WEIRD things that ONLY exist in JAPAN

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • WEIRD things that ONLY exist in JAPAN
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WEIRD things that ONLY exist in JAPAN

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  • Mariem Om Elbanat
    Mariem Om Elbanat 45 minutes ago

    Japanis is. I don't know how they do that is cool write azzy

  • Liisi Mäki
    Liisi Mäki Hour ago +1

    2:42 my dad needs this so bad. He is always asking for sombodey to skrach his back. Where can I buy this?

  • Mike Holliday
    Mike Holliday 3 hours ago

    I have been to Japan that I asked never saw that coke

  • First Ửold Gaming
    First Ửold Gaming 6 hours ago

    Azzy watch things to not do in Japan

  • WolfieGurl Playz
    WolfieGurl Playz 10 hours ago

    (U^U) No foods 4 u

  • Night Corgi
    Night Corgi 13 hours ago

    AWW the shaped watermelon is cute!

  • Eunice Clarke
    Eunice Clarke 14 hours ago

    his my song...
    You say bazil i say bazil
    You say tomato i say tumato
    Y cant we just fallow the matoooooooo!
    And we can be friends fo today and tomorrow!

  • mele may
    mele may 18 hours ago

    Why can this be in amirca why WHY !?!?!!? We need that #amirca NEEDS IT !!!

  • Owen Miller
    Owen Miller 19 hours ago

    Did she say Bazel

  • Vickychu Lin
    Vickychu Lin 20 hours ago

    5:29 is actually korean

  • Bella Friskey
    Bella Friskey 23 hours ago


  • Jasmine Price
    Jasmine Price Day ago

    The bags on chairs are also in Tennessee

  • Emma Kelly
    Emma Kelly Day ago

    Awww! The otter made my day!

  • spitfire phoenix

    When I can't open a can I just take a spoon or a fork and I put it underneath the tab and I lift it up a little and then I put the spoon up and just use my finger to open the rest :)

  • Walter Garcia
    Walter Garcia Day ago +1

    CAN I have a shout out my name is Mayari

  • Walter Garcia
    Walter Garcia Day ago +1

    Best videos EVER this is not my account I am a girl I am only 10 years old

  • Dango ._. Mango
    Dango ._. Mango Day ago

    For some of them its Korean not only Japan lol that's what I wanted to say

  • Shanika Jones
    Shanika Jones Day ago

    Want is your phone number

  • Gianna Iovino
    Gianna Iovino Day ago

    some of these are clearly from other places like korea because of the lettering

  • Adventures of Ellis

    0:18 yep azzy Japan has roads

  • boss67 Mota
    boss67 Mota Day ago


  • Project Sonic
    Project Sonic Day ago

    The barriers is a pun beariers or bearier

  • Morena Baba
    Morena Baba Day ago

    Jupan shud make stuffed animal world that the roads made with stuffed animal

  • itscupcake
    itscupcake Day ago

    i live in japan and all this is real

  • Явор Ташков
    Явор Ташков 2 days ago +1

    😟💨 👅

  • deetwy dee
    deetwy dee 2 days ago

    and Japan also has peach flavored coke

  • Leela Champagne
    Leela Champagne 2 days ago

    pink dont suit ya

  • Nahee Hong
    Nahee Hong 2 days ago

    5:25. OK. that isn't Japanese that Is korean How do I know? because I can read and understand korean (I have no choice but to I live in korea)

  • Lara Richards
    Lara Richards 2 days ago

    These ain't weird things dey AWESOME things

  • Anita Herbert
    Anita Herbert 2 days ago


  • Nadia Mendoza
    Nadia Mendoza 2 days ago

    9:45 when she said how bad can someone aim be? Well that is me

  • Kat and Jaycie
    Kat and Jaycie 2 days ago

    why would i spend $160 on a square watermelon when i could just have it on minecraft

  • Kat and Jaycie
    Kat and Jaycie 2 days ago

    clear coke is sprite ;-;

  • Hala Mamdouh
    Hala Mamdouh 2 days ago

    Did you know that the eyedrop one the girl actually is wearing glasses and putting eye drops on them

  • ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ

    i swear a ear ago she wasn't even at 4 mill, i'm so happy the word finally understood the life in azzyland, all the joy and happiness

  • M Mahoney
    M Mahoney 2 days ago

    There's always a natural water mini river running through so it's always clean.

