 days ago +1

    watching this eating bread its sad af

  • Tommy’s Channel
    Tommy’s Channel 9 days ago

    Does the camera man ever get hungry?

  • XxParticlexX
    XxParticlexX 9 days ago

    This is great an all but at @2:57 you can see they placed raw meet over cooked meet when the juices can drip down! Yum

  • Kristijan Poklečki
    Kristijan Poklečki 9 days ago

    This dude's stomach is like Hermione Granger's purse.

  • Ultra Slicer
    Ultra Slicer 10 days ago

    5:30 guide of how to survive zombies for 50 rounds

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 10 days ago

    i havent seen someone betray his strategy so fast

  • Hayden Blanchard
    Hayden Blanchard 10 days ago

    Lightly fried fish fillet is for dinner.

  • Laurie'spassions!
    Laurie'spassions! 10 days ago

    Enjoying this video. I am curious, since I am not Asian, why do Asian mother's do not kiss their children? Were you serious Mike?

  • Louise Goldsmith
    Louise Goldsmith 10 days ago

    0:35 I thought they were running but it’s just fast forward 😂

  • Jayla Richardson
    Jayla Richardson 10 days ago

    My grandma is Korean and she never kisses her kids I’ve always wondered why ?

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 10 days ago

    NEVER ruin these babies with bbq sauce, in brazil that's a capital sin!

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 10 days ago

    Do yourself a favor and run to a cardiologist, even better, just schedule a bypass surgery without even getting an appointment!

  • an an
    an an 10 days ago

    Babala: wag papanoorin kapag gutom ka...

  • Arvene
    Arvene 10 days ago +1

    Watching your vids when im on a fast and feasting became my routine. haha

  • kivian kuilan marchany

    Watching ur videos make my wondering hunger lean more thing on what I can cook and learn from the best chef the world lol ur the funky monkey fun

  • Romeo Kong
    Romeo Kong 10 days ago +4

    Who always watches food videos when u are eating

    • Mark Geuel Lim
      Mark Geuel Lim 7 days ago

      makes me dislike whatever i'm currently eating

  • Swaggy Kitty
    Swaggy Kitty 10 days ago

    Did someone say sad?! *gives steak*

  • kalasend
    kalasend 10 days ago

    You, sir, have a 2 gallon stomach!

  • Keezy
    Keezy 10 days ago

    So like Texas de brazil

  • LumiousLoxus
    LumiousLoxus 10 days ago

    $40 per person

  • LumiousLoxus
    LumiousLoxus 10 days ago

    the place is called Texas day Brazil

  • onixjaded3530
    onixjaded3530 10 days ago

    My boss invited us for the company Christmas dinner here. Bypassed the appetizers and salad bar. I got meat drunk.

  • Yes! i'm disgusting!
    Yes! i'm disgusting! 10 days ago

    Can you have rice in that place??????
    With out ordering the side dishes???

  • Eduardo Lorenzo
    Eduardo Lorenzo 10 days ago

    What are you waiting for? Come check all different kinds of brazilian churrasco. Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the best!

  • Lachlan Sutton
    Lachlan Sutton 11 days ago

    is your jaw tired yet?

  • ruthlyn Cugay
    ruthlyn Cugay 11 days ago

    i just watch it while i am at work . .from Philippines here/ i feel so hungry OMG!!!!

  • Jeremy Fitsgerald
    Jeremy Fitsgerald 11 days ago

    The first time I was at a Brazilian steakhouse, there was grilled cinnamon pineapple, which was heavenly!

  • Cesar Medina Sr.
    Cesar Medina Sr. 11 days ago

    Is there a place like this in Los Angeles?

  • nyawiragithae
    nyawiragithae 11 days ago

    Ei! How do you eat so much???

  • Brendale Deleon
    Brendale Deleon 11 days ago

    Go to Philippines and try Our Best pork Lechon a grill pork

  • Brendale Deleon
    Brendale Deleon 11 days ago

    Im hungry right now huhu!!!

  • Agent
    Agent 11 days ago

    Ok now here’s my problem.. where can I get a steak @ 2 in the morning?! Grrrr...
    Anyway, great feature & this guy is hilarious! Lol

  • Rafael Souza
    Rafael Souza 11 days ago

    We dont put the vinagrete neither the farofa on top of meat hahaha. They usually go with rice.

  • Taylor Nguyen
    Taylor Nguyen 12 days ago

    Server brings out the meat skewers
    Vegan: *triggered*

  • Ethan Martinez
    Ethan Martinez 12 days ago

    How can u eat that much

  • PrinceJGamer //MCPE
    PrinceJGamer //MCPE 12 days ago

    8:10 the reaction of when you wanna start eating but the best food just came.

  • masked man
    masked man 12 days ago

    What's the name of the place?

