DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas! 10 Creative Ways to Wrap a Present! + GIVEAWAY

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
  • I am a wrap god. Hope y'all found these DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas helpful, Let me know which one was your fave! #AMANDACLAUS GIVEAWAY DEETS BELOW!
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    Need unique gift wrapping ideas? Here are 10 DIY creative present wrapping styles and techniques! I show you how to wrap a gift beautifully! These are all simple, minimal yet cute. This DIY tutorial is perfect for the holidays and Christmas, and they can even be altered for birthdays! I'm sure you have a lot of gifts and presents to wrap for your friends, family (mom,dad, sister,brother,kids,boy, girl) and partners (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband) so hopefully you find this tutorial helpful!
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Comments • 495

  • Justin Besin
    Justin Besin 2 months ago

    Glitter makes
    Everything better.


  • Priyank Agarwal
    Priyank Agarwal 3 months ago

    Gift that is unique. Friends follow us @Swakriti on FB and visit our website

  • Carol Measom
    Carol Measom 7 months ago

    Super cute!

  • Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones 8 months ago


  • Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones 8 months ago


  • DAO Barabanki
    DAO Barabanki 8 months ago

    This deserves more views

  • Renee R
    Renee R 9 months ago

    Great ideas thanks I will use them. Love the reindeer

  • Lauren Melissa
    Lauren Melissa 9 months ago

    This is so cute!! I’m totally gonna use this for my Christmas gifts

  • Annlaug Maria Tolo
    Annlaug Maria Tolo 9 months ago

    Gurl you nailed it

  • Elkly
    Elkly 9 months ago

    I did the "minimalist ornament" one with the remaining mini ornaments I had from a DIY wreath. I used gold/red ornaments and red string on brown kraft paper. It turned out so cute and special-looking! Thanks for the great tips. I'll try to remember this video for next year lol

  • Keep it Cozy
    Keep it Cozy 9 months ago

    thank you for the tips

  • Kerstin Hes
    Kerstin Hes 9 months ago

    in THE Netherlands we do not have santa. We have à selebration with presents on THE 5th of December. As adults we don't wrap gifts we put them in funny surprises. But I am very inspired by these gift wrappings for other celebrations. Thank you Amanda.
    I like to make a chance for the giveaway although I think the Neterlands will be to far away.
    I whisk you all very good holidays!

  • dayof thelords
    dayof thelords 9 months ago

    wow i love thisss

  • Bigpuffypenguin
    Bigpuffypenguin 9 months ago

    Do you have any tips for soft presents like clothes etc.?

  • Hannah Cate Silver
    Hannah Cate Silver 9 months ago +2

    Everything looked so cute! And I love how u had a variety of aesthetics and they weren’t all overly Christmas’s 😁😘

  • Brenda Thayer
    Brenda Thayer 9 months ago

    This was the best Christmas wrapping video i’ve watched yet! And i’ve watched A LOT! Thanks for the ideas! 🎄☃️🎁

  • Lucet Schuit
    Lucet Schuit 9 months ago

    I loved the reindeer one!!!❤️

  • Corene Palmere
    Corene Palmere 9 months ago

    You are amazing! 👏🏼

  • C Berry
    C Berry 9 months ago


  • S J
    S J 9 months ago

    Love these ❤️😭🙌🏾

  • Audrey Louie
    Audrey Louie 9 months ago

    I'm definitely going to use some of these methods to wrap presents this Christmas!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 9 months ago

    this is so fresh yet so simple!!

  • Mariana Jimenez
    Mariana Jimenez 9 months ago

    Soo simple and elegant. Thank you! 🤗😙

  • elizabeth 1
    elizabeth 1 9 months ago

    Love them all! The first one is my favorite too!! I'm gonna try it for sure!

  • Mor Xiong
    Mor Xiong 9 months ago

    I love all your diy wrapping ideas! But, I wouldn’t spend the extra time because they will just unwrap it and throw the pretty wrapping away!

  • Kandice Wilson
    Kandice Wilson 9 months ago

    All of these are SUCH great, pretty ideas. Very impressed! Your creativity comes so natural

  • Victoria Roberts
    Victoria Roberts 9 months ago

    All of them!

  • Dndneneje Eehehehe
    Dndneneje Eehehehe 9 months ago

    “That’s it for this diy.”