  • Ravenclaw_ Prefect
    Ravenclaw_ Prefect 2 days ago

    Let me guess first it’s amazing inventions what’s next the solution to world hunger

  • Josh Harvey
    Josh Harvey 3 days ago

    the cherry blossom chips don't make sence cause I'm pretty sure thats mandarin

  • Kendall Hammons
    Kendall Hammons 3 days ago

    book a flight to japan a film it

  • Annmarie Young
    Annmarie Young 3 days ago

    1:11 we have those..

  • Ash GreninjaX
    Ash GreninjaX 3 days ago


  • jeehyun hebert
    jeehyun hebert 3 days ago

    The heated seats were from Korea. I know because i am korean🙃

  • Amaris The Explorer
    Amaris The Explorer 3 days ago +1

    Lets play a game

    Girls keep the comments odd

    Boys keep the comments even

  • Gweegy Heard
    Gweegy Heard 3 days ago +1

    Fun fact for the musical roads they are supposed to only play music when you are going the right speed but apperently they malfunctioned and they played music when you drove to fast for a time before they where fixed.

  • Moggie loggie
    Moggie loggie 3 days ago

    So clear coke that tastes like lemons so lemonade? Lemonade is clear and lemony

  • Jayden Toedt
    Jayden Toedt 3 days ago

    50 stars for the funny thing that you said [Ugh] IM MAD ATCH YOU]

  • Mother of Cats
    Mother of Cats 3 days ago

    I - l :3 )3

  • Samuel Tovar
    Samuel Tovar 3 days ago

    i live in jaqan

  • piper g
    piper g 3 days ago +2

    5:52 that happened to me once but then I realized that I needed an pad

  • Roxy The Marshmellow
    Roxy The Marshmellow 3 days ago +1

    Im sorry to burst your bubble azzy but...the make coke clear by not adding caramel coloring!!

  • Mona Helal
    Mona Helal 3 days ago

    azzy i am egyeption and not only japan has trains w/turning seats in them egypt did it first and japan stole it from us not hating just saying for real they have it

  • sunny kittycat
    sunny kittycat 4 days ago

    Japan makes things cute wait so they made cute anime?

  • Ieat_bees XP
    Ieat_bees XP 4 days ago +1

    Oof XP AzzyLand just go exposed...

  • Shezei X
    Shezei X 4 days ago

    5:42 thats korean i cant tell by the writing but correct me if im wrong

  • Ken ichi AKIMOTO
    Ken ichi AKIMOTO 4 days ago


  • Dax Wells
    Dax Wells 4 days ago


  • Fortnite Beast
    Fortnite Beast 4 days ago

    Ur cute

  • Silly Bean
    Silly Bean 4 days ago

    Clear Coke, and your point is? We have clear Mountain Dew in Canada. Also, some of those are Korean, lmao. Korean has more round shapes than Japanese.

  • The Chavez Channel
    The Chavez Channel 4 days ago

    thats Amsomeing

  • Michelle Oceguera-Garcia

    its bazel

  • boom thai
    boom thai 4 days ago

    We in Surrey 2d have th3 clear coke in dollar tree

  • Angela Briar
    Angela Briar 4 days ago

    It’s basil not basil

    THUG LIFE 4 days ago

    Guys the question shouldnt be why japan have clear coke ? But rather why we have we have colured coke
    Its actually clear in the beggining but the add color

  • Pastelly Flamingos
    Pastelly Flamingos 4 days ago +1

    Also in russia you can get clear coke

  • Light Wolf
    Light Wolf 4 days ago

    Sprite:Hold my beer

  • Hadi Aloussi
    Hadi Aloussi 5 days ago

    I go to Japan every and they clean the streets every night

  • senpaii 。
    senpaii 。 5 days ago

    i love japan .

  • Aliza Martinez
    Aliza Martinez 5 days ago

    Wait how do they know we speak English

  • Fun Foods
    Fun Foods 5 days ago

    the cherry blossom chips are on amazon but they are 60 dollors

  • SushiWushi
    SushiWushi 5 days ago

    That's it! I'm moving to Japan

  • Jennifer Cole
    Jennifer Cole 5 days ago

    including anime???????

  • Nicole Chinsamy
    Nicole Chinsamy 5 days ago +2

    Hi I'm so in love with azzys videos ,biggest fan ever stay sweet like this if u like azzy

  • doidebisiuncu
    doidebisiuncu 5 days ago

    I wish i live in Japan😔

  • Giaminh TRAN
    Giaminh TRAN 5 days ago


  • Giaminh TRAN
    Giaminh TRAN 5 days ago


  • maryam qadir
    maryam qadir 5 days ago


  • maryam qadir
    maryam qadir 5 days ago


  • maryam qadir
    maryam qadir 5 days ago

    Baisil is how you prounence it

  • Christianistriggered

    Im so so sorry but some of those were in other countries so if you would like to you could make a part two you could label it as Things Only In Asia part 2. Im sorry for wasting your time. You probaly wont read this but still im sorry.

  • Deysi De erazo
    Deysi De erazo 5 days ago

    I hate cold toylitseet

  • Oreosopinion Oreosopinion12

    I hate when they put their face in the thumb nail, like 😱 I mean seriously
    Btw I’m not reading your hate reply’s 😏

    • Silly Bean
      Silly Bean 4 days ago

      I agree. But you only have 1 like and no replies except mine. 😂

  • Sarah XD
    Sarah XD 5 days ago


  • Diana Padildo
    Diana Padildo 5 days ago

    not all the things are from japan. some were from korea too

  • Space_Gacha _Lover379

    It's bay-sil

  • Kathy_ Plays
    Kathy_ Plays 5 days ago

    hk have clear cola too...

  • Melinda Wachter
    Melinda Wachter 5 days ago +1

    there are toilet shoes because it is tradition to never walk barefoot in your house and also no wearing "outside" shoes inside

  • Bianca Van Zyl
    Bianca Van Zyl 5 days ago

    The warm water kills germs so the foot thing is fine

  • Simply Sophie
    Simply Sophie 5 days ago

    1 like = 1 hair flip in Azzy’s vid

  • Ana-lia Garcia
    Ana-lia Garcia 5 days ago

    The sunglasses for dogs is pointless because dogs see black and white so the sun is shining for them

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones 6 days ago

    I would ride a airplane now.
    ! Pokemon Go!

  • JT N
    JT N 6 days ago

    Japan has enough money to do these things but not enough to stop polution

  • Sara S
    Sara S 6 days ago

    Hey Azzy it is my birthday

  • Angela Kotevska
    Angela Kotevska 6 days ago

    What about sun glases fore cats XD

  • Jenifer Pascua
    Jenifer Pascua 6 days ago

    My daughters name is melody

  • 다라박Dara Park
    다라박Dara Park 6 days ago

    5:24 that's Korean.... But, I can't judge you since you don't know the difference between Japanese language and Korean language. I'll let that picture pass....
    *For Now*

  • DDS_ Productions
    DDS_ Productions 6 days ago +1

    Azzy, om from a place that used to be called temasek /sg and our 711 has clear Coke [selected locations]

  • Itz_Z_Says_Gacha
    Itz_Z_Says_Gacha 6 days ago +1

    I’m sorry if I sound rude or something but some of those things are Korean, don’t hate me plz I love you Azzy❤️;-;

  • Gracie Boyd
    Gracie Boyd 6 days ago

    4:18 they have them in Germany 😂✌️

  • Skye Paige
    Skye Paige 6 days ago

    The only thing heated that’s good for me is my Grandmas pool

  • Sam Chapple
    Sam Chapple 6 days ago

    We have ring pull coconuts in england