|| Faffing in Sports || Michael McIntyre Big Show! S3E5

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
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    Watch the fifth episode of the best show ever! The Big Show!
    Michael McIntyre jokes about how sports happen with all the faffing about -- also about how sports players act!
    Make sure to watch the Big Show featuring Michael McIntyre on BBC One every Saturday!
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Comments • 37

  • Tomi Janet
    Tomi Janet 16 days ago


  • Finlay Giffen
    Finlay Giffen Month ago +2

    He faffs with his hair alot不

  • Zena Stanescu
    Zena Stanescu Month ago

    Good one for tennis 不不不突攻突攻突把歹歹歹

  • orouba14
    orouba14 Month ago +6

    who, other than michael can take a simple anything in life and make it hilariously funny.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 3 months ago +3

    Normally, I enjoy Michael's shows, but here, the only thing that actually made me laugh was when he actually said you can't go to a better sporting occasion than the Wimbledon finals...and seemed like he meant it

  • Neil Billy bob
    Neil Billy bob 5 months ago +2


    • more psyduck
      more psyduck 2 months ago

      +Rory McKernan no Kevin Hart?!

    • Taylor G
      Taylor G 3 months ago +4

      Neil Billy bob dont watch it then, I dont really think he needs your approval considering he is one of the most popular comedians in the UK

    • Collins LFC
      Collins LFC 4 months ago +2

      In your opinion he isn't funny, but he has got rich because he sells out arenas because people will pay to watch him. Therefore he isn't a "wannabe", he's a very successful stand up comedian.

    • Neil Billy bob
      Neil Billy bob 4 months ago

      Collins LFC
      maybe rich but still not funny.

    • Rory McKernan
      Rory McKernan 5 months ago

      Yes, hes my 2nd favourite comedian. My first is Lee Evans.
      1. Lee Evans
      2. Michael Mcintyre
      3. Jason Manford
      4. Russell Howard
      5. Frankie Boyle/Lee Mack.
      I sometimes comment bad about Frankie. But I do find him funny, but I think his humour gets very personal at times, which I why I comment bad about him.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 5 months ago +16

    Loved the cricket part

  • Jackpot
    Jackpot 6 months ago +53

    You can't describe faffing any better than Michael did..."I am happy with you, don't know why"...killer

    • Jackpot
      Jackpot 4 months ago +1

      Rory McKernan Lol, love this guy.

    • Rory McKernan
      Rory McKernan 5 months ago +2

      Love it. Half an hour later, sorry are you the bowler, I got lost in my own little cleaning game that I was playing

  • Candis Almendarez
    Candis Almendarez 10 months ago +12

    Gorgeous michael absolutely love you

  • Candis Almendarez
    Candis Almendarez 10 months ago +4

    Procrastination ,stupidity, or lack of knowledge of the game

  • Bianca Blanchfield
    Bianca Blanchfield 10 months ago +14

    I love this one!!!!!

  • Tugg Speedman
    Tugg Speedman 11 months ago +56

    Ill never understand why some tennis players will occasionally play points with a tennis ball actually inside their pocket. Surely thats uncomfortable and going to effect your ability to move.

    • Curtis McMullan
      Curtis McMullan 5 months ago

      I play tennis regularly, while youre playing you never notice the ball in your pocket

    • Tugg Speedman
      Tugg Speedman 9 months ago +1

      Ive seen Tennis matches go on for hours and hours, I doubt that someone occasionally having an extra ball in their pocket is really going to make that much difference in the long run.

    • Ahsav 26
      Ahsav 26 9 months ago +7

      It's actually a bit more comfortable to have it in a tight pocket then swinging around. Though it definitely looks weirder/more awkward for us girls bc you literally stuff the ball up your spandex shorts under the skirt. Casual upper thigh tumor nbd

    • Ahsav 26
      Ahsav 26 9 months ago +7

      It speeds up game play. Most of the time you play tennis there are not ball boys, so the server keeps a ball in his pocket so he always has 2 when serving. It's super annoying when someone only has one ball and then has to stop game play to wander around the court and find a 2nd ball after missing their first serve

    • Tugg Speedman
      Tugg Speedman 10 months ago +6

      Thepr0df4ther - It wasnt the weight I was thinking rather than the awkwardness of having such a large object in a tight pocket. Its kind of like a golfer taking a swing with a mango stuffed into his trousers... just seems weird to me.

  • Frau V
    Frau V 11 months ago +12

    Wouldve been funny if it wasnt so obvious hes never played a sport in his life!

    • Annapacha Clarke
      Annapacha Clarke 29 days ago

      Frau V Neither have some of the so called sportsmen you refer to

    • Bilinda Law-Morley
      Bilinda Law-Morley 5 months ago +2

      Frau V I think that made it funnier

    • Maddy Gowers
      Maddy Gowers 6 months ago +7

      Frau V if anything thats what makes it funny, bore off.

    • eirebhoy132
      eirebhoy132 11 months ago +42

      Why does he need to play a sport for this to be funny? Its funny because its true

    • Romain Savioz
      Romain Savioz 11 months ago +30

      Frau V either way it's funny

  • Abigail Gomes
    Abigail Gomes 11 months ago +12

  • dragostea1511
    dragostea1511 11 months ago +19


  • Sham SJ
    Sham SJ 11 months ago +27

    Hilarious!! lol