  • isabel rocha
    isabel rocha 9 months ago

    Wow !!! you're sooo creative!!!thanks for sharing!!one of my favorites were the ones with the gold spheres

  • Im thiccc
    Im thiccc 9 months ago +1

    The beeeeest video EVERRRRROMGGG

  • Andy985 Antao
    Andy985 Antao 9 months ago

    I have to try these

  • Trine Larsen
    Trine Larsen 10 months ago

    Make a tail on Rudolf!!!👍😀😱❤

  • Cayla Asadi
    Cayla Asadi 10 months ago

    def doing these for the holidays!! #amanadaclaus

  • Halle Hosier
    Halle Hosier 10 months ago

    Really liked the paint splatter gift💜

  • Ma Mu
    Ma Mu 10 months ago

    I think they are all great 😍👍

    LADYSILVERWOLF028 10 months ago

    Love the mini ornaments on presents! So pretty. Gold/silver glitter are my favorite for Christmas. Will try these. Thanks for sharing.

  • amberlyn
    amberlyn 10 months ago

    Super helpful, cute, & minimal. Thank you so much!

  • Lola Ajayi
    Lola Ajayi 10 months ago

    Awesome vid!! I’m trying two this holiday season!

  • Phoenix Berens
    Phoenix Berens 10 months ago

    i love the reindeer !! gonna try that this year :P

  • Phoenix Berens
    Phoenix Berens 10 months ago

    who's watching Christmas videos in November ? :P

  • zee stef
    zee stef 10 months ago

    What’s the holiday ? It’s called Christmas not holiday do you say happy holiday when it’s thanksgiving ?

  • Sarah Beth Joslin
    Sarah Beth Joslin 10 months ago +2

    yes!! I will definitely be using these for Christmas this year ❤️

  • Lillian Wolf
    Lillian Wolf 10 months ago

    Person: what do you do when you are bored?
    Me: wrap gifts 🎁

  • Farnaz Sayyed
    Farnaz Sayyed 10 months ago +1

    U should make ur own shop

  • Maria Jacopucci
    Maria Jacopucci 10 months ago

    Love them all dear, txs for sharing!

  • Jenn Truong
    Jenn Truong 10 months ago

    Great pretty ideas! I like the paint splatter one for sure; That would be a very unique look! I would try it if I didn't already have wrapping paper!

  • Suzanne Beyer
    Suzanne Beyer 11 months ago

    Reindeer for sure!

  • AestheticTube
    AestheticTube 11 months ago +37

    i used this method for my baby cousin but she doesnt wanna open it cuz she love the wrap

    • Alexa ECH
      Alexa ECH 9 months ago +2

      I understand her. My family always told me that, because I hate to destroy the paper and I take all the time of the world opening my presents 😅

  • Michelle Cox Photography
    Michelle Cox Photography 11 months ago

    So excited to wrap my next presents this holiday season. Yes, I'm early but this was suggested to me so I watched lol

  • Mohamed Roushan Roushan

    Good welldone ☺

  • Hayf Hayf
    Hayf Hayf Year ago +2

    The thread in another color will be clearer and more beautiful

  • enwerem samuel
    enwerem samuel Year ago

    Very nice insight

  • Jem Slucock
    Jem Slucock Year ago

    Love these, especially the mini wreath idea. You could also stick a photo of you & the person you're giving the gift to to go inside the wreath.
    (Don't ask why I'm watching Christmas wrapping videos in May).

  • Amir Venegas
    Amir Venegas Year ago

    I love them all!

  • Patrick Mosley
    Patrick Mosley Year ago

    its march and I have a test tomorrow why am I here

  • Yves George Sanchez

    I also like the one with splatters. It reminds me of brownies for some reason. hahaha

  • Theertha A Harish

    Wrap goddess

  • kate smith
    kate smith Year ago

    i love how u wrapped em' i like the marble one, and btw i sub u😊 merry christmas

  • Icelle Reyes
    Icelle Reyes Year ago

    this is so lit! I love your creative ideas; they're really amazing

  • sonji bla
    sonji bla Year ago

    Pretty creative, i adore your ideas❣
    I find the one with the pompoms and rudolph cutest, the paint one most artistic. Thank you so much for this video and Happy Holidays❣