  • Christine Cacnio
    Christine Cacnio 12 days ago


  • Lgbrmello lgbrmello
    Lgbrmello lgbrmello 13 days ago

    Ooh this not is a bbq of brazil i'm brazilian and i know how is made a bbq we use a charcoal not a eletric bars

  • J M
    J M 13 days ago

    Heaven literal heaven

  • andre gomez
    andre gomez 13 days ago


  • Sajjad Muqdad Hayyawi Åk7 Enöglaskolan

    Don’t watch this if you’re vegan

  • I don't know what I should name this Channel

    All I thought when I watched this video was, if mike had a cameraman and he didn’t eat anything he'll be hungry af and I’ll feel sorry for him/her.

  • alam firdaus
    alam firdaus 13 days ago

    carnivore heaven..

  • Brandon Xiong :D
    Brandon Xiong :D 14 days ago

    Get yourself a friend like Meat Genie.

  • Jay C
    Jay C 14 days ago

    Awesome Channel, Awesome Guy!!!!!!👍🏽👍🏽

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 14 days ago

    How can you red on me?

    BUNTA 14 days ago

    say no to meat. save animals life.

  • Paul Schroeder
    Paul Schroeder 14 days ago

    A plate full of cheese and a bottle of red wine on the side and ill be there.

  • Crizpy _Nuqqet
    Crizpy _Nuqqet 15 days ago


  • Tony Muaava
    Tony Muaava 15 days ago

    You need to stop talking and do more eating

  • My Lifestyle
    My Lifestyle 16 days ago

    I really love ur channel. I Hope you can visit Davao City, Philippines❤️❤️

  • flinty
    flinty 17 days ago

    Maaaaan, how much can you eat lol

  • SamChawngthu
    SamChawngthu 17 days ago this dude...but..dont watch with an empty stomach...warning!!!!!

  • Pinky Delapaz
    Pinky Delapaz 17 days ago

    May my watery mouth RIP due to high Meat Tenderness 19??-2018

  • Sidney Sichmann
    Sidney Sichmann 18 days ago

    Seasoning...rock salt!!That's it!
    Too much rubbish on meats these days...rubs,sauces,juices,sugar.
    Keep it simple and the meat will do its magic!
    Bytheway,the dude ate all the cuts in the joint...that's an achievement on its own!
    Well done mate!

  • Andre Tucker
    Andre Tucker 18 days ago

    Mike about stabbed that mother fucker in the kitxhen

  • radiopools
    radiopools 21 day ago

    He keeps eating. Surely he must be full. He keeps going. Okay, he's gotta be tapping out soon.


  • Samuel Orozco
    Samuel Orozco 21 day ago

    Send this to ur vegan friends

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 22 days ago

    he said they gaining up on him he wana eat it all

  • Chef
    Chef 22 days ago

    Brazilian BBQ in new york; all of the flavor, none of the murder.

  • SwaghettiYolognese
    SwaghettiYolognese 22 days ago

    Vegans are missing out all the good stuff.

  • Lee Qi Vern
    Lee Qi Vern 22 days ago

    How much is per pax ?

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 22 days ago

    After watching this video I purchased two tickets for New York one for me and one for my stomach!

  • Adam
    Adam 23 days ago

    What will happen if Gordon Ramsay go to the kitchen ?

  • Richie Basdeo
    Richie Basdeo 23 days ago

    Red meat killer no thanks

  • QTronicProductions
    QTronicProductions 23 days ago

    Anyone ever been to Fogo de Chow? Good don't go there. It's garbage.

    DANTE ARANDA 23 days ago +1

    Is this place called fogo de chow?

  • Charlie Edrosolan
    Charlie Edrosolan 23 days ago

    More talking, Grrrrrrrrrr....

  • Harley Martin
    Harley Martin 23 days ago

    I’ve had this at Cancun Mexico and the hotel was the hardrock

  • Eric Castillo
    Eric Castillo 24 days ago +4

    Definitely going to new york after graduation, just to visit this heavenly place

  • thearak isme
    thearak isme 24 days ago

    he eats like 3 steak

  • Gesso Fontes
    Gesso Fontes 25 days ago

    I'm brazilian and i love churrasco

  • Cole Ford
    Cole Ford 26 days ago

    I don’t want you to ever go on tv I love the authentic vibes from your show I hope you stay true to your roots. Keep it up :)

  • Jorge Luiz
    Jorge Luiz 26 days ago

    Quando vou em churrascaria aqui no Brasil só como carnes!🙌🙌🙌🙌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • Deleivis Acevedo Medrano


  • ferds rebs
    ferds rebs 27 days ago

    So yummy! But full loaded of meat! Hahahaha!

  • Saurav Dutta
    Saurav Dutta 27 days ago

    Hey Jacky Chain..

  • yahye Abdulle
    yahye Abdulle 27 days ago

    How is he eating all of this!!