All You Can Eat BRAZILIAN STEAK BBQ Buffet in New York


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  • Robby Patterson
    Robby Patterson 15 hours ago

    idky companies don't make you be on their commercials use them adjectives that make me go out and get crappy fastfood

  • Naji Max51
    Naji Max51 18 hours ago

    Hard nips

  • Whoever's reading this is gay

    That's a big hunk of meat **Insert lenny face here**

  • Chloe Chadwick
    Chloe Chadwick Day ago

    You must workout 7 days a week.

  • Louie Miluno
    Louie Miluno Day ago

    2:39 the chef was just like no

  • Tien Le
    Tien Le 2 days ago

    how many days did you eat to make one clip. There no way you can eat that much.

  • Lani Ortizzz
    Lani Ortizzz 2 days ago

    I’ve been there before

  • Bethany Grimes
    Bethany Grimes 2 days ago

    Drs should just prescribe this instead of Zoloft.

  • omegagames isawesome

    Meatatiarian omaga lul

  • Manuel Palacios
    Manuel Palacios 3 days ago +1

    Mr. Chen, I spend fifteen minutes with envy, dude that's to me a gorgeous place, a holly place. I'm sending you a big hug from Nicaragua! Hope u read this...

  • jose blancarte
    jose blancarte 3 days ago

    How much does this cost?

  • shadertech
    shadertech 3 days ago

    My wife and I went here this past weekend. It was truly outrageous. The food was amazing. All of the staff was super-nice and hospitable.

  • KingEliteBoy
    KingEliteBoy 3 days ago

    This place looks like Heaven

  • Michael Kohlman
    Michael Kohlman 3 days ago

    We have a place in Baltimore like this and it comes up lacking, but because I was doing photography and taking an interest, they kept tabs on me. While they lauged at me as a South American meat version, what they told me I ate was my own personal record and at a 5th of the cost. They got things figured out pretty good and whether or not you eat into their profit, everyone has a great experience!

    SUSIL PAL 3 days ago

    I am amazed at how much you can eat

  • Knowledgeofphilly
    Knowledgeofphilly 4 days ago

    I bet you if they told this Guy no you can't have any of this steak just look he would cry like a toddler on the floor

  • Karl Schneider
    Karl Schneider 4 days ago

    When he showed that whole ribeye I had a spontaneous orgasm.

  • doctor aphra
    doctor aphra 4 days ago


  • Junior Senior
    Junior Senior 5 days ago

    Missing the brazilian grilled chicken’s heart

  • heinke hackbarth
    heinke hackbarth 5 days ago


  • 0623kaboom
    0623kaboom 5 days ago

    only one thing missing ... what does it cost ?

  • Universal Union OverLord

    This is the place of my dream!

  • Cute Vivi
    Cute Vivi 7 days ago +1

    Brazilian BBQ is the best!

  • XperaTheBoss
    XperaTheBoss 7 days ago

    Meatatarian totally not called a carnivore or anything

  • Thiffany Asobrab
    Thiffany Asobrab 7 days ago

    Um churrasco de leve.. kkk

  • Densern K
    Densern K 7 days ago

    “As tender as mother kiss”
    “Well maybe not asian mother kiss, because asian mom dont kiss their kids”

  • Kao H
    Kao H 7 days ago

    around 10 months since this video came out, this place still open?

  • Cheyenne Harris
    Cheyenne Harris 7 days ago

    My next stop 🙌

  • Sumann Raaz
    Sumann Raaz 8 days ago

    Are u son of Jackie Chan?? You look like him.

  • Sula Alves
    Sula Alves 8 days ago

    💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛the best😍😍😍😍

  • C T
    C T 8 days ago

    gonna poop like a champ

  • Claudia Calzavara
    Claudia Calzavara 8 days ago +1


  • Mark Huse
    Mark Huse 8 days ago

    After watching this video I discovered a Brazilian Steakhouse near Omaha, in Lincoln Nebraska. The food was amazing. Mike should have his own show on Travel Channel. his description of the food is amazing and it's really cool how he shows how the foods are prepared.

  • Johan Afiq Haron
    Johan Afiq Haron 8 days ago

    You look like young Jackie Chan

  • Tetova Bozz
    Tetova Bozz 8 days ago

    I've just eaten dinner and watching this clip made me hungry like I haven't eaten for daays!

  • KaiserXIII
    KaiserXIII 9 days ago

    No joke, I was eating along the video but I finished early and as I was about to take a drink of soda, I unconsciously bit the bottle lol

  • kaeto92584
    kaeto92584 9 days ago

    I tried it out once in nagoya and the meat kept coming until i had to give up. I think i had too much beans and rice in the beginning which was a mistake. I hit rock bottom when the grilled pineapples were served. It was a wonderful experience and i would love to do it once again

  • xdaltonx 12
    xdaltonx 12 10 days ago

    I've been watching your videos and I've noticed that you sneeze when you get full and you're the only other person besides me that I've seen that sneezes when they get full everybody else thinks it's a weird thing

  • fake despacito
    fake despacito 11 days ago

    Watching this is just like a torture 😂 I'm hungry!!!

  • Zulfikar Thariq
    Zulfikar Thariq 11 days ago

    My god, meat after meat after meat after meat, that's dream right there
    I am crying inside while watching this

  • Andre Sandy
    Andre Sandy 11 days ago

    This is a starving man's pornography...

  • ameer zx50
    ameer zx50 12 days ago

    My god the server?? I would give him a 5star rating man he is so awesome

  • pixel
    pixel 12 days ago +1

    "You went red on me how could you" Kill me after I go there so I can die happy

  • M P
    M P 12 days ago

    I'm getting the meat sweats just watching you.

  • Se Kyoung Jo
    Se Kyoung Jo 13 days ago

    What is a meatatarian? I think it is called a carnivore. Is he not human?!?!?! Nani?!?!?!

  • LanLock Gaming
    LanLock Gaming 13 days ago

    if 50k people can make videos on youtube eating meat and moaning and groaning over and over theres no reason i shouldnt be able to post videos of monkeys whacking off and throwing it at each other. they claim we come from monkeys so lets not forget our heritage.if you do decide to excercise that right and they try to arrest you just tell them its genetic and a native indian thing.

  • YOBR
    YOBR 14 days ago

    what happened to the first batch of steak?

  • Mario Magana
    Mario Magana 14 days ago +3

    6:30 guy in the back left getting some views in lol

  • Dynamic Crew
    Dynamic Crew 14 days ago ran red on me

  • Danilo Bacci
    Danilo Bacci 14 days ago

    I remember being in Brazil and trying one of those Churrascarias. I thought I died and went to meat heaven. LOVE IT!!! It is truly an experience. We have some "wannabe' places like this in Europe but it simply cant be compared to the real deal in Brazil

  • Jimmy Abarca
    Jimmy Abarca 14 days ago

    Uncle Chan

  • Pedrão
    Pedrão 14 days ago

    brasil porra enois caraioo

  • anonymous
    anonymous 14 days ago

    this place is a meat heaven😍😍😍😍

  • EatMyTime Internet
    EatMyTime Internet 15 days ago

    I love how the servers brain wash the customer while cutting the meat. Hahahha

  • Toxic reaction
    Toxic reaction 16 days ago

    lol hes having a mouth orgasm eating steak

  • Toxic reaction
    Toxic reaction 16 days ago

    he said he almost made a misteak lol

  • MrBurdekin
    MrBurdekin 17 days ago

    How much? How much did it cost?

  • Ian S
    Ian S 17 days ago

    Hey Chen, come Here to Brazil, i'm sure you are going to like It a lot!!

  • Paulo Napolitano
    Paulo Napolitano 18 days ago

    You did no try the beef ribs

  • greta fernandez
    greta fernandez 19 days ago

    Everything in moderation. If you're going to eat all this meat then make sure you stay away from it for the other 11 months and before going to this buffet schedule a colonoscopy 💩 ASAP 🏥

  • Lucky Tooch
    Lucky Tooch 19 days ago

    I watch this every time I'm hungry

  • samx m
    samx m 19 days ago

    I love the way you enjoy your food!!!

  • BaRSaa B
    BaRSaa B 21 day ago

    How much

  • Spicy Noodles
    Spicy Noodles 21 day ago

    thats just a Monday snack at my grandma's

  • Don ellis
    Don ellis 22 days ago

    I like a nice piece of grilled marinated meat also but this just seems dangerous....... and he says okay to anybody flops their meat in his face.

  • Hanes Bee
    Hanes Bee 22 days ago

    Vai explodir

  • Knowledgeofphilly
    Knowledgeofphilly 22 days ago

    I get it your the Kool snowflake Chinese Guy that likes steak on you tube..but it's time to admit you are binging outta control your have what is called obsessive compulsive disorder... admit it you wake up and eat thousands upon thousands of calories a day....I seen videos were you are eating steak house all you can eat at 9am it's overboard Charlie

  • Jeoka Gem
    Jeoka Gem 22 days ago

    Texas De Brazil restaurants are the same way.
    Personally, I can only go there a couple of times a year because, at my age, I can't allow myself to get "steak poisoning" more often than that!? I'm just like Mike in that respect: I have absolutely zero resistance to great steak! NONE whatsoever!!! My personal favorite is the bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon (OMFG!!!).

  • Pain
    Pain 24 days ago

    I'm on a diet watching your videos. ♡

  • getter3in1
    getter3in1 24 days ago

    rice and bean, bad strategy mate xD

  • Axxess Mundi
    Axxess Mundi 24 days ago

    To brazilian rodizio aficionados. Real Brazilian rodizio is with a fire pit and wood. Plus the meat has to be Gaucho. Go visit southern Brazil and experience the style. Very alpha male machismo that will make Clint Eastwood, Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman look like drag queens. Argentina and Uruguay rodizio are no joke either. You want a metro friendly Brazilian rodizio go to Rio and SP. Outback style, go to Minas Gerais. Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul is the real deal.

  • Wacky Three
    Wacky Three 25 days ago

    You can use this vid to squeeze info out of POW. This is pure torture

  • Geronimo Che
    Geronimo Che 25 days ago

    How much? Obviously they treated you the best.._but It's all about the quality . Great shows!!!

  • arjun gandi
    arjun gandi 27 days ago

    bro whats type of oven they are using gas or electrical oven

  • UsenDown
    UsenDown 27 days ago

    Meat coma is one of the best feelings.

    TECHNOOBER 27 days ago

    I loved going to this place I costs a fortune but its worth it. You should post the name of the restaurant in your description.

  • Vitória Italiano
    Vitória Italiano 27 days ago

    In Brazil we really eat like this in bbq buffets

  • admiral akainu
    admiral akainu 29 days ago

    Great i'm on a fast

  • Markus Tulinius
    Markus Tulinius 29 days ago

    Love he’s energy lol😂😂

  • Cody Suehr
    Cody Suehr 29 days ago

    Wtf i thought this was jackie chan 😂

  • Derek Barbosa
    Derek Barbosa 29 days ago

    If you're going to Brasil and looking for meat, look no further than Minas Gerais for all your bbq needs. (plus the dollar is about 4 real so go out and go wild)

  • neuroticknight
    neuroticknight 29 days ago

    My wife Is from Brazil and she took me to a Brazilian restaurant in Atlanta. I had the same look on my face as you did in yours after about the 15th sword of me came out.

    ZONED 29 days ago

    i'm brazilian but moved at age of 5 (i'm 14) in italy with my mother. This separated my family and watching this video made me think back on the home cooking of my grandma, and the family reunions.
    ( i go almost every year in brazil to see my family, but this year i haven't so watching this made me happy)

  • KhaL EL
    KhaL EL 29 days ago

    Why do you sound like jackie chan?

  • D-bit
    D-bit Month ago

    jup, Ribeye all the way.

  • Neale Gray
    Neale Gray Month ago

    I'm surprised you don't weigh 30 stone lol

  • erica-kimberly kim
    erica-kimberly kim Month ago

    wait isnt this called strictly dumpling and he out here eating barbeque

  • black sermon
    black sermon Month ago

    you looks like jackie chan

  • Real Wheels
    Real Wheels Month ago

    i wish i could eat as much as you do. love from India.

  • Alex yang
    Alex yang Month ago

    So sad, seeing someone living your dream

  • EuMEX MA
    EuMEX MA Month ago

    Come to brazil!!!

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    the vegan terrorists havent raid that place yet?

  • Jasen
    Jasen Month ago

    I died and went to meat heaven

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr Month ago

    I can just imagine kidnapping a vegan and tying them up in there and just enjoy all that succulent meat. Happiness is a meat coma

  • Lee curly
    Lee curly Month ago

    Must like blood why do you not eat well done

  • John Penrod
    John Penrod Month ago

    In Brazil it tastes better and is cheaper.

  • Joaquin Bido
    Joaquin Bido Month ago

    I'm going there tonight....

  • Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell Month ago

    what happened to desert

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal Month ago +1

    Eat more, die early.

  • theawesomekid13
    theawesomekid13 Month ago

    I would bank rupt them