That Time John Mulaney Took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan Concert


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  • Laura Petermann
    Laura Petermann Day ago

    now i know why i ❤️ Pete Davidson 💋

  • littlemissoptimism

    This may be the greatest story ever told

  • Marie Carroll
    Marie Carroll 2 days ago

    😹 I love Steely Dan! lol

  • Tracy Ellis
    Tracy Ellis 2 days ago

    I truly hate how Jimmy laughs and talks over every guest but I love that he has the roots as his band

  • Hector Zarate
    Hector Zarate 2 days ago

    "Only a fool would say that" is a good steely Dan song

  • Helen K
    Helen K 2 days ago

    I wonder, if Pete is getting help at the moment, is John his sponsor? If so, that’s a wonderful friendship to be in. John seems like a jovial human being hellbent on helping his friends achieve a quality of life full of colour and meaning.

  • Natrina Perkins
    Natrina Perkins 3 days ago

    Playbill for the Ocsars already classying the place up, John

  • EcoGardensForYou
    EcoGardensForYou 3 days ago

    Fallen’s reactions seem fake. Hard to watch him.

  • Leslie O'Laoghaire
    Leslie O'Laoghaire 3 days ago

    I can identify so well with hating Steely Dan, lmao



  • Franklin Jerusha
    Franklin Jerusha 3 days ago

    Yasss steely Dan

  • John
    John 5 days ago

    John Mulaney reeling in those years

  • Jet McMasterson
    Jet McMasterson 6 days ago

    Walter Becker is deceased. He saw Donald Fagen and friends.

  • Venus Wings
    Venus Wings 8 days ago +1

    Hey, John Mulaney, DO IT AGAIN! ✌😊✌Great video, Jimmy! 👍

  • MrShit
    MrShit 9 days ago

    he look like freddy krueger before his accident

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 9 days ago

    0:40 gold standard for interviewers right here

  • Leah Kleinfeld
    Leah Kleinfeld 9 days ago

    john's impressions of jerry and pete are so lowkey but so spot on

  • Kestrel Huxley
    Kestrel Huxley 9 days ago

    He looks like he has a full sized dwarf head o.0

  • harrypotteravenclaw
    harrypotteravenclaw 10 days ago

    He was going to say Pete Davidson at 6:57 rip, he almost forgot his guest

  • Elizabeth F
    Elizabeth F 10 days ago

    Please tell he this was him practicing/trying out a bit🤣 10/10

  • Richard Welsh
    Richard Welsh 11 days ago

    John Mulaney is the quintessential nice guy.

  • Marielle Aballe
    Marielle Aballe 11 days ago

    Steely Dan unifies

  • I M
    I M 11 days ago

    those classes are free to rich Yale students. Saw the "demonstration" as Lynch was staying at the hotel I worked at. If you are a townie the classes are about 2 grand. Fuck David Lynch - I'm going to meditate on an 8 dollar yoga mat

  • Wise Wolf
    Wise Wolf 12 days ago

    Everytime john mulaney is on the show, it feels like he is just roasting fallon. Hes not insulting him, hes just being funnier than him.

  • Lag Master87
    Lag Master87 12 days ago

    Seinfeld, Pete Davidson, and John mulaney

  • Catherine Jacoby
    Catherine Jacoby 13 days ago

    Does anyone feel like they should actually reverse roles?

  • julia and zoe
    julia and zoe 13 days ago

    and he said "okAy"

  • Silver Bat
    Silver Bat 14 days ago

    I swear he's a cartoon straight out of the 40s. I love it 😁

  • sotoayam08
    sotoayam08 15 days ago

    How i could find man like him? John not Jim

  • Dominique Warren
    Dominique Warren 15 days ago

    jimmy fallon is so distracting.

  • Ashleigh Burroughs
    Ashleigh Burroughs 15 days ago

    Can he do another standup tour lol I've watched all three that are on netflix

  • Nadia schweiger
    Nadia schweiger 15 days ago

    yo I just listened to a couple steely dan songs and they don't suck

  • Supah Cole VII
    Supah Cole VII 16 days ago

    None of these comments are about Steely Dan, Mulaney would be disappointed

  • uhkingdom
    uhkingdom 16 days ago

    John sporting a serious case of coke mouth there

  • zo
    zo 17 days ago

    john mulaney: *breathes*

  • Lil’ Clarky
    Lil’ Clarky 17 days ago

    Host the oscars please

  • Ella DeMore
    Ella DeMore 17 days ago

    “Does Pete Davidson have any idea who Bob Dylan is?” 😂😂😂

  • Raka Mukherjee
    Raka Mukherjee 17 days ago

    Jerry Seinfeld makes me so happy my dad is my dad and not Jerry Seinfeld

  • Siofra Rafferty
    Siofra Rafferty 20 days ago

    Pete is a fucking legend omdd

  • Toe to Tip That's a Bart
    Toe to Tip That's a Bart 22 days ago +1

    Pete and John are the only duo with enough charisma to make an entire audience of old cranky people stand up and dance. They’re like bards.

  • Reader B
    Reader B 22 days ago

    This tall child looks wonderful!!!

  • Reader B
    Reader B 22 days ago


  • Bliss Drive
    Bliss Drive 24 days ago

    I swear I love john

  • Amber Wilkinson
    Amber Wilkinson 26 days ago

    I love all the comments of people who have seen the tall child's comedy specials. Mulaney is the funniest fucking guy on the planet.

  • spookym123
    spookym123 27 days ago

    I just don't get it. Young people today (the age of lightning fast, extremely abundant information) who don't know the music of their parents and/or grandparents. I grew up in the 1960s/70s (the age of relatively slow, limited information) and I knew my parents' and grandparents' music! What's going on here?! I guess it's the kids who are relatively slow and limited.

  • Nicholas Olszewski
    Nicholas Olszewski 27 days ago

    Mulaney deserves his own show over Fallon

  • Kyra Liz
    Kyra Liz 27 days ago

    i need a friend like pete davidson so we could show up to random stuff and just have a good time he truly doesnt deserve the shit being thrown at him

  • Billy Everyteen
    Billy Everyteen 27 days ago

    Who the hell is Pete Davidson?

  • Lily Mend
    Lily Mend 27 days ago

    WAIT this is pete davidson propaganda (?)

  • laura busk
    laura busk 28 days ago

    i love pete

  • Shelbi Andersen
    Shelbi Andersen 28 days ago

    Dude it makes me so happy knowing John and Pete are buddies.

  • Desiree L.
    Desiree L. 28 days ago

    so glad one of my favorite bands is getting recognition from my favorite person

  • Emma TriesToSmile
    Emma TriesToSmile 28 days ago

    The Oscars don't have a playbill? Well what do they have in its place?

  • Natalie White
    Natalie White 28 days ago

    Guess John or Jimmy don't know the origin of the name "Steely Dan"!!! Talk about prop comedy!!! LOL!

    GoR1LLa PROPH 28 days ago

    Pete Davidson seems like a cool guy. Just down to do anything. Doesn't care what it is.