Phantom of the Opera - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Aug 1, 2012
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    Shannon Cheek made all the AMAZING costumes. She does custom work and these dresses are for sale on her site:
    You can purchase the white dress I wore in this video on THIS WEEK (8/19/13):
    Cinematography by Devin Graham. Be sure to check out his channel:
    Chris McClain and Jace Leroy helped film at the rock venue as well.
    Candles donated by Gold Canyon Candles. They made the set smell so so good.
    I am playing one of Mark Woods Amazing Viper Violins. I gotta get me one of these. You can see them and many more on his site:
    The beautiful paint job on the violin was done by Annie Haslam. See more of her work:
    Produced by Andrew Williams Pulley and Lindsey Stirling
    Arranged by Lindsey Stirling
    Engineered by Andrew Williams Pulley
    Recorded at Sapphire Recording Studios in Provo, Utah
    Drums Recording Engineered by Johnny Cerneka at Pot O' Gold Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by Jesse String at Jesse's Private Studio in Los Angeles, CA
    Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine
    Violin Performed by Lindsey Stirling
    Drums Performed by Drew Steen and Brandon Cummings
    Harp and Keys performed by Debi Johanson:
    Guitar and Bass performed by Mike Fjerstad
    Directed, edited, and produced: Lindsey Stirling
    Joanna Bishop did my makeup at the rock concert.
    Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber for his outstanding talents. He composed the original score for Phantom of the Opera. I have always LOVED this music and the play is incredible. If you haven't seen it... it's a must see.
    Thanks to the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City for letting me film there and thanks to the Velour in Provo (the vintage rock venue).
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    Try to find a comment that isn't referring to umbrella academy or 2018 - 2019

  • Chad Tarver
    Chad Tarver Hour ago

    RIP Gavi. 😭

  • Justine Bowman
    Justine Bowman 9 hours ago

    anyone here long before Umbrella Acadamy

  • redtoenails
    redtoenails 15 hours ago

    Gosh. Incredible.

  • redtoenails
    redtoenails 16 hours ago

    Mv is beautiful, it’s different, just perfect for my taste. The inside of the theater, outside in the snow, the kind of crowd...nicely done. Congrats to all.

  • Israel Pérez Cuenca

    Beautifull 😊💛

  • Zayrita Ibarra
    Zayrita Ibarra Day ago

  • Games And More!
    Games And More! Day ago +1

    Who’s here because they enjoy the movie and not because of Umbrella Academy

  • Rustam Dosumbetov
    Rustam Dosumbetov 2 days ago

    Роль эльфа ей больше подходит!

  • paxanda
    paxanda 2 days ago


  • meltedrockets
    meltedrockets 2 days ago +1

    is she a dancer??? she did some pique turns and im impressed (not because she did a pique, but because how beautiful they were)

  • Hella Mo
    Hella Mo 3 days ago

    ''You have outdone it, girl ! Awesome ! You play like a Lady ! Keep being Eclectic ! That was an eclectic style where design and creativity meet classic rhythm !'' from the West Indies.

  • Daialu Oliveira
    Daialu Oliveira 4 days ago


  • Daialu Oliveira
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  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 4 days ago

    wauu magnifico todos los videos son muy buenos

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez 4 days ago

    Por Loyd Weber!!! Esa chica es fenomenal!!!

  • Diana Avila
    Diana Avila 5 days ago

    Me hace sentir que estuviera tocando ❤

  • Nev Nev
    Nev Nev 5 days ago

    I was wearing headphones- the now a zombie person.

  • Ben Newton
    Ben Newton 6 days ago

    So seriously....where was the pub scene filmed? I can only find one "Nampa" in the states, and my mother lives there. We dont know what bar that was flimed in, but would love to visit it. Thanks.

  • Antonio Narduzzi
    Antonio Narduzzi 6 days ago

    Classical Thrash Metal At It's Finest!

  • ZuckerSpeck
    ZuckerSpeck 7 days ago

    The first 40 seconds remind me of Nightwish's Phantom-cover so much :)

  • Shin-i-chi Kozima
    Shin-i-chi Kozima 7 days ago

    I will be drawn into the world of mysterious profundity while listening to this music and watching this movie .
    From Tokyo in the dizzying Megalopolis ablaze with neon
    Which national are you watching this video ?

  • Kenzo Leite
    Kenzo Leite 7 days ago

    i still listening this music and it is now 54M+ views now. wow

  • Gearmat
    Gearmat 8 days ago +2

    Gracias a a Azael Jiménez, el dios todo poderoso tiss gamer, conocí a esta gran artista, me encantaaaaas

    • Azael Jc
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      Ese soy yo chavales, por cierto de nada compañero :v

  • mat e
    mat e 8 days ago

    Such amazing version 😊

  • GabrielHorsePlus
    GabrielHorsePlus 9 days ago

    I love this

  • Tomas Gabriel garcia

    This song is more bipolar than me. Ahahahaha

  • Adlin Martinez
    Adlin Martinez 9 days ago

    Here after Les Mis

  • konglomerat55
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  • I Am God
    I Am God 9 days ago

    Wow. Didn't even know that this was in Umbrella Academy. Only found this while looking for phantom of the opera things.

    KTN GAMING 9 days ago +3

    The blonde lady (Ms.johnson) was my old elementary school music teacher😭

  • Danya Mariger
    Danya Mariger 9 days ago +1

    This song was not originally from Umbrella Acadamy, let's take a moment to appreciate the Book, movie, and music that is Le Fantome de opera/The Phantom of the opera, Thank you too, Gaston Leroux (Book, the 1800s), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Musical, 1980s), and Lon Chaney (Movie actor that originally portrayed the Phantom/Eric in the 1910s) Also I would like to add that I'm very excited to hear that Lindsy Stirling's music is being used in films, she is a PHENOMENAL violinist and I hope to see her music in Movies.

  • gaetan landry
    gaetan landry 10 days ago

    great stuff

  • Aunt Cynthia
    Aunt Cynthia 10 days ago

    Love it

  • Nerds and Geeks
    Nerds and Geeks 10 days ago

    Her work is amazing 👏

  • Valdo Febrianto
    Valdo Febrianto 10 days ago

    do u notice that she kind a look like Lily Aldrin(Alyson Hannigan) from “How I Met Ur Mother”?

  • Виталий Лахтин

    Браво. Восхитительное исполнение Призрака в опере. Композиция воспринимается позитивно в твоём исполнении.

  • Στρατηγός Δεκαβάλας


  • The Leafeon
    The Leafeon 11 days ago +1

    man i had this on my ipod and it still bops

  • Vitaliu Perviu
    Vitaliu Perviu 12 days ago +1

    Так себе

  • Nephi Delasan
    Nephi Delasan 12 days ago +1

    This video was recommended when I searched for "Think of Me Metal".
    Was not disappointing

  • angel mareau
    angel mareau 12 days ago

    je viens de découvrir vos vidéo et je suis pfff sur le cul desolé de l'expression mais vous etes magnifique , physiquement, vous joué tellement bien et dansé tellement bien wouaaahhhh je vous adore ne me lasse plus de vos vidéos et vas de se pas les partager a mes contacts continuez vous etes EXCEPTIONNELLE !!!!

  • laurefin87
    laurefin87 12 days ago

    Lindsey, please, come to Poland!

  • Victoria Pelletier
    Victoria Pelletier 12 days ago

    I love phantom of the opera

  • Daniela Bravo A.
    Daniela Bravo A. 12 days ago

    Wait a minute! I still didn't watch The Umbrella Academy but I want to . Did they really put this amazing song in the show???

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 13 days ago

    Ooooooooohh the goosebumps

  • Robert Hahn
    Robert Hahn 13 days ago

    Ah Lindsey yer still beautiful when you play, and dance. Thank you for letting me remember the hero's in my mind.

  • Eta Carinae
    Eta Carinae 14 days ago


  • Ruth Davy
    Ruth Davy 14 days ago +1

    Who has not seen Umbrella Academy, and is about to lose their sainty if they see another "Whose here from Umbrella Academy" comment.

  • D. Laney
    D. Laney 16 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling has actually managed to improve one of my absolute favorite soundtracks of all time. How is that possible? No idea, but she did it.

  • No Body
    No Body 16 days ago

    Like Dancing with Angels AND the Devil! ( 3rd Wife.) Thanks again! Can’t get Enough... Darth Nobody Airborne 55’ NYC

  • No Body
    No Body 16 days ago

    Again... Love, Love, Love!

  • marilyn anderson
    marilyn anderson 16 days ago +1

    Ah so good i love the partial masks

  • Pessoa Desconhecida
    Pessoa Desconhecida 17 days ago +7

    Why you’re here?
    The umbrella academy- Like
    Other reason- comment

  • Yandere Gamers
    Yandere Gamers 17 days ago +2

    I love phantom of the opera it's my favourite musical.😊

  • Worldian Anushqa
    Worldian Anushqa 18 days ago +1

    Doesn't she looks like christina grimmie

    PEKKA GUERRERO 18 days ago +1

    It is beottifool

  • Захида Халиуллина

    Я обожаю тебя я и сома я скрипачка только мне 9 лет и я есчё не так кросиво играю на скрипке но у меня всё впереди я есчё маленькая а очень красиво играеш на скрипке я твои песни слушаю но я незнаю англиский язык🤩🤩🤩

  • kim jennie
    kim jennie 18 days ago +2

    I feel like she would be vanya hargreeve's idol

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks 18 days ago

    I love it just go wild with it I always thought this kind of music should be this way anyway I used to play along with Beethoven just because I thought it was missing something go figure and now you guys beautiful💕💕💕

  • Em Entredicho
    Em Entredicho 19 days ago +1

    lindsey is lingling

  • Kathryn Murphy
    Kathryn Murphy 19 days ago +1

    Everything after Music of the Night is golden💕🌟

    • Kathryn Murphy
      Kathryn Murphy 19 days ago

      I mean, the whole medley is golden😭😭

  • Random Dalek
    Random Dalek 19 days ago

    He's there, the phantom of the Opera!

  • Nicole Candido
    Nicole Candido 21 day ago +1

    Its upsetting that this isnt on spotify...

  • Glecy Rances
    Glecy Rances 21 day ago +1

    I find it interesting that the video's intro was monochrome and next it has color and after that it became monochrome again. Like the film😊

  • VenomXP {girl}
    VenomXP {girl} 21 day ago +1

    I love phantom of the opera so much, and when I watched umbrella academy and herd this in it I got goosebumps.

  • Lexi N
    Lexi N 22 days ago

    I listened to this a lot in middle school so I came back for the nostalgia and I completely forgot that it was in Umbrella Academy until I saw the comments

  • Ferenc Nagy
    Ferenc Nagy 22 days ago +5

    3:03 The girl is very pretty

  • elen Sandy
    elen Sandy 22 days ago +1

    Essa música e tão linda, bela homenagem

  • asoftm2012
    asoftm2012 23 days ago

    эта полоротая скрипачка даже трагедию в кусок оптимизма превращает